January 28th, 2022

Links to January 2022 Website Publications

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Links to Help You Prepare for the
January to Mid-February Transitions

The Source Connection Station [available with a Connecting login]

The Source News on the December 2021 Transitions

How to Prepare for the January to Mid February Transitions


This Station is your link to information about how to preserve your Source Connection, your Link to Life, during the stages of The Transition. These materials are only available at this location until the next set of articles for an upcoming stage of The Transition are posted.  There is a link for previous Source News Reports within the Station, however, that will take you back to these articles.



Two New Hubs that Connect You
to The Work of the Source  

The Source-Directed Activism Hub

This Hub gives you information on how you can support The Work of the Source with your Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism.  The Source is working to help you build the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is needed for you to preserve your Source Connection, your Link to Life during the stages of The Transition.


The Universal Community Hub 

This gives you insights into the experiences shared by Heaven Agents working from the Prototype Communities, The Second Creation, from outside the Earth Plane in communities other than Prototype Communities, and from the Earth Plane. Through getting to know your fellow Heaven Agents, you will be preparing to work with them to Steward Life through the Universal Team Work that will be essential if the Habitat for Life in the Creation is to survive the end of The Transition. 

Eyewitness Reports

Submit a Report

Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

Submit an Eyewitness Report