January 3rd, 2022

Four New Website Hubs are Connection Points to The Work of the Source

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The website is now organized into four new Hubs that provide Connection Points to key aspects of The Work of the Source.  These Hubs can be accessed at:


The Source News Hub – for information on What’s Happening in The Work of the Source, What’s New for links to new publications on the website, and Source Reflections on the way life is and the way life can be.


The Source Solution Miracle Hub – a directory of the Source Solution Miracles that are most relevant to the work that is currently happening as Heaven Agents learn to Build Heaven and Live Heaven.


The Build Heaven Project Hub – a directory of the Build Heaven Training Projects that help Heaven Agents learn how to work with all of the ongoing Build Heaven Projects that they are called to contribute to through Inner Plane Source Guidance.


The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Hub – a directory of training resources for both At-a-Distance Training and In-Person Training.



Navigation in the Website 

The Miracle School Directory now reflects this re-organization of the website.  You can access this Directory at the bottom of every web page.  An abbreviated version is available at the top of every web page. A large print version of the Directory can be accessed at:  The Miracle School Directory.

Eyewitness Reports

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Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

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