November 18th, 2020

How to Defeat Covid & Build a Disease Free Life and World

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While scientists labor to come up with a vaccine for Covid-19, many are dying and many more are getting sick and suffering both the long term physical damage that Covid is capable of inflicting and the spiritual damage that The Covid Attack on the Spiritual Level is inflicting.


The Source has created The Countering Covid Project to empower Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists to work with the Source Solution Miracles created by the Source to counter the damage that this disease does on both Spiritual and Physical Levels.


It is of urgent importance that those who are spiritually awakened enough to understand The Work of the Source to join forces with the Source to defeat Covid at the Spiritual Level so that it can be more readily defeated at the Physical Level.


The place to begin is with The Countering Covid Project. All of the materials carry Spiritual Code that is designed to empower your Suit – body/mind – to work effectively with the Source and the miracles of the Source to defeat Covid.


The Source Solution Miracles are designed to effect healing at the Spiritual Level that will support healing at the Physical Level.  Medical Interventions are needed but these alone will not save lives if The Covid Attack is not stopped at the Spiritual Level which is where Covid breaks down the Life Zone of the body and establishes a Dead Zone that causes the spiritual and physical immune systems to falter and sustain long term damage.


A person who recovers from Covid and is replete with Dead Zones will be more likely to succumb to other illnesses in the future and will suffer from spiritual damage that will impair their ability to sustain their Source Connection in this time of The Transition.


I recommend that you study the materials in The Countering Covid Project so that you can help defeat Covid and work with the Source to build a Disease Free Life and World.


You can access the Project at:


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