January 2nd, 2017

Stage One of The Global Prototype Has Been Successfully Completed

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On December 21st, the last parts of The Total Abundance Code were assembled to complete Stage One of The Global Prototype.  I then launched Stage Two which began with seeding The Global Community with Stage One Total Abundance Code so that everyone has the Knowledge Base and Spiritual Power to enter their individual Path to Total Abundance.


The miracle of Spiritual Code is that it can reach everyone regardless of their age, language, culture, or location.  The Source-Created Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit is able to receive the Code and work with it to introduce the essential understandings into the Conscious Range of the Suit so the person will have what they need to begin making the changes in their life and in their world that will enable The Miracle of Total Abundance to manifest.


No one refused to receive the Code.  This means that all beings have what they need to begin to work together on Stage Two of The Global Prototype. 


In Stage Two, the focus is on Prototyping a Total Abundance Way of Life


This will be accomplished by Source-Directed Activists working with me on the Outer Plane to Prototype a Total Abundance Way of Life. Their understanding of what it takes to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life will provide much of the Secondary Code that will then be seeded to those who are working with me only on the Inner Plane with The Total Abundance Code and Inner Plane Source Coaching.


Equally important to Stage Two is providing The Global Community with what is needed for all beings to travel their Path to Total Abundance at the speed that is needed to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance before the end of The Transition.


A new miracle has just been created that provides those on their Path to Total Abundance with an Action Download that gives them the specific information that they need to deal with the unique challenges that they will face on their Path. This completes the Code that is needed.  The Total Abundance Code provides Generic Code and the Action Download provides Individualized Code. Together they provide a person with the understandings that enable them to travel their unique Path to Total Abundance. 


To ensure that all beings in The Global Community can access this miracle, I have started The Path to Total Abundance Campaign.  It is important that the Source-Directed Activists working with me on the Outer Plane become part of the 900 who are needed to make this miracle more accessible to all people throughout The Global Community.


To find out more about The Path to Total Abundance Action Download, you can go to:



To read an updated and expanded description of The Global Prototype and the Four Stages to Manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance, you can go to:



While you are at this part of the web site, you should check out the updated version of this page which now includes a very detailed Journey of Discovery with different Milestones for each of the Four Steps to joining in the work of The Total Abundance Movement.  The main link for the page is:



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