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Manifesting Total Abundance, Perfect Health,
Love, and Life Purpose



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project

Founder of The Miracle School



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About “The Miracle” Video

“The Miracle” is the Power of the Source/Creator working in the world to manifest the Heaven of a World that Works – a world in which everyone has everything that they need and every life is nurtured and fulfilled.  “The Miracle” makes it possible for you to have a life and a world that is Heaven – Heaven being the highest level of happiness that is possible for you.


This video transmits the Seeds of Heaven which contain the Spiritual Genetic Code that your Suit (spiritual body/mind) needs to travel in the footsteps of the 14 Prototype Communities which were established thousands of years ago in different parts of the Creation.  These Communities cultivated the Seeds of Heaven given to them and from these Seeds they manifested the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.  To this day they enjoy:

Total Abundance

Perfect Health

Love-Based Relationships

Life Purpose Fulfillment


Now with the help of the Seeds of Heaven and the power of “The Miracle”, which was not available in the time when the Prototype Communities were established, it is possible to replicate the success of these Communities by working with the Source to build a Global and Universal Community that is beyond disease, scarcity, and suffering – a Community that lives beyond fear in a world that is peaceful, love-based, and abundant.


This video is an introduction to The Journey of Discovery, which is a comprehensive Gifted Miracle-Based Training that provides you with the most powerful form of Spiritual Genetic Code that the Source transmits. This Code is called Source Code. It has the catalyst power to awaken your innate Spiritual Intelligence to the Heaven that your life was meant to be. If you ask to receive this Code when you are working with the Training then it will be sent to you by the Source. 


For more information on The Journey of Discovery, you can reference the article and links provided below.



The Journey of Discovery

A Guided Adventure into
The World of Miracle-Based Living


In this Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training, you learn how to work in harmony with the Universal Spiritual Laws that enable you to travel in the footsteps of 14 Prototype Communities established in the Universe thousands of years ago. 


They have pioneered a Miracle-Based Lifestyle that can now be replicated in our modern times. The key to this Lifestyle is the Source Connection that enables people to free themselves from the limited Man-Made Solutions that have produced a world in which scarcity, disease, war, and social discord are the norm. When people turn to the Source/Creator for Source Solutions, they begin to transition out of the troubles of our current way of life into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Understanding the Historical Context
of this Guided Adventure

The Journey of Discovery was created in 2010, five years before The Transition began in October 2015.  It predates many of the massive Universal Changes that occurred in 2011 and the series of Vibrational Shifts.  While the essential truths that underlie this Training remain unaltered, it represents the state of the Creation at the time that it was created.  

It is, therefore, best to combine this Training with the overview presented in The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training that fills in the missing historical elements and with staying current by reading the articles in The Source Connection Project. These articles help you to keep abreast of the rapid Universal Changes that are occurring daily at this point in The Transition.


The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training was created in late 2016 and is the most comprehensive training in what has happened since the beginning of the Creation and where we were in November 2016.  



To track what is happening in the stages of The Transition, you can go to The Source Connection Project and read the articles on how to prepare for different stages of The Transition as well as find out what happened in different stages of The Transition.  You can do this by accessing the links provided below. 



To follow the work in Source-Directed Projects, you can go to The Total Abundance Workstation where cutting edge Projects are helping people to transition into the Heaven of a Total Abundance Way of Life. 


How to Begin Your Guided Adventure

Members of Connecting can Log In by accessing the link below.



Once you Login, you can return to this page which is the Homepage for The Journey of Discovery and contains the links that take you to the different Steps of the Journey.



To learn more about Connecting and sign up for Gifted Source-Directed Activism Trainings and Emailed Source News Update, you can access the information provided below.


To access the links for the Four Steps of The Journey of Discovery, you can reference the section below.




A Step by Step Description
of The Journey of Discovery

The Journey of Discovery is a Journey that introduces you to the Basic Truths and Miracles that enabled the Prototype Communities to establish a Miracle-Based Way of Life that gave them Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Communities, and Life Purpose Fulfillment.


Here is a brief outline of what you will be given in The Journey of Discovery.



Step One

The Miracle in Action


Find out about the 25 Basic Truths that you will need to know in order to transition out of the struggle of an Ordinary Life into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Life. These are the Basic Truths that enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to successfully make this transition.


Experience these Truths through “Source Drawings” that materialize for you the hidden aspects of the Spiritual Level of Reality so you can see this Reality even if you have not developed your Spiritual Intelligence or your Spiritual Senses. See the world as the Source sees it. Through this experience, you will understand the Source Perspective on the nature of reality and the Source Plan for how your life and all of life can transition out of suffering into the Heaven life was meant to be.


1½ hour Transformational Video that transmits the Spiritual Genetic Code that awakens your Spiritual Intelligence so you can begin to transition into a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.



Step Two

The Journey of Reconnection


The Journey of Reconnection Video

Explore what it is like to travel the Journey of Reconnection – the Journey that Reconnects you with the Heaven that you were created to be and with the love and support of the Source.


In a 1½ hour Transformational Video, you will learn about the Journey of Reconnection, which is the road that the Prototype Communities traveled to achieve their miraculous way of life.


Source Support

Explore the Source Support offered you to help you on your Journey of Reconnection. Find out about The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program that gives you the Source Guidance and Miracle-Based Source Support needed to travel your Path to Perfection/Journey of Reconnection. 


NOTE: The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program has, since this video, been incorporated into Level 5 of Miracle-Based Coaching.  To find out about how this new program is structured, you can go to: Miracle-Based Coaching.


Read about the Source Perspective on how to have a life that is Heaven. These articles give you a deeper understanding of how the Source is working with people to build a life and a world that is Heaven.



In Ask the Source learn about the Source Perspective on the Journey of Reconnection and on the questions raised by those who are seeking to understand what it means to live a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Life.



The Perspective of those traveling The Journey of Reconnection

In Heaven Agents Share Their Experiences, find out about what those traveling the Journey of Reconnection in modern times have to share about their experiences.  


NOTE: Becoming a Steward of The Miracle of Life is the current place you go to hear from Heaven Agents who are sharing their experiences.  




Step Three

Experiencing the Miracles of Heaven for Yourself

Experience firsthand the kinds of miracles that make up a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  Experience:

  • Miracles that manifest when you draw a circle on the ground and step into it
  • Miracles that manifest through pictures
  • Heaven Music – music that is linked to miracles that give you consciousness altering experiences of transcendent Heaven Consciousness and Connection to the Source
  • Miracle Recordings – inaudible Energy Recordings that transmit spiritual energies
  • Miracle Circles that help you to develop your Spiritual Senses and understand profound communications from the Source that can’t be easily accessed without a Miracle Tool of this kind.
  • Distant Healing Source Interventions – miracle energy healings that occur at-a-distance
  • Miracle Transmissions that transmit through downloadable PDFs
  • Miracles that manifest through everyone and everything in the world around you

Step Four

Getting Started

Experience a Transformational Video that will help you to pull the vision together of what it means to transition out of an Ordinary Life into a Miracle-Based Life and join the millions of others who have come to the Earth to take part in building the Heaven life was meant to be.

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