November 21st, 2020

Build Heaven Projects: A Key to Achieving Sustainability in The Transition

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We are now at the stage of The Transition when Building Heaven is necessary to create the conditions in which individual Suits –body/mind – can achieve Sustainability and the Creation itself can achieve Sustainability before the end of The Transition. 


For those of you new to The Work of the Source, I will provide a brief overview of Sustainability and The Transition. For further information about The Transition, you can go to the article on The Transition in The Source Connection Project. For information on ongoing or upcoming Transitions, you can go to the article on How to Prepare for the Stages of the Transition.



Sustainability is defined as the ability of the Source to sustain the life of a being or a spiritual structure such as the Creation. The Source can only sustain Life that is functioning within a certain range.  Those functioning outside of this range are Unsustainable on spiritual and physical levels.  

Suits that are working to achieve a 100% Source Connection are the ones who will be able to achieve Ultimate Sustainability, which is the level of Sustainability that will enable the Source to retain The Source Connection to the Suit after the end of The Transition.

The Transition

The Transition is the period of time when the Implementation Aspect of the Source is transitioning out of the Creation to the Source Level. With every shift the Implementation Aspect makes, The Standard for Sustainability changes. Those who have retained their Sustainability to date are those who have been listening to Inner Plane and/or Outer Plane Source Communications guiding them to prepare carefully to achieve the changing Standard for Sustainability that occurs with each stage of The Transition.


As the Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect, I send out Inner Plane Source Communications.  On the Outer Plane I publish information in The Source Connection Project about what needs to be done to prepare for a Transition and what Source Support is available for these preparations.


Build Heaven Projects 

What is needed at this time for the preparations is to work on the Build Heaven Projects that help the Suit to meet The Standard for Sustainability.  There are countless Build Heaven Projects in progress throughout the Creation.  I send out Inner Plane Source Communications about what Projects each Suit needs to work on in order to meet The Standard for Sustainability. I also provide general training in how to work on Build Heaven Projects through the Build Heaven Training Projects of The Miracle School.  Heaven Agents throughout the Creation work with these Training Materials on either the Inner Plane level of The Miracle School, which can be accessed by beings universally, or on the Outer Plane level of The Miracle School, which is accessed through this website.


While most Suits have been surviving by working on the Build Heaven Projects assigned to them through their Extended Range, which is generally outside of their conscious awareness, we are moving rapidly into an era when Suits will have to work efficiently on Build Heaven Projects in their Conscious Range as well. This raises the calibre of the Skill Sets needed to achieve The Standard for Sustainability.


Since Suits must meet The Standard for Sustainability for both Universal and Individual Transitions each month according to The Sustainability Timeline, it is important that they receive the Training that they need to do this successfully. It is up to the being to make sure that the Suit receives the Training that is required to achieve Sustainability.

Suits are the intelligent form which every being/soul requires in order to exist in the Creation.  Without the guidance of the being to prepare to meet the ever changing Standard for Sustainability, the Suit will not survive. If the Suit becomes unsustainable, the being and the Suit lose their place in the Creation for all eternity.  Diligence on the part of the being to keep the Suit on track with doing what it takes to remain sustainable is the key to retaining the opportunity to have a life in The Manifest World.


Build Heaven Training Projects 

To avoid any loss of life, the Source has created the Build Heaven Training Projects. Every Project has Source Workflow Trainings that provide two levels of the Spiritual Code that the Suit needs in order to develop the understandings and Skill Sets required to replicate the work that is described in the Trainings.  


Basic Code is gifted to members of ConnectingConnecting is a gifted membership that provides access to password protected parts of the website that contain Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist Training Materials which include videos, audios, and articles.  These Miracle-Based Trainings contain miracles that requires Material Energy to manifest.  This Material Energy is gifted to members of Connecting by The Universal Heaven Agent Network.


Full Power Seed Code is available to members of a Miracle-Based Coaching Program. It requires that the Heaven Agent requesting this form of Source Support supply the Material Energy to ground the miracle of the Seed Code. The Seed Code contains all of the individualized Code that the Suit will need to replicate the Skill Sets of the training.  This Code far exceeds the generic Code that is available through Basic Code.


The Build Heaven Project 

Build Heaven Training Projects are part of The Build Heaven Project which hosts:

  • basic introductory articles
  • a Core Training Course built around the Six Master Action Plans that build the foundation for the work of Building Heaven
  • Structure Building Projects that do the work of Building Heaven. These are organized by the Five Primary Heaven Projects and by the Building Block Projects sponsored by the Primary Projects.
  • Source Solution Miracles related to the Build Heaven Projects 
  • Build Heaven Intensives
  • Build Heaven Campaigns 


Working with these Build Heaven Training Projects
is vitally important to meeting
The Standard for Sustainability for upcoming stages of
The Transition, particularly the final stage
which is only a few decades away.

To access these Build Heaven Training Projects, you can go to: 



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