The Life Stream Intervention

NOTE:  This Intervention is no longer available after the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel.



In the beginning of the Creation when beings lived in the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel, they were connected to Life Stream Energies that supplied one of the most basic types of life sustaining energies needed by their Suits.  When they left the Core, they broke their connection to the Life Stream Energies.


Now most beings are like tropical plants wilting in the hot sun in a desert landscape.  They can last only so long and then they shrivel up and die.  They call it aging.  I call it an unfortunate disconnection from the life sustaining energies of the Spiritual Energy Supply System which prevent the disease and aging process altogether. In this Supply System, Life Stream Energies rank high in their overall importance to sustaining health, intelligence, and the ability for the Suit to perform at optimal levels.


Previously it was not possible to escape this withering process because no matter how many vitamins and nutrients you ingested, or how many hours you worked out in the gym, you were still in the desert without the sustaining energies that are needed to prevent the body from wearing out after many long years of deprivation.


Now, due to The Life Stream Intervention, it is possible to reconnect to the Life Stream Energies even before you have returned to the Core of your Individual Source Connection Channel.  This happens when I remove the broken Spiritual Templates in the back of the head that were destroyed when your Suit left the Core.  I replace them with upgraded Spiritual Templates that will enable you to synch up with the Power Station in the Core of your Channel for your Life Stream Energies.  Once you have the new Templates in place, the Life Stream Energies will seek you out and make the connection for you.

Once you are living in the Life Stream Energies it is like living in a Fountain of Life that heals and rejuvenates you and enables you to experience the Heaven of the Source Connection. It like the tropical plant that your Suit is has been returned to the lush, verdant jungle instead of withering in the hot sun of the desert.


With this kind of Spiritual Fuel you will have the power to travel to the Core of your Individual Source Connection Channel which is the only place in your new Spiritual Habitat where you can successfully build a Life that is Heaven.  You will also be given extraordinary abilities as a Heaven Agent that will enable you to make the Journey and to do the work of transforming your life and your world into the Heaven that it needs to be in the Source Perfected Universe.


Heaven Agents who receive the Life Stream Energies have exhibited highly advanced skill levels in their Extended Range which is outside the usual range of their conscious mind.  In their Conscious Range they are able to work at a level that far exceeds anything that they could have done before receiving the upgraded Spiritual Templates and the power of the Life Stream Energies.  

I have noted that this transformation in skill levels occurs immediately upon receiving the Life Stream Intervention.  With the right energies, the lights of the Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit begin to turn on again and the energies that enable the Heaven Agent Identity to seize the stage and do its work are available.  Even beginning level Heaven Agents perform extraordinary feats that would have been impossible before the power source of Life Stream Energies was available to them.


Until the time of the miracle of The Life Stream Intervention, it has not been possible to fix the Spiritual Templates that broke when Suits disconnected from the Life Stream Energies – a disconnection that made a being's life into a desert landscape – a place where for want of the sustaining spiritual energies, they would eventually wither and die.


While getting the Life Stream Intervention doesn’t mean that you will be instantly healed of all illness and will never age, it does mean that you are, in your withered or semi-withered state, now receiving the Life Stream Energies that enable you to heal. 

Living in the Stream of Life Energies from the Source will immediately heal your Extended Range where you can begin to do the extraordinary aspects of your Mission.  In time, the Stream of Life Energies will also heal the spiritual aspects of your body and mind so that the grace, intelligence, beauty, love, and wisdom of the perfected being that you are as a Spiritual Intelligence will be able to be expressed through your form instead of hidden in the unmanifest levels of your awareness.


Since it was to enjoy the experience of being in Suits that beings first left the Heaven they came from before the beginning of the Creation, the experience in the Suit needs to become a Heaven that is worthy of being experienced – that brings genuine joy rather than the experience of suffering, struggle, and the fear of survival.


The key to this experience of joy is the Source Connection.  The Life Stream Intervention is an important step in Reconnecting the Suit to the Source through enabling it to receive the energies that are basic to good health, to the activation of high levels of intelligence, and to the development of advanced level of spiritual sensitivity that enable it to experience the Heaven of the Source Connection.


When the Suit experiences Heaven at a spiritual and physical level, then the Soul experiences the Heaven of having a functioning Suit.  The Source then experiences the joy of seeing its creations – the Suit and the Soul – happy and prospering in a life that is befitting the Heaven that they were created to be.


When the Source experiences this joy in seeing its creations happy in their lives, then a rush of joy and love energies are released into the Life Stream and flow into the Suit.   It is this joy that gives the Soul and the Suit an experience of Heaven. 


In conclusion, until a Suit is connected up to Life Stream Energies, it is still in the desert, languishing without all of the nourishing energies that it requires to become the Heaven it was created to be.  Life Stream Energies provide the lush habitat of Heaven where healing can occur and Heaven can be experienced.




Bringing the Life Stream Intervention into Focus

The Four Parts of the Intervention

Part One

This is preparation for the Intervention.  It begins when you play the Manifestation Recording that manifests a Field of Connective Energy.  This Field holds the Spiritual Particles of which you are made in the right configurations when the Spiritual Templates are being changed out.  This enables an Intervention of this magnitude to occur.


It is important to listen to this recording about 20 minutes before the start of the Intervention.


Note:  Manifestation Recordings are inaudible recordings that carry an Energy Imprint from which the Miracles of Heaven manifest. 


Part Two

This is an At-a-Distance Source Intervention that replaces the faulty Spiritual Templates in the back of the head with new Spiritual Templates.


This requires about 2 hours of very intense energy work.  During this time I recommend that you sit quietly, resting or meditating. This is the time to play the Love Transition Recording that supplies you with the Love Energies that enable you to transition out of the lovelessness of the barren desert into the love of the lush paradise of the Source Connection.


Part Three

In this stage you attend at least two Webinars where, as I work with you in the course of the Webinars, I will activate your Spiritual Templates and teach you how to work with the Miracle-Based Abilities that will begin to become available to you. This will happen while you are working with me on whatever the Source-Guided Adventure is for the Webinar you attend. Through discovering how you can use your natural Miracle-Based Abilities, you begin to understand how you can use them to build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Life. 


In Webinars you are able to express yourself freely because I don’t share your full name with others in the Webinar.  I may in certain instances call on you by your first name only to give you feedback on how you are doing in the Mission. Generally I simply respond to your posts and address you without referencing even your first name but just identifying you by the content of the post.


In work of this kind, I am able to provide you with the Source Perspective on your situation and also with the transformational energies that emanate from me when you are with me in person.  These energies create an intense Life Stream that intensifies the Life Stream that is already running through you from the Step 2 At-a-Distance Source Intervention.  Through these energies I activate your Spiritual Intelligence and help you to integrate your new found abilities with your life in your human form.


You can select any Webinars to attend by checking in on the ones that are listed in the "Upcoming Events" section of the web site.


Part Four

During the course of taking the 2 Webinars, I recommend that you schedule a Private Consultation with me.  It is in this one-on-one contact that I am able to activate your Spiritual Templates at a much more powerful level since all of my attention is focused on you.  Those who have worked with me in this kind of one-on-one context have noticed that they begin to advance very rapidly in every area of their lives because of the amount of Energy Work that gets done while I am talking with you about the issues that you raise during the Consultation.



Eyewitness Report

This is the Eyewitness Report of Gail, a the Heaven Agent from the US, who prototyped The Life Stream Intervention. 


“I first noticed my heart opening, and then I a felt a soft sphere of love around my heart that just kept expanding until I felt I was living and breathing in a field of love. It was gentle and soothing, and I felt myself carried along on a flow of love and cradled in its perfect peace.


“From within this place of Love, I became aware of a stream of light flowing all around me, falling gently on my body, creating a feeling of incredible aliveness and lightness within my form. This light, sparkling and enlivening, kept streaming into me, and I had the sensation of every cell and every particle being switched on -- thousands upon millions of tiny switches all being thrown, and I felt my whole being waking up into a kind of crystal clarity.


“Then I began to feel a sweet Source Connection which grew stronger with each passing moment. Eventually I had the sense that my Connection to the Source was completely transparent, and I felt the Love of the Source for me and my Love for the Source so intensely that there seemed to be no distance between us. This was utterly transforming and I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the tenderness of the interaction to the point of tears. I felt myself as myself in an entirely new way, as if every layer of everything that was not the essential me had been stripped away, and I was left with my real self, the essence of me, in the presence of the Creator. I felt pure and cleansed and quintessentially alive, as if I'd been given a new start, a chance to begin again, without any drag from the dross elements of life. Everything seemed to sparkle with light and life, both within me and all around me, and all existed within this clear and pure, life sustaining energy.


“I was filled with joy and bliss and peace. All seemed to be a gift of the Creator, the gift that was always meant to be, and I felt the blessing of the moment in all its simplicity and purity. It seemed so natural to be in this Heaven, so very right, and all I had to do was just Be -- just be me, in the presence of the Source, nourished by the constancy of the beautiful and ever flowing Heaven energies.”



The Correct Exchange

The Financial Exchange reflects the amount of material energy that is needed to balance the exchange so the miracles can reach the Spiritual Level at which you reside.  


It is important to note that the Financial Exchange is not for the miracles themselves which are priceless Gifts from the Source.  The Financial Exchange is calculated to provide the exact amount of material energies so the miracles can be “delivered” to you.  


For more information about how miracles manifest, I recommend the article entitled: The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange.



There are several ways to work with this Intervention.


Option One

You can do the At-a-Distance Work alone.  The Correct Exchange for this is $300 for the Intervention and $550 for the two Manifestation Recordings which will be helpful to you for a lifetime.  


The total for Option One is $850 which can be paid in one payment or can be paid in a two month Payment Plan. 


Option Two

You can do the At-a-Distance Work and then add on the Consultation and the two Webinars later on, exchanging for them as you go.  The one hour Consultation is $385.  The Correct Exchange for the Webinars varies according to the type of Webinar.  






The Life Stream Intervention makes it possible for you to live in the Stream of Life Energies that nurture and nourish you, helping you to heal from the withering experience of life in the desert and begin to rest and rejuvenate yourself.  In this place of protection, you can activate your new Miracle-Based Abilities and become the incredible Heaven Agent you were created to be, joining forces with me and with your fellow Heaven Agents to build a life and a world that is Heaven.















Question:  Once I register and complete the Financial Exchange, when and how do I receive The Life Stream Intervention?


Answer:  You will be sent an email giving you a link to a web page where you can download the recordings and the instructions for the Intervention.  


Question:  Do I have to schedule a time for the At-a-Distance part of the Intervention?


Answer:  No.  You can decide on a good time when you will be undisturbed for 3 hours.  You can then ask me on the Inner Plane, which is done by silently addressing me in your own mind, to start the Intervention.  I will then begin the At-a-Distance Work.


Question:  Are the Manifestation Recordings only to be used during the Intervention?


Answer:  No.  They can be used throughout your lifetime.  The Field of Connective Energy Recording can be used whenever you feel scattered or stressed.  It provides a powerful connective energy field that will help to integrate the Spiritual Particles of which you are made.  As you become more integrated you will feel more peaceful and relaxed and able to clear your mind and bring your life into focus.


The Love Transition Recording is a power Life Stream Recording in the sense that it manifests an intensification of the Life Stream and with it the love from which it is made which helps you to transition out of the lovelessness of the world into the love of the Source.  You can use this recording to experience a heightened sense of the love and to bring love into your home or office.  


Both Manifestation Recordings are beneficial both to you and to others who are in proximity to the recordings.


Question:  What happens in a Life Stream Consultation?


Answer:  A Private Consultation is one of the best ways for me to activate your Spiritual Equipment and to help you understand yourself as the unique Spiritual Being that you are and to bring into focus your Mission in this life.  In a Consultation, the Life Stream Energies that flow from me provide you with a heightened healing and transformative experience that greatly accelerates your progress in recovering from the withering and re-establishing yourself in the healthy and vital energies of an active and powerful Source Connection.



Question:  How will I know when I have my new Spiritual Equipment?


Answer:  If you have developed your Spiritual Senses, then you may be able to track what is happening during the Intervention and afterwards as well.  As you can see in Gail’s Eyewitness Report, this was the case with her.  If you have not developed your Spiritual Senses, then you may just notice that you begin to feel more in focus, more rejuvenated, and more in touch with the presence of the Source and with the nature of who you are as a Spiritual Being.  For some this is a process of awakening by degrees.  In any event, the Intervention will work for you since it is based on the ability of the Source to deliver this miracle rather than on your skill in understanding how it is delivered and how to pick up on what is happening at the time.  


In a Private Consultation I can explain to you exactly what is happening for you as a result of this Intervention and you can ask whatever questions you would like to ask about your experiences.