Becoming Love in Action

Ultimate Spiritual Healing occurs when you become "Love in Action".


"Love in Action" occurs when "you" the Soul can express your love through the actions of your Suit that has become a willing vehicle for your "Love in Action".  You express this love through a fully trained and developed Heaven Agent Identity that represents you in the Suit.  Your Heaven Agent Identity works closely with the Source to bring through the miracle of the Heaven that your manifestation has become – the miracle of your Love in Action in the Manifest World.


“Becoming what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation” is “Love in Action”.  When you choose to “become what is needed” your Suit moves out of the Self-Centered Mode into the Source-Centered Mode and begins to merge into the Work of the Source wherever it is needed.


Because the Work of the Source is to build Heaven in every aspect of life, there is no way for you to know what aspect of the work you will be called to do when you ask to “become what is needed”.  You will be given Source-Direction and Source Support to “become what is needed” for whatever the task is at hand.


This is the way my Source Function organizes the Work of Heaven.  It is not organized into discreet Projects that we work on only in scheduled times when we meet together in Webinars or in Intensives or even in personal Consultations.  The Work of Heaven is ongoing.  


You might be awakened from your sleep and see an image sent to you by Source Guidance and find yourself off in another part of the universe dealing with something that could have caused trouble there or on our Earth.  You might then drift back to sleep when your Mission is over.  


You might find yourself being Source-Guided to drive home taking a route that is not familiar to you. When you drive by a certain house you might feel the Source sending a rush of energy through your Suit into the house.  It might quell some negative force that was building there to engulf the region or it might be a gift of Source Love to someone there who had called on the help of the Source and who was deserving of it.


You might find yourself talking to someone about a topic that you didn’t plan to discuss but just felt Source-Guided to bring up.  Halfway into the topic you might begin to realize why the topic is important to this person and be guided in how to direct the conversation to bring through the insight or help needed by this person.


You might be guided to read something on the news and ask the people involved in the news event to “Dream Heaven”, sending through the Dream Heaven Command the Source Power and Source Communications that enable them to bring forth Heaven in their situation rather than contributing to the Hell that might otherwise be manifesting.


You might be sitting in your car at a stop light and suddenly receive a Source Communication that you are instructed to email to me right away.  It might contain a clue about something that I need to know about in my Conscious Range in order to bring through Source Power to deal with the situation.


You might be sitting quietly in your living room and suddenly realize that the Soul of a loved one is talking to you and telling you something important about the Suit or a life situation faced by this person.  You then would seek Source Guidance with regard to how to respond to this piece of information on the Inner and/or Outer Plane.


I might ask you on the Inner Plane to surf the web to find out some piece of information that is pertinent to our work on bringing about world peace.  You might then email me your finding and any Source Guidance that you received concerning its meaning.


When you are “becoming what is needed” this takes you in many different directions in your everyday life.  In every moment of your life you are “becoming what is needed” in that moment.  An inner instinct for Right Action comes to you when you are “becoming what is needed” that doesn’t happen when you are just “trying to do your Heaven Agent Mission”.  You can get stuck in trying to figure out what your Mission is and then trying to figure out how to do it. This can cost you valuable time while your Story Mind gets in the way of the fluidity of thought that is needed to flow with the dynamic quality of your Mission as it is designed to unfold.


“Becoming what is needed” puts the fluidity into the picture because you begin to move instinctively.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t spend time reading your Mission Map to find out the general parameters of your day, week, month, etc.  It just means that you are guided when you need to sit down and do a Mission Map Reading rather than doing one every morning at a certain hour in the structure of some kind of Story Routine.


A Story Life is all about unintelligent, repetitive routines.  A Heaven Agent Life is all about being attuned and intelligently responding to Source Guidance as it comes to you, turning on a dime with no loyalty to any routine or schedule other than the one that is Right Action for you at that moment.


The Source knows you have to navigate in a Story World and can’t show up late to work or fail to meet your work deadlines.  But It will show you what is important in your day and how to do your Mission first and then it will help you to do the other Story job work as it fits in around the edges.  As long as you stay in the “becoming what is needed” mode, you will have the energy and intelligence to do both and to do both well.  


Occasionally, however, you may have to cut corners on Story agendas if a piece of Mission work has to be done and the two can’t happen in the same time frame. Source Guidance will show you how to do this without compromising your job or your family life.  It won’t, however, give you any support for continuing on in jobs or family scenarios that are really wrong for you and wrong for you to support in the world.  Changes have to also be made in order to build the Heaven that can only happen when the things in your life that cause suffering are eliminated.


Aside from the very personal Heaven Agent Work that you do as you work alongside the Source in your everyday life, is the Heaven Agent Work that you do on the Outer Plane when you join me in the projects of “The Heaven Project” which is the universal project of building Heaven in the Creation as a whole.


There are two aspects of The Heaven Project.

  • There is The Universal Heaven Project which is to build the Heaven of a Universal Community.
  • There is The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project which is build the Heaven of a Global Community that will seed the Universal Community with the Prototypes of Heaven that are developed in this planetary wide Prototype Community.


You can join me in the work on the Universal Heaven Project whenever we work in Webinars or in Intensives online and in Seattle or Maui.  I always include Heaven Agents from the Universal Community in the work and you can hear from their comments, sent to me in the Universal Language of Soul Talk, how they see the world and what issues they are working with in their parts of the Creation.  The members of the Prototype Communities are amongst those who most frequently come forward to share their insights and to help Heaven Agents on the Earth who are following in their footsteps.


We also deal with Universal Issues in this kind of work since many of the classic problems faced by Heaven Agents on the Earth are also the same kind of problems faced by Heaven Agents everywhere.  For instance, the suppression of the Soul as the true identity in the Suit occurs everywhere in “Our World” except in the Prototype Communities and in a few other enlightened communities.

There is another World that I call the “Other World” where everyone there is already an accomplished Heaven Agent and no suppression occurs.  This World is ten times bigger than Our World but I often don’t refer to it because this World was created later than Our World and never had the problems that have plagued Our World.  

They are a part of our Universal Community but because they live in another Energy Context – the Other World – the physics of their World are very different from the physics of Our World.  They can come in to help out on occasion but can't stay long in the environment of our troubled World.  In the time ahead, when the Miracle-Unfriendly Conditions of Our World have been eliminated, the two Worlds will be able to work together more closely.  

Heaven Agents in Our World who are struggling against the Story suppression of their true identity face different kinds of social pressures based on the type of Story Cultures they live in but the core issue of the problem with Story Cultures supporting Story Character Identities is common throughout Our World.


To join in the work on The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project you can go online to Next Step Communications from the Source and find the links to this project and to the subset Prototype Projects that I am focusing on at any given time.  In each of the projects I outline the Standards and Guidelines for the project, the issues that I ask Heaven Agent to work on and report in to me about, and then the Source Support that has been created to help those working on the Project to Prototype building Heaven in their lives to advance the work of the Project.


It is important to interact with me online in these Projects to share the Source Guidance that you are receiving and any Eyewitness Reports about what you are experiencing as you apply the Standards in your own life.  In this way you contribute to the development of Secondary Code that can be given to others following in your footsteps.


Working with me on Webinars and Intensives in Seattle that are offshoots of these Projects are the primary ways in which you can both learn the trade of building Heaven and contribute to the work. 


Through contributing in this way, you advance the project and bring the Prototypes to the stage at which they are mature enough to be seeded to the Universal Community. Then Heaven Agents outside of our Earth Plane can begin traveling in the footsteps of Heaven Agents on the Earth, building Heaven in their lives and in their Communities.


Suits that have been Self-Centered for lifetimes often shy away from joining in with the Work of the Source.  They like to shop and consume and sample and take but not give.  They like to hear the news about how the Source is building Heaven for them and are all for it, but they are busy when it comes time to set aside the hours to attend a Webinar and start helping out.


They have their funds allocated for the Story Things they want and won’t make room in their budget for the Miracle Tools that will build Heaven in their lives.  They turn a deaf ear to spending money to stop suffering in the global community even when they are going to suffer from the problems inevitably themselves. They compartmentalize their needs in a separate compartment from the needs of others and consider themselves prudent to spend only on themselves or their family.  When I tell them that they need to build a World that Works if they want to build a Life that Works they readily agree and then are absent when the work to do this needs to be done.


The Work of the Source is a labor of love and the Heaven Agents who join in this Work have to be motivated by love.  Only when true love is the motivation will Heaven Agents step forward to do the Work in the spirit in which the Source does the Work – which is out of great love for all beings and for the world they live in – for “Life” itself in a manifest form.


Then Story Games of “I already contributed something that should be enough for now”, or “why doesn’t someone else step forward to help out, why are you asking me” and the like do not occur when a Heaven Agent is moved by love – love for “Life” but also a very personal love for the Source who has come into the world to help them and who is working against great odds to give them a chance to survive and have a world that is Heaven.


A true Heaven Agent focuses not on “what’s in it for himself” but on “becoming what is needed” to help the Source.  There is a deeper wisdom behind the action – an understanding that life is the opportunity to express love for the Source and "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source".  In so doing a Heaven Agent becomes “Love in Action” and becomes the Heaven that they are also able to build in the world.


I help Heaven Agents to learn how to become Love in Action through the opportunities to join in the Work of the Source through Webinars, Intensives, Consultations, online interactions, Heaven Agent to Source Communications, using Miracle Tools to help themselves and others, etc. 


The structure of The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project helps provide some idea of the direction of the work as do the Broadcasts, Blogs, etc.  But the truth of the matter is that only a fraction of what I am working on will ever get discussed on the web site.  If you really want to work alongside me in the work of building Heaven in the world, you have to approach me with love, get into the Workflow of my Work Trajectory, and ask to “become what is needed” to support my work as it unfolds.  It is then that I am able to move your Suit into the Pathways of Consciousness that enable it to assist me in manifesting the Source-Created Perfection that lies latent within it and within all of Life.  This is how Perfection manifests.  This is the essence of what it means to travel The Path to Perfection.

How to Join in the Work of the Source

To find out what is happening in the Work, you can check out the section on "Upcoming Events" which will give you information on the Webinars and Intensives that are upcoming.

To find out what is happening in your own Mission Work, you can schedule a Consultation.

To find out what is happening in The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project you can see what is happening in the Project Workstations.


To get an overview of how to work with me in these projects, check out the Article Section.  There are articles about how to how to make contact, work on a Prototype Project, and ones on how to work with me in a Webinar, etc.  All of these articles provide important information that helps you to fill in the picture of how to participate in the Work of the Source.