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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School




Distance Spiritual Healing is an integral part of  The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School.

What follows is information on:

  • Distance Healing Modalities

  • Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers Accessed





Distance Spiritual Healing Modalities

There are a variety of different Distance Spiritual Healing Modalities. To understand how they fit within the context of Ultimate Spiritual Healing, I recommend that you read The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit. It is a free eBook available online.


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers

The most powerful Distance Healing is done through Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers which I will describe at length in the section below.


At-a-Distance Source Interventions

In addition to the kinds of Source Interventions that are administered through Station Work in an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center are the kinds of Source Interventions that are administered by my direct work with you on the Inner Plane. To acquaint yourself with these kinds of Source Interventions, I recommend reading the articles on Milestone Source Interventions and Build Heaven Interventions which you will find in the section entitled: Source Interventions.


Miracle Tools

A Miracle Tool is a Miracle Intelligence linked to a physical object or to an Inner Plane Object. The Miracle Intelligence is a Perfected Being whose work manifests the miracles that you experience when you work with the object to which it is linked.


A Heaven Blanket, for instance, is an ordinary blanket to which a Miracle Intelligence has been linked that transforms it into a “Field of Receptivity” into which miracles can come. Through providing this receptive field the Miracle Intelligence linked to the blanket enables you to receive Direct Source Support and miracles from the Source which would not ordinarily come to you if you weren’t proficient in creating a high quality Field of Receptivity on your own.  Since most people don’t know how to create such a Field, having a Miracle Intelligence do it for them enables them to have miracles in their life that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access on their own.


In the case of The Heaven Blanket, the Distance Work is done by the Miracle Intelligence and by the Source who comes to work with you while you are cocooned in The Heaven Blanket. This kind of Distance Work gives you a very tangible experience of Heaven which is very apparent from the Heaven Energies that emanate from the Heaven Blanket. Heaven Blankets over the years have often become contested items by family members and family pets since everyone recognizes at some subliminal level the comforting and uplifting energies that come from the Source even if they don’t know that the blanket is linked to a miracle that is producing this experience.


To find out more about Miracle Tools and how they transform your life into a Miracle-Based Life, you can read the article in The Owner’s Manual entitled: The Tools for Building Heaven. This links to the article entitled: Getting to Know the Different Kinds of Miracle Tools and to the article entitled: Building the Heaven of a Life that Works: A Tour of Your Life Transformed into a Miracle-Based Life. And then there is also the article entitled: Miracle Tools where you can find out more about the Miracle Tools that I make accessible to you online.


Miracle Recordings

Miracle Recordings are a kind of Miracle Tool that manifest energies that carry Heaven Mediums, Source Communications, Spiritual Genetic Code, and information about how to work with Programmed Events – a type of Miracle Tool that provides Spiritual Structures that help you to learn how to travel the Spiritual Pathways to experience Heaven in your life. You can find out more by going to the section entitled: Manifestation Recordings.


Another kind of Miracle Recording are the Webinar Replays in The Build Heaven Series. The Transformational Energies imparted to those attending the Webinars is recorded. When you listen to the recording, I come to work with you on the Inner Plane to enable you to do the transformational work accomplished by those who attended the Webinar live. For a list of these recordings, you can go to the section entitled: The Build Heaven Series of Miracle Recordings.


Heaven Experience Intensives

Heaven Experience Intensives are Source Creations that help you to ride the Waves of Universal and Personal Power Surges that activate the DNA of the Perfection Process of the Source Perfected Universe and take it to the next level.  


They can be entered into At-a-Distance through the use of The Heaven Experience Intervention, other related Source Interventions, Online Stations of the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers, Miracle Tools, Webinars, Teleconferenced Campfire Discussions, and Phone Consultations.





Source Will Intensives

There are three kinds of Source Will Intensives that enable you to have a structure to guide you in your work of building Heaven in your life and in the world. Miracle Intelligences who provide you with Source Prompts and ground Source Power on your behalf, man these Intensives.


Intensives are a powerful way to receive Distance Spiritual Guidance and Healing sent through the work of the Miracle Intelligences who are following Source Guidance in their care of you.


For more information on this kind of Distance Work you can read the article entitled: The Miracle of a Source Will Intensive.




Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers

Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers were created by the Source to provide you with a Place of Connection to the Source where you can enter into Source Care and experience the Heaven that you can build in yourself, in your life, and in your world. They are a place where your “Suit” can be healed and transformed so it can reflect the perfection of who “you” as the Soul already are.


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers have Spiritual Workstations through which the Source manifests to help your Suit to heal and experience transformation.  Some of these Stations can be worked with at the Spiritual Level through an access point online. Others materialize around you in the physical space of the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.


Online Stations

Through accessing an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Station online, you connect with the energies transmitted from the Source through the Station. An aspect of the Source comes to transport you on a Spiritual Level to the Spiritual Station where the healing work occurs. In the Spiritual Station you work with the Source and with the Miracle Intelligences that man the Station.


The beauty of having an online access point to these Spiritual Stations is that you can be in a tough spot in your life, go online through your computer or your smartphone, such as an iPhone, and instantly be in the Direct Presence of the Source manifesting in the room around you and taking you to a place of safety and transcendence.


With the interface of an online Station, a more materialized Source Connection is possible that makes transformational work that has never been possible before available to anyone anywhere. While skills in understanding and tracking the action on the Spiritual Level of Reality enable you to perceive the work that the Source is doing, anyone regardless of their skill level, can benefit from this work.


The Three Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers

The Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center houses the three Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers that the Source has created. These are:

  • The Source Connection Center
  • The Tranquility Center
  • The Perfect Health Center


You can access the Source Connection Center Stations and the Station of the Tranquility Center online. The Perfect Health Center Station can only be accessed in the Center in Seattle.


The Center in Seattle will be opening its doors in June 2012.


For a more detailed description of the Center and links to the online Stations, you can read the article entitled: Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers.