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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to understand how to access the miracle of this website, which was created by the Source to provide you with:

  • Inner Plane Source Guidance that enables you to find the miracles of understanding and transformation that the Source manifests for you individually as you follow the Miracle-Based Adventure that unfolds as you explore the website
  • an opportunity to enter into an Immersion Experience which will help you to experience the Intelligence of the Source that manifests throughout the website.  Through experiencing the Intelligence of the Source and receiving the individualized Source Guidance sent directly to you through my photo and through the audios, videos, and articles on the website, you can develop the Direct Source Connection which is essential to becoming sustainable in The Transition as well as the key that unlocks the door to the miracle of The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be.


For an overview of the different resources available, you can reference the Directory below.




This article predates the history changing event of the early departure of the Implementation Aspect from The Manifest World to the Lower Level of The Source Level, which is also known as The Unmanifest World. By the intercession of The Core Decision Making Aspect of the Source, this did not result in the end of The Transition when all beings would have had to have a 100% Source Connection in order to retain their Source Connection. This move has bought time for beings to get to the 100% Source Connection that will preserve their Source Connection before the end of The Transition.  The end of The Transition occurs when the Source moves from the Lower Level to the Upper Level of The Source Level. It is anticipated that this will occur by 2045 if not before.


The materials on the website that predate the May 2023 departure of the Implementation Aspect contain valuable information that is still relevant to Heaven Agents. Keep in mind as you work with them that they will reference a time when the Implementation Aspect was still present in The Manifest World.


For more information on the departure and what it means to Heaven Agents working with the Source who is now located at The Source Level and not The Manifest World, I recommend that you access the following resources.


There are also articles about it in The Source News Hub. 


If you sign up for a Gifted Membership in Connecting, you will gain access to:


If you sign up for The Correct Exchange Project, you can work with the Source to prepare to access the cutting edge work on manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance and preparing for the end of The Transition. To learn about and Sign Up for The Correct Exchange Project you can go to the video series: The Miracle of Total Abundance.


How to Work with the Website as a Miracle Tool 

When you come to work with the materials of The Miracle School website, I create for you a Miracle-Based Adventure that enables you to go on a Journey of Discovery. This is a Source-Guided Journey of Discovery that enables you to discover the Source Communications that help you to take your Next Step on your Path to Total Abundance.  You might feel drawn to a particular part of the site and start reading an article or watching a video and be drawn to a particular message that emerges from the materials you are studying.  When this message lights up, you can pause and reflect on what the Source is communicating to you about your Next Step.


Through understanding how to work with a Source-Guided Adventure on the Outer Plane, through this website, you will be better prepared to follow the Source-Guided Adventure of your Life that manifests the Source-Given clues that guide you to each milestone of your Life Adventure.


If you view the website as a whole as a Gifted Introductory Source-Directed Activism Training, with the materials as part of the curriculum, and you spend thoughtful and meaningful time here getting to know the Source, the way that the Source sees the state of the world, and the way in which the Source is responding to the problems of the world as well as to the potential of the world to set the stage for The Heaven Experience, then your experiences here will be transformative.


This website is a Miracle Tool infused with the miracles that enable you to come here to have Time with the Source and discover The Miracle of Life. Those who reconnect with the Miracle of who they really are as a unique Perfected Spiritual Intelligence and the Miracle that lies latent within all of Life are those who will become Stewards of Life, capable of shouldering the work of sustaining Life in the Creation after the end of The Transition.


I recommend that you watch the video on Awakening and Establishing a Direct Source Connection in order to get further insights into how to work with the materials available on the website.


For a more in-depth understanding of how to follow a Miracle-Based Adventure, I recommend that you watch the two videos that will prepare you to understand the nature of Source-Created Solutions and how to find the ones that are most needed by you and others. I have provided the videos below.  They are designed to help you to find the miracles that you need in The Source Solution Miracle Hub. They also contain basic information on Source Solution Miracles and how to work with a Miracle-Based Adventure that will enable you to work with the website as a Miracle Tool.  


For a general education on the kinds of Source Solution Miracles the Source creates and how they enable you to have a Miracle-Based Way of Life, you can go to:



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Miracle-Based Source Solutions:
The Building Blocks of
The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be

The best way to understand the Miracle of a Source-Created Solution is to begin by watching the video below.  This will introduce to what a Source-Created Solution is and how it differs from a Self-Created Solution.  It will also provide you with information on how to work effectively with a Source Solution Miracle.



NOTE: To get the full benefit of the energies transmitted through the Source Communication in this video, I recommend that you view at full screen by using the ‘Full Screen’ button.











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How to Embark on a Miracle-Based Adventure
to Find and Work with Miracle-Based Solutions
for Yourself and Others


This video shows you how to understand the resources in The Source Solution Miracle Hub to find and work with the Miracle-Based Source Solutions that the Source creates for you.






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 How to Explore the Website


The Miracle School Directory

The Miracle School Directory provides links to the major parts of the website which give you access to the nested materials in each location. You can access this Directory at the bottom of every page.


An abbreviated version of the Directory is available at the top of every page.

Search Bars 

In the directories at the top and bottom of very page there is a Search Bar that will access everything on the website as well as Source Solution Miracles. There is a separate Search Bar in The Source Solution Miracle Hub that focuses exclusively on Source Solution Miracles.



Because there are concentrated energies that build when all of the material on a particular topic is put in one place on the website, I have constructed internal navigation for scrolling pages that keep you in the Spiritual Space and enable you to explore the basic materials that you need to access there. While there are links there that take you to other parts of the website, the energy in that location is helpful to the kind of Journey of Discovery that you can have in that location.


You can reference the Footer Directory to navigate to other parts of the website.


An Introduction to this Work

A First Step is to go to the Homepage where you will find links that link you to introductory materials as well as introduce you to the scope of The Work of the Source. 


The Universal Heaven Project

For an outline of the 5 Heaven Projects that are subsets of The Universal Heaven Project, you can go to: The Universal Heaven Project.


Source Solution Miracles

If you go to The Source Solution Miracle Hub, you can explore the Source Solution Miracles that the Source has created as well as find out about the Source-Directed Projects and Campaigns.



Critical Campaigns of The Total Abundance Movement that Need Your Support

Critical Campaigns put you on the forefront of the work to provide the support needed to advance the work on The Global Prototype for Total Abundance.


To Learn about the Experiences of Heaven Agents you can go to:

The Universal Community Hub


Access to Gifted Miracle-Based Training

Members of Connecting, can access a more powerful array of Miracle-Based Videos, Audios, and Articles.  These materials require some energy support from other Heaven Agents to make them available to you with the kind of power that is needed for them to provide you with a higher level of Miracle-Based Training than is available through other materials on the website. I explain this gift from The Universal Heaven Agent Network in the section below.


A Gift from
The Universal Heaven Agent Network

To receive Source Support in learning how to participate in The Work of the Source, sign up for Connecting by filling in the form below.  


The miracles that you will experience through Connecting have been exchanged for by Heaven Agents who generate the Material Energy that enables me to ground the miracles on your behalf. The miracles themselves are freely given by the Source.  What is needed is the Material Energy that enables them to reach you at your level of materiality.


It is a gift from them to you – an invitation to join them in the work to Build the Heaven of a Universal Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  It is their desire that you will join them in The Universal Heaven Project and work with them to build the Heaven that your life and all of life was meant to be.

To Sign Up for Connecting, you can access the form provided below.



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 How to Awaken & Establish a Direct Source Connection

This video gives you information about how to work with the website as a Miracle Tool for both Awakening your ability to perceive the Presence of the Source and establishing the Direct Source Connection that is needed to preserve your Source Connection in The Transition and enjoy the miracle of a Life that is Heaven. 




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Connecting Sign Up

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Manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance 


Sign up for Connecting receive updates on manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance as well as on all of the Source-Directed, Spiritual Activism Projects and Campaigns that are a part of it. You will also gain access to Gifted Miracle-Based Training Materials that help you learn how to become a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist.


Connecting is your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness.


When you sign up for Connecting you will be given access to:

  • Information on Manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance – through emailed Source News Updates
  • Information on other Source-Directed Spiritual Activism Projects that provide Miracle-Based Source Solutions for the problems that you face individually and the problems that are faced by the Global and Universal Community
  • Audios and Videos from Next Step Communications from the Source that provide you with the Source Perspective on the history of the Creation, on the state of the world, and on the Source Plan for stopping the suffering and manifesting a Life that is Heaven for all beings
  • Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts that give you an opportunity to observe Heaven Agents working with the Source on Source-Directed Projects
  • Journey of Discovery audios, videos, articles, Miracle Tools, and Miracle Recordings that provide you with an experiential understanding of how the 14 Prototype Communities achieved a Miracle-Based Way of Life that, to this day, provides them with Total Abundance, Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and Perfect Health
  • Emailed Source News Updates on The Work of the Source that keep you abreast of the Source-Directed Spiritual Activism that is making it possible for you and all others to have a chance to have a Life that is Heaven - Heaven being the highest level of happiness that is possible for you.

These Source-Designed Spiritual Activism Training Materials are gifted to you by The Universal Heaven Agent Network that supplies the Material Energy to ground the miracles that enable you to experience this kind of Transformational Training.  It is their invitation to you to join them in the work of building the Heaven of a Love-Based Universal Miracle-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.


Once you submit the form, you will be sent an email that will enable you to set your password so that you can gain access to all of the gfited videos and other Training Materials of Connecting.


Be on the lookout for this email.


Once you set your password, you will be given a link to all of these materials. 


I welcome you to The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in the world.



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