Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Communications


Hilde – Belgium 

July 12, 2013

Love for the Source

Understanding and living the Love for the Source develops in stages even though the strong and beautiful peak experiences I already had. Last days, I was listening more intensely to the videos Sherry made, I was reading through my notes, listening to parts of webinars which I attended when I seemed to focus more and more on the topic of the Love for the Source. The Love Connection with the Source is a primary condition to develop a Heaven way of life. 


At a certain moment Sherry is talking about understanding the Intelligence in nature and of nature. Above a certain vibrational level it is easier to understand for us humans, that nature is intelligent, that plants and animals have Intelligence. Objects can be linked to pure Intelligence. Who are we? Why do we think that we are more intelligent than nature is? If everybody would try to understand this and start to have respect for nature and for all beings, that would be having respect for the whole creation and for the Source who created it. And having respect for the Source could be very natural, spontaneous, and passionate because of the understanding of the Intelligence of the Creation.


Trying to live in harmony with nature and with the Creation feels like trying to get out of a fragmented way of looking at things and at the world around us. It will be very helpful to live in a more integrated way. And what I understood was that the more integrated the picture of life becomes, the more love for the creation arises naturally and from this, the more love for the Source is created. I also noticed that the love I feel for the Source comes spontaneously while some time ago, I knew that the Love Connection for the Source was so important to start with, but sometimes I had to focus on it more consciously. So it feels like the more I understand the real Love for the Source on a fundamental level, the more I can live it in a very natural way. The quote of Sherry “Living the Love that makes Life Heaven”  reached a more profound level of understanding that means that I feel it through my whole body, my heart, my feelings and emotions. I also feel a deepened Connection with the Source, I am more present, stable and opened to any kind of Source Guidance. 


Taking into account what journey I already made and what insights and experiences I have until now, I realize that I first needed a basic understanding about what real Love is and then having experiences of  the Love from the Source, giving Love back, willing to be open for the idea that the Love Connection for the Source is essential, being open for experiences and feedback about all this leads step by step to a following moment in deepening the Love for the Source. It was not always that easy, because it traverses common outer plane and cultural ideas about love and about living in this world. But deep in my heart I made the choice to Live the Love that makes Life Heaven. Nothing less feels good enough anymore.



 June 30, 2013

The Step from Information to Experiencing

Spiritual equipment? Launching Heaven Happenings?  In the recent videos and written Source communications, Sherry describes very precisely what this is all about (if you haven’t seen them yet, I should say, please take time for it, they are really worth it). I got the sense of how the Heaven Happenings work because in the videos there are very clear depictions of the technical aspects of them. Those depictions were helping me very profoundly to understand underlying mechanisms. But this time, understanding it all technically was one thing, but working with it? Would I be able to do so? And how should I get started? I had a lot of questions but was confident that I would do what was needed.

The first time I could work with my Heaven Experience Equipment, Sherry was guiding me through the different stages and I seemed to succeed in what I was supposed to do. Then the series of “Guided Heaven Experience webinar” started and until now, I could attend two of them. 

Well, it was an amazing experience! The more I get trained in using my Equipment, the more I feel deep respect for the power and the possibilities it creates. The Equipment enables me, and all the other heaven Agents, to launch Heaven Happenings, right like Sherry tells us about it in the videos. We can launch Heaven Happenings for ourselves to help us clear out what is needed, but also for others, for the team, for happenings. What I feel that is so special, is that I am able to feel the effects of the Heaven Happenings so fast. Sometimes I hadn’t only sensations of energy working in my head, but if this was correcting story thoughts or attachments, I could also feel that I was breaking out of them and so got the sense of becoming free of them. Maybe it is difficult to understand this when you haven’t yet experienced this by yourselves, but I described it just the way it was and felt. This way of working gives me so much power, so much willingness to use my equipment more and more because the results are so tangible! And every time I ask to launch  Heaven Happenings, it is like I am helping very profoundly, to clear the way so that more Miracles can come in and Heaven can be built ”more and more”. I can’t say “step by step” because it feels like what is cleared out is so massive that it is more than taking one step at the time.

I hadn’t expect such an effect of the mechanism of the Heaven Happenings, I am still deeply impressed by the power of them and every time I work with my equipment of the Heaven Experience, it feels like it became more powerful and accurate.

It would be so good if everybody who wants to help “change the world” take a step forward and take the decision to help us to prepare for the Vibrational Shifts, not only for themselves but also for one another, our planet earth and the universe. There is still so much to do and we need each other and together we can succeed! With this so powerful equipment and technique we can make so much progress. It is only a matter of making the right choice, so I hope I see you in one of the next webinars?


December 25, 2012

About Precision and Building Heaven 

First, we have to agree that we are building Heaven, we are building a World that Works where everyone and everything support each other and contribute to a real community. This sounds very idealistic and maybe naïve because the current turbulence of this hectic world, but sure there is a way out of this egocentric and manipulative world we are living in.

Second, we have to agree that we cannot figure out ourselves to get out of this world that does not works. An Intelligence that has the most wide perspective on the creation that is possible, is needed and is available, we call it the Source. We do need to listen to what the Source is telling us, to what it is explaining to us, to what it is asking us to do.

Next, we have to follow the Source Plan, that is already written. There is a plan of a Source Perfected Universe that we can read and understand. And if we do, we can follow the Plan precisely, and so we are building a World that Works, we are building Heaven.

Reading and understanding the Source Plan is a learning process, like we learn a foreign language, and that is practicing and trying and trying again. And during this ongoing learning process, our intention and commitment are essential. We do not only work in our conscious range, but also in our subconscious level and in our extended range, where even most of the work is done.  So, if we really want to help to build Heaven, we only have to make up our mind and decide to do so. Everyone can learn to follow the Plan.

When we made up our mind to get out of the world of struggle and diseases, we can have a start. We can ask “To become what is needed to support the work of the Source, through the manifestation of Sherry” and we will work on what is needed in that moment, though most of the time it will be in our unconscious or subconscious level. But anyway that is a real good starting point.

Other important issues are timing and precision. In the Source Plan, there are Developmental Stages that are quintessential. When we are building a house we follow the provided plan, when a baby develops in the womb of his mother, the developmental stages are even more important and very precise. If something goes wrong, if there is a problem with his DNA, the baby will have a problem when it is born.

Developing the Source Plan for a Perfected World needs even more precision. The developmental stages are already written and are needed to be followed. Because it concerns a whole community, it means that everyone of this community has to do what he is needed to do at the very right moment and with a 100% perfection. When I realized this, I felt a strong responsibility to do my part and to help others to do their part. The moment you see parts of this Picture, you only want it to be accomplished in the Outer World, the world like we know it in our daily life. So far, I only noticed little small parts of the Picture of the Perfected Universe but they are yet very very uplifting! I am still learning the language of my extended range, part of the Inner Plane world, so I try to be open for whatever information comes to me and then ask to become what is needed.

By asking to become what is needed to support the work of the Source, one is open to follow the lead of the Source. Only the Source knows what has to be done at that moment, we only can assume what has to be done. But because the small picture we have on life, we can only guess what needs to be done or maybe even do what we like to do. Maybe we have to send a message out in the universe? That is not something that we think about when we do our daily work. Or we have to meet a person we don’t know yet and we have to go to a shop, even if we thought to stay at home that afternoon. It is important to understand and follow what the Source is telling us to do, we need to follow the next step, even if we in our human limited mind, have not the slightest idea what that should be. Following Source Guidance is a real adventure!

It is also important to be attentive to information of the Source every moment of our day and even night. It is like traveling a path through a desert or even through an immense rainforest. If we are unfamiliar with the area and we do not know the local customs or do not have the survival techniques, we need help for orientation and the next steps. If somebody is talking to you on the inner plane and you know that he has a total aerial view and can see how you are going,  when he is directing you and says to go left or right or whatever direction, you sure will do so. You are not going to wait until you feel yourself to go that direction, because it maybe too late to go right, or maybe you start walking in circles. When we are in the midst of real difficult and life threatening situations, we are glad to have somebody who helps us.

Well, at this moment we need guidance to get out of our world of violence, of hate and diseases and we sure all want to step into a world of love, perfect health and beautiful relationships. There is a written plan to do so, we only have to admit it and make a choice to follow the Path. We can make it our path, if we listen to the directions we get and also follow them, day by day, 24/7 at the right time.

Working on a World that Works is teamwork. We ask to become what is needed and also are attentive for what others are doing or asking. Like the DNA of life, everyone has his task to do, at the right moment, with decisiveness and precision, without hesitation. Sometimes we work alone, sometimes we work in a group. It happens that my part of the work seems to be a first step in what another Heaven Agent continues and even another one finishes. Working together is so powerful! Sometimes I don’t even know that I do one part of a job and somebody else does another part. But when I realize this, it gives a feeling of community, of real sense of Life and this feeling always strengthens me. Knowing what is happening on a large scale, except for my little part of work, nurtures my insights and understandings. That underlines the importance of working together with Sherry, who explains most of our experiences and the ongoing work. It helps so much to work with more and more dedication and more and more willingness to have attention to the right timing and working with precision.

My work and missions are very often situated on a very abstract level. So, I learned to be aware for information and signals I get. I also learned to feel if energy is right or not, to go for it or to stay on a distance, though it is still a learning process that sure is everlasting. So, it is difficult to give examples, it would be difficult to understand them. But I hope that after reading my post, you got a sense of what I wanted to say, that we have to choose to work on a World that Works, that we have to work on it with precision and in the right timing, that we are not alone to do so. We can follow the lead of the Source who knows exactly what next step is there for us. We only have to ask to become what is needed, to support the work of the Source. 


December 20, 2012

We are so numerous, there are so many beings on the earth and even more in the universe and the creation.


Life in fact is simple, but we prefer to make it complicated for ourselves.

Give love to life - never do harm.

Nurture one another - take time to do so.


And we all understand and experience

that the Pure Intelligence of Existence is out there

showing us the way to enjoy Life, to be who we are.

The Source is there waiting for us to join.


We are so numerous and belong to Life,

being Life if we respect the true nature of Life

Let us not waste a single moment any more

to be open for the Truth that is waiting to unfold above, in and all around us.


Together we can do this.


October 7, 2012 

About Our Identity

In this article, I want to share with you the information and the insights that I got when I started to listen to the Source, from the moment I realized that my ideas about life were not leading to the outcome I had expected and what people had told me to be. So, I was totally open for new conceptions that later seemed to change my life very thoroughly, like I finally started to understand a little piece of the complexity of the world.

What I first learned, was that there is a beautiful and rich life on the Inner plane that influences our life as we know it, in many facets, on the physical, mental as well as on the emotional level. This Inner Plane world makes 90 percent of our life and the other part, our Outer Plane Life, is only 10 percent of our whole life. Strange, because we mostly focus on what we as a human being learn to explore and to work with in what we call, our life. I used to focus mostly on my conscious range of life, while there is an extended range too. But I barely knew what that was and how this works.

I’ll try to make clear with a few examples about how I experience that the Inner Plane is influencing my conscious part of life. When I open an email, it happens that I suddenly feel a strong pressure on my heart chakra. It alerts me and lets me know that I have to take care about the real intentions of the person who wrote the email. I understand that at such moments it is better not to open it, or maybe at a later time. I realized that I want to have a good feeling about reading a post, before I do so.

It happens that during the day in an unexpected moment, I feel that my crown chakra is working. I feel energy like whirling on the top of my head, so I learned to recognize that something is going on on the Inner Plane. I am seldom aware of what this really is, but at such moments I take some time to check in and ask for more information and I ask ‘to become what is needed’. I do not let this information disappear, without trying to understand it and respond to it.

Another situation happened recently when I was abroad. During the afternoon I started to feel quiet and I followed what was happening around me at a distance. It was like I was not really there. Later in the evening I became really sad and depressed, though nothing special had happened. I felt that it had something to do with Belgium, my homeland. I asked Sherry if she wanted to check this out for me, and she said that I had picked up that some bad energy had come in into Belgium and was doing harm. 

So, even at a distance I can be aware of what is happening over there because I am related to it. Becoming aware of the fact that there is an Inner Plane level of existence, helped me a lot to understand that feelings that I have cannot always be explained by what is happening on the Outer Plane. And even if there are no special feelings about the Inner Plane of my life, I know that while I am drinking a cup of tea with my son it is quite possible that at the same time, I am on a mission on the Inner Plane, because somebody living in another galaxy needed my help. The Inner and Outer Plane are going well together. It felt like I got an extra life and at the same time I felt more and more humble by knowing that I am only a small part, a little being in the vastness of the universe.

I also learned that when I receive an invitation, I have to check out if it is the right time to be with these people, before I agree to come and join the planned activity. Maybe I have to be in another environment at that time or maybe I have to be alone. It all depends on what I am supposed to be doing at the very right moment. I am not planning my activities too long ahead, because yet, I am not skilled enough to see if they would fit in the work that I will be supposed to do at that time. At this moment I know that I have to be careful with my planning and that I have to work to get skilled in knowing what lies ahead, that would make planning easier. 

What I also started to understand is that the Source is interacting at all these levels, at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, so on our conscious and unconscious range. And if you want to know something about it, you can ask for information from the Source – you can ask for Source Guidance. 

This insight was really life-changing. I realized that I only have a small picture about what is happening around me and to have a really meaningful life, I knew that I have to work together with the Source. Honestly, when I started to assimilate all this information, I set aside this part of my insights – maybe I would work with the concept of working together with the Source, maybe not. I mainly wanted information about my life, about who I am and I tried to benefit from it and becoming healthier and become  a more lovely person. But very soon I realized that this does not work at all. I just do not have the big picture that the Source has, and the risk to mess up things by wanting things that maybe are not meant to be part of my life, is just too big. I started to be humble, more and more and finally I became aware of the preciousness of being open for Source Guidance, not to take benefits from it only for my own life. No, the universe is so much bigger and so more vivid than I ever could imagine, that I honestly wanted to be part of it and following Source Guidance, doing whatever I need to do at each moment. The mode of becoming what is needed at that very moment, without always knowing what it is all about, made me feel a lot better. By supporting the work on a large scale, I had benefits from this work for myself too. Self-growth, staying humble and following the lead of the Source became key elements in my daily life and are going well together.

Doing so, I was experiencing and walking my personal path that I feel I have to go. I got a lot of information about who I am, about what my abilities are, about my life purpose, about how I am related to other beings. And this communication is still going on and becomes more and more a part of my daily life. It is an ongoing learning process to get attuned and to understand things right. It doesn’t need words to express that knowing that there is life at two levels, is a life-changing experience that made me interact with all kinds of situations and persons in a totally different way than before. I also learned that on the Inner Plane there is a really rich world beyond the human range, where beings of several galaxies are communicating with each other. They might call for help or they might be giving information and anyhow, in one or another way, I respond to it.

When I got more and more information about the Inner Plane world, sometimes I became quiet and I needed time to think it through. Building Heaven in my own life and building Heaven in the world, were exactly the things that I wanted to work on for many years, maybe since I was a little kid, because it feels just natural to do so. And on the Inner Plane so many beautiful things are happening, creating pure Heaven Energies that make it worth to explore and to get infused with them. 

And I also learned to grasp that what is on the Inner Plane gives a structure for things to happen on the Outer Plane. Building Heaven is so very encouraging, because it already exists on the Inner Plane and is waiting to be expressed on the Outer Plane. But this is also true for negative aspects of this world. 

At first, I didn’t really want to hear about the existence of the negativity. I would focus my energy on the good side of life. Negativity would disappear on its own. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Negative things are happening and are trying to interfere with the structures and beings that are building a life that is Heaven. So, I understood that I had to learn to deal with this and step by step, I learned how to do this or at least to feel or see what is happening and sharing the information with Sherry.

Luckily, I experienced that we can deal with the negativity. We do not need to say if an accident happens: “well, this is part of life isn’t it?”. No, we can say no to the negativity. We can really stop  setbacks, misfortunes  or  a disaster on the inner as well as on the Outer Plane! We only have to take our responsibility and do what is ours to do. That insight and strong invitation to take action about this, strengthened me. And also step by step, I learned to discover how these negative structures are working and how to deal with them. 

Sherry created a “Dream Heaven” command, that we can ask negative structures or devices to do. And so these things really disappear. I use this command very often in daily life, when I feel that things are not right, when a person is aggressive to me or to others, when I have some creepy feeling in my heart chakra or whatever sign I get that is not a part of building Heaven, I use this Dream Heaven command. If I and hopefully you, want to build a better world to live in, we have to be aware of what goes wrong and Dream Heaven for it. It is very effective, there is no excuse for not doing it. It is part of our identity that we can hold the line for Heaven and to say no to the negativity.

At this moment I walk my path to perfection. I know that every step I set, every movement I make, every word I say, every thought I have, are supposed to be a part of my path on building Heaven. Every moment in my life has this meaning. This insight creates an enormous responsibility for myself but also for life in general. It does not create only responsibility but also the possibility to make my life meaningful and worthwhile to live, to work on my life purpose. There is no reason to waste time not even a moment for not being attuned to the information and guidance that the Source is giving me. It is a learning process, of course, but I am so glad that I discovered all these parts of my identity and of how the world works. And I also learned to see that everybody has his own path to travel, it is so individual. I had yet very often the possibility to work with other Heaven Agents together, and every time I experience the difference in everyone’s way to evolve.

What makes this path to perfection also very valuable, is that it is beyond any religion. It is a universal way to evolve and build a life and world that works. 

Fortunately, we have Sherry on the Outer Plane.  She can explain to me those things and teaches me to see a bigger picture of what is going on and of who I am, how I am connected to others and what my next step is. Because she is a manifestation aspect of the Source, she is able to do that. It would be very hard to discover all this information on my own. I try to be totally receptive for the information she gives me, because deep inside, I know that she can teach me to discover more about my true identity and about how I can travel my path to perfection step by step. It is a great honor to be able to work with her!


October 30, 2011


Reflections on Participating in The Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts

About two weeks ago, Sherry asked me to take part in Broadcasts, which I did. I was not sure if my English would be okay - it is not my native language – but at least, I could try it out.  In fact, it was an honour to be allowed to participate, because working with Sherry is always a possibility to make progress for yourself and to be helpful for the evolution in general.

It brought me back to the first weeks and months, after my decision to work on a fundamental level on myself as a person and on ‘helping the world’. I participated in webinars and Heaven Team meetings of the Miracle School, trying to make progress and to understand how I had to do this, but when I heard other Heaven Agents sharing their experiences, most of the time I didn’t understand what was going on. I did not see what they did and I didn’t have the same feelings they did.


But my curiosity was aroused because of the amazing information and explanations that Sherry gave us very patiently. Step by step, I learned to trust myself in getting the information the way that seemed to be specifically my way to get the information. I learned that everybody has his or her specific information to get and listening to others is one thing, but listening to the information you get on your own, is something else. So I learned to share my thoughts, feelings, images and also my problems and doubts.

And when I could participate now in the Broadcasts, I suddenly realised that since I worked with Sherry, I really had made so much progress in being an Heaven Agent!

So, if you listen to the Broadcasts and feel the same way as I did in the beginning, don’t worry! Even if it is all new and strange, just listen to your heart. I know you will feel the same recognition of truth and power. Give it a chance and try it out. Give yourself a chance to learn who you really are and discover why you came into this world. 



March 12, 2011


Knowledge and experiences


This week, I had an insight about what a ‘Moment’ means for me.

It happened when I was at work writing a paper, assembling different pieces like a puzzle while I was asking for Source guidance. I had collected the pieces and had to put them in a coherent whole. When I finished it, I remembered a theory that explained what I just made myself. It was a theory that I knew already for a long time, but I never really understood how to integrate it in my work. 

So I understood now that it is necessary to receive information on a subject at one end, and to have experiences about it on the other hand. When those two things come together, it creates insights and generates a lot of energy. This fusion of knowledge and experience creates a moment of real understanding and is an opportunity of being in the moment. It was like Heaven, manifested in the Outer Plane world.

Heaven moments don’t have to be the moments during meditations or special occasions, but should be possible at every moment in our life, when understanding and being become totally integrated.



February 24, 2010


What it is to be a Heaven Agent.


When I started to follow webinars with Sherry, I heard that she called people who were attending, Heaven Agents. I skipped that term because I was just Hilde who was trying to evolve and trying to do good in the world. It felt rather strange to be called otherwise. Maybe that was for other people but not for me. So it took a lot of time to find out what it really meant for me to be a Heaven Agent. 


It was difficult for me to express for myself what it really is, to be a Heaven Agent. There are many topics to describe but I think that an important issue is the will to do no harm and I mean absolutely no harm, and to hold the line for Heaven. Of course, I dreamed of a world that is pure Heaven! The idea of doing no harm seems to be evident.


I started to act and think in that way, at least I tried. Regarding to people who are friends and who respect me as who I am, I took a good start. It is rather easy to think and act in a harmless way with nice people. But what regarding people who harmed my feelings, who deliberately opposed me? I tried to detect when I missed my goal, while I was talking or thinking about people in a way that I knew wasn’t always fair. I learned to feel when my thoughts and words went in a wrong direction. It was as if an Inner Helper told me when I was off track. Step by step I learned to cope with bad feelings toward some people and learned to stop those thoughts. 


In our culture there are so many habits of harming others, that it is a long process to learn how to deal with that. Just saying to myself to hold the line for Heaven is a big help. When I feel that a situation becomes risky for doing harm, I repeat for myself to do no harm and to hold the line for Heaven, and this helps a lot. Asking to Dream Heaven to not create any more negativity is a big help too. It creates a feeling of freedom because I don’t have to deal anymore with the consequences of harming others.  


It would be great if anyone else would try this out. Our world would be much closer to Heaven.



January 10, 2010


Who will change the world?


Since my first adolescent years, I noticed that a lot of people were not happy about their way of living. A discussion about the quality of their life, ended most of the time in: "Yes but who are we?  We cannot change the society.  It is the task of politicians to change the world."


This way of thinking haunted me and didn’t satisfy me, but I could think of no better answer myself. After some years, I answered to people who denied their own role in influencing society: "Well if we don’t start, who will?"  I felt a certain responsibility to do something about it, but still didn’t find a way to convince others to think in the same way.


Since I am a Heaven Agent I know that by changing myself, I can sure help to change the world. The Dream Heaven Command is a very important tool to do this. When you are in a difficult situation, you can ask for it to Dream Heaven. When you are causing trouble yourself, you can ask it to Dream Heaven too. When a discussion gets out of control, just ask it to Dream Heaven to get it right. It really helps! I noticed this several times, always with a slight surprise that it is working. 


The Eject Button is another Miracle that helps clearing the negativity that you created yourself. You can also ask Sherry to create a Eject Button Miracle for others, so we finally can stop a negative way of thinking and acting. If you feel yourself becoming bad tempered, Dream Heaven for the Eject Button, and it will help you.


We have to really believe in our possibility of bringing in changes in our environment and to stop negative mechanisms of acting. We have to trust in this amazing possibility.


And if we ourselves, and the people we know, and the people they know, really really want to live and think in this way, why shouldn’t we create a better world? Let’s do it now and take finally our responsibility to solve the big problems. Let us make space for Heaven. 



December 28, 2009


Finally Peace?


Some time ago, I heard Sherry speaking about the Eject Button. At that moment it seemed to me that this would be the solution to solve all the negative interrelations that exist on our planet. So I read thoroughly the whole explanation about the Eject Button Miracle in the Miracle Watch Update. I didn’t hesitate to ask for this Miracle, so that I could try this out and work with it.

When you notice that someone else is producing negative thoughts about himself or about others, you just feel that something isn’t right and you can see that people get stuck in this way of thinking. It is quiet easy to see this about other people, because you keep a certain safe distance to them, and if you are not involved yourself. But even if you suggest to them to see things in another way, it is not simple to stop this negative spiral of thinking or either acting. It is even dangerous to get in the middle of the negative way of thinking, even if you don’t want it yourself.

So, why wouldn’t I try this out for myself in the hope to stop producing any negative thoughts! When I asked for the first time the Eject Button Miracle to help me clear away all the negative energies I had created myself, well, it was quiet a confrontation! I want to be a ‘good’ person since I can remember, so the insight that I really had created negativity was a shock for me. In fact it was difficult to admit to myself on a very deep level, that I did make mistakes in the past, even if I didn’t want this to happen. And now, the Eject Button Miracle could help me to clear this away! Once I had asked for help, the feeling of shame about my past changed into a kind of relief. I was so happy about the fact that this Miracle can help to clean up the mess that I made for such a long time. I felt a kind of freedom coming back into my life.

The combination with the Dream Heaven Command, to stop producing any more negativity, is just amazing. I got tears in my eyes because this felt so good. This was the life  I was dreaming of.

The days after my first call upon this Miracle, I had so much energy! I enjoyed everything I had to do; I just enjoyed living in a very profound way.

I know that this is just the beginning of my experience with this Miracle, and I am looking forward to see the effects in my daily life and the effect on my environment on a longer term. At this moment I can only ask you: why not try it yourself? If a lot of people start using this miracle, there must come Peace in our world very soon, I am sure.



November 19, 2009

How I Discovered this Work


I discovered the website of the Heaven Project while I was looking for a fundamental and comprehensive concept that could help me in my personal evolution. I had some problems I wanted to solve. I found so many topics on the website that I decided to listen to some free broadcasts to know more about all this. I was struck by the many-sidedness of what Sherry was talking about. And that was what I was looking for.


When I was listening to free broadcasts, Sherry was talking about the negativity. I didn’t want to hear this, because I wanted to make progress and I only wanted to focus me on this progress. I had a friend with whom I could talk about this and she helped me to understand that this wouldn’t be such a problem. Sherry would help me to understand this. So Sherry taught me to recognize where and how the negativity blocked me in my personal evolution and I realized that I had to work with this and this would be an important opening in my evolution. 


In the same time, I discovered that everybody, including me, was connected with each other. So, if I would make progress, it would help others too. That was very important for me, because I wanted to help the world on a very fundamental level, but I didn’t know how I could do that. While working with Sherry, I discovered the way to deal with the negativity, to make wonderful progress in who I am and helping the world to become more and more Heaven.


I started to follow webinars because it felt good to do so, but it was difficult to understand what everybody was talking about. The other participants were sharing information about images they saw. But when I closed my eyes, I didn’t see ‘on my screen’ what others did. But step by step I learned that when you ask for information from the Source, you really can get the information! The information from the Source comes in by images that appear when you close your eyes, or also by physical feelings in your body. It was really strange and new for me that this was possible! And the first weeks that I was participating some webinars, I was hesitating to share those physical experiences and the images I saw because they were so different than what others got and I also didn’t understand what they meant. But when I started to give my information to Sherry, she gave me feedback about the meaning of them. A totally new world was opening for me. I also learned that everybody gets different information because we are all different in person. There is no competition included in getting your own information from the Source. That felt great and totally different than in daily life.





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