The Miracle Tool Directory


NOTE:  For more detailed information on Miracle Links and the Miracle Tools created from them and how to work with them in your life, I recommend that you read the article entitled: "The Tools to Build Heaven" that is a part of The Owner's Manual for Your Suit. This provides you with vital information that is not covered in this section which is focused on providing you with the links to the Miracle Tools themselves.


Miracle Tools are to a Heaven Agent what a hammer and saw are to a carpenter.  They are the tools needed at the construction site of Heaven in the Manifest World.  Miracle Tools are created when I link a Miracle Intelligence to an object.  The Miracle Intelligence then works through the object, which enables it to interface with the physical world, to carry out the Mission it was created to perform.

Some Miracle Intelligences are linked to Outer Plane physical objects such as a key chain, a suit of clothes, a pen, or a computer.   Others are linked to Inner Plane Objects such as an Inner Plane Disc that exists only as an energy form on the Spiritual Level of Reality.


There are several ways in which a Miracle Tool can be created:

  • I provide the object and the Miracle Link that transforms it into a Miracle Tool.
  • You provide the object and I provide the Miracle Link.  This kind of Miracle Tool can be created in two ways:
    • You can pick a Miracle Tool that I suggest, provide the object and I transform it into a Miracle Tool.  I offer some suggested Miracle Tools in the list below to give you some idea of what is possible.
    • You can come up with an idea for what kind of Miracle Tool you would like to have and/or what object you would like to use.  I then check in with the Design and Implementation Aspects of my Source Identity to see if this Miracle Tool can be created for you and if so, what the Correct Exchange will be.  I then communicate this to you and you decide if you would like me to go forward with creating the Miracle Tool.

      Many Miracle Tools in the past have been created in this way.  A Heaven Agent would get Source Guidance to ask me about a kind of Miracle Tool that he or she had seen on the Inner Plane, and then I would check in to see if I could make it.  If the suggestion has come from Source Guidance then I generally can bring it through on either the Inner or the Outer Plane.

      To give you an example, Heaven Agents over the years might have a birthday present they would like to buy for someone and have a particular object in mind.  They would then ask me what it would take to transform this object into a Miracle Tool.  I would research it and let them know what kind of miracle could be linked to the present they have chosen.  I often consult the Soul of the recipient of the present to see what kind of miracle they would like to have.  I then consult my Source Function to see what is possible to make.

      To give you another example, a person might come to me and ask for a miracle to deal with a particular problem they are having.  I would research the miracle needed and what kind of Miracle Tool I could create to help them.  I would then create it for their particular situation.  Many school children have profited from Miracle Tools that help them to concentrate and operate at a higher level of clarity and proficiency when doing their school work.  A simple object that they can keep in their pocket is often all that is required.



How to Find the Miracle Link that You Need 

There are several ways to find the Miracle Link that is right for you:

  • The first step is to ask for Source Guidance so you are directed to the Miracle Link that is the right one.  If you are uncertain what Guidance you are receiving on the Inner Plane, you can request a Miracle Link Consultation by email, phone, or Skype to provide you with more direct Source Guidance.
  • The second step is to see if any of the Miracle Links listed in the Directory below light up for you.  If they do, then you can follow the instructions given with the Link to complete the Correct Exchange that enables the Miracle Link to be transferred to you.  The Miracle Links in the Directory are listed in two ways:
    • They are listed by type of object to which they are linked
    • They are listed by the Specific Need to which they respond.  
  • The third step is needed only if you do not find what you need in the list of existing Miracle Links.  You can then request a Special Request Miracle Link and I will email you with information concerning it.  Through Special Request Miracle Links I am able to use objects that you have in mind and find the kind of Miracles that can be linked to the objects.  Special Request Miracle Links are often used to match a gift being given to someone with a miracle that transforms it into a Miracle Tool or to transform some object in your home or office into a Miracle Tool.

The Directory

Types of Objects to Which Miracles are Linked



I link to music, food, objects, places, and events spontaneously for temporary Source Connection Miracle Links.

Source Connection Music

Source Connection Events

Source Connection Objects and Places


Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work via Miracle Links

Programmed Events


You provide the object and I provide a permanent Miracle Link. 


The Heaven Blanket 

The Comfort Blanket

Heaven Music

Source Connection Music

Comfort Music 

Source Connection Clothing

Heaven Shoes

Comfort Shoes

Source Connection Shoes


   Manifestation Rings

   Miracle Bracelets

Miracle Headphones

The Source Connection Wrist Watch
The Source Connection Clock
The Source Connection Calendar

Stuffed Animals

    Love Bears

    Mentoring Animals

    Protector Animals

Source Connection Toys

The Miracle Food Cookware Set

The Life Infuser Miracle

The Life Current Transmitter

Source Connection Food

Source Connection Water

Source Connection Dishes, Glasses, & Utensils

Source Connection Dining Table & Chairs

Source Connection Cooktop

Source Connection Tablecloth

Source Connection Food Containers

Source Connection Water Filter

Source Connection Light

Source Connection Furniture

Source Connection Blanket

Source Connection Sheet & Pillow Case Set

Source Connection Pillows

Source Connection Throws

Source Connection Computer

Source Connection Smartphone

Source Connection Bath Towel Set

Source Connection Shower Filter

The Full Power Source Connection Ring

The Miracle Manifestation Ring on the Outer Plane 

The Miracle-Friendly Ring

Miracle Recordings

The Miracle Manifestation Recording

Distress Releaser

The Untangler





Linked Inner Plane Miracle Tools

I provide the Inner Plane object and the Miracle Link 


Total Abundance Packets

Heaven Experience Equipment

The Total Abundance Video

The Total Abundance Project

The Heaven Experience Disc

Field of Consciousness Equipment

The Heaven Experience Meter

The Monitoring Station

The Scanner

The Source Solution Miracle

Miracle Templates

The Correct Exchange Meter

The Roadmap Miracle

The Miracle-Friendly Meter

The Spiritual Code Processor

The Life Channel

The Adventure Reader Miracle

Inner Plane Headphones

The Spiral to The Heaven Experience

The Life Channel

Life Code

Generic Code

Code Processor

The Miracle Manifestation Ring

The Roadmap Miracle

The Adventure Reader Miracle 

The Source-Directed Activist Template & Source Insignia
The 7th Sense Amplifier
The River of Life Knowledge Base
The True Intelligence Activator
The Individualized Imprint for the Safety of the Source Connection
The Individualized Imprint for Social Safety
The Dream Heaven Pathway System

The Rings of Discernment

The Team of Miracles



Miracle Tools Suggested for Specific Needs

Special Request Miracle Links

You think of the kind of Miracle Tool you would like and I make it for you if it is possible.


Special Request Miracle Tools