April 15th, 2023

The Universal Dream of Heaven

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The 14 Prototype Communities achieved their Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life by working with the Source to manifest The Dream of Heaven created for their communities.  Now that it is time for all beings to achieve what the Prototype Communities achieved, the Source has created The Universal Dream of Heaven which is for The Universal Community, which includes all forms of life throughout the Creation. 


When The Dream of Heaven is manifested, life in the Creation will transition into a Heaven Way of Life that yields Total Abundance for all beings and creates a Universal Community that nurtures all of its own.  It is the answer to scarcity and suffering. It is a gift from the Source to Manifest Beings to enable them to escape from The World of Suffering which their Self Interest Dream has generated into a Source-Created Dream of Heaven that they can understand and manifest in their lives and world.


To enable Heaven Agents working outside of a Prototype Community to manifest this new Universal Dream of Heaven, upgraded and adapted Dream Heaven Miracles and Technologies have been created. These are the essential elements that are needed to manifest The Dream of Heaven.


To find out what these essential Miracles and Technologies are, you can go to The Dream Heaven Project Resource Station. You can read more about The Dream Heaven Project and explore the links that explain in-depth about the different Dream Heaven resources created to help you to manifest The Dream of Heaven.


The definitive training in how to use Dream Heaven Technology and understand the Dream Heaven Miracles is Working Relationship Training: WRT3: How to Manifest The Dream of Heaven


In The Dream Heaven Campaign Workstation, which is a part of The Dream Heaven Project, members of Connecting can start working in The Source Call to Action Projects that enable them to begin manifesting The Dream of Heaven.  


The most important Source Call to Action Project to begin with is The Heaven Agent Suit Project. This Project enables you to use Dream Heaven Technology to transition your Suit – your body/mind – into a Heaven Agent Suit which will work effectively to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing and Ultimate Sustainability. 


While many Suit Upgrades have occurred during the course of The Transition, this Suit Upgrade requires your participation in your Conscious Range in transitioning your Suit and working with it to provide it with what it needs to progress on its Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing and Ultimate Sustainability.  Ultimate Sustainability occurs when your Suit creates the conditions in which the Source can preserve it Source Connection, its Link to Life.


To learn more, you can go to:



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