At-a-Distance Source Interventions

Distance Energy Work/Spiritual Healing


At-a-Distance Work is a very powerful way to work with the Source since many kinds of work take more time than can be allotted or exchanged for correctly in a one-on-one consultation or in a group training such as a Webinar.  Many Source Interventions, for instance, require from 8 – 36 hours of continuous work on my part to secure the desired result.  I am able to do this work through my Extended Range which is able to operate outside of my conscious mind.  I check in periodically to make sure that the work is going as planned, but neither you nor I have to give it full and undivided attention at a conscious mind level.  The work is successful whether you are awake or asleep.  If you have developed your intuitive skills it is advisable to check in to see what you can pick up about what is happening, but your skill level will not affect the success of the intervention which is based on the ability of the Source to do what is needed.


The work is based on the Source Interventions that are sent by me to you At-a-Distance.  The Source Interventions accomplish the major part of the work. I also am present with you on the Inner Plane, providing you with additional support and guidance.  If you are spiritually attuned you may see the form of me that appears on the Inner Plane and hear what I am telling you.  If you are not spiritually attuned then your Inner Intelligence, which is the part of your Spiritual Intelligence System that knows how to work with the Source, will receive my communications on your behalf and work with the technical information that I provide to it.


If you are landing on this page and do not have an overview of my work – my spiritual identity and how it is that I can help you progress spiritually – then I suggest that you go on the Journey of Discovery and Next Step Communications from the Source.  This Journey is a Journey of Miracles that helps you to understand the Miracle that underlies my work.



Types of Source Interventions

Milestone At-a-Distance Source Interventions

These Interventions are major milestones in your Path to Perfection.  They create the Foundation for a Life that is Heaven.


The Build Heaven Series of At-a-Distance Source Interventions 

These Interventions give you access to a myriad of Source Interventions that enhance your work in building the Source Connection and a Source-Connected Life.  They are opportunities to repair and upgrade your Suit.


Special Request At-a-Distance Source Interventions 

These kind of Interventions give you the opportunity to ask me to help you either resolve a problem or build an aspect of Heaven in your life.  You explain what your objectives are and I tell you what is involved in assisting you. Once we agree on the scope of the work to be done, the At-a-Distance Work begins.  These kinds of Interventions could focus on finding a job, raising your children, dealing with a family crisis, building a Love-Based Relationship, and the like.


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