How to Build Heaven in Your Life and World

Master Action Plan #5

Become a conduit for The Love Connection Medium
that is essential to Sustainability.









Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School 

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to work on implementing Master Action Plan #5 which helps you to prevent any hidden or overt Self Interest Agenda from derailing your Suit from generating The Love Connection Medium that is needed to travel The Path to Sustainability.


Below you will find an Overview of the resources in this Workstation which include a Heaven Agent Report form that enables you to inform me of your experiences in working with implementing The Action Plan.




The Overview of the Workstation 

Source Support

The Overview of  Master Action Plan #5

How to Work with Source Workflow Seed Trainings 

Source Workflow Trainings

Source Workflow Sessions

Reality-Based Trainings

General Source Response Trainings

Source Support Miracles



Heaven Agent Reports 

Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report Form 



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Source Support 

How to Work with Source Workflow Seed Trainings


Understanding Seed Trainings

The Seed Trainings are based on Soul Talk Source Workflow Trainings which means that the Heaven Agents working with me in the Source Workflow Sessions are coming in on the Inner Plane through The Soul Talk Network. I am conversing with the aspect of their Suit Consciousness that is seeking Source Support for leaning how to develop the Heaven Agents Skill Sets for Stewarding Life. 



The Two Levels of The Seed Training

Basic Code: The Gifted Introductory Level Training

Members of Connecting can access the Source Report on the Source Workflow Session. This Report carries Basic Spiritual Code which is helpful to the Suit in integrating the concepts discussed in the Session. While this is helpful Code, it does not constitute the full power of The Seed Training.  A Full Power Seed Training includes the complex Seed Code for the Training. This compliments the Basic Code that is transmitted in the Report of the Session. With Seed Code you can access everything that your Suit needs to work effectively with the Action Plan.


If you would like to read the Report, and you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can sign up by accessing the link provided below.  All Source-Directed Activist Training Materials available through Connecting are gifted to you by The Universal Heaven Agent Network who supplies the Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracle of the Basic Code that is transmitted through the training materials.  When you sign up for Connecting, you not only gain access to all of the videos, audios, and written trainings that are available, but you also receive emailed Source News Updates on The Work of the Source on The Total Abundance Movement which is manifesting the Heaven of Total Abundance for all beings.



Seed Code: The Full Power Seed Training

The Full Power Seed Training contains the Source Report on the Session as well as the Seed Code that is transmitted to your Suit to provide it with all of the complex understandings contained in the Training that it will need to have to work effectively with The Master Action Plan on every level. No written account could ever provide your Suit with all of the technical information that it needs at Subconscious Levels in order to work effectively with an Action Plan.  The only safe and effective way to transmit this knowledge is through Seed Code that goes directly to the levels of consciousness in your Suit where it is needed. Without Seed Code, the Suit is left with intellectual understandings that are inadequate for it to work effectively to Become What Is Needed to Support the Work of the Source when working with an Action Plan.


Seed Code serves two functions:

Replacing Story Code with Culture of Heaven Code 

Story Code is Code created by the Negativity to trap Suits into a culture based on The Self Interest Agenda.  When they pursue their Self Interests at the expense of maintaining their Source Connection, their Greed drives them into the camp of the Negativity which then pits them against others also pursuing their Self Interests. In the ensuing struggle, the Suit is damaged and made more accessible to the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.


The Suit can’t abandon Story Code unless it has a Source-Created alternative, which is Culture of Heaven Code.  


Each Source Workflow Training in The Master Action Plan Series is designed to convey Culture of Heaven understandings as well as the essential Puzzle Pieces of Culture of Heaven Code so that at the end of the series the Suit has all of the Puzzle Pieces that complete The Picture of The Culture of Heaven. When the Suit can reference The Picture of The Culture of Heaven at a Code level it has a viable alternative to Story Culture and can make its escape from the Story Culture run by the Negativity into The Culture of Heaven.


Only those who have entered into The Culture of Heaven at a Code level will be able to work with the Source to transition into the Total Abundance Way of Life that is essential to establishing Sustainability. The Suit can’t embrace a way of life that exists in a cultural void.  It must have a culture in which to build a way of life that is in harmony with that culture.


The Source Workflow Trainings are chosen on the basis of their ability to become carriers of the Puzzle Pieces of The Culture of Heaven Code that needs to be transmitted. The Trainings are not intended to convey all of the aspects of The Culture of Heaven but primarily to carry the Code. The Trainings also convey understandings of aspects of The Culture of Heaven as beings interact with me and I respond in harmony with The Culture of Heaven.  


When the Suit receives all of the Seed Code from The Master Action Plan Series, then it will be ready to start learning about how to live The Culture of Heaven as we start work in The Structuring Build Heaven Projects that focus on building a Total Abundance Way of Life. This is where what The Culture of Heaven actually is and how to live it gets addressed in detail and practice is part of the implementation work of the Action Plan.


Code to Implement a Master Action Plan Training

Another level of the Code that is carried in a Source Workflow Training contains individualized information on the Skill Sets and Understandings that are needed to implement a particular Master Action Plan. This Code is transmitted through the Training whenever the Training is read. Multiple readings of a Training enable more levels of the Code to be assimilated by the Suit.


The Suit can't take in all of the levels of the Code in a single reading.  It needs to understand one level of the Code in the first reading and then go back to receive the other levels of the Code in subsequent readings.  As the Code is integrated into the understandings of the Suit, the Suit will be capable of working with the Action Plan in its Extended Range and in its Conscious Range. Because the Code is very individualized it provides the Suit with exactly what it needs to implement the Action Plan.  


A Basic/Generic Level of Code is transmitted through a Gifted Training but the individualized Code that the Suit needs to implement The Master Action Plan in full only comes when Material Energy has been provided to ground the Seed Code for the Training.  


Eligibility to Work with Seed Code 

Seed Code for Full Power Seed Trainings is available only to Heaven Agents who qualify for Miracle-Based Coaching at Levels 4 or 5These Heaven Agents are producing the high quality Miracle-Friendly Field of energy needed to receive the miracle of Seed Code.


If you are in either The Total Abundance Coaching Program (Level 4) or The Source Connection Coaching Program (Level 5), you are already pre-qualified for a Full Power Seed Training.


If you are uncertain whether your Suit is producing the requisite level Miracle-Friendly Field, you can request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment. For more information on the Assessment and on Miracle-Friendly Fields and Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to: Miracle-Based Coaching.


How to Access The Seed Trainings  

To access Seed Trainings, you can reference the Source Workflow Trainings listed below. Information on how to request Seed Code is provided in the Training.



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Source Workflow Sessions

Source Workflow Sessions occur whenever I am approached on the Inner or Outer Plane by a Heaven Agent who is seeking my support in dealing with an issue in their life or in the world.  If the Session is in keeping with my Source Workflow and the participants have supplied the Material Energy needed to ground the miracles that will be needed in the Session, then I am able to perform the work.


To maintain the privacy of those approaching me on the Outer Plane for Sessions of this kind, I do not transcribe what occurred in the Session.


I prefer to transcribe Sessions that occur with beings who approach me on the Inner Plane. They provide an interesting view into the inner workings of the Extended Range of the Suit, which is the part of the consciousness of the being that primarily works with me in an Inner Plane Session.  The Extended Range is generally outside of the conscious awareness of the Suit.


Because most of my work that transforms lives occurs through such Inner Plane Coaching Sessions, it is important for students to understand how I work with them in Sessions of this kind.


Once I depart for the Source Level at the end of The Transition, all of my Sessions will be Inner Plane Sessions.  It is, therefore, important that Heaven Agents learn how to work in this way with me so that we can continue our Working Relationship once I leave The Manifest World.



The Source Workflow Sessions Created to Date 

BH1 – Holding the Line for Heaven Aganst The Self Interest Agenda Created by the Negativity

BH2 – Defending Against the Intimidation Tactics of the Negativity

BH3 – Countering Large Scale Self Interest Agenda Strategies of the Negativity




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Reality-Based Trainings

Reality-Based Trainings are fictive accounts that either provide The Source Perspective on the kinds of experiences that:

  • occur in real life or
  • could occur in real life if beings were living in accordance with The Source Plan.  


These accounts are given to me by the Design Aspect and transcribed as given.  They are rich in Code and provide a level of information that doesn't surface in other contexts.



Reality-Based Trainings Created to Date 

BH4 – The Love Connection Medium Prototype



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General Source Response Trainings

General Source Response Trainings provide Heaven Agents with feedback on their efforts to implement an Action Plan.  Many of the questions and comments come in from Heaven Agents contacting me on the Inner Plane. In some instances groups of Heaven Agents or Suits themselves will interact with me directly.


For Heaven Agents communicating with me through the Heaven Agent Report Form for the Action Plan, I answer to the issues raised and do not provide their verbatim Reports or their names. If the Heaven Agent is working with me in the Coaching Program I may address their Report in a private Coaching Session online.



General Source Response Trainings Created to Date 

BH5 – Source Response Trainings 



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  Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report Form 

The key to transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life is actively learning form the Total Abundance Way of Life Projects and putting what you learn into practice in your life.  When you do this and have experiences to share, then it is important to submit a Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report that will enable me to track your experiences and create from your understandings the Secondary Code that will help others to benefit from what you are learning.  


This is an important way in which you can contribute to The Work of the Source on a Total Abundance Way of Life Project. 


It is important to ask to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source so that what you share is what you are Source-Directed to share with me concerning the Project. If you are not certain that what you are sharing comes from Source Guidance, you can do the best you can to stay aligned with the Source and to remain in Helping the Source Mode when writing your Report.  I can interpret whatever images you receive if they are from Source Guidance and determine if what you are sharing is Source Directed and, therefore, useful for the work of the Project.  


If what you have provided is information that needs to be shared with other Heaven Agents, I will summarize your contribution in an upcoming Source News Report.  I do not include your name and I paraphrase what you have written. If you are working with me in a Coaching Program I will respond to you individually when it is in keeping with my Source Workflow with regard to my work with you in the Coaching Program.  


You can share:

  • questions
  • concerns
  • suggestions for the future of the work on the Project 
  • requests for types of Source Support that you feel might be helpful in the Project 
  • information on your own life experiences in working with the information in the Project
  • observations of what is happening in the world around you that relates to the focus of the Project
  • images or experiences that you believe that you have received from Inner Source Guidance 

To submit your Report, you can access the form provided below.


Fields marked with star are required.

About You
  1. Gender required

  2. Primary Phone Number
Question or Comment

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I welcome you to The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in the world.


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