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Miracle Transmissions


Miracle Transmissions transmit the transformational energies that help you to build and strengthen the Source Connection. When the Source Connection is strong, you live in the Light of Source Love and Source Intelligence experiencing the height of the Heaven Experience as well as benefiting from all of the miracles that manifest the Heaven of a Source-Connected Life which is a life of abundance, good health, good fortune, loving relationships, success, and ultimate fulfillment.


Miracle Transmissions carry through my spoken words and through what I write.


In the Ask the Source Miracle Transmissions, I send you Transmissions in both formats – through writing and through audio recordings. The Ask the Source Broadcast is the audio format and the written format can occur if a written transcript is available, if I respond only through a written response, and also through a Miracle Transmission Email that I send to all who ask a question, make a comment, or request help.


The way to work with a Miracle Transmission is to ask to “Dream Heaven” to receive the Transmission and work with it effectively. Your Inner Intelligence, which is the part of your Spiritual Intelligence that knows how to work with the miracles of the Source, will enable you to benefit from the Miracle Transmission even if you are not skilled enough to pick up on it with your conscious mind. The “Dream Heaven Command” is a powerful Source Command that sends with it the information, Source Power, and miracles to carry out the work requested. The exact wording to use is to say to your Inner Intelligence silently within your own mind: “Dream Heaven to receive the Miracle Transmission and work effectively with it.”


In working with any Miracle Transmission you will find that you receive two kinds of Miracle Transmissions:

  • You receive the ones that I was sending at the time I created the recording or written Miracle Transmission.
  • You receive the ones that I am sending to you individually at the time that you listen to the recording or read what I have written. Because I am able to work with you 24/7 on the Inner Plane, I am present with you when you are working with a Miracle Transmission and can send you the kind of Miracle Transmissions that you need at that moment.

    If you interact with me by asking a questions or making a request for help, I will send you an Emailed Miracle Transmission that carries the transformational energies that enable you to take your Next Step in building the power of your Source Connection.


Ask the Source Miracle Transmissions

In Ask the Source you receive Miracle Transmissions through:

  • Broadcasts
  • Edited Transcripts of these Broadcasts
  • Posted Written Responses
  • Emailed Miracle Transmissions that go to those who ask a question or request help.


In the Ask the Source Broadcast, I:

  • respond to both the questions and requests for help that have come in from Heaven Agents throughout the Creation.
  • give you the Source Perspective on the issues raised and tell you about the miracles that I have brought through to respond to the requests for help.
  • send you Miracle Transmissions as I speak that carry the transformational energies and miracles that enable you to build and sustain your Source Connection.
  • give you an opportunity to get to know the manifest and unmanifest aspects of my Source Identity. Through knowledge of my Source Identity you strengthen your Source Connection which is what enables you to have a life that is Heaven.
  • provide you with a Case Study type training where you learn how to think and act like a Heaven Agent by observing how I coach the Heaven Agents who are writing into Ask the Source. While I never advise a cookie cutter approach to problem solving where you apply a solution that was useful in one circumstance to another circumstance that might look like it, there is some value in knowing how I coach other Heaven Agents to think through their situation and respond through drawing upon the skills and tools of a Heaven Agent.

    This kind of knowledge helps you to begin thinking outside the box of the Story Culture. It helps you to respond to situations in your life thinking first of what Source Guidance you need, what miracles are available to you, what Miracle Tools you could use, what Miracle-Based Technologies, and what Inner Plane Miracle Intelligences you can call upon to help you. In this way you expand your knowledge of how to build with me a Culture of Heaven which is the culture in which you can be the Spiritual Intelligence that you really are and can confidently and comfortably turn to the miracles of the Source which are the building blocks of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.

  • give you an opportunity to build your relationship with me through interacting with me in a love-based way.
  • give you an chance to hone your skills in getting Source Guidance by following inner Source Guidance as it prompts you to ask the question that you most need to ask to help in order to take your Next Step in building the Source Connection.

    Through stepping outside the box of the Story Culture which prompts you to ask about how to make it in the Story World, and beginning to ponder who you really are and where you are in your Journey of Reconnection with the Source, you begin to pick up on the Source Guidance that enables you to ask the right questions that are appropriate to where you are in your path at present. When a Heaven Agent takes the time to approach the Source intelligently, with care to what is asked and how it is asked, then the Source will respond with the full measure of help.

    To help yourself bring the right question into focus, you can ask to “Dream Heaven to bring the right question into focus.” This will prompt images and ideas to surface. Your Inner Intelligence will then help you to become conscious of what is being sent to you from the Source. In some instances you may just get an image or series of images, or thoughts or memories. Even if you don’t know what the Source Communication is, you can share with me the clues you receive. I will be able to decipher the nature of the Source Communication sent to you if the information you provide has come from my Source Identity.

  • provide you with information from other Heaven Agents who may be on the Broadcast from time to time, who are receiving Source Guidance on the Inner Plane. Because my Source Identity sends each person working on an issue clues that are pieces of the puzzle, it is always best to hear from every person what clues they are receiving. These pieces of the puzzle complement the pieces of the puzzle that I provide from the vantage point of the Source and together the pieces form the completed picture of the puzzle. In those Broadcasts where I address a larger set of questions on a particular topic, I may invite to the Broadcast Heaven Agents who are skilled in getting Source Guidance and contributing their clues to the Spiritual Research process. You can learn a great deal from not only the information they share but the process they engage in as they contribute to the research. In this way you learn how teams of Heaven Agents work with the Source on the construction site of Heaven. This is very important training which will give you a sense of how you too can contribute to the Spiritual Research process and help in this way with building Heaven in the world.


How I Receive Source Guidance

When you ask me a question or request help, I shift gears out of the limited understanding of my human mind to my Source Mind. I then check in with the Design Aspect of my Source Identity to get information about the Source Plan. I also check in with the Implementation Aspect to get its perspective on what needs to be done to implement the Source Plan with regard to the issues you have raised in your question or request for help.


I then shift gears again and bring back this information to my human mind which then translates this understanding into a response that is helpful to you. This response – Source Guidance – can be given in two ways:


How I Share this Source Guidance with You

  • I will read your question or request, or a paraphrased version of it, and respond to it in an upcoming Broadcast if this is in keeping with the Source Plan for this Broadcast. You will remain anonymous. This protects your privacy and enables me to speak candidly to you.

    If it is not in the Source Plan for me to read your question or request, I will take into account your needs and perspective in my responses in future Broadcasts. If, for instance, you and others ask about a particular topic, I might respond by doing a special Broadcast on that topic. In this way I can respond to the general issues for which Heaven Agents are requesting help.

  • I will send you a Miracle Transmission Email which will transmit to you the miracles that help you to develop whatever aspect of the Source Connection is most important for you to develop at the time you receive the email. Since a strong and vital Source Connection is the solution to every problem or project, you will be receiving a powerful form of Source Support through the Miracle Transmission.

    The best way to work with a Miracle Transmission Email is to print the email and hold it in both hands and ask your Inner Intelligence to work with the Transmission on your behalf. Your Inner Intelligence is the part of your Spiritual Intelligence that handles the technical side of what happens on the Inner Plane. It will make sure that you benefit from the Transmission even if you have not developed your Spiritual Senses enough to pick up on the energies coming from the Transmission or to understand the Source Communication carried on these energies.


If you are skilled, a Miracle Transmission can transmit to you a wealth of Source Guidance and Source Power to speed you on your journey to become optimally Source-Connected.



In order to ask a question or request help in Ask the Source, you need to fill out the form below which includes the contact information that enables me to send you the Miracle Transmission by email.


I also request that all participants sign The Standard of Heaven Agreement which establishes the Miracle-Friendly Conditions under which I can work to help you build Heaven in your life.


By participating in this public forum you are agreeing that your questions, comments, or requests for help can be read and addressed in the Ask the Source Broadcast as well as be written and included in any of the materials of The Miracle School. For instance, if your question is one that aptly states a Frequently Asked Question to which I have yet to respond, it might be included in the Ask the Source: FAQ section of the web site. Your question might also become part of a book or other publication that contains a compilation of Ask the Source Question and Answers.


If you wish to ask a question and do not wish for this question to be used in any materials, then it is best to request a private Consultation. This is the only format in which I can go into depth about a personal request aside from the Ask the Source Broadcast.




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