January 2nd, 2022

Source Reflections on the Danger of Cultural Stories Based on Misinformation and Backed by Social Media Mobs

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The Source Perspective 

To understand the Source Alternative to the dangerous trend of Social Media Mob support for Cultural Stories that contradict observable Outer Plane facts, I will begin by introducing you to The Source Perspective on Cultural Stories and how they are being used in current times.



Story Culture & Story Truth

Story Culture is culture based on the Cultural Stories and Personal Stories generated by those living in the culture over many generations. Until our planet became more culturally connected through trade and travel, people believed that the Cultural Story into which they have been born constituted Reality.  When they could travel to another part of the planet and discover that other groups of people had their own Cultural Stories and believed that they constituted an Absolute Reality, people began to realize that Cultural Stories are man-made fabrications. They began to realize that they do not represent some Absolute Truth about the nature of reality but reflect the stories about life that have been passed down over the generations and have come to be accepted as Reality.


This understanding began to undermine the sanctity of Cultural Stories and gave rise to a willingness of people to question the Story Truths that arise from such Cultural Stories. While this questioning enabled humans to evolve to an awareness of the role culture plays in shaping their idea of Reality, most humans have continued to be swayed by their Cultural Stories and locked into the Personal Stories derived from their Cultural Stories. These Personal Stories have been the way in which they make sense of their personal lives.


The Source Perspective on all Cultural Stories is that they are founded in The Self Interest Way of Life which focuses on what a person thinks will make them happy.


The Self Interest Way of Life and the Cultural Stories that support it are the opposite of The Source-Directed Way of Life which is founded on being willing to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source to create a world in which every being can experience Heaven, which is True Happiness. In a Source-Directed Way of Life a being follows Inner Source Guidance given in the moment to do their part in building the Heaven that the Source has created for the happiness of all beings. This kind of outcome requires the omniscience of the Source, the Creator of Life.  The Source is the only Intelligence that can calculate all of the variables involved so that one man's Heaven is not another man's Hell.  


The Bottomline

In this Source Reflection, I am highlighting The Source Perspective on the kinds of Cultural Stories that have been created historically and new ones that are arising currently that are taking world cultures to dangerous levels of social fragmentation. The Source Perspective is that the work of Building Heaven is more easily done in a stable and peaceful society than in one that is destabilized by conflict or the suppression of civil rights. Certain Cultural Stories promote greater stability and are, therefore, supported by the Source to give beings a chance to evolve toward a higher level of Spiritual Intelligence and social advancement where they can build the Source-Connected Total Abundance Way of Life that is needed for their survival in this time of The Transition.


The bottomline for the Source is the Sustainability of the Source Connection, which is the Link to Life. If a being loses their Source Connection, they lose their life.  The Source can no longer sustain the Source Connection of beings who are living very Source-Disconnected Lives that are making it difficult for the Source to sustain The Source Connection at a technical level.  


All Cultural Stories are damaging to The Source Connection but some are more destructive than others. We are in a 25 year countdown to the time that The Transition ends and only those who have transitioned into way of life that supports a 100% Source Connection will retain their Source Connection. In light of this short time frame, candid assessments of what is conducive to survival and what is not are needed.  Source Truth must be spoken but those hearing it need to keep in mind that the Source is not taking sides in a Story World in its critique of Cultural Stories and practices but is commenting on what of the Story World needs to be protected in order to buy time to build the Heaven that is needed for Ultimate Sustainability.  


When beings transition into a Source-Directed Way of Life, Cultural Stories will be transcended.  Once transitioned, beings will have the ability to conceive of a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own and does not need the governments, law enforcement, war machines, hospitals, and all of the things that a Story Culture requires to function.  In its place will be a Miracle-Based Way of Life that manifests Total Abundance from which comes the Perfect Health that makes medical facilities unnecessary, the abundance that makes onerous work a thing of the past, the Love-Based Relationships that make criminal justice systems unnecessary, and the Life Purpose Fulfillment that frees beings from the mental anguish that lead to mental illness.  And at the heart of the Community will be The Love Connection with the Source that provides the miracle of Source Love that comforts and supports every life to become the miracle that it was created by the Source to be.


Such an outcome has been achieved in the 14 Prototype Communities that the Source founded in different places in the Creation thousands of years ago.  War torn, crime-ridden communities let go of their Cultural Stories and followed the lead of the Source to transition into a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that they enjoy to this day.


This was not a transition that took centuries.  It took 29 years.  We are already part way into this transition so it can be completed in the 25 years remaining before the end of The Transition.  


Because time is of the essence, I will speak frankly with you about what needs to be understood about The Source Perspective and the Next Steps that the Source is recommending to give you the best chance to make the transition into a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life and survive the end of The Transition.



Fascist & Democratic Cultural Stories

Historically there has been a conflict between the preferred method to pursue personal and group Self Interests.   Fascist Cultural Stories value winning at any cost and using power to secure whatever you desire, even if that includes genocide.  Democratic Cultural Stories seek to provide every member of a society with an equal opportunity to pursue happiness as long as this pursuit does not impinge on the rights of others to pursue happiness.  


The Fascist Cultural Story rose to its peak during the rise to power of Hitler and Mussolini. Since World War II, The Democratic Cultural Story has prevailed in many countries in Europe and in the United States and in many rising Republics. It has, however, covered over an undercurrent of The Fascist Cultural Story which has played out in surreptitious ways to suppress groups within the culture that are not in favor with those in power in the democracy. While greater opportunity has existed for these suppressed groups than in a Fascist Cultural Story, the ideal of an equal opportunity for all has not been achieved.


While these Cultural Stories have only continued the Disconnection from the Source that is leading to Unsustainability, they have provided an element of  social control and order however unequal and brutal this may have been in different cultural settings.



The Lawless Cultural Story

More disturbing is the rise in the United States of a Lawless Cultural Story that has legitimized a value system that endorses the use of lying, cheating, violence, domestic terrorism, the inciting of mob attacks on citizens through Social Media and on the streets in demonstrations, mob violence to abort a lawful democratic election, and attacks on political "enemies" and on supporters who fail to deliver what is demanded of them. A good example is the instigation of a mob attack on the Vice President in the January 6th Capitol attack. The mob responded by erecting a gallows and moving in fully armed to kill congressmen and women and the Vice President for failing to obey the wishes of their leader, the then President of the United States.


The Lawless Cultural Story is masquerading as a Save Democracy Cultural Story, but it is violating the standards upon which a democracy is dependent. These standards are based on citizens basing their decisions on observable Outer Plane facts.  To throw off those seeking the facts, the leader of this effort has put forth lies presented as truth and anything countering them has been labeled "misinformation".  While most people can see beyond this Con Man Tactic, millions believe their leader because of the role he had in the society and don't do the research necessary to determine which sets of "facts" are legitimate. As a result millions believe a lie and ignore reputable sources of information that can accurately counter the lie.


For example, the last Presidential election was named a Stolen Election by the loser of that election.  Despite the fact that Republicans in charge of voting polls recounted the vote and certified that it was correct, proponents of the Stolen Election Story continue to carry this Story.  Even the Attorney General certified that no evidence of fraud had been found despite his investigation.  For his assertion of a fact-based reality, he was forced to resign from his position.


The masses have been moved by Social Media misinformation and by major news outlets promoting the Stolen Election Story.  The loser himself told thousands of his followers on January 6th to go the Capitol and fight to stop the Congress from validating the vote of the people because the election was rigged and stolen from him. In this attempted coup by mob violence organized on Social Media, his followers were told to fight for democracy while violating the foundation of democracy, which is the respect for fact-based truth and the Constitution.


As the embodiment of The Lawless Self Interest Cultural Story, this loser abandoned his own followers once they carried out his orders and believed that they would be pardoned by him when they did so.  Now they are facing ruined lives with felony charges and years behind bars.


The Lawless Cultural Story is gaining strength in the Republican party which is working to restructure voting districts and restrict access to voting for people of color who have traditionally voted for the Democratic Party. These efforts are to win by cheating others of their constitutional rights. This is in the spirit of a kind of Pseudo Democracy such as exists in Russia, Belarus, and other countries ruled by autocrats who manipulate the vote to suppress any outcome other than their continued control.


The leaders of these efforts to win by cheating feel legitimized by their leader who has opened the door to winning at any cost with no scruples over how this affects the quality of life of others. As long as one's Self Interests are being met then this is all that constitutes morality.


They are playing to the dysfunctionality of the millions of citizens who have lost their moorings through the overwhelming stress and losses of the pandemic, climate change disasters, and the economic toll that all of this has created.  When people lost their coping mechanisms of dining out, going to theaters, group events, family events, and sports events, many began to cope by denial.  Instead of taking precautions to stay well and keep the pandemic in check so that normalization could occur, they refused to wear masks, get vaccinated, and to observe social distancing. This has resulted in the United States having a very high rate of death for a developed nation. The Lawless Cultural Story promoted much of the denial and belligerent assertion of one's rights without the thought of the good of all that has led to these high statistics.


With The Lawless Cultural Story backing up the bullying attacks on people that are occurring in Social Media, a new culture of viciousness and pride in wielding power over the lives of others is occurring.  People who are targeted often receive death threats and many have had to move from home to home seeking safety from others who have concocted a conspiracy theory about them and mobilized on Social Media to terrorize them and their families.  


People in Social Media spread false stories about a person and cause them to lose their job and have trouble finding a new job because prospective employers look up their reputation on Social Media.  This has instituted a kind of vicious gossip culture that Americans largely escaped when they left small towns and moved to the cities where they could have a fresh start. Now with Social Media, there isn't a fresh start since your Social Media reputation follows you from city to city and can influence how your family and friends and new associates treat you day to day.


This kind of fact-free Cultural Story is what destroys the very fabric of Story Culture by pitting individuals and factions against one another in a war that destroys the unity of the society at the most fundamental level.  Not only could democratic government become impossible but a peaceful way of life could become impossible with militia attacking those they target and mentally ill shooters armed with guns that the population won't restrict, killing and maiming targeted groups of people.  Many of those inspired to act out in violent ways leave a trail on Social Media where they were inspired and staged their coming out as a violent member of the community.


It is time for Americans to heed the warning of the Source that these Lawless Cultural Stories could unravel civilization as we know it, causing the collapse of government and the social meltdown that could leave America open to invasion by hostile countries who are waiting on the sidelines to see if another fall of Rome is in progress.


Only when citizens see the handwriting on the wall can they rally to limit the proliferation of misinformation and the use of Social Media platforms to promote domestic terrorism through targeting individuals and inspiring violent mobs that can be used to promote the political interests of those who are working to move the society into an autocratic Pseudo Democracy.


Mobilization to take action needs to occur now, not when the next congressional election takes place.  If the vote is blocked for those who oppose a Fascist regime, instated through the methodology of The Lawless Cultural Story, then one will begin to gain ground in Congress and will set the stage for the return of a leader who has every intention of disabling democracy so that he can never lose again.


But more importantly, people need to turn to the Source for the Source Guidance to know how to counteract the support of the Negativity for The Lawless Cultural Story. The Negativity is the criminal element that works behind the scenes on The Spiritual Level of Reality.



The Behind the Scenes Work of the Negativity

All that the Negativity is interested in is pitting beings against one another so that they break down the energy defenses in the Suits - body/mind - of the beings. When the Suits are damaged, they are ripe for the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  The Negativity harvests the Life Energies of the Suits because they have lost their Source Connection which supplies Life Energies. To survive, they steal Life Energies from Suits that still have a partial Source Connection. They are a ruthless, criminally minded group of beings who are desperate and stage world wars in order to satisfy their need for Life Energies.


They will support any leader and any Cultural Story that creates the most carnage.  Hitler was a pawn in the hands of the Negativity.  His power to mesmerize people and get them to commit unspeakable atrocities came directly from the Negativity.  The Negativity profited on a large scale in WWII with all of the suffering and deaths that occurred and all of the suffering that occurred in the aftermath of the war when the painful process of rebuilding occurred.


The Lawless Cultural Story with its angle of creating social fragmentation that could topple American democracy and set it up for World War III is their latest effort. The Negativity runs currents of Negative Energy through this Cultural Story that throw off the reasoning power of those adhering to the Story.  The Negativity has used enormous amounts of Negative Technology to support the leader of this Cultural Story.


Millions don't enter into a mesmerized state that is untouched by reason or even the observation of how cruelly this leader treated those who risked their lives for him on January 6th without the Negativity pulling out the stops with their arsenal of Negative Technology behind the scenes. So far, they have millions following along this path and a leader who can't forsee his own undoing any more than Hitler could forsee his eventual failure to get what he wanted. 


The Negativity always tortures and squanders those who sucker into supporting them.  The Negativity delights in the horror their victims experience when they become the one that is ruthlessly treated rather than being the one that is ruthlessly treating others. Both Hitler and Mussolini had their day in Hell in the end.


The fatal move in becoming used by the Negativity in their Harvesting Operation is to adopt a Cultural Story that opens the door to Self Interest championed at its lowest level. When people rev their lowest emotional energies as they hate, attack, destroy, and demean others, they get on the low vibrational level of the Negativity. The Negativity can then run Negative Currents through them and their activities that ignite anger, hate, and cruelty in others, creating a domino effect that can erupt into a social mob. Whether people ideologically align with Death and Destruction, they energetically align with it when they drop into the lower vibrational levels where the Negativity resides. 


The Negativity encourages a drop to these lower vibrational levels because they can't rise to the higher vibrational levels because of the loss of their Life Energies. Tempting humans to drop to their level where their Suits can be ransacked for the Life Energies is how they harvest Suits.


Those dropping vibrationally need to understand that they are coming into the hunting ground of the Negativity and are in serious danger of being dismembered by the Negativity on The Spiritual Level of Reality. This can lead to mental anguish, emotional turmoil, confusion, anxiety, and depression, physical illness, a serious disruption in social relationships, and to misfortunes and economic loss. Or they could appear to be winning wealth and status only to be toppled later after the Negativity has used them to lead others into its Harvesting Traps.  


The only outcome that is stable across all encounters with the Negativity is The Hell Experience which eventually eclipses any Self Interest pursuit of happiness that the person might have been seeking.



How the Three Cultural Stories
Impact the Work of Building Heaven

The Fascist Cultural Story and The Lawless Cultural Story, which serves the Fascist Story, are not conducive to creating the social stability needed for Building Heaven in the world. They also destroys the spiritual stability that is needed because the Negativity is very highly involved in working through the low vibrational emotions elicited by a celebration of the basest level of the Self Interest Way of Life. 


The Democratic Cultural Story provides enough stability and good will to rise above the baser levels of the Self Interest Mentality.  This enables citizens to have a chance to evolve toward the Source Alternative, which is a Source-Directed Way of Life.  


The Negativity is highly involved in the lives of all of the people in a democratic society who drop into baser Self Interest motivations that place them in the territory of the Negativity.  The Negativity is able to work through these low vibrational people to stalemate progressive policies that would limit human suffering through a sharing of community resources. The Negativity promotes bigotry and the discrimination and abuse that arises from it.  This makes targeted racial and gender groups experience the negative emotions that drop them into the harvesting range of the Negativity along with their attackers.


Because of the role of the Negativity in the formation of Cultural Stories, beings need to evolve beyond them to a Source-Directed Way of Life that relies on the wisdom of the Source to guide them to build the Heaven that will yield Total Abundance and True Happiness for all members of the Community. 



The Source Alternative

Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists need to work with the Source to destroy the hold that the Negativity has on American politics so that a return to a more stable Democratic Cultural Story can occur. This will buy time for Americans to awaken and evolve toward a higher level of Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Understanding. This will enable them to work from the stable base of a functioning democracy to build the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life. 


The work to counter the Negativity needs to begin with understanding the Source Alternative to Story Culture.  This is The Culture of Heaven.  


To help people to understand The Culture of Heaven and what it takes to transition into this Way of Life, I have created a six part Gifted Core Course entitled: Building The Culture of Heaven.  Members of Connecting can access this Gifted Course and receive the gift of The Universal Heaven Agent Network that has provided the Material Energy needed to ground the miracles needed in this Miracle-Based Training.  


For those who are not yet members of Connecting, they can request a Gifted Membership by going to: Connecting Signup.  This will give then access to all of the gifted videos, audios, and written Source-Directed Activism Trainings available through The Miracle School.


To access The Core Course you can go to The Master Foundation Building Project:




 Next Steps 

In this time of global crisis, people can’t afford to devolve into the fact-free Cultural Stories proposed by The Lawless Cultural Story which lacks a plan other than ganging up together and bullying their way into power by toppling the existing structures that stand in the way of their fabricated Story Realities. The Lawless Cultural Story will dissolve the structures that maintain a lawful society and generate factions that terrorize one another.


Source-Directed Activists need to follow the lead of the Source to Awaken and rise to a higher level of Spiritual Intelligence from which they can see what is happening on both The Spiritual Level of Reality and The Physical Level of Reality. From this position they will be able to understand how to work with the Source to counter the activities of the Negativity to breed Death and Destruction by preying on fears and faulty coping skills in people beleaguered by the pandemic, climate change disasters, and the economic hardships that these have created.  They will be guided to do the Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism that is needed to support aspects of the culture that nurture the lives of all members equally and to oppose what is destructive to the well-being of  members of the community.


They will also be able to understand how to work with the Source to build the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that will bring to The Global Community the same Miracle-Based Way of Life that has enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to live an abundant, disease-free way of life in the context of a Love-Based Community.


Building Heaven in the world will require a combination of Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism.  It will require getting clear Source Guidance about what in the society can be redirected to support a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life and what in the society needs to be transcended because it is destructive to the Total Abundance that is needed.


Now is the time to take the Next Step which is to educate yourself about The Culture of Heaven which is the Source Alternative to the mob mentality that is supporting The Lawless Cultural Story.


Take the Gifted Core Course.  Find out about the Awakening to higher Spiritual Intelligence that is now possible.  Work with the Action Plan for The Nurturing All of Life Project which provides training in how to nurture life through Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism.


Turn to the Source for the path out of impending disaster and toward a future that yields Total Abundance for all and the Ultimate Sustainability that enables beings to preserve their Source Connection, which is their Link to Life.

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