April 15th, 2022

Perfected Abilities Equip Suits to Function at Optimal Levels

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Suits – the body/mind – were created to have Perfected Abilities that would enable them to do the flawless Heaven Agent Work that would Build Heaven in the world. These Perfected Abilities were to be generated by Ability Miracles manifested from the Core Code of the Suit. When Suits refused to Build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan, the Core Code was not able to produce Perfected Abilities.


Source Will Perfected Abilities  

Perfected Abilities to Generate More Material Energy 

On March 17, 2022 Suits would have failed to meet a Sustainability Timeline Standard for generating more Material Energy to meet the requirements of the work on building a Prototype Community Way of Life in The Universal Community if the Source had not created a different kind of Perfected Ability that was not manifested from Core Code. The Source created Source Will Perfected Abilities that can be created in a Code Processor, otherwise known as an Energy Nest, at the level of Source Reality where I now reside.  I alerted Suits on the Inner Plane that a Perfected Ability to help them generate more Material Energy was available. Suits that requested this Perfected Ability and worked with it to generate Material Energy survived the March 17th Timeline.


Substitute Core Code Perfected Abilities  

Shortly after this, on March 21st, I was able to produce Source Will Perfected Abilities to substitute for the basic Core Code Perfected Abilities that the Suit needs to function. Although these are temporary Perfected Abilities and will need to be replaced when the more material kind of Perfected Abilities are manifested from Core Code, they will enable the Suit to survive in the upcoming stages of The Transition. They will also help the Suit to move toward manifesting Perfected Abilities the natural way through Core Code.


This set of Source Will Perfected Abilities has become available to all beings.  Like all Source Will Manifestations, they do not require Material Energy to ground so that all a Heaven Agent needs to do is to ask the Source for these Core Code substitute Perfected Abilities in their Inner Mind and I can deliver them to them with a Source Will Intervention.


Working Relationship Perfected Abilities  

Following the creation of these basic Core Code Suit Perfected Abilities, I brought through a Working Relationship with the Source Ability Miracle that generates six essential Perfected Abilities for establishing the kind of advanced Working Relationship with the Source through my Manifestation that is needed at this point in The Transition.  The Working Relationship with the Source is the key to the survival of the Suit during all of the upcoming challenges of the end of The Transition and the need to transition into The Source Perfected World.  


The Original Creation and The Second Creation will not survive long after the end of The Transition because they have lost The Universal Source Connection Channel which died in 2011. Without this source of power, the Spiritual Structures that support The Habitat for Life will eventually crumble, leaving beings without a Spiritual Home.  It is necessary for all beings to work to perfect their Suits so that they can transition into The Source Perfected World soon after the end of The Transition so that they will not be left in a Spiritual Void which will not sustain their lives.


The Working Relationship Perfected Abilities are also Source Will Perfected Abilities which anyone can request by asking within their Inner Mind for the Source to provide them with this gift.


While Source Will Perfected Abilities are saving lives, they are not the kind of Perfected Abilities that Suits prefer. Suits need Perfected Abilities that are able to work at a more material level in order to assist them in their work of Building Heaven and Living Heaven.  The more material kind of Perfected Abilities are Building Block Perfected Abilities.  


Three Building Block Perfected
Ability Complexes Created to Date

The Perfected Ability Complex for Perfected Perseverance gives the Suit two Perfected Abilities that enable it to stay the course toward Ultimate Sustainability. Without it Suits can easily get off track and fail to achieve Ultimate Sustainability. 


The Perfected Ability Complex for Love in Action provides the Suit with a Complex of three Perfected Abilities that enable the Suit to have the ability to:

  • Become a Conduit of Source Love
  • Become the Love that Makes Life Heaven in their work of Building Heaven in their life and world
  • Become Love in Action in everything they do in their lives.  This is when they become a manifestation of the unique aspect of Source Love that they were created to be.  


The Perfected Ability Complex for Nurturing Life consists of six Perfected Abilities.  These help the Suit to be able to nurture life in a Source-Directed Way that brings out the Miracle latent in each life and builds toward Total Abundance and Ultimate Sustainability. 



The Sustainability Timeline Training – STT2

To help Suits learn how to work with Perfected Abilities, I have created a new recorded Sustainability Timeline Training – STT2: How to Work with Perfected Abilities to Achieve Ultimate Sustainability in The Source Perfected Universe.  This recording is available to members of Connecting who provide the Material Energy that grounds the miracles that are transmitted in this Training.



Articles on Perfected Abilities 

There is also an article in The Source Solution Miracle Hub on Building Block Perfected Abilities


To find out more of the details about how Perfected Abilities came into existence, you can go to The Source Connection Station and read the article: The Source News Report on the Mid February to Mid March Transitions.  This describes the breakthroughs that led to the creation of Perfected Abilities.  The article: How to Prepare for the April Transitions is where you will find details on all of these forms of Source Support.


[NOTE: If you come to the Station when a new round of articles are posted, you can access the former articles by going to the list in the Directory for Past Source News Reports and clicking on a link in the February/March 2022 Report to the article on how to prepare for the April Transitions.]


Entry into The Source Connection Station requires membership in Connecting.  This is a gifted membership that gives you access to all of the gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Materials on the website.  If you aren’t yet a member of Connecting, you can sign up at: Connecting Signup.




Perfected Abilities are fundamentally advancing the work of Building Heaven in the world. They are essential to achieving Ultimate Sustainability by becoming the Heaven that you were created to be and building the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.  


The advent of Perfected Abilities that can be generated outside of the Suit is a major breakthrough. It is giving Suits a chance to evolve in a way that has not been possible previously because of the aborted manifestation of Perfected Abilities from Core Code.


I urge you to learn about and provide your Suit with Perfected Abilities. They will give your Suit the chance to meet the upcoming Standards of The Transition and to, thereby, retain your place in the Creation.


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