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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about The Eliminating Negativity Prototype, request the Conscious Range Download of the Prototype, and receive training in how to work with it.


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The Eliminating Negativity Prototype


The Goal of the Project

This Project has been created to help you bring into focus how to work with the ground breaking Eliminating Negativity Prototype.  


The Source Perspective

This Prototype sends you The Source Perspective on what is standing in the way of sustainability and putting you and others at risk during the challenging times of The Transition.  Sustainability can only occur when the Suits are evolving rapidly toward reaching a 100% Source Connection and developing the Total Abundance Way of Life that is necessary to help them to get there. Anything that is obstructive, even if it seems of little consequence, is a security risk that this Prototype works with you to eliminate.


Tactical Strategy Prompts

This Prototype prompts you to understand the Source-Given Miracles that you have available to you to counteract negativity in your own Suit and in the world around you. For instance, The Heaven Ray emits Source Love that melts away what is negative without harming anything that is Source-Created. This Ray can be utilized by beings of all ages to purify their Suits and protect themselves from the attacks of the Negativity – a well organized group of criminally minded beings who have lost their Source Connection and prey on those who still have the Life Energies given by the Source that come through their Source Connection.  


Team Work

This Prototype helps to coordinate the Team Work that is essential to eliminating direct attacks by the Negativity or indirect attacks by the Negativity working through a Suit that has become countermanned by them.  


At the very least the Team Work is the Source and the Heaven Agent.  In some instances, the Team Work may involve other Heaven Agents who have Miracle-Based Abilities that are needed for the work.  Often the Heaven Ray will free even hard core Hell Agents of their desire to drive their Death and Destruction Agendas and then I can move in to talk with them on the Inner Plane and help them to see the importance of giving up their Harvesting Operation that damages them and their victims. I can then encourage them to work with the Source to manifest Total Abundance for all. Through their work to support The Total Abundance Support System, they receive Source Energies that they no longer feel they need to steal from the victims of their Harvesting Operation.  Some truly remarkable episodes with the Negativity have occurred since the advent of this Prototype. 

For years I have watched beings act like a deer caught in the headlights and not be able to use their Heaven Agent skills or Miracle Tools to counteract many of the attacks of the Negativity.  A major turnaround has been observed in those who have received this Prototype. They are tackling major forces of the Negativity and bringing about a complete resolution of hostility.  While this takes Team Work in which I am involved, the role that Heaven Agents play with their Heaven Rays and Miracle-Based Abilities has been of great importance.
I am truly encouraged by the power that this Prototype is giving to Heaven Agents to rally in support of The Work of the Source to help them build a sustainable Total Abundance Way of Life.  I have never seen Suits without prior training who have performed with such skill and such effectiveness.  This is truly a miracle of great magnitude.


Gifted Training

To grasp the breadth and depth of the spiritual context in which this Project is set, it is best to take The Gifted Total Abundance Training.


The Gifted Total Abundance Training

This Gifted Training gives you an extensive introduction to The Source Perspective on Total Abundance and The Total Abundance Movement through videos, audios, and articles.


It also provides information on how you can join The Total Abundance Movement by getting Trained & Equipped to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist.


To access this The Gifted Total Abundance Training, you can go to:



Overview Videos on Total Abundance

The Miracle of Total Abundance: The Source-Created Alternative to The Rising Culture of Hate in America


The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project



Getting Trained & Equipped
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Contributing to the Project 

How to Contribute to the Work 










How to Stay Abreast of the Work on
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