January 3rd, 2017

The January 3, 2017 Update

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The Standard of Absolute Love

On December 8, 2016, 1/8th of The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System collapsed, killing 1/8th of the population of The Universal Community. This collapse was caused by beings resonating to Greed and Lovelessness and destroying the ability of The Universal System to connect to the Source.


To prevent the entire Universal System from collapsing, killing all of life in the Creation, the Source instituted The Standard of Absolute Love which requires that beings resonate to the Absolute Love of the Source rather than to the Lovelessness that caused the partial collapse of The Universal System.  Those who do not enter into The Path to Absolute Love and rapidly learn how to resonate to Absolute Love will be unable to retain their connection to their Individual Spiritual Intelligence System which is sustained by The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System.  If they lose this connection, they lose their life.  


To find out more about this Standard and what you need to do to uphold it to preserve your own connection to your Individual Spiritual Intelligence System, which is essential to your life, you can go to:






The Total Abundance Movement

The Full Power Total Abundance Movement has been launched and the web page that introduces you to the Movement has been recently updated with important information on what Total Abundance means and what it will take to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in your life and in the world.  It is a resource to both those considering becoming Source-Directed Activists and Source-Directed Activists who are currently working with me in The Miracle School.


The current focus of The Total Abundance Movement is Stage Two of The Global Prototype for Total Abundance. In Stage Two, the work is to Prototype a Total Abundance Way of Life that is based on learning how to Become Love in Action, Nurture All of Life, and take The Love Connection with the Source to the highest level.  


In light of the urgent need to uphold The Standard of Absolute Love, this training is critical not only to your ability to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life to keep up with The Standard of Survival for The Transition, but to your ability to begin resonating to Absolute Love in order to sustain your connection to your Individual Spiritual Intelligence System, which sustains your life in The Manifest World.


You can access this page at:



For a detailed overview of what it takes to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance, you can read the article entitled: What Does It Take to Have Total Abundance on the Earth? 


Critical Campaigns

I have also initiated the Fundraising part of The Total Abundance Movement which gives you information on the Critical Campaigns that will land the miracles and provide the practical Financial Support that is needed to advance the work on The Global Prototype for Total Abundance.


The key fundraiser is The Path to Total Abundance Action Download which provides beings with the individualized information that they need to travel their Path to Total Abundance in the little time that remains before the end of The Transition. We need 900 people to work with this Action Download to generate the Secondary Code that will make the Action Download more accessible to the masses.


You can access information on the Critical Campaigns at:


Eyewitness Reports

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Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

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