February 17th, 2022

Spiritual Momentum: The Key to Life without Disease, Aging, and Death Caused by Degeneration

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Spiritual Momentum is needed to sustain Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Health. Stasis Energy, which was designed to put the brakes on Catalyst Energy in the very mechanical Co-Created Universe, was designed to reduce Spiritual Momentum to regulate spiritual processes correctly. When the Stasis Being, who was in charge of using Stasis Energies, turned against the Source and The Source Plan, she began misusing Stasis Energies to break Spiritual Momentum so that life in The Manifest World would become untenable.  She headed The Annihilationist Contingent in the Creation that believed that the Creation was a failed experiment and that its utter annihilation was the only solution to the Hell of Suffering that had been created by all of the other Contingents of the Negativity, such as the Criminal Contingent and the Alternate Universe Contingent. 


She disrupted Spiritual Momentum to the extent that it caused the degeneration of Spiritual Intelligence which lead to the degeneration of Spiritual Health and to the degeneration of Physical Health. Through her efforts aging, disease, and death through degeneration became the norm in The Manifest World.


In the fourteen Prototype Communities, the Source sealed off the Prototype Community in its geographical area to keep out the Spiritual Momentum breaking Stasis Energies and the Spiritual Momentum Breaking Technology of the Negativity. In this space where Spiritual Momentum was always maintained at levels optimal for Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Health, the members of the Prototype Communities have enjoyed lives in which they come into bloom as the Miracle that the Source created them to be and remain in bloom until their Mission in life is over and it is time to step out of their life into their next life adventure. Although their physical body dies, it is not through a degenerative process caused by aging or disease.  Death is not feared but rather accepted as the end of one Mission and the beginning of their next Mission. [These Prototype Communities were established many thousands of years ago in different parts of the Creation. They are thriving to this day. They have pioneered the Source-Connected  Total Abundance Way of Life that beings throughout the Creation now need to replicate in order to achieve Ultimate Sustainability before the end of The Transition.] 


In a life without Stasis Energy, blooming and staying in bloom throughout life has been possible. It is like having a rose that comes into full bloom and remains in full bloom until its purpose is complete and then suddenly ceases to be a part of life. This is not like the way a rose goes through life on the Earth. It ages, withers, and dies from a degenerative process that robs it of its beauty and then of its life.  


Now that Heaven Agents throughout The Universal Community have achieved Level 2 in Heaven Agent Work and have entered into the spiritual terrain in which they can replicate the way of life of a Prototype Community, the issue of attaining Perfect Health – the bloom that never fades – and a life without any degeneration, has come into focus.


Although all beings are in a Universal Community Space that maintains a high Standard, it lacks the capacity to seal out Stasis Energies or Spiritual Momentum Breaking Technology.  Shutting off all Stasis Energies in the Creation would not solve the problem because Spiritual Momentum Breaking Technology can operate without invoking Stasis Energies.


Most beings break their own Spiritual Momentum to dumb themselves down in order to become the Story Characters that their societies demand that they become. Parents are leaned on by the Negativity to break the Spiritual Momentum of children who come into life very Source-Connected and, therefore, are moving instinctively toward blooming and staying in bloom. What counts for blooming in a world that is centered on living a Cultural Story is becoming a Spiritual Mutation that fits in with the Cultural Story of the society for what is acceptable and valued.


Prior to a miracle in early February, most Suits were too Spiritually Fragmented to counter Spiritual Momentum Breaking Technologies that they themselves employed or that were used on them by others in their society and by the Negativity. The fragmented Suits could not have made it to Level 2 for Heaven Agent Work to meet the Standards for the Universal Turning Point Transition on February 3, 2022.  This is when the Design Aspect of the Source brought in a new kind of Suit – a Total Abundance Unit Suit – that is Spiritually Integrated.  


This kind of Suit can take complex Inner Source Direction and hold to it to defend itself from Spiritual Momentum Breaking Technologies within the fragmented part of the Suit as well as used on it from outside of the Suit.  The Source offered this form of Source Support to all Suits. If the fragmented Suit accepted this gift of Source Support and requested the help of a Unit Suit, then the Unit Suit was connected to the fragmented Suit and the Suit Functions of the fragmented Suit began transitioning over to the Unit Suit.  


The combination of Inner Source Direction and Total Abundance Unit Suits that can work with a more complex level of Source Direction is enabling Unit Suits to begin to move into the optimal range for Spiritual Momentum and to hold to this range against the elements that try to break down Spiritual Momentum.  By staying in the optimal range the Unit Suit doesn’t lose its range of Spiritual Intelligence or the structures that sustain Spiritual and Physical Health. Once Spiritual Momentum stabilizes in the optimal range, the Unit Suit can begin addressing the problems remaining in the fragmented Suit which it has only partly transitioned at present. 




Spiritual Momentum is the key to Life as Heaven. Suits operating with the wrong Spiritual Momentum are mutated like the warped sound created by records playing on the wrong speed.  


Getting Spiritual Momentum to the right level is essential to replicating in The Universal Community the conditions of a Prototype Community where optimal Spiritual Momentum enables Perfect Health to occur and for beings to bloom and remain in the peak of their bloom until they step out of their physical forms at the end of their Mission to move onto their next life and their next Mission.


Grace, beauty, optimal functioning, and joy in living life to the fullest without suffering from the degeneration that leads to disease, aging, and death caused by terminal levels of degeneration is what life should be. This is hard to imagine if you haven’t experienced what it is like to live in a Prototype Community. This is why the Source established the Prototype Communities to create a Spiritual Prototype that beings who have never experienced Perfect Health and life without disease and death caused by degeneration, can replicate this experience in their lives.


The Source has sent this Spiritual Prototype to all beings along with the Source Direction for how to attain and sustain optimal Spiritual Momentum. While it will take time to correct for the damage done by degeneration in the fragmented Suit, when the Total Abundance Unit Suit replaces the fragmented Suit then degeneration can stop completely and the Spiritual Integration of the Unit Suit can support a life free of degeneration.


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