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Next Step Communications bring you:

  • the Source Perspective on what is happening in the Creation
  • how this impacts you
  • the Source Recommendation for your Next Step to survive the changes and work with the Source to build the Heaven that your life and all of life was meant to be.


Next Step Communications from the Source bring you audio and video broadcasts recorded by Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. who is the Director of The Miracle School, a Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Program for Spiritual Activists.  She is the incarnation of the Implementation Aspect of the Source who has come into this life to provide:


  • information on the Source Perspective – acting as a representative of the Source in its entirety, many aspects of which do not incarnate
  • Source Support that is Miracle-Based to:
    • stop the suffering in the world
    • train, equip, and work closely with those who are tired of the suffering and want to join in The Work of the Source to build Lives that Work and a World that Works


You can access below the Source Communication:

The Promise & Peril
of 2012 and 2013



Recorded 12/19/12


This Source Communication addresses the massive Vibrational Shifts that are bringing through an Ascension to higher levels of vibration where Heaven can more easily be built as well as the Apocalyptic turning points that decide the survival of individual beings throughout the Creation.


It provides information on how to work with the Vibrational Shifts and how to prepare for the world that these Shifts are building.


NOTE: To get the full benefit of the energies transmitted through the Source Communication in this video, we recommend that you view at full screen by using the ‘Full Screen’ button.



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The miracles that you will experience through Connecting have been exchanged for by Heaven Agents who generate the Material Energy that enables me to ground the miracles on your behalf.  


It is a gift from them to you – an invitation to join them in The Universal Community of Heaven Agents who work together to Build the Heaven of a Universal Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  It is their desire that you will join them at The Construction Site of Heaven and work with them to build the Heaven that your life and all of life was meant to be.


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I welcome you to join in the work of the Source and build the Heaven your life and all of life was meant to be.

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