December 5th, 2016

Entering into The Circle of Abundance

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A new Heaven Phase Miracle has become available to all beings in the Creation.  It is The Circle of Abundance, which is an Inner Plane Total Abundance Manifestation Zone in which Trained & Equipped Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists can work effectively with the miracles that manifest Total Abundance for themselves and all others. 

This Miracle is an upgraded version of The Circle of Abundance that is embedded in the geographical terrain of the 14 Prototype Communities which were established in other parts of the Creation.  This miracle has made it possible for them to manifest the Total Abundance that they have enjoyed for many thousands of years.

The upgraded version of The Circle of Abundance is a Miracle Tool that is given to an individual Source-Directed Activist, unlike the Community Circle of Abundance that was given to an entire Prototype Community.  The upgraded version is portable and goes with the Activist from life to life.  


When you step into The Circle of Abundance, you are accepting the Total Abundance that the Source has created for you. This is the abundance of all of the resources, on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels, that you need to fulfill your Mission in this life, which is to build the unique aspect of Heaven that only you can build for yourself and others. You are agreeing to do your part in generating the Material Energy that enables these miracles to land in your Total Abundance Manifestation Zone and to follow Source Guidance to work with them effectively to manifest Total Abundance for yourself and the community.


It is vital that those preparing for the December 7th Transition in the Source Connection, release from their Personal Story of Abundance and accept the Total Abundance that the Source has created for them. When they accept Total Abundance, they can enter into The Circle of Abundance and join in The Total Abundance Movement which will build a stable foundation for a sustainable System of Life that can survive the final stages of The Transition.


Making it into The Circle of Abundance, is critical to surviving the December 7th Transition. The pursuit of the material possessions and social relationships that fulfill a person’s Personal Story or the Collective Story of a Community has led to Scarcity and to the conflict and suffering that has rendered this way of life no longer sustainable by the Source. Those persisting in it will lose their Source Connection in the December 7th Transition.



How to Step into
The Circle of Abundance

Total Abundance can only come to those who dedicate themselves to building Total Abundance for themselves and all others.  Cultivating Story Abundance agendas on the side undermines the work on building Total Abundance because they set the stage for misfortune and invite in the Negativity who is intent on sabotaging any attempt on the part of anyone to achieve Total Abundance.

Story Abundance is based on a competitive model that pits one person against another.  May the best one win is the motto. It is assumed that many will be defeated in this competitive, dog-eat-dog environment and will not be nurtured or fulfilled.


This is the opposite of Total Abundance which is a cooperative model that unites all beings to work together to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance that will grant everyone all of the resources that they need to fulfill their Missions in life and through this, to experience Life Purpose Fulfillment.  No one is left out.  Everyone works to ensure that every member of the community is nurtured and fulfilled.


Total Abundance is a way of life that requires letting go of the Story Way of Life that has led to Scarcity.  Scarcity is a phenomenon that only occurs when beings are Disconnected from the Source and can not, therefore, work with the Source to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance.

When you let go of trying to fulfill your Personal Story about Abundance and ask the Source to admit you into The Circle of Abundance to work to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in your life and in the world, you will gain entry into the Circle.  Your intent to move into The Circle and get on your Path to Total Abundance has to be sincere, however, or the Circle will not permit you to enter.  

Joining The Total Abundance Movement is a first step toward qualifying to enter into The Circle of Abundance.  To learn more about this Source-Directed Movement, you can go to: 



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