Heaven Agent Eyewitness Reports



Heaven Agents working in the Field to build Heaven in the world regularly report in with Eyewitness Reports on what they are experiencing.  Their reports are a mix of the Source Guidance they have received, what they are personally experiencing on the Inner and Outer Plane, and the state of the world as they are perceiving it from their vantage point.  These Eyewitness Reports are very valuable pieces of information for me and for Heaven Agents working with them on building Heaven in the world.


Because each Heaven Agent has a unique set of Miracle-Based Abilities and a unique Spiritual Mission, the Source gives to him or her unique information that is pertinent to the part this Heaven Agent plays in the project as a whole.  The only way that Heaven Projects work as collaborative efforts is if each Heaven Agent shares with the other Heaven Agents and with me this unique information they are getting from the Inner Plane Source Communications they are receiving. 


Although these Communications originate from my Source Function, my human mind is not attuning to the information that is being sent to Heaven Agents. I am picking up on the information that is sent to me by my Function for the part that I am playing in the implementation of the project at hand.  I rely on the Heaven Agents working on other parts of the project to track the clues they are getting from Source Communications and to share them with me and with other Heaven Agents to facilitate our work together.  While I can obtain this information if the Heaven Agent did not come forward with it and it was essential, this requires a detour from the work that I am doing in my part of the project.  Such a detour slows down the project as a whole and can be detrimental to the critical timing that often makes or breaks a project.  For this reason it is important that Heaven Agents step forward with their Eyewitness Reports and enable the Team Work to progress optimally.


From time to time I publish some of the Eyewitness Reports that Heaven Agents submit to me that I feel will be helpful to other Heaven Agents pursuing their Journey of Reconnection.  The Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report section of the website is devoted to this kind of information.  


The Eyewitness Reports are a part of the Prototyping that Heaven Agents are doing to pioneer a Miracle-Based Way of Life. Heaven Agents write these reports to communicate to me and to other Heaven Agents already working on the construction site of Heaven but also to transfer helpful understandings to other Heaven Agents about the work.  These understandings carry Secondary Code which is transmitted by the Miracle Transmission Technology that I use when I post the reports.  Secondary Code is needed to immediately grasp and be able to implement the understandings that are being shared.


NOTE: For additional Reports from the Field, check out  The Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Blog.



Submitting Your  Own Eyewitness Report


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Eyewitness Reports


Heaven Happenings

Eyewitness Reports – Gail – USA 

Heaven Happening Stages an Experience of Heaven in a Family Gathering – July 12, 2013

A couple of weeks ago my niece was in town, visiting my daughter and her husband and kids. The night before she was to leave, my daughter called to say they were headed to a local outdoor eatery and were hoping I could meet them there. As I was getting ready to go, I thought I should ask for a Heaven Happening for our gathering. I began by asking for Heaven Happenings for each individual, and then for a Heaven Happening for our gathering. After that I was focused on getting there and finding parking and forgot all about having asked to launch the Heaven Happenings.

I was really struck by how much fun we all had and how much we enjoyed being with one another. There was a delightful something that I couldn't quite put my finger on, and it just kept building. It felt magical, and gave the whole get together an air of being something special. There was plenty of outdoor play space and the kids were full of energy and rambunctious, and yet careful with one another. No teasing and no tears, even as the hour got late, and we all got a kick out of watching them. The longer we were together, the more joy there was. It was so intense by the time we left that I was on the verge of skipping and dancing my way to the car. By the time I got home, I was practically jumping with happiness. I felt full of light and had so much blissful energy running through me it was hard to end the day.

I kept wondering where all the joy was coming from, and it wasn't until the following day that I even remembered the Heaven Happenings, and realized, with a sense of wonder, that they truly had transformed an ordinary gathering into an evening of Heaven.


Heaven Happening Transforms Sibling Conflict into a Harmonious Interaction – July 19, 2013

My two young nephews were visiting us with their family. The older one had built an elaborate marble run in the living room with our wooden train track set, and wanted to keep his creation intact, which meant he was adamant that his little brother not be allowed to play with it.  We adults were chatting on the porch when the younger boy got up to go to the living room to see what his brother was doing. I was afraid of what would happen, since this is exactly the kind of situation that's usually a recipe for disaster, ending with one or both children crying and angrily blaming the other. I launched a Heaven Happening just as the older boy shouted at his brother not to touch the train tracks. There was another ultimatum and then it got quiet. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like kids happily playing together. I was curious, so I peeked in to see what they were up to. I found them cooperatively building a new and very creative looking track layout, and the previous structure dismantled. 


I exclaimed about the beauty of the new creation, and the younger boy turned to me and said, with wonder in his eyes, "I wanted to use the train tracks and he said I couldn't. But when I started playing with them anyway, he just looked at me and said, Good Job!" 


We were both amazed at the way everything turned out. 


Addendum -- I was at their house the other day and the younger boy asked me if I remembered the day he wanted to play with the train tracks and how his brother didn't get mad but took down what he had built so they could play together. Clearly a notable event in his life.

Heaven Happening Averts a Tragic Accident – July 19, 2013

My niece had been here visiting, and when she was getting ready to drive home again, I was suddenly worried about her long drive home. I couldn't figure out why, since I wasn't worried when she drove out. I thought I might be picking up on something, so I launched several Heaven Happenings for her and her safe journey. Later that day I found out her car broke down and she was stuck half way. She had to leave her car at a gas station and rent a car to get home.


Then several days later I called her mom and learned the details of the breakdown. My niece had seen smoke coming from under the hood and immediately pulled off the highway. Fortunately she was right by an exit and there happened to be a gas station right at the exit. She pulled in and the attendant ran out with a fire extinguisher. Turned out there were also flames, which weren't visible from inside the car. A little scarier than we'd all thought since my niece had downplayed the whole thing when she told us about it.


I started thinking maybe the Heaven Happenings had had some sort of protective effect, since it was unusual to find not only an exit, but a gas station and an alert attendant, instantly ready to put out a car fire. It was beginning to seem as if a disaster had been averted. Later I asked Sherry if she could check on the Inner Plane to see what had happened. She confirmed that indeed the reason I was so worried was that there was a tragedy in the making and that the Heaven Happening had prevented that.

Heaven Happening Eliminates Depression – July 19, 2013

We're in the middle of a heat wave, with Excessive Heat Warnings 24 hours a day. We've had the air conditioning running to stay comfortable, but it's a bit of a trade off since after a couple of days I began feeling slightly depressed. Air conditioning depletes the atmosphere of negative ions, which in turn has a negative effect on well being, and I seem to be particularly sensitive to air conditioning. Yesterday I decided to try launching Heaven Happenings to alleviate the depression and it disappeared immediately. I was surprised it worked so fast. And surprised to discover that I haven't had to repeat it. The depression is just gone. And it's great to know I now have a way to respond to environmental conditions.



Eyewitness Report by Hilde – Belgium

Heaven Happenings Alleviates Upset Feelings – July 13, 2013 submitted in a Guided Heaven Experience Webinar

What I noticed is when I got upset because of a situation at work, I asked for an Inner Heaven Happening to take care of my feelings and it seemed to have a very fast effect. Within a few seconds I felt myself calming down and I could look at the situation with neutrality. 

The Source Connection


The Eyewitness Reports that I will share with you about The Source Connection were written by  Heaven Agents who are both very knowledgeable from their own personal experiences about the Source Connection and articulate enough to communicate these experiences to others.  While their experiences are unique to them and may not be the same type of experiences that any other Heaven Agent might have, they give you an example of how different Heaven Agents experience the Source Connection. 


The first is by Charlotta, a Heaven Agent from Finland.  


The second is by Gail, a Heaven Agent from the US.  Her report includes her current understanding of the Source Connection and a series of posts that she made during a number of Miracle School Webinars. 


In both Eyewitness Reports the Heaven Agents are sharing what they have learned that they feel will be helpful to other Heaven Agents traveling the Journey of Reconnection.  Both reports carry Secondary Code transmitted through the Spiritual Technology of a Miracle Transmission.  


Secondary Code gives the reader the Spiritual Code that is needed to rapidly advance in their own Journey of Reconnection.




Charlotta's Eyewitness Report


"I imagine an empty room where I am floating around in the air. I just float and enjoy and it is the greatest thing in the world just to float in the Source Connection. I don`t feel that I have to worry about anything because the Source will never harm me. 

When I am in perfect harmony with the Source anything needed to make me happy starts to manifest into the room. I can see the miracle in everything. but I know that if I lose the Source Connection, there will not be any material thing in the world that can make me truly happy again, because the happiness comes from the Source. That’s why just being in the Source Connection,  even without doing anything else, is the most wonderful thing for me and the place where I want to spend the rest of my days as a being."




Gail's Eyewitness Report 


I think the most important thing to understand about the Source Connection is that it is Heaven. 


I somehow thought, when I began this work, that the Journey of Reconnection to the Source had an endpoint, and that if I could accomplish that, if I could just manage to get there, I'd be able to check it off on some kind of cosmic To Do List, and then everything in my life would be all right. But that's not quite the way it works. 


I've come to the understanding that the Source Connection is not a means to an end, not something I cultivate or go after because I think it will get me an enjoyable, fun, heavenly life, or better "karma," more money, more energy, a stronger body, the love of my life -- or even points with the Creator because it makes me a "good" person.


Rather, the Source Connection is the essence of the Perfected life that beings have always longed for. It is the one, essential ingredient, the Heart of Heaven, and the Heart of life itself. 


It is through the Source Connection that all the things we think of as belonging to Heaven on Earth will eventually come. But the great thing about the Source Connection is that it can be experienced before life on earth is Heaven, or even before the elements of one's own life are anywhere near perfect. There can be an experience of Love and solace and beauty that is continuous, that flows into every nook and cranny of life, that even permeates the saddest, the roughest, and the most challenging moments of life, as well as the aspects of ourselves that we know still need attention and improvement.


It's just a matter of turning one's attention to the Source and following the adventure. The adventure is not for the faint of heart. It means staying with the ship and riding the rough seas through every challenge and doubt and disillusionment, knowing that continuous love and peace are possible, even before reaching the other shore. 


You don't have to be perfect.


That's been the revelation for me -- that you don't have to be a perfected being in order to experience the Heaven of the Source Connection. There isn't some sort of unattainable height, an almost unscalable mountain of purification that absolutely must be climbed before you can have the continuous experience of the Blessings of the Source at every moment. 


The Creator can be at the center of your life, and the comfort and love of the Source can be your reality now. That is the great promise of Heaven, flowing continuously from within the Source.


For me, it's a gradual and continuing process, a day by day unfolding, a kind of opening to more and more conscious awareness of the unfathomable love of the Source for all created beings and to my own love for the Creator of my existence.


To feel the Source all around me and at the center of every moment of my day -- that is the Precious Treasure of my life. I never feel I'm going it alone. I am always aware of being held within the tender, supportive energies of the Source, and that naturally leads to a deepening appreciation and love for the Source.


These two aspects keep unfolding, one after the other, over and over.


One aspect is the deepening of my experience of Source Love, so that day by day I feel the Love of the Source more and more tangibly, percolating through every layer of my life. I feel held and surrounded by a love that doesn't ever turn away from any aspect of me. It's always there, carrying me forward, supporting me, and saturating every moment with ever-growing peace and contentment. 


The other aspect is my own love for the Source, and that is a wonder.  The love I feel for the Source is delicate and clear and pure. It flows freely, like a rushing stream, and it carries me from one moment of my day to the next, a continuum of love within which all else happens. 


But it didn't happen overnight. There were times when I felt the Connection only momentarily, and then I was just back in the day to day dramas of human life. And then the next webinar, or the next intervention would bring me closer once again, and I would experience the Connection more clearly and for longer periods of time. I don't actually remember when the experience became continuous, I just remember noticing that it was always there. It was a quiet transition, and one that strengthened over time.


But there was a real turning point for me.


And that turning point was when Sherry removed the blocks to my heart chakra, several weeks after the continuity of the Source Connection was established. She didn't tell me what she was doing until afterwards, but I certainly noticed the change during the work.


In that moment I felt a sweet and gentle explosion in my heart, like a warm fire being lit and springing into life. I saw beautiful golden swirling light that just kept billowing up, a play of light and energy that, once set in motion, became continuous. And then I experienced a depth of love I'd never felt before. It was like discovering a deep well within me that had been thoroughly hidden. Before those hidden reserves came fountaining up, I had no idea I was blocked. I thought I experienced love; I thought I knew what it was to truly love others and I never questioned that. But the love that surged through me was exquisite and powerful and joyful beyond my imagining.


And it was life altering.


That was the moment I experienced an almost overwhelming love for the Source, a love flowing out from me that was utterly fulfilling in and of itself, a river of life energies that were flowing to another and yet were nourishing to me. Every cell was bathed in the love I felt, every particle danced in that love. I felt light and free, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders, a burden I hadn't even been aware of carrying.


I began to understand that the greatest thing is to love -- that love is the great nourisher and the great healer, and Love is what makes it possible for beings to become more Source-like. For the Source Loves eternally and without reservation. The Source cherishes always. That is the nature of the Source, and in the opening of our hearts and letting loose our love, we join forces with the Source to build Heaven in the world through our Source Connection. 


Since then, all my relationships have become sweeter. I feel greater appreciation and a naturalness of expression that is still changing and growing. There's a greater closeness, and yet I feel less attached, less needing something from others. I feel as though I'm free to love, to just be loving, and to do what love does -- and that is an ever-evolving process. There's much to learn here, because love steps in without hesitation to protect and defend, to say what needs to be said and to look to Source Guidance for ways to accomplish what shouldn't be said. It's added another dimension to the Adventure of the Source Connection, and it's already reworking my life. It's both magical and down to earth in its effects -- a work in progress.


The Source Connected life is always a work in progress. 


That's part of what makes it so wonderful and so magical. The experience, no matter how exquisite, is never as good as it gets, because there's always a deeper level of Love for the Source that can be felt, and that leads to a more complete love for others and for everything in one's life, which opens the way for all the details of life to flow more smoothly and to bring even greater love into one's heart. And that greater love, that more intense and pure love, brings more Joy and more Heaven into life, and the cycle continues building on itself very naturally, an ever unfolding and ever improving Source Connection adventure into the realms of Love. 


What does it feel like?


I experience the Source Connection as a layer of love that surrounds and permeates every aspect of my life. It's there always, like a soft blanket, like loving arms, holding me in a safe and secure space. I feel surrounded by love in every moment, and I feel my love flowing toward the Source, so there's a sense of an ongoing, quiet and wordless communion, a sacred relationship, a constant Companion. 


This Love, in all its aspects, is tangible. It has substance. I feel it in my breath, I feel its softness and its warm gentleness enfolding me and flowing through my body. When I wake, when I walk, when I do the dishes -- it's there, nourishing me, a soft current of happiness and joy, a gentle awareness of the Source. 


There's no doubting its presence. I just feel connected to the Source at every moment. My awareness goes to the Source and to the palpable presence of the Love that surrounds me, without any effort on my part. It's just a natural part of my life. Actually, it's more than a part -- it feels like the foundation of my life, like the essence of my existence. It is the defining quality of my life, and it's there whether I am tired or I'm rested, whether my day is a challenging one, or everything is coming together to structure a perfect Heaven day.


A glimpse into the journey via webinars.


The following are some posts from past webinars that give an idea of what it was like for me as my Source Connection was developing. It's still developing, so none of this is an endpoint. It's also not a day by day account of all the ups and downs I went through, so it's not complete by any means. It's just some highlights. Since the process is different for each person, this is one flavor among many. 


“I feel as though I am living in a Source lullaby – it’s a quiet and peacefully loving ecstasy, just bliss as soft Source presence everywhere – and no place is left untouched. The saturation is complete and total. It’s as if everything is transformed – as if now made of sweet blissful Source frequency. I don’t really know how to describe this – these are all just words and they aren’t somehow doing it justice at all.” 




"There's a feeling of richness pouring into my form - it's a kind of resonance that carries a richness and depth within it. And at the same time, the most striking thing is how utterly simple everything seems. I was thinking about that, and it may be that a lot of extraneous thoughts and more jumbled emotions or something like that have disappeared, so my mind feels very light and cleansed in a way, and it feels as though I have lots of space around me, and the thought of doing anything is accompanied by feelings of ease and simplicity. It occurred to me that maybe Source Logic is becoming more prominent, and that that Logic makes all the Story machinations obsolete and they just disappear. It feels as though a bunch of nonsense has been cut through and I've gone to another level of functioning that just doesn't take into account all those story baggage concepts. At the same time, it feels as though the structure I'm in is a structure of rightness, and that that in itself is simple. That structure of rightness contains only Heaven aspects, and all the rest has fled."




“I’ve been feeling very very deep, as if plunged into an even deeper level of the Soul experience from yesterday. It feels like a Source environment, a Source Reality, and I am completely ensconced there, and completely engrossed. It holds my attention completely, though I can’t say just what it is that’s holding my attention. It feels full and rich and has a beautiful resonance that I feel throughout my form. I sense life everywhere – every point and every moment in this space seems to be full of life, full of intelligence, and full of ongoing change and evolution, intricate and purposeful, flowing and moving. This is peaceful and riveting at the same time, full of joy and full of calm, utterly nourishing, and totally engaging."




"It’s difficult to describe just how fulfilling this is – it’s like the most beautiful sunset and the most  amazing knowledge and the most interesting research and the most rewarding relationship, all rolled into one. I really don’t know how to describe it – it’s like the ultimate medium for awareness and intelligence, and I am completely delighted and completely content and engaged here, needing nothing more.” 




"I had to go out on errands and automatically turned on the car radio. Sometimes I find the music sounds harsh, but last night, everything I heard sounded perfectly Heavenly. It seemed to pulse with Love energies, and it all seemed to be structured of some beautiful, rich and complex resonance. I kept changing the station, to see if it was everywhere, and I found that even the sound of some man announcing a car race in Chicago was transmitting these beautiful resonances, even though I couldn't relate at all to what he was saying. I realized this was a beautiful, long, Heaven moment. Exquisite Source energies were all around me and within everything I heard. I was in the miracle of a Heaven Experience, feeling the magic and the blessing of it, and being transformed by the Love of the Source coming through all the sounds I heard. As I continued to listen to one station after another, I felt more and more Love energies so that by the time I arrived at the store, I related to everything from a new point of view. I saw everything and everyone with a kind of Loving Concern, so that I found joy in what I saw, and I Dreamed Heaven for those that seemed to need it. Instead of feeling buffeted by all the energies around me, I felt energized and joyful, and the whole experience continued through the evening."




“It’s a very full rich and deeply satisfying feeling, and in every moment of this space of experiencing I am feeling the Connection with the Source, so that somehow I feel surrounded and cared for as well as communicated with, in that I have the sense of an ongoing conversation that involves every cell and my whole being on a heart level.” 




“It’s almost as if I’ve gone into the center of the essence of Bliss and Joy and Source Connection, and I feel it all around me. It’s as if I’m floating in it and supported by it – as if it’s the medium in which I live and draw sustenance. It’s familiar and yet new at the same time, and in some way I can’t quite put my finger on, it feels like a birth of some kind.” 




"I noticed last night as I was falling asleep, that if I Dreamed Heaven to experience and connect to the Source Presence, that the whole wonderful Heavenly and precious experience of the Presence, both within me and around me and permeating everything, returned at the same intensity as during Friday's webinar. When I woke, I Dreamed Heaven for that again, and once again, it returned. The Source Presence blesses everything, and structures my perception of my world and everything I do, and transforms it all into a rich Heaven world. It seems that this not only showers me with the sparkling, enlivening and blissful Heaven experience, but also resets my orientation so that my focus is on the Source and the Source Connection, and this becomes my primary focus of attention, and all else happens within that field. It seems that there's a level of distractibility that is corrected by this particular Dream Heaven Command, and once I make the adjustment, there's an instant open door to the Heaven of the Presence."




“I saw myself suspended in something, some translucent medium, and I was held in that in some kind of unwavering way. There was a sense of stability and non-change and complete peace and a deep feeling of all is well. As the image formed, the understanding formed also, and it was that this is now the character of the relationship with the Source. It is pure and unchanging, it is always of and by the Source, direct, a natural Connection that is immutable. 


It was like floating in a Communion medium, where all of everything Is that Communion, the ever-present, ever-abiding Connection to the Source and Source Love. And next to that image there was simultaneously forming the image of the ever changing interactions with other beings, constantly in motion, a hive of activity, always lively. 


So I had these two pictures, and of the two, the Source Connection was in the foreground, and all other interactions and actions occurred on the ground of the Communion with the Source and the Peace of the Source and the Love of the Source. It struck me that it is far more common for the Source to be in the background, as a sort of background awareness, but in this new reality the picture of being held within Source Presence was so clearly dominant and my awareness was drawn to that very naturally.” 




"Yesterday after the webinar I had an errand to run. I drove for a few moments in silence, then turned on the radio, and noticed it was intruding on something within me, so I turned it off again. In the silence, I found myself again in that space I described yesterday. It was utterly fulfilling and riveting and engaged me completely. I felt like I was in a constant conversation and exchange with the Source, and that interaction filled every level of my being with a sweet resonance and a sensation of lively intelligence moving through my form and through my consciousness. It was interesting to be plunged into that state while driving, because I had felt so meditative during the webinar and I had wanted to just sit with my eyes closed. But now I found that that inward richness fit perfectly with the activity of focusing on driving.


Also, usually I find myself wishing I could be satisfied without the radio or a CD while driving, but most often it lasts only a few minutes, and then I'm drawn to the stimulation of either music or information. But this time, the inner world, the delicate, joyful, and intricate movement of intelligence within me, was far more engaging and richer, and I wanted to be alert to that and not have my attention divided by some outside, and by contrast, quite tinny distraction. 


The whole experience was there again when I woke and meditated this morning, and there's been some continuing hint of it in the background today."




"I feel as though some struggle is finally over -- some struggle that I've been involved in that's been pulling on me and demanding my energy and tugging me in almost opposite directions. I would guess that it's the struggle of one part against another, the part that wanted only a Source Connection, and the part that was focused on life itself, outside the context of the Source. I wasn't aware of it, but the absence of it is striking. It's so quiet now and so peaceful, and there's a feeling of complete contentment and harmony, and in some way, I feel as though I can finally really feel my focus on the Source Connection, as if before I couldn't hear myself think, so to speak. It seems as though I'm not only connecting to the Source, but connecting to myself, even though I'm not quite sure just what myself is --  that is, I'm not sure what part of me I'm identifying with now, but it feels as though I have now only one voice and one direction."




"I've found that during the last few days, my main focus has been on my Source Connection. I was especially aware of it because of our difficult family situation. I noticed that I didn't feel that the Source was a lifeline, but that there was something all around me, within and without, a kind of soothing medium, that seemed to carry the Source Connection, so that I was never lost to a perfect support system, a kind of sanctuary that went everywhere with me. It felt as though the one constant in my life, amidst the ups and downs and my changing emotions, has been my Source Connection."  




"Last night sometime, I really don't remember just when, I noticed a change in the quality of my Connection. It suddenly became stronger, or actually more intimate, and my understanding deepened so that it felt like some layer of misunderstanding or lack of clarity was peeled away. It was like opening my eyes wide and seeing with a sharper focus. At that moment, and growing since then, has been a sense of a deeper love for the Source, and a greater understanding of the depth of Source love for me as a created being. All day my heart has been pulsing in this new appreciation, and my intellect keeps wondering why I never saw this before. It's so enormously sweet and so beyond anything I've felt or experienced before, such a profound shift. . . 


It's been quite an adventure, unfolding hour by hour. I don't know what else to say -- I am just swimming in, floating in, a sea of Love for the Source, and a Pure Source Love Connection that at this point is almost overwhelming, because it's so much more than I ever imagined and so much more than I've ever experienced. I feel as though I'm experiencing all that I can at this point in time, and that more is to come as I integrate more thoroughly, and every cell and every particle comes on board with this, I am just so very very thankful, on every level, for my created life, for the gifts of the Source, and for your unbelievable gifts to all of us and all beings. . "





"About half an hour ago I felt the beginning of a strengthening of the Source Connection energy that I've been experiencing for the last several days. Now it's become much stronger -- I feel it within my form very strongly and tangibly, and there's a lot of bliss and comfort associated with it, along with a kind of intense happiness that lights up each passing moment. 


It's almost as if someone is pumping in continuous celebration energies that call my attention to the beauty of each passing moment and the whole dancing flow brings great delight and joy."  




"Since the lock-in yesterday of the experience of Heaven, I have been in a continuous state of incredible free flowing joy and deep happiness. It's not even that everything has gone perfectly in my life, but things happen as they happen and it all seems to be happening on a platform of a nearly magical level of reality. It's as if every moment is infused with celebration and pure joy. I've been consciously marveling at it since yesterday's webinar because of the consistency of the experience, and yet, though there's a constancy of the Heaven experience, it's not as if everything stays the same from one moment to the next. Each moment seems to sort of bloom with its own new life, almost as if the experience is created at that very second and comes straight from Heaven and carries the Source Connection within it. 


At this point, maybe because it is so new, my awareness is drawn over and over to the delightful nature of reality unfolding, so that I am in a continuous state of awe and appreciation and I'm always feeling the Source within each moment, and that too is celebrated and brings its own joy. There's just so much fullness and so much life, and I feel its continuous replenishment and renewal. There's a deep level of bliss and moments of ecstasy, and yet it's quiet and settled, as if there's a backdrop of silence or a level of quiet within me, like a still pool on which many playful reflections dance. I feel constant motion everywhere, and quiet harmony at the same time, and there's a deep and abiding sense of well being, and a sense of never ever being alone, but always in the presence of the Source, and that seems to have added some new substance that I am aware of and experience in every moment. It's a sweet substance, soft, gentle, soothing, and has a foundational quality of some kind. All is pure Beauty and pure delight."




"I feel as though I'm being drenched in a beautiful Heaven frequency. I'm feeling it strongly with my whole form, and it feels as though I am sinking deeper and deeper into it, as if I am merging into it and going deep within it. My whole body feels completely different, and my mind is suffused with this presence/frequency also. I don't know really how to describe this, but it is quite wonderful. It's almost as if some sound or song is vibrating within me, in every cell and in every pathway of my body and mind. I'm not actually hearing anything, it's that the frequency has the quality of a rich and nourishing sound. I thought I would lose the experience when I opened my eyes to type, but it's there quite strongly and feels Heavenly, even more heavenly than the work we did in the last webinar. I feel protected and held and filled with peace and well-being."




On Being a Heaven Agent


For me, a Heaven Agent is not a person who builds Heaven for him or herself really, it’s a person that has a correct relationship to all aspects of the Source and in a true way gives back the love. 

Many say that they follow Source Guidance, but it’s not just a question of following, it’s also a respect and love for the information and the possibility to even receive it. It is easy to just take the Guidance and do it but never really appreciate the work it took to get it. Everyone who ever has worked to receive Source Guidance themselves knows that every little thing takes time and energy and sometimes it can be hard to understand. This is the reason that Sherry is here, to help us get the pieces and understand them. Because she is an aspect of the Source she can get the correct understanding and she can see if there is a piece missing. 

The thing we often forget is that she is in a human form.  She also needs time and energy to be able to give us the information. For her it’s not hard to get the information. It’s the translation that needs the energy. We cannot do this work without her and there is a need for all Heaven Agents to see that the information she gives us has taken a lot of energy from her. She needs energy for every material thing she does.  The Source is an immaterial being, so it is our duty to look after that so she has all the material energy she needs to sustain herself here. This has to be our top priority, and for every piece she gives us we should give the same back or more. 

She is here for us but only as long as we give her all the energy she needs. Everyone has a right to dream about Heaven, but first we should sustain the only one who can give us that. Without Sherry’s help we won’t get Heaven ever, so there is no idea to be selfish and try to get as much as you can from her. Being a Heaven Agent is to do the Mission, and the most important one is to look after Sherry. If she is safe here, we can start to build for real.


Charlotta – Finland