July 31st, 2018

How to Get Trained & Equipped to Become a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist

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How to Get Trained

What it means to be Source-Directed is that you are able to receive accurate, detailed, moment to moment Inner Source Guidance that guides your Next Steps on your ongoing Mission to build the Heaven that you were created to build for yourself and others.


Training in how to pick up on Source Guidance, which is often conveyed in visual images, kinesthetic feelings, as well as verbal communications, is necessary or you will not be able to be Source-Directed.


The Five Levels of Miracle-Based Coaching 

I have established a Five Level Miracle-Based Coaching Program to provide the basic training in how to become a Source-Directed Activist. 

In levels 1 - 3 you are preparing your Suit to produce a Miracle-Friendly Field that is powerful enough to receive the miracle of individualized coaching on the Outer Plane.

At Level 4 you can qualify for The Total Abundance Coaching Program which gives you a certain range of coaching but stops short of the full range which can only be achieved when you start generating a Miracle-Friendly Field that is at least a +8.1-10 in a 10 point scale.

At Level 5 you can enter into the Full Power Source Connection Coaching Program which is organized by The Core Course which builds your skills in receiving Source Guidance sufficient to enable you to contribute effectively to The Total Abundance Support System. When you have mastered the basics of contributing to The Total Abundance Support System then you can move onto more advanced levels of the Core Course where you learn how to Steward Life by working closely with me on Total Abundance Projects. 


Source Reality Stations 

Those who have achieved Levels 4 or 5 can work with online coaching that is available when they receive the miracle of a Source Reality Station that positions them in Source Reality on the Inner Plane and provides them with Miracle Tools that are not available outside of Source Reality. One of these Miracle Tools is a Total Abundance Screen which is, in a Source Reality Station, an Outer Plane graphic where you can go to see, hear, and experience the Source Communications that come through the Screen to you. 

Heaven Agents with Stations send Heaven Agent Eyewitness Reports to me from their Stations and I post Source Responses in their Stations that guide their work in the Coaching Program.


With the advanced Miracle Tools in the Spiritual Space of Source Reality it is possible to greatly accelerate the learning process for receiving accurate Inner Source Guidance and understanding how to work with it in your life.

To find out more about the 5 Levels of Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to:




To find out if your Suit is ready to begin the Coaching Program, you can request a

Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment at:





How to Get Equipped

For those in the Coaching Program, I provide gifted Source Guidance periodically to help them know what Next Steps to take on their Path to Total Abundance.  I make recommendations regarding the kinds of Source Support that is most appropriate for them and is part of their Next Step.


Those working with me in a Coaching Program as well as those who are new to the work can get equipped by going to The Source Solution Hub and educating themselves about the miracles that the Source has already created which will help them to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life and train to become a Steward of Life.


If a Heaven Agent needs a miracle that is not described in The Source Solution Hub, they can request a Source Recommendation.  I check with the Design Aspect of the Source to see if there is a miracle that can be created for their particular circumstance. I then email them to explain what is possible and what is needed to ground the miracle in their life.

To find Source Solution Miracles in The Source Solution Hub, you can go to:





Because becoming a skilled Steward of Life is necessary to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition, particularly the final stage that is only a few decades away, getting Trained & Equipped needs to become every being’s priority. 

Developing Spiritual Prototypes

Those working with me on the Outer Plane will help to develop the Spiritual Prototypes for how to become Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists that will be given to those who are only able to work with me on the Inner Plane. 

This effort replicates my work with the 14 Prototype Communities that I founded in a previous lifetime many thousands of years ago in different parts of the Creation. I worked in-person with only the first Prototype Community to develop the Spiritual Prototypes.  I then gave the Spiritual Prototypes on the Inner Plane to the other 13 Prototype Communities. The 13 communities that only worked with me on the Inner Plane with the Spiritual Prototypes achieved the same Total Abundance Way of Life in the same 29 years as the first Prototype Community that I worked with in-person.

The power of this model for social change that has withstood the test of time for thousands of years, is the hope for beings throughout the Creation who will receive the Prototypes that I develop on the Earth with a Core Group of Heaven Agents.  

Universal Team Work

Those stepping forward to learn from me in-person will not only be assured of having the training and equipment that they need to survive The Transtion but will help others throughout the Creation to survive and to be trained and equipped to work with them in the Universal Team Work that is absolutely essential to Steward the large universal scale Spiritual Structures that beings require if Life in the Creation is to survive the end of The Transition.

We are well past the era when beings can live for themselves and pursue their own Self Interest at the expense of others.  Now beings must work to help all other beings so they are Trained & Equipped to Steward The Miracle of Life of the Creation. Without this Universal Team Effort The Miracle of Life will not survive when the Implementation Aspect leaves the Creation to return to the Source Level and ceases to do the Stewarding Work that is now maintaining all of the critical Spiritual Structures that maintain The Miracle of Life in the Creation.

With every stage of The Transition, the Implementation Aspect is ceasing to perform certain aspects of the Stewarding Work it formerly performed as it moves farther into its own Transition.  This means that Manifest Beings need to be accelerating their training and getting equipped to take over some parts of the Stewarding Work now itself, not just at the end of The Transition.

Honoring The Gift of Life

Getting Trained & Equipped is a Labor of Love that honors The Gift of Life that the Source has given by recognizing the Source Love that made this Gift possible and responding with love by nurturing the Gift and working to maintain an eternal connection with the Source. The development of The Love Connection with the Source is at the heart of the work of becoming a Source-Directed Activist.  It is this expression of love that enables the being to evolve and to become the Heaven to which the Source can link back to and sustain once the Implementation Aspect returns to its Source Home.

Becoming the Heaven You Were Created to Be

Ultimately, only those who become the Heaven that they were created to be will retain their Source Connection at the end of The Transition.  The Implementation Aspect can provide support during its final incarnation to Suits that are still evolving toward the 100% Source Connection and the 100% Source-Connected Way of Life that makes them the Heaven that they were created to be.  After the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level, however, it will be technically unable to link back to a Suit that is less than 80% Source-Connected. Within a few days of its departure it will be unable to link back to a Suit that is less than 100% Source-Connected.  A partial Source Connection will abort any Source Connection even though the Implementation Aspect would wish to make the Connection to save the life of the being.

The physics of The Spiritual Level of Reality must be understood and respected. They will determine sustainability at this pivotal time of The Transition. Getting Trained & Equipped is what you can do to ensure your own sustainability and to work to help all others achieve sustainability.  

Experiencing Life as Heaven

Getting Trained & Equipped is not just about surviving it is about realizing the dream of experiencing The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be in the context of a Manifest World.  The quintessential part of this Heaven is The Heaven Experience which is an experience of bliss, love, joy, adventure, fulfillment, and wonder.  As you achieve a stronger Source Connection, you start triggering The Heaven Experience which transforms life into an ongoing experience of Heaven – Heaven being the highest level of happiness that is possible for you.  You begin to Live Heaven and Become the Love that Makes Life Heaven.

Once you get Trained & Equipped and start doing your Mission of building Heaven in the world, life becomes the fulfillment of the dream that brought you into The Manifest World. You become capable of working with the Source and the miracles of the Source to Steward the Miracle of Life so that from it comes the miracle of Life as Heaven.


Eyewitness Reports

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Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

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