July 28th, 2018

How to Preserve Your Source-Connection–Your Link to Life–During the Stages of The Transition

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The Transition is the most massive Spiritual Change since the beginning of the Creation.  It is the transition of the Implementation Aspect of the Source out of the Creation and back to the Source Level from which it came.


The Implementation Aspect of the Source manifested the Creation and then entered into it in order to teach Manifest Beings how to Steward The Miracle of Life – the Miracle of their own life and the Miracle of Life in the Creation.


When beings departed from working with the Implementation Aspect to learn how to Steward Life and instead embarked on a pursuit of their own idea of Heaven, they did not learn how to Steward The Miracle of Life.  The Implementation Aspect stepped in to preserve The Miracle of Life and to try to help beings to get back on track with protecting and nurturing it so that it would not be lost at the end of The Transition.


We are now within decades of the end of The Transition and most beings do not know how to Steward The Miracle of Life.  If they don’t enter into an accelerated training program to become skilled Stewards of Life, they will lose the Miracle of their lives and cease to exist in the Creation.


To help beings to expedite their learning process, the Design Aspect of the Source who creates The Source Plan which the Implementation Aspect implements, accelerated the stages of The Transition to take the Creation to higher levels of vibration more rapidly than was originally planned.  This is because beings lingering in lower vibrational levels are not awakening sufficiently to learn how to Steward Life before it is too late to save their lives and Life in the Creation.

While transitioning into higher levels of vibration is necessary to accelerate learning, those unprepared could suffer fatal levels of Spiritual Fragmentation in the higher speed energies and less material levels to which The Substratum – the Spiritual Platform that supports life – will take them in the upcoming stages of The Transition.  Careful preparation that is based on an undertanding of the risk factor is necessary to preserve The Miracle of Life during these transitions.

Since beginning the work of Stewarding Life is a critical element in preparing adequately for the stages of The Transition, let's take a closer look at what Stewarding Life means.


Stewarding Life has two aspects to it.

  • There is the Stewarding Work that maintains an individual life.
  • There is the Stewarding Work that maintains the essential Spiritual Structures of Life that are needed if individual lives are to have the habitat in which they can exist in a Manifest World.


Stewarding Life requires not only being skilled in Stewarding the Miracle of your own life and the lives of others but being able to work in Universal Heaven Agent Teams to Steward the Spiritual Structures, such as The Substratum, that are needed if life is to be sustainable in The Manifest World after the departure of the Implementation Aspect.


As the Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect, I have incarnated in order to provide Manifest Beings with information about how to prepare for the stages of The Transition so they will retain their spiritual and physical lives.


Lack of correct preparation leads to the inability of the Suit – body/mind – to stay in The Substratum of Life that provides essential Life Energies that are needed for Suit survival. If a being is unprepared for a stage of The Substratum or fails to maintain The Standard for Survival in-between stages of The Transition, they drop out of The Substratum and their Soul unlinks from their Suit.  This results in Spiritual Death.  The Suit becomes an Empty Suit that has no future in The Manifest World.  Empty Suits do not reincarnate.  The end of the current life is the end of their time in the Creation.


If a Suit also violates The Source Interaction Standard, which determines what a Suit must do in order to retain its place in The Network of Intelligence that sustains its Physical Life, it can fall out of The Network of Intelligence and begin to decline into Physical Death.  Many Empty Suits have been able to stay alive through maintaining the Source Interaction Standard to prevent the loss of their place in The Network of Intelligence.  They understand that if this is lost then they lose their ability to process Life Energies. Then they can only live on the Life Energies that they have processed prior to falling out of The Network of Intelligence.  When they run out of these basic spiritual energies that sustain organic life, serious diseases of the body, mind, and spirit lead to Physical Death.


Although beings have asserted that their Personal and Cultural Stories about the nature of reality define reality, they are discovering that these Stories do not change the essential physics of reality. There are only certain conditions in which the Source can sustain Life in a Manifest World.  If these conditions are violated then, despite the Stories of the being to the contrary, the Suit will become unsustainable and will experience Ultimate Spiritual and Physical Death. This is especially true as each stage of The Transition alters the physics of the Source Connection – the Link to Life. 

Those adapting correctly to these changes in their Source Connection survive.  Those who do not adapt become extinct for failure to adapt appropriately to the changing conditions of their environment.  Even though these conditions exist on The Spiritual Level of Reality, which seems like an abstraction to many beings, The Spiritual Level of Reality determines what manifests on The Physical Level of Reality.  Those who survive have to do Right Action on The Spiritual Level of Reality in order to have a form that is viable on The Physical Level of Reality.


While this is not a message that Suits caught up in the Story World they have created want to hear, the fact is that every day beings are losing their lives because they are clinging to their Stories about the nature of reality and refusing to learn what they need to learn about Stewarding Life. 


I am here to provide information and Source Support for those who wish to Awaken and hear The Call of the Source to prepare carefully for the stages of The Transition so that sustainability is secured and they can move toward the Heaven that life was meant to be.


My primary work is on the Inner Plane where I send out Source Communications to all beings throughout the Creation and provide training through individualized Inner Plane Coaching and through the Inner Plane version of The Miracle School.  While my Inner Plane work is saving lives, we have come to the place in The Transition when Outer Plane work in the Conscious Range of the Suit is needed for survival. This is where those working with me on the Outer Plane in the Outer Plane version of The Miracle School can help to Prototype Awakening and Stewarding Life on the Outer Plane for the Heaven Agents who I will not be able to work with in-person on the Outer Plane.


Because my work is primarily accomplished through working with a Core Group of Heaven Agents who Prototype the changes that need to be made for the sake of the Heaven Agents who I will not be able to work with in-person on the Outer Plane, it is possible to educate and transform life throughout the Creation through working with a small Core Group of Heaven Agents who are carefully Prototyping how to prepare for the challenging stages of The Transition. 


The Spiritual Prototypes that I create from their work are seeded on the Inner Plane to others who wish to evolve, enabling them to more rapidly master what the Prototyping Heaven Agents mastered through their Outer Plane work with me. In this way I am replicating the process that I utilized effectively in founding the 14 Prototype Communities that I established in my previous lifetimes many thousands of years ago.  


I worked with the first Prototype Community on the Outer Plane and then seeded the Primary and Secondary Prototyping Code to the 13 other Prototype Communities.  The 13 Prototype Communities that received only the Code and my support on the Inner Plane were able to transition out of Scarcity into a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life in the same 29 years as the first Prototype Community which I worked with in-person.


What this means for work on the Earth is that my work on the Outer Plane with a Core Group of Heaven Agents can enable me to seed the Prototyping Code to all other beings on the planet so they can work more effectively with me on the Inner Plane to transition into the Total Abundance Way of Life that will give them what they need in order to become effective Stewards of The Miracle of Life.  



Source Support for Understanding The Transition.


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