Funding the Work of Building Heaven in the World


Because I am operating in a world that requires a Financial Exchange to sustain the work of building Heaven in the world, it is important that Heaven Agents from around the world pull together to generate the Financial Power that is needed if we are to succeed in our Mission during the time I have to work here in a human form. 


Only then will we have the funds to sustain the priceless Power Point of the Source Connection Center in Seattle, The Miracle School, which has operating expenses like any college, The Truth Campaign, which requires funds to develop the educational materials that educate people about the possibility of Heaven, and the work on The Global Prototype Project that builds Heaven in the world – a project that focuses on stopping the suffering  in the world, developing a new Culture of Heaven, establishing a Love-Based Community, pioneering a new system of education that adequately prepares children to do their Mission in life, founding a Heaven Economy that will one day provide Total Abundance, creating the conditions for Perfect Health, and helping all beings to complete their Journey of Reconnection which will enable them to enjoy the full range of the Heaven Experience.  


Funding the work of building Heaven in the world begins when we look together at what is in the Source Plan for the work that can be done here on the Earth while I am here to help, and we plan together, following the Source Guidance that comes in from the Design Aspect of my Source Identity.


It is necessary to understand what The Heaven Project is and how it can function in our current social context if we are to be able to successfully fund the work that can be done through it.  Because funding is key to the success of our work, since many of the things that we need to build Heaven require a Financial Exchange, it is critical that Heaven Agents understand how funding can occur and step forward to do what is theirs to do according to their Mission to help with this process.


In what follows I will outline some basic issues that need to be understood and then a Plan of Action that has been given to help us work together on this project.




The Heaven Project – A Correct Exchange Organization


The Heaven Project/The Miracle School is a Correct Exchange Organization created by the Source to generate funds that are used to build Heaven in the lives of the workers and in the Community as a whole.


To accomplish this it must adhere to The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange which determines the amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracles that manifest Heaven in the world.  This Spiritual Calculation is determined by the Design Aspect of the Source Function and not by the conventions of the secular society.


The Correct Exchange is what it needs to be for the miracles to manifest. It cannot be altered in order to meet the federal regulations of a Non-Profit which determines the standard exchange allowed for any product or service.  The Correct Exchange is what it is.  If the Correct Exchange is not upheld then the miracles don’t arrive and Heaven cannot be manifested.


Similarly, the Laws of Correct Exchange also govern how the income of the Correct Exchange Organization is to be spent. Nothing is determined by any social convention or by the individuals involved. The distribution of the income is handled through seeking Source Guidance that allocates the funds in the way that is to the highest good of all concerned and for the Mission that the organization is seeking to accomplish in the world.  

In the secular society, The Heaven Project/The Miracle School fits best within the category of the For-Profit organization since it must maintain The Principle of Correct Exchange. It is a Prototype for other For-Profit Businesses in the sense that it generates income through a Source-Directed Process that is based on the Principle of Correct Exchange and expends funds in a Source-Directed Way.  

When all businesses are Source-Directed there will be Heaven

in the marketplace and abundance in the world economy.


One Central Correct Exchange Organization

In the Story World, you align yourself with certain organizations and support them if you believe in the cause.  Others you have nothing to do with.  The world is made up of a multiplicity of different organizations, many vying for support and competing with one another for limited funding.


In a Miracle-Based Community, there is only one central organization and this is The Heaven Project which organizes the work of all of the offshoots of this organization that work on the different aspects of building Heaven in the world.  There is only one goal and that is the goal of building Heaven in the lives of each individual and in the Community as a whole. No matter where a Heaven Agent lives in the Creation, on the Earth or in a distant galaxy, they are a part of the same Universal Heaven Project run by the Source.  


Everyone who is a Heaven Agent is not just a “member” of The Heaven Project but a necessary “worker” in The Heaven Project.  Everyone has an important role to play not only in bringing through miracles but in helping to nurture and maintain the work of building Heaven in the world.  In this way they support the work of the Source through supporting my work as the Implementation Aspect of the Source working alongside them on the construction site of Heaven in the Manifest World.


Working in The Heaven Project on the Earth is good practice for working in the very precise system of Correct Exchange that enables a Community to transition out of the Cash Economy into an economy where all of the material needs are manifested directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality to the Physical Level of Reality. In such an economy, which is a Stage Three Heaven Economy, there can be no room for greed, corruption, competition, or malice of any sort. If any of these elements intrude themselves into the equation, the economy fails and those dependent on materializations for their food, clothing, housing and other essentials, will be left with nothing.


In order to mature into a Stage Three Heaven Economy, it is necessary to begin working with me in a Stage One Heaven Economy which is the Stage where you learn how to support me in the work of running The Heaven Project while it is still operating within the parameters of a Cash Economy.


In order to understand how to conceptualize what The Heaven Project really is, it is necessary to step out of the box of the Story Economic System and recognize how differently configured a Correct Exchange Organization really is.  



Comparison between Correct Exchange Organizations and Story Organizations

Here are several differences between a Correct Exchange Organization and a Story Organization:

  • In a Correct Exchange Organization you are expected to pull your weight as a Heaven Agent, doing your Mission 100% without being supervised, prompted, prodded, or cajoled into contributing what is yours to contribute.  You follow inner Source Guidance and do what is yours to do.

    In a Story Organization there is a hierarchical structure of management that is a form of coercion or prompting to organize people to do their jobs. If not prompted the workers often stop working and wait to be told what to do next. Often if they can get away with doing less, then they do so unless policed by those driving the work schedule of the organization.

  • In a Correct Exchange Organization the information that every member of the organization is getting from Source Guidance is considered vital to the welfare of the organization as a whole.  For example, if a worker handling administrative tasks got Source Guidance about some aspect of the work, this would be taken seriously by the Director of the organization.

    In contrast, in a Story Organization, the respect given to workers is in accordance with their hierarchical ranking in the organization. If they rank low, then they are accorded very little recognition. It would be considered impertinent if the receptionist offered information to the Director about the direction the organization was taking. This is in part because the information offered by the receptionist would be based on his or her level of professional expertise and might not be very useful to the Director. In a Correct Exchange Organization where everyone is acknowledged as being capable of getting Source Guidance on their own, the value of the information is based on the value given to Source Guidance and on the particular Miracle-Based Abilities of the Heaven Agent getting the information and not on the worldly expertise of the worker.

  • In a Correct Exchange Organization every member of the Organization is responsible for the welfare of the Organization. As such each member works to see what the Organization is designed to achieve, how it is to achieve these goals, and what resources, financial and other, that it will need. This kind of thinking through is not left to the Director of the organization.

    When every Heaven Agent does his/her part, then everything that is needed is thought through and provided in the correct time frame.  Heaven Agents work fluidly together following the Source Plan that is given to each of them according to the part that they have to play.  There isn’t the usual tedious “committee time” where people in a Story Organization try to get organized to get a job done.  Heaven Agents show up and do what is theirs to do and leave when it is done following the Source Guidance that is given to them individually.  In this way they operate more like the intelligence in the different parts of the DNA then like Story Characters in a Cultural Story where they are keying off of one another and the Cultural Story to know what to do next.

    Let me give you an example of how this works in the Prototype Communities. Everyone in a Prototype Community works in one organization and that is The Heaven Project. They get up each day and seek Source Guidance to see what is theirs to do in that day. They might get the word from the Source that they need to show up at another Heaven Agent’s house to help out with a task at hand.  They might then be called to go somewhere else to help out with a group that is landing the miracles for their food supply.  They then might go and sit quietly in a certain place and find that 7 or more other Heaven Agents are called to join them, coming from even distant parts of the Community. As they sit together, they are given the topics that they are to discuss and how to discuss them.  As their discussion develops they realize that it is leading all of them to do an Inner Plane Mission which they do as they talk together about it. When the Mission is done, they each follow Source Guidance to continue on with whatever is theirs to do in that day.

    This kind of Source Choreographed way of life is gentle, purposeful, intelligent, and full of joy. It is stress free. No one is guilt-tripping anyone else to try to get them to tap dance in the Story of their life and trying to entrap them into staying when they should go or doing something that isn’t on their life path.  It is all understood that they are at one with their purpose in manifesting the Heaven that is theirs to manifest in each day and so they do their Missions without exception. This is understood to be their expression of love toward one another rather than fulfilling one another’s Story expectations which only leads to resentment and a squandering of the promise of Heaven that might have been.

    As you can see from this example, the concern that each Heaven Agent had for The Heaven Project was expressed by doing precisely what was theirs to do.  In this way the work of every Heaven Agent added up to the work getting done that nurtures The Heaven Project that nurtures the Community as a whole.

    This is very different from a Story Organization’s labored efforts to motivate members to play out the Story Expectations of the organization and to act as if they like doing it even if they don’t and are faking being happy on the job for fear of not fitting in.  Think of the hundreds of man hours that are lost on the job because workers feel unmotivated to work and while away the time or take sick leave just to get away from the job.  They often spend their day resenting the organization that pays them their pay check and rebelling against it by taking twice as long to do anything so less will be asked of them.  The management then responds with anger and retaliation in many cases if this gets out of hand and may alternatively try to inspire and motivate the workers while also trying to give them as little as they can get away with giving them and still keep them coming to the job everyday.

    Workers often don’t feel that they have an important role in nurturing the organization and often feel unrecognized for the good work that they do provide.  Instead of being individually recognized for the unique Spiritual Intelligence that they are and for the valuable contribution they can make to the Community, workers are seen as replaceable fixtures in the company.  They are treated often like commodities to be procured in the competitive marketplace and discarded if they don’t perform according to the expectations of the company.

    Think of the grace, intelligence, efficiency, and deep joy of the members of the Prototype Communities working in The Heaven Project as compared to what most workers in the Brute Force Economy feel at the end of their day or at the end of their week. It is a stark contrast.

    For members of the Prototype Communities, there is no work week that they dread starting and can hardly wait until it ends.  Every day is an experience of Heaven and fulfilling and exciting in its own way.  Everything is Source-Given and is, therefore, perfect in its own way.  The members of the Prototype Communities are not trying to make themselves happy by creating Self-Directed Ways to live their lives.  They are following the Source Plan and, as such, they live in peace and harmony within the gentle and loving flow of events that make up a Made in Heaven Way of Life.

  • Capital needed for the work of a Correct Exchange Organization is generated by offering goods and services for a Correct Exchange.  Even those who wish to support The Heaven Project on a large scale, exchange for the work of the organization instead of giving a donation in return for a tax write off. In this way they maintain the principle of Correct Exchange.

    In the Story World, capital would be raised by a For-Profit by offering investment opportunities to those who buy stock or come in as passive participants in the business, offering funding in return for a financial return. Profit is the motive and a certain amount of control over the direction of the business is wielded by those offering this kind of financial support. Stockholders often pressure a company to make more money for them and get them to take risks that often violate laws and damage the environment or exploit the workers.

    Capital can also be raised by giving investors a governing role in the business – as in taking in a business partner.

    Neither one of these methods works in a Correct Exchange Organization such as The Heaven Project where the only governing force in the decisions of the organization has to be Source Guidance. If stockholders or business partners were to direct any aspect of the work, the miracle of The Heaven Project on the Earth would return to the Unmanifest Level of Reality and there would be no Heaven Project on the Earth.

    In the Story World capital is raised by Non-Profits who seek the donations of donors who then may or may not have a controlling influence in the direction of the work of the organization. Grants are also sought from agencies who exert a controlling influence on the way that the funds are used.  Reporting back to the granting agency and supervision from the agency is very common.

    In a Correct Exchange Organization such as The Heaven Project which is, legally, not a Non-Profit, no active solicitation of donations is done and neither are most grants available since they are given mainly to Non-Profits.  In any event the controlling influence of donors or grant agencies on the direction of the Project would destroy the miracle of the Project itself.

    This leaves the funding of The Heaven Project in the hands of Heaven Agents who understand the nature of the work and who come forward to help.  The help that can be given is through exchanging for Source Support for the benefit of yourself and the community.



How You Can Help to Fund the Work of Building Heaven in the World

Exchanging for Source Support

“Source Support” is a term I use for any work that I do to:

  • ground miracles on the Inner Plane 
  • work with them to build Heaven in the world 
  • sustain the miracles that are already here with us such as the miracle of the Source Connection Center, The Miracle School itself as a Spiritual College, the miracle of transformational education materials, miracle videos that reach out to people in the community who need to discover the promise of Heaven if they are to have a chance to join in The Heaven Project with us, etc.


When you give a Financial Exchange for Source Support your exchange is for the purchase of a service – "Source Support" – that helps in two ways:




Your Financial Exchange carries in it the Spiritual Work Energy of those who worked to generate the funds used in that exchange.  This Work Energy transfers to me the kind of Material Energy that I need to transition the miracles from the Immaterial Level to the Material Level where they are needed.  In this way it supports the miracles being born by helping them to come into the Material World.  




The financial value of the funds supports the miracle of the Outer Plane Heaven Project by providing financial support in some of the following ways.  



Providing Financially for a Core Work Unit

There is an immense amount of work that needs to be done to connect to the miracles that are arriving and to work with them and with the Heaven Agents to build a world in which everyone can enjoy total abundance, perfect health, love-based relationships, and fulfilling and purposeful lives.  

This is very intense and time-sensitive work that requires that those attending be free from the tasks of ordinary cash economy jobs in order to devote their time and energy to working with the miracles as they come in.  In the Whidbey Prototype Community the Community supported my work and the work of many members of the Community so we could devote our time to working with the miracles.  Out of our efforts came the Miracle-Based Way of Life they still enjoy.  


It will be necessary in the beginning stages of building a Miracle-Based Way of Life on the Earth to free up those who need to launch the work so the Community as a whole can move forward and eventually free everyone from the arduous work of a Brute Force Economy.


A Core Work Unit can spearhead the development of a new Total Abundance Way of Life and provide the hours of work that it takes to develop the Heaven Projects that prototype a new way of life – a Lifestyle that is Source-Connected.



Providing Financial Support for The Truth Campaign

If we are to build a world at peace that is abundant and love-based, we need to catalyze a Grassroots Movement that can connect to those who long for a life that is Heaven wherever they reside on the Earth.  Funds to develop The Truth Campaign materials and to put them out into the world are urgently needed.  There are 70 million Heaven Agents who have incarnated to help us form the Core Group that is needed to launch the Heaven Economy which will then inspire others to join us in the work.  


It takes Financial Support from Heaven Agents to reach out to the world community and to rally the support of the people who have incarnated to help with this work but who may have gotten entangled in the Story Culture and may need some help to disengage from the Story and remember the Heaven they incarnated to create. 


Each potential Heaven Agent has a vital role to play in the unfolding of The Heaven Project on the Earth.  The help that they can give cannot be supplied by others.  In The Heaven Project no two beings are interchangeable.  Each being has a unique set of Miracle-Based Abilities and they alone can build the aspect of Heaven they were created to build.  It is imperative that we find them if the Project as a whole is to be completed.  They are like essential pieces of the puzzle. It is not possible to complete the puzzle without them. 


Finding them takes man hours and funds to put out the Contact Points on the Internet such as Google Click Ads, videos and Audio Broadcasts, articles and to train Heaven Agents to mentor incoming people. It also takes time and funds to develop the educational materials that help these potential Heaven Agents understand the nature of the work.


The Truth Campaign is a critical aspect of the work that needs to be supported by the Community so we can move forward and find every person who has a Mission of working with us on the Outer Plane in this initial phase of the work.  If we find the Core Group, then we will be able to bring in the masses because in this Core Group are the Heaven Agents with the Miracle-Based Abilities that can catalyze the development of a Global Community.  


In the beginning phase of the work it is not about how many Heaven Agents are involved so much as it is about finding the people who play the key roles in the evolution of the Grassroots Movement.  If these key people can be found, then they will unlock the door to the miracle of a transformed Global Community.  


The Source works strategically, not as Man-Made Organizations work. Our ability to manifest the miracle of establishing a Miracle-Based Community on the Earth is a matter of following the Adventure outlined in the Source Plan very precisely.  This takes time, energy, and Financial Support.



Training & Supporting Heaven Project Professionals

A vital part of this work is the training of the professionals who can go out into the world community as Total Abundance Team Professionals and Source Connection Coaches and Trainers carrying the essential understandings to The Global Community.  These professionals can bring in a Source-Guided approach to problem solving that can ease tensions, solve problems using miracles rather than Man-Made Ways, and help groups seeking support to find solace in Source Solutions.  They will be important emissaries of The Heaven Project.


Not only are supportive funds needed for many of these professionals who may lack the means to exchange financially for their education, but their service to the Community needs to be subsidized so they can go into Third World countries and interface with Non-Profits and communities that lack the means to pay for the help that they offer.


If Heaven Agents with financial means pay for their services, they are gifting these communities with the Source Support that they need to benefit from the Source Solutions that are available to them.  In this way we can begin to put into practice the essential defining feature of a Miracle-Based Community – which is that it is a community that nurtures all of its own.



Caring for the Miracle of The Source Connection Center

For many years I have been developing and caring for the miracle that has manifested as The Source Connection Center in Seattle.


This Source Connection Center is a precious place on the Earth where Source Power has grounded miracles of great magnitude that are for the benefit of generations to come.  It is of unparalleled importance in our work. It is a place where Heaven Agents in future generations, when I am no longer on the Earth, can come to feel the power of the Source Connection.  To sustain these treasures requires Financial Support.


Now is the time for Heaven Agents to step forward and exchange for the Source Support that I offer so that The Source Connection Center can be retained for our work in the next 29 years and for the sake of generations to come.  



Providing Seed Funds for Prototype Projects

Ultimately the goal is for The Heaven Project to provide the training and financial support for projects that combine both Inner (Spiritual Activist) and Outer Plane (Social Activist) support for building Heaven in the world.  

For instance, a very needed Prototype is for childrearing that helps children to develop the full range of their Spiritual Intelligence and their Miracle-Based Abilities so they are trained and equipped to contribute to building the Heaven that they incarnated to build.  


A Prototype Project of this sort requires funds to develop the specific educational materials and fund the trainers who work with the participating caregivers and to write up the results and make the practical understandings achieved as well as the miracles that came through in the Project available to caregivers everywhere.  


Videos, books, articles, Miracle Tools, Source Interventions, etc. that go with the Project need to be distributed.  It takes time, energy, and funding to do this correctly.


Essentially, the Source can bring through the Spiritual Genetic Code for every aspect of life. There is also a wealth of information that I already have brought through into my conscious awareness that needs to be made available to all those who wish to have the help of the Source in developing a Source-Connected Way of Life.  


What is needed is Heaven Agents exchanging for Source Support so that I can ground the miracles for projects such as these and then direct the funds to exchange for printing and disseminating written materials, developing educational videos, training professionals, etc.


If you want me to help you to change the world rapidly, then I need your support because my work alone can’t suffice for a project of this magnitude.


It is my hope that Heaven Agents will contribute to the work on a large enough scale so that we can fund Prototype Projects that will demonstrate in concrete terms how Source Solutions can change the quality of life and which show others how to follow in the footsteps of those who have pioneered the way.  


In this way we will develop the Secondary Spiritual Genetic Code, that comes from the understandings of those who are working directly with the Primary Spiritual Genetic Code that I provide.  When Primary and Secondary Spiritual Genetic Code are sent out globally and universally, individuals and communities are given what they need to build the aspect of Heaven in their lives that corresponds to the Codes that were given them.


This is how I successfully launched the 13 Prototype Communities that I did not work with in person on the Outer Plane. It was all done with the exporting of Primary and Secondary Code as well as the essential complex of miracles that they needed to start up a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


I developed this Code through working with the Whidbey Community on the Earth and then exported it to the 13 other Prototype Communities that were located in different parts of the universe.  


If you help me to build Prototype Projects for every aspect of the Source-Connected Way of Life that is needed on the Earth, we will develop together the Code that is needed to export to other communities on the Earth.  Once they have understood how to work with this Code, they will be able to begin changing their way of life and setting the stage for Heaven to manifest for them as well.  As more people work with the Code it will become more complex and will be able to be exported to communities of Heaven Agents outside of our Earth who are eagerly awaiting the fruit of our labor. With this Code they will understand how to build Heaven in their communities.  


In this way we will build a Universal Source-Connected Community that provides for you and for all beings the kind of safe, peaceful, and nurturing Community in which you can live in this life and into which you can be born in future lifetimes.  


If you think ahead, you will understand the urgency of this work of developing a Universal Source-Connected Community.  Because you are an eternal being, you incarnate in life after life in different parts of the Creation.  If you want to incarnate into a peaceful world that will welcome the miracle that you are and provide for all of your needs in a loving way, now is your chance to build it. Through investing in building a universe at peace you will ensure that you are not born into an abusive family, in a war torn world, or into conditions of disease and abject poverty.  While you may be living well in this life, you have no guarantee that you will live well in your lifetimes to come.  You need to work with me to stop the negativity in the Creation that causes war, crime, abuse, and the like, and establish the conditions into which you can safely be born in lifetimes to come.


Out of my deep concern for your safety and well-being I have come into this life to help you to build now, while I am here to help you, the Heaven that you will be able to enjoy for all eternity.  


It is only, however, when you also have this deep concern for your own safety and well-being and the welfare of others, that you will take action and join me in this work while there is time to secure the quality of life for lifetimes to come.



The Plan of  Action

The Source Plan outlines a Plan of Action that is based on every Heaven Agent seeking within for Inner Source Guidance with regard to what is theirs to do to provide the work of building Heaven in the world with what is needed to get the job done.


There are six things that you can do to help support this work:

  • seek Source Guidance about what is in the Source Plan and contribute your information to me in Eyewitness Reports. Remember that you may receive clues that will not be given to anyone else working on the Project. Your clues are, therefore, essential to the welfare of our Joint Venture.  

  • seek Source Guidance about what Inner and Outer Plane Action needs to be done to implement the Source Plan. Communicate this information to me and I will make it available to other Heaven Agents as needed. You can use the Eyewitness Report Form to communicate this information as well.

  • ask what is yours to do to help out with the Inner Plane Heaven Agent Missions that need to be done and with the Outer Plane practical work that also needs to get done.  Think about the Project and how it is going to get done.  When you bring it up on your screen you will notice what is needed because it will be given to you.

  • take action as Source Guided to do what is yours to do.  This might be to attend a Webinar that is working on a Source-Directed Project that it is yours to help with.  Or it might be some solo Heaven Agent work that you do on your own. As you do your part, I use Source Power to orchestrate the events that make your efforts dovetail with the efforts of others, as in the example I gave earlier from the Prototype Communities, so the work gets done. In this way you participate in the unfolding of miraculous events that yield the Heaven that is latent within them.

  • exchange financially with The Heaven Project in a way that is in keeping with your Mission.  If it is your intent to support the work of The Heaven Project financially, then your Financial Exchange, even if it is for your own tuition costs in The Miracle School, will carry with it your will to sustain my work here on the Earth. This Good Will is a very important foundation for our work together in this life.


There are six basic ways in which you can help to fund the work of building Heaven in the world:

  • You can exchange financially for your own personal work in The Miracle School on your Journey of Reconnection.  This can be done by exchanging for a particular webinar or form of Source Support on the web page where the form of Source Support is described.  Or you can provide a contribution to your Life that Works Fund. These contributions can be applied to any form of Source Support that you need individually.

  • You can fund the education of other Heaven Agents who lack the financial means to exchange for their work in The Miracle School. In this instance you are gifting them the Source Support that they need for their training. This can be accomplished by contributing funds to The World that Works Fund.

  • You can choose to provide the financial exchange needed for others in The Global Community to receive Source Support.  For example, The Source Love Intervention that heals the damage done to the heart chakra, is a basic Intervention that heals what has broken the Source Connection.  This Intervention is needed by people to heal and advance in their lives.  If you provide the financial exchange that provides the Material Energy for this Intervention, I can send it to whomever is most in need.  Because the Source knows who is in need and who is willing to receive Source Support, there is no difficulty in sending it to anyone on the planet. It is also possible to gift it to someone you know. As long as they are willing to accept it – a decision that is made at the Soul Level – then the gift can be given. To give a gift of this nature you can go to the web page describing the Intervention and enter into the Comments Box that you would like to gift this Intervention.  If you have a particular person or persons to whom you would like it to go, you can provide their name.

  • You can exchange for Source Support for large scale Next Step Projects that provide individuals and The Global Community with what is needed to transition into a Miracle-Based Way of Life. To find out about what Next Step Projects need funding, you can go to:  Supporting The Work of the Source.  You can make a contribution to these Project through The World that Works Fund.

  • You can exchange for Source Support that grounds the miracle of Source Power which is used to sustain individuals and the communities.  While some of the the Direct Work of the Source can be described in terms of discreet Source Intervention or Next Step Project, most of The Work of the Source is done behind the scenes and is too complex to describe.  It is like trying to describe all of the biological processes that sustain an organic form. What the members of the 14 Prototype Communities have learned, is that the best way to support a Miracle-Based Life is to provide the amount of Material Energy needed to support the Source Power that, once grounded, enables the Source to do whatever is really needed when it is needed.  This is the most efficient way to support The Work of the Source.  To contribute to grounding the miracle of Source Power, you can go to The World that Works Fund for Source Power.

  • You can find out about The Critical Campaigns of The Total Abundance Movement that are the ones most urgently needing funding to advance the work on manifesting Total Abundance on the earth.


Through a combination of these six means of support we can generate enough Financial Support to carry out the Source Plan for building Heaven in our modern world.


If you currently lack the financial means to help in the way that you feel is on your Mission, then follow Source Guidance to increase your Financial Power.  The Miracle School provides you with a number of different ways in which you can generate income while also contributing to our ongoing Heaven Economy Prototype Project.  In the integrated Plan of Action of the Source Plan, you are given a way to become a part of this new economic system which will give you a chance to help build Heaven in your own life and to share the Miracles of Heaven with the world.


You can find out more about this through reading the articles on Heaven Economy Optionand Understanding the Power of Correct Exchange





In summary, The Heaven Project is our Joint Venture to stop the suffering in the world and build the Heaven life was meant to be.


In the context of our life together on the Earth, it takes Financial Power to do the work of building Heaven in the world.


I have been and will continue to provide the maximum amount of Financial Support that I am able to provide through following the Source Plan for my work in this life.  It is up to you and other Heaven Agents to step forward to provide whatever Financial Support is yours to provide according to The Source Plan.  With this Financial Support we can accomplish our goal of transitioning into a modern day version of the Miracle-Based Way of Life of total abundance, perfect health, love-based relationships, and fulfilling and purposeful lives enjoyed by the Prototype Communities.


I will provide you with opportunities to support the work financially in the links you will find below.  

The key to supporting my work of building Heaven in the world is to think of all of your Financial Exchanges with The Miracle School as providing support for our work together.  In this way you give of your love and your willingness to help even as I give of my love and willingness to help in creating these opportunities for you to have Heaven in your life.




Supporting the Work of Building Heaven in the World


Contribute to the Source Support that you need to transition into a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life and to advance in your work as a Heaven Agent through your Life that Works Fund. 




Contribute to supporting a fellow Heaven Agent and the Next Step Projects through  The World that Works Fund. 


Find a Source Intervention or Miracle Tool that you would like for yourself or to gift to someone, at: 


Provide the Material Energy that grounds the miracle of Source Support at: