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Support The Work of the Source/Creator
to Build a Disease Free Life and World


Work with the Action Plan for Countering the Spiritual
and Physical Attack of  the Pandemic Coronavirus, Covid-19




Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to work on the Building Block Project that enables you learn how to build the foundation for Perfect Health by working with the Source to counter the spiritual and physical attack of Covid, the Killer Virus created and backed extensively by the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on The Spiritual Level of Reality. The work of the Project will focus on implementing The Action Plan for minimizing the damage and eliminating the spiritual underpinnings of the virus in order to weaken its physical manifestation.


Below you will find an introductory video entitled: How to Defeat Covid and Build a Disease Free Life and World, an Important Notice about how to work in the Project, and The Directory of Source Support for The Countering Covid Project.  This contains The Source Perspective on Covid-19 as well as The Action Plan for countering The Covid Attack. The Action Plan contains the Source Solution Miracles that the Source has created to date.  


There is also information on how to receive a Gifted Countering Covid Assessment to help you find the Source Support Miracles that are right for your situation and provide the Material Energy that they need to come into your life.


The Eyewitness Report Form enables you to contribute to the efforts of other Source-Directed Activists who are working on Countering Covid by sharing your experiences in working with The Action Plan to counter Covid.



 Introductory Video

The Source Truth About
 How to Defeat Covid and
Build a Disease Free Life and World 


Important Notice about
How to Work with the Source on this Project

The information provided in this Project is a direct Source Communication that expresses The Source Perspective on The Covid Attack as well as on the Source Solutions created to counter the attack on spiritual and physical levels. In order to work effectively with the Source to counter Covid, it is necessary to take the time to fully understand The Source Perspective and to work effectively with the Source Solution Miracles created to help you and others to survive the attack and work together to create a Disease Free Life and World.


Skimming the materials will not yield the depth of understanding that is needed to be empowered to work with the Source as a Source-Directed Activist. Every Source Communication in this Project contains Spiritual Code which provides technical understandings to your Suit – body/mind – to enable it to work successfully with the miracles that the Source has created to counter Covid.  If you read the materials several times and ask for Source Guidance to fully receive all of the Spiritual Code, then your Suit will be better equipped to work with the Source to defeat The Covid Attack and protect and save your life and the lives of people throughout our global community.


Concerted effort by Source-Directed Activists is needed to stop The Covid Attack and build a world in which attacks of this sort cannot occur in the future.


For additional background information and training, you can request a gifted membership in Connecting. Connecting provides you with Gifted Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism Training Materials and with emailed updates on The Work of the Source to build the Heaven that life was meant to be.  The Training Materials include videos, audios, and articles and some Miracle Tools. You can sign up for Connecting by accessing the form at the bottom of the page.



The Directory of Source Support for
The Countering Covid Project


The Source Perspective on Covid-19

Part One – Diseases Are Not Source Creations

Part Two – The Stepped Up Disease Attack Campaign of the Negativity

Part Three – What Makes Covid-19 the Worst Disease Attack Ever Initiated

Part Four – The Source Solution to the Covid Crisis


The Action Plan

Source-Directed Social Activism for Prevention

Action #1 – Take Source-Directed Precautions on the Outer Plane to Protect Your Suit and Prevent the Spread of Covid


Source-Directed Spiritual Activism for Prevention and Protection

Action #1 – Decide to Move Out of the Frequency Range of The Hell Economy into the Frequency Range of The Materialization Economy

Action #2 –  Hold the Line for Heaven Against The Covid Attack

Action #3 – Request The Blue White Light Protection Field

Action #4 – Request The Perfect Health Frequency Generator

Action #5 – Request The Spiritual Vitality Intervention

Action #6 – Request a Preventative Happiness Energy Infusion

Action #7 – Request The Stamina Energy Infusion

Action #8 – Request The Right Action Disc

Action #9 – Eradicate the Spiritual Root of All Disease


Source-Directed Spiritual Activism for Fighting a Covid Infection

Action #1 – Request The Emergency Life Support Intervention

Action #2 – Request The Blue White Light Intervention

Action #3 – Request The Perfect Health Field Intervention

Action #4 – Request an Emergency Happiness Energy Infusion

Action #5 – Work with The Restorer to Restore The Life Stream

Action #6 – Work with The Covid Recovery Canister

Action #7 – Request The Life Support Disc

Action #8 – Request At-a-Distance Source Support

Action #9 – Clear Negative Emotional Energy with a Perfect Sound Intervention

Action #10 – Eradicate the Spiritual Root of All Disease


Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism for Building a Disease Free Life and World

Action #1 – Build a Source-Connected Life that is the Foundation for a Disease Free Life and World

Action #2 – Generate a Source Love Medium

Action #3 – Support The Work of the Source to Counter The Covid Attack

Action #4 – Eradicate the Spiritual Root of All Disease


The Countering Covid Campaign

How to Contribute to The Countering Covid Campaign


The Gifted Countering Covid Assessment

How to Request a Gifted Countering Covid Assessment



Providing the Material Energy Needed to
Ground Source Support Miracles

Heaven Economy Options for The Countering Covid Project



The Eyewitness Report Form

How to Submit an Eyewitness Report



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Source Solution Miracles and
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I welcome you to The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in the world.



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