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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

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Founder of The Miracle School




This is the place where you can come to learn how to work with Source Level Total Abundance Prototypes – a new kind of Prototype that is accelerating the work of transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life.


The Overview of the Workstation


The Project Overview

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The Project Overview

The Total Abundance Prototype Project is focused on both making available Source Level Spiritual Prototypes and providing the training that will enable Heaven Agents to develop Heaven Agent Level Spiritual Prototypes that will help all beings who are working to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in their lives and in the world.


Source Level Prototypes are a new Source Creation that is providing Heaven Agents with a kind of Prototype that greatly accelerates their ability to develop the Heaven Agent Skill Sets that are needed to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life.  Heaven Agents working with this new kind of Prototype have produced stellar Heaven Agent Work that far surpasses what they have been able to accomplish previously.  This kind of Prototype is the hope for the future.  It will help countless beings to survive the challenging stages of The Transition and begin to build with the Source the Source-Connected Way of Life that yields the Heaven of Total Abundance.


To understand this kind of Prototype, I’ll begin with providing information on Spiritual Prototypes in general.



Spiritual Prototypes

A Spiritual Prototype is a Source Creation that provides the Suit with information on how to carry out complex Heaven Agent Work to build a Source-Connected Way of Life that yields the Heaven of Total Abundance. The information of the Prototype is transmitted through Spiritual Code which can be decoded by certain aspects of the Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit.


Primary Code

Primary Code carries the essential information for how to perform a series of tasks. It is like the manual for how to accomplish a task in the real world.  This manual is designed to be read by the Miracle Intelligence of your Suit that is responsible for helping your Suit to evolve to its full potential. The Miracle Intelligence then conveys the information to your Inner Intelligence which conveys it to whatever level of consciousness is in need of the information.  Some of the information might be intended exclusively for your Extended Range, which is generally outside of your conscious awareness, and other information can inform both your Extended Range and your Conscious Range.


Secondary Code

Secondary Code contains information that enables the Suit to learn what it feels like to use Primary Code in real life circumstances. 


Secondary Code can be read by the Left Brain and passed into the Conscious Range fairly easily.


The Integrated Experience of Working with a Spiritual Prototype

Working with the entire Spiritual Prototype which carries both Primary and Secondary Code is similar to reading a manual about how to work with an appliance and also being able to read the accounts of others working with the manual and the appliance and adding in more information about their experiences of getting the appliance to work and enjoying having a working appliance.


Suits can learn much more easily when they have both the manual and some practical knowledge of how things will play out in the real world when they are applying the principles they learn from the manual. This is how Suits are accustomed to learning in the socialization process and how they were designed to learn from Source-Given Prototypes.


While the parts of the Suit that are reading the manual and working with the information about what it is like to work with the Prototype in real life are initially outside the Conscious Range of the Suit, they percolate their understandings into the Conscious Range if the Conscious Range is needed to perform part of the work connected with the implementation of the Prototype.



Types of Spiritual Prototypes

Source Level Prototypes & Heaven Agent Level Prototypes

Source Level Prototypes are created at the Source Level and contain Custom Primary and Secondary Code.  Custom Code is Code that is created for a particular individual and is unique to them.


This is in contrast to Heaven Agent Level Prototypes which transmit Generic Primary Code that is helpful to all Heaven Agents but does not answer to the unique needs of any individual Heaven Agent. They also contain General Secondary Code based on the experiences of the Heaven Agents who contributed to the Prototype. These experiences may or may not be totally relevant to a particular individual Heaven Agent and their life circumstances.  


Custom Code makes a Source Level Prototype completely compatible with the nature and needs of a Suit.  It can, therefore, be immediately drawn upon by the Suit to inform Source-Directed Action.  


In the case of Source Level Prototypes, the Secondary Code is based on perfect understandings generated at the Source Level for how a particular Heaven Agent would feel about working with Primary Code and experiencing the life possibilities that arise from it.  Because it is not generated from the life experiences of Heaven Agents, it can be customized to reflect the particular issues that an individual Heaven Agent will face in terms of learning how to work with the Code and enjoying the miracles of Heaven that the Code enables the Heaven Agent to help to bring into full manifest form.


Source Level Prototypes eliminate some of the stumbling blocks that occur when Heaven Agents are given Generic Primary Code for how to do a task and General Secondary Code generated by beings whose life experiences may or may not be very similar.


While the 14 Prototype Communities were successfully launched with Heaven Agent Level Prototypes with Generic Primary Code and General Secondary Code generated from the first Prototype Community, it took over 20 years for them to work from this kind of Prototype to begin to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life. 


While Heaven Agent Level Prototypes are an essential part of The Source Plan for helping all Heaven Agents to evolve, they take years to develop.  Since the Standard for Survival of the upcoming stages of The Transition now requires that beings evolve much faster, Source Level Prototypes will provide the Suit with perfect Prototypes that enable the Suit to accelerate their learning process and achieve an optimal level of functioning. From this optimal level of performing will come Heaven Agent Level Prototypes that will be of a higher calibre and will complete the picture of what is needed for Secondary Code.



The Spiritual Equipment Needed to
Work with Spiritual Prototypes

While Heaven Agent Level Prototypes do not require any Spiritual Equipment other than the equipment that is natural to the Suit, Source Level Prototypes do require special equipment. The Spiritual Equipment that is needed is The Total Abundance Mindset


The Total Abundance Mindset consists of an Inner Plane structure with over 600 Energy Pathways in which Source Level Prototypes can land, travel to ignite, and become fully active in the Suit. 


The Two Levels of The Total Abundance Mindset 

The Gifted Heaven Phase Total Abundance Mindset 

The Gifted Heaven Phase Total Abundance Mindset is equipped to process the Gifted Heaven Phase Total Abundance Prototypes. All beings willing to receive these two forms of Source Support, have received them already or can request them from the Source. [Note: Since The Heaven Phase is no longer in existence, Heaven Phase miracles such as this Mindset, can be delivered using Source Will Interventions.]


Heaven Phase Prototypes are designed to inform the Extended Range of Consciousness in the Suit and reach it very effectively. This empowers the Extended Range to immediately take action based on the understandings provided by the Prototype.  


The Conscious Range Total Abundance Mindset 

The Conscious Range Total Abundance Mindset has a more materialized type of Inner Plane structure. It is needed to process the more materialized Conscious Range Prototypes that land first in the Pathways of the Mindset and are then sent to The Total Abundance Training Center in the Left Brain. The Left Brain then seeds the information to the subliminal level of the Conscious Range and provides detailed information to the conscious mind as it works with Source Workflow Trainings or individualized Miracle-Based Coaching designed to educate the Suit about how to work with the Prototype.


While it is possible for the Conscious Range to focus on what the Extended Range is understanding and doing in its Heaven Agent Work with a Prototype, this takes skill and a removal of the blockades put in The Continuum of Consciousness by the human socialization process. 


On the Earth, humans have largely lost their capacity to access the information from their Extended Range in their Conscious Range. Beings outside of the Earth Plane are less impaired and can usually see the entire Continuum of Consciousness from the Extended Range to the Conscious Range without difficulty.  For them the Heaven Phase version of a Prototype is adequate to inform their Conscious Range. For humans, a more materialized version of a Prototype has to be downloaded into The Total Abundance Mindset and processed there and sent over to The Total Abundance Training Center in the Left Brain if the conscious mind is to benefit from the Prototype.


The more materialized Total Abundance Mindset requires Material Energy to ground.  For information on the Correct Exchange, you can refer to:



A More In-Depth Look at the Training Needed to Work with Source Level Prototypes


The Extended Range Prototype 

The Extended Range Prototype communicates to the Extended Range of the Suit what it needs to know to do complex Heaven Agent Work.  The Extended Range of the Suit can spring into action even if the Conscious Range of the Suit has no knowledge of the complexity of the Heaven Agent Work that the Extended Range is performing.  The Extended Range doesn't need training. It needs the Code of the Prototype in order to carry out its tasks.



The Conscious Range Prototype

Conscious Range Prototypes require Material Energy to ground. Only then can the Conscious Range Download of a Prototype be sent into The Total Abundance Mindset and then into The Total Abundance Training Center in the Left Brain.  


The Conscious Range Prototype is designed to be activated on two levels.


The Expanded Awareness Activation

The Left Brain accesses information from the Prototype from within The Total Abundance Training Center to expand the range of awareness of the Suit. This enables the Suit to pick up on intuitive prompts from the Prototype that enable it to know how to carry out its Mission on the Outer Plane.


For example, the Extended Range of the Suit might need the Suit to be in a certain location on the Outer Plane at a certain time in order for it to do its Mission. The Expanded Awareness Activation would enable the Left Brain to direct the Suit to the location and guide it to be quiet and attentive even if the conscious mind of the Suit is not aware of the Mission of the Extended Range.  


In order for the Left Brain to use the Download of the Prototype to guide the Suit with specific information about the Conscious Range Mission Work that is needed, the Suit would need to train in its Conscious Range to recognize the basic elements of the Prototype and practice working with them so that when a Mission is needed, it can function in its Conscious Range to perform more complex levels of the Mission.


Conscious Range Training for the Suit includes the following forms of Source Workflow Trainings.


The Conscious Range Activation

The Prototype also activates fully in the Conscious Range when a Heaven Agent works with a Source Workflow Training. There are many different types of Source Workflow Trainings. All of them require Material Energy to ground the miracle of the Code transmitted during the Training.  This Code carries individualized coaching instructions for how a Heaven Agent can operationalize their work with specific aspects of the Prototype.  


For instance, if a Written Source Workflow Training provides information on how Heaven Agents use the Heaven Ray to dissolve negative energies, the Code transmitted in a Source Workflow Training will contain the specific instructions for the Suit of the Heaven Agent working with the Training about how to work with the Heaven Ray. This provides the missing piece of information that the Suit needs to become immediately effective in working with a new Miracle Tool or Skill Set.  


Some Trainings may be gifted by The Universal Heaven Agent Network who supplies the Material Energy.  Others will require a financial exchange from the Heaven Agent who receives the training.


Video Trainings

Video Trainings illustrate key concepts that help the Suit to recognize more readily the prompts of the Prototype. Visual and auditory input helps the Suit to integrate the information on multiple levels of consciousness.


Written Source Workflow Training Sessions

Written Source Workflow Training Sessions provide an account of a Session that I had with one or more Heaven Agents who were working with a Prototype. These Sessions illustrate important points about how to work with different aspects of the Prototype. The Code transmitted in the Training individualizes the Training for those working with the report on the Session.


Recorded Expeditions into The Perfected Total Abundance Reality

Recorded Source Workflow Trainings of Guided Expeditions into The Perfected Total Abundance Reality illustrate how to work with the Prototype to do complex Heaven Agent Work that can not be done safely outside of this Perfected Reality.  Work of this sort is life altering and one of the most profound levels of work with a Prototype.  The Code transmitted by one of these Trainings is very powerful.


Live Guided Expeditions 

In-Person Guided Expeditions are available to those working with me in a Coaching Program who also have an Online Source Reality Station and are maintaining a 9.0 Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy. 


Advanced Inner Plane Guided Expeditions into The Perfected Total Abundance Reality 

Students who wish to request an Inner Plane Guided Expedition can embark on the Expedition with my Inner Plane Guidance and then report in on their experiences in their Online Source Reality Station.  This gives Heaven Agents a chance to practice doing the kind of Solo Expeditions that they will need to be able to do when I am no longer providing Outer Plane Coaching Support. 


Miracle-Based Coaching

Since the advent of the Gifted Total Abundance Intensive, I have generated new levels of Miracle-Based Coaching for this Intensive that will help you work with the Prototypes.


To access information on these new levels and the new Total Abundance Miracles that are adding exponentially to the power of Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to:  




Source Workflow Trainings for Specific Prototypes

To access information on the types of training that have been developed to date for specific Prototypes, you can reference the section below on Source Support for the Project.




Prototype Subset Projects & Special Request Prototypes

There are 2 foundational level Prototypes that have been established as of February 26, 2018 as online subset Projects of The Total Abundance Prototype Project.  


There is an infinite number of Total Abundance Prototypes that can be created. Many are for unique needs that individual Heaven Agents have to fulfill their Mission in life and learn how to Steward the Miracle of Life.  I am giving these Total Abundance Prototypes to beings as needed through Heaven Phase Technology.  


I am also beginning to bring through the miracle of Conscious Range Downloads for many of them.  There will be many Prototypes available for which I will not establish online Projects but which will be available when individual Heaven Agents in the Coaching Program require them.


If you feel that you have a need for a particular ability or think of a Prototype that would be helpful to others, you can contact me to inquire about whether a Source Level Prototype can be created for this need. To contact me you can fill out a Gifted Prototype Assessment Form and I will email you with information about whether there is an existing Prototype that will meet the need or if there is a Prototype that can be created. 


You can request a Gifted Prototype Assessment by accessing the link provided below.




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Source Support for the Project


How to Receive a Source Level Prototype

Gifted Heaven Phase Prototypes that are sent to your Extended Range of Consciousness are given to anyone who asks to receive them.  All you have to do to ask is to request that your Inner Intelligence receive this Gift from the Source. The Prototypes will immediately come into your Extended Range and begin empowering it to do the Heaven Agent Work that the Code for the Prototype enables the Suit to perform.


Conscious Range Prototypes are more materialized and require Material Energy in order to deliver the miracle of the Conscious Range Download to you.  Information on how to receive Conscious Range Prototypes is given in the Directory for each of the Prototypes that are listed there.



The Directory of Source Level Prototypes

This Directory will take you to descriptions of the Prototypes and information on the Source Workflow Trainings that have been developed to date.  Since these Prototypes have just come in during February 2018, the Trainings are just in the process of being created.  


The Source-Directed Activism Prototype

The Eliminating Negativity Prototype



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Source News Reports on the Project

February 25, 2018


Source Level Prototypes have been developed to help beings survive the challenges of the March 10, 2018 Transition. They have resulted in the most amazing Heaven Agent Work that I have seen beginning level Heaven Agents do since the beginning of the Creation.  They help Suits evolve more rapidly so that through contributing to The Total Abundance Support System they can achieve the Standards for the upcoming stages of The Transition.


The Source Support that is currently available consists of the Heaven Phase Prototypes and the Conscious Range Prototypes themselves. Source Workflow Trainings are being developed and will be posted on the pages devoted to each Prototype. 


Learning about these Prototypes is critical to enabling your Suit to work with them more effectively in your Conscious Range.  Reading about them and taking the Source Workflow Trainings and working with individualized Miracle-Based Coaching is how you can help your Suit to prepare for the challenges of The Transition and progress more rapidly on your Path to Total Abundance.



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