December 18th, 2022

Source-Directed Activism Information and Training Published in 2022

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New Source News Reports & Preparation
Articles for the Stages
of The Transition

These Reports and Articles can be read by members of Connecting in The Source Connection Station. They constitute the most in-depth and comprehensive Source Communications about what is happening in the Creation, how it affects the Sustainability of the Source Connection for all beings, and how they can prepare for upcoming stages of The Transition.


In 2022 these Reports and Articles were posted and archived after each stage of The Transition was completed. 


New Next Step Communications
from the Source Videos

The Miracle of Life: What It Is and What It Takes to Preserve It

The Miracle that Makes Life Heaven

Life’s Greatest Treasure: A Love-Based Working Relationship with the Source that Preserves Your Link to Life and Enables You to Have a Life that Is Heaven 


NOTE: These three videos have been put together in a Video Adventure Series that begins with the Miracle of Life Video.  You can start there and then access the other videos either by these links or as a result of following the Path of the Source-Directed Adventure Series.


The Miracle of Life Video is available without a Connecting Login. The other two videos require a Connecting Login because they provide a higher level of Spiritual Code that is gifted to members of Connecting.


New Recorded
Source Workflow Trainings

The Sustainability Timeline Series

STT2 – How to Work with Perfected Abilities to Achieve Ultimate Sustainability in The Source Perfected Universe


The Working Relationship Training Series

WRT1 – How to Build a Full Power Working Relationship with the Source


WRT2 – How to Build a Strong Spiritual Energy Support System 


New Individual and Group Sessions

Working Relationship Sessions 


New Online Station

The Working Relationship Station


New Build Heaven Training Projects 

The Perfect Health Project

The World that Works Spiritual Energy Support System Project


The Love-Based Relationship Project

The Nurturing All of Life Project


The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project

The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Project 


New Source Solution Miracles 

The Spiritual Energy Support System:
Spiritual Energy Infusions delivered by Source Interventions 

Listed Spiritual Energy Infusions 

Baseline Infusions with Energy Reserves and High Power Infusions without Energy Reserves

Spiritual Breath Energy Infusions – Upgraded


Spiritual Youthful Energy Infusions 


Tranquility Energy Infusions – Upgraded


Spiritual Reproductive Energy Infusions– Upgraded


Source Love Energy Infusions– Upgraded


Baseline and High Power Infusions without Energy Reserves

Happiness Energy Infusions


Spiritual Stamina Energy Infusions


Source Light Infusions


Infusion Complexes that Build Energy Mediums

Comfort Medium Infusions 


Love Connection Intelligence Infusion Complex


Source Light/Source Love Infusions  


Unlisted Spiritual Energy Infusions 
and Infusion Complexes

Baseline and High Power Unlisted Infusions with and without Energy Reserves

Unlisted Baseline & High Power Infusions

Baseline and High Power Infusion Complexes without Energy Reserves 

Unlisted Baseline and High Power Infusion Complexes




The Spiritual Electrical System Restoration Infusion

The Source Link Range Intervention

Source Connection Interventions

Building Block Perfected Abilities

The Nurturing Life Perfected Ability Complex


Perfected Perseverance for Ultimate Sustainability 


The Perfected Ability for Becoming Love in Action


New Articles

Building Block Perfected Abilities


New Q & A
about The Work of the Source 

About The Miracle School

About Source Solution Miracles and Beyond Miracles Source Support

About The Transition


New Posts in The Source News Hub

Check out the sections, What's Happening and Source Reflections on Life as It Is and Life as It Can Be for a listing of 2022 posts.



Next Steps 

If you haven't already explored these new additions to the website, I encourage you to do so. They will help you to understand The Work of the Source in 2022 and will help to keep pace with The Work of the Source in 2023. 


Eyewitness Reports

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Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

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