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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about how to transition out of the Greed and Fear-Based Hell Economy that is driven by competition and engenders cruelty and lovelessness into the Right Action, Love-Based Heaven Economy that is based on Source-Guided interactions that nurture every life within the Community and build toward Total Abundance for all.


Since the transition into a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life must begin with correcting the negativity that has blighted the way that beings deal with their basic survival and achievement motivations that center around their economic activities, The Heaven Economy Project is central to building the foundation for manifesting The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be.


The Scope of the Project


What Is The Heaven Economy?

Many spiritual traditions create a strict line separating out what they consider to be sacred from the secular activities of the marketplace.  Those who are spiritual often take vows of poverty and world renunciation to prove that they are not pursuing their self interests in the marketplace.  While they may stay out of the marketplace, they have had very little impact on it and it has remained a ruthless, dog-eat-dog environment.


Other spiritually minded people use spiritual technologies such as prayer, The Law of Attraction, or Creative Visualization to try to succeed in the marketplace.  Many believe that the money they earn can be used for their own benefit and to benefit society.  While their economic activities may be guided by ethics that preclude exploitation of others and the selfish accumulation of wealth for its own sake, they have had little impact on the general tenor of exploitation and ruthlessness that still dominates the current economic system.


The fact of the matter is that none of these approaches has ever transformed the economic system of the world community which continues to be what the Source calls, The Hell Economy, in the sense that it engenders the Hell of suffering.  


The Hell Economy

In The Hell Economy less than 1% of the population owns most of the wealth.  A large percentage of the population lives in abject poverty without the basic necessities of life. 


Most people work at jobs that they would not choose to be doing if they didn’t have to earn money to survive in the cash economy.  Even those who have trained for a chosen profession often feel overworked and ground down by the stress of performing. They long for the weekend and for their vacation time and ultimately for their retirement.


Most people spend most of the hours of their day on the job or commuting to and from the job. They come home spent and unable to feel inspired to be creative or even to enjoy the time they have with their family.  They often park themselves in front of the TV, drink alcohol or take drugs, and pop anti-depressants to try to escape from the accumulated stress of not having enough time to process their emotions or feel fulfilled. As years go by,  the sense of meaninglessness mounts even if they are making a lot of money and supposedly having “The Good Life”.


The meaninglessness is a nagging feeling that they came into their life to do much more than just fill a role in the social order.  They are aware that their social value is often based on the work that they do and when they can no longer work, their social value will decline.  Others will assume whatever level of power or authority they might have had as a breadwinner or the person that was valued on the job.


Many people when they are crossing over at death lament to the Source that they wasted most of the years of their life working at jobs that added up to nothing in the end.  Whatever status or wealth they achieved is gone as they leave the social context of their life at death. They realize that they never took the time to figure out who they were as a being and why they had chosen to come into their incarnation.  As a result they lost the opportunity to fulfill their life purpose and arrive spiritually bankrupt at the other end of their lifetime.


The Heaven Economy

This kind of scenario doesn’t happen in The Heaven Economy.  The Heaven Economy is based on each person coming to terms with who they are as a unique Spiritual Being, what their Mission is in this life, and then working with the Source to follow a path to fulfill this Mission.  Part of this Path is turning their work hours into an important contribution to building the Heaven of a meaningful economic system that enables all of the participants to fulfill their life purpose while also securing what they need to experience true abundance.


Instead of earning money doing a job that has nothing to do with their life purpose, they begin to develop their Miracle-Based Abilities and get equipped to earn income building the unique aspect of Heaven that they alone can build in the world.


While they may have to continue working their current job until they have developed a Heaven Economy job that will provide for their material needs, they begin augmenting their income by their work in The Heaven Economy.  When they have fully established their Heaven Economy job, they can free themselves from their former job and transition completely into The Heaven Economy job that they have created for themselves.


In other cases, a person may be in a job that is in alignment with their Mission in life and the work they do is to follow Source Guidance with regard to how to perform this job in a way that enables them to strengthen their Source Connection and fulfill their life purpose.


In both instances, those working in The Heaven Economy get back on track with their Mission in the economic arena and begin using their work hours to build Heaven in their personal lives and in the world.



The Two Stages of The Heaven Economy 

Stage One – Building Heaven in the Cash Economy

In the Cash Economy Stage, Heaven Agents transition out of the energy field of The Hell Economy into the energy field of The Heaven Economy. This transition is achieved when they shift out of the Brute Force Mode of The Hell Economy into the Materialization Mode of The Heaven Economy.  


Through working in Materialization Mode, they manifest the wealth that can come to them through earning money in the cash economy. Their focus is on building the power of their Source Connection while learning how to participate in the Materialization Process and to be stewards of the abundance that is manifested as a result of the Joint Venture with the Source that makes Materialization possible.  


Stage Two – Building Heaven in The Materialization Economy 

When a Heaven Agents has mastered the art and science of working with the Materialization Process, he can graduate into The Materialization Economy where material objects can be materialized directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality into the Physical Level of Reality.


There are two phases to this transition.


Phase One

In Phase One the material objects that are materialized are slightly higher in vibration than the material objects that are manufactured or farmed by those in The Hell Economy or in the Cash Economy Stage of The Heaven Economy.  His Suit will have to evolve to a higher vibrational structure but can still remain similar to the Suits of other beings.  In this way, what he materializes can be used by them and what they farm and manufacture can be used by him.


Phase Two

In Stage Two, the material objects that are materialized are of a fundamentally different vibrational structure than the material objects produced in The Hell Economy or The Cash Economy Stage of The Heaven Economy.  This requires the Suit of the being receiving them to transition to a similar vibrational structure.  Once this transition into a Heaven Vibrational Structure has been achieved, then the Heaven Agent is not able to use objects produced by those who are not also in Stage Two. Neither can they use what he has manifested at Stage Two vibrational levels.


Because of the social complications of not being able to eat any food that is not Stage Two food or live in any dwelling that is not a Stage Two dwelling, the transition to Stage Two will not occur until the population on the Earth is ready to make this transition.


Part of the reason why the Prototype Communities have lived in isolated geographical communities is because they have transitioned to Stage Two and can no longer interface with those who have not achieved this Heaven Vibrational Structure.  This is also part of their protection from invasion.  Others can’t penetrate their Vibrational Field which is incompatible with the Vibrational Structure of those living below Stage Two.


Total Abundance occurs only when a Community reaches Stage Two.  This is because the Total Abundance of Perfect Health can only occur when the Suit reaches the Heaven Vibrational Structure and is receiving perfect Heaven Food and is residing in perfect Heaven Dwellings and interacting with others whose Suits are perfected in this manner and not jarring or dangerous to them at any level.


It is possible to alleviate scarcity on a basic level through achieving Stage One where material objects can come through without farming and manufacturing to those in need, bridging the gap between the Haves and the Have Nots.


To achieve Stage One it will be necessary for Heaven Agents to have created a Heaven Economy Community on the Earth that cooperates to manifest what is needed using The Spiritual Science of Manifestation and which stewards what is produced in a Source-Given Way so that there is no misappropriation of the resources that are materialized. Any misuse of Source-Given Resources shuts down the Supply Line for material objects because the Source can’t send miracles into the world into a competitive, Miracle-Unfriendly Environment.


Learning how to work cooperatively in the Materialization Process and to allow what is materialized to be given to whomever the Source sent it into the world to help takes attaining a level of social evolution that has yet to be achieved by humans who tend to approach everything from the vantage point of self interest and competition for whatever resources are available.


Training in how to Live Heaven is, therefore, central to being able to evolve to this level of The Heaven Economy.


Now let’s take a look at practical steps that you can take to enter into The Heaven Economy in the Cash Economy Stage.



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Entering into The Heaven Economy
in the Cash Economy Stage




The First Step to entering into The Heaven Economy is to request entry into The Heaven Economy Energy Field. This is achieved by asking to enter into Materialization Mode.  You can do so by filling out the form that can be accessed by the link provided below.






The Second Step is to acquaint yourself with the ways in which you can interface with The Heaven Economy that are listed below.


Truth Campaign Affiliate Work

Those who have gained admission into The Source Connection Coaching Program can participate in The Truth Campaign.  This is a Source-Directed effort to take information on Source Truth out into the world.  Information provided on the Miracle-Based Source Solutions and the Miracle-Based Training Program of The Miracle School that results in a Financial Exchange, will enable the Heaven Agent in The Truth Campaign to receive an affiliate commission.  The commission varies from Life that Works Financial Exchanges which start at 15% and World that Works Financial Exchanges which start at 10%.


Information on how to join The Truth Campaign can be requested by contacting me at:




Heaven Economy Miracles

Heaven Economy Miracles compliment the more immaterial level of Source Solution Miracles that I create.  Because they require the energy of a Heaven Agent to bring them into manifest form, the miracles come in at a more materialized level that meets the needs of Manifest Beings for miracles at this level.  While Source Solution Miracles can solve problems at ultimate levels, Heaven Economy Miracles help the Suit to adjust to changes and make progress at a more basic level.  


In the Prototype Communities, Heaven Economy Miracles are a very important part of the complex of miracles that make up their Miracle-Based Way of Life.


In order for a Heaven Agent to help in the Manifestation Process of a Heaven Economy Miracle, they have to invest in Total Abundance Equipment which is Spiritual Equipment that enables me to use this equipment to ground the Heaven Economy Miracles.


In this Joint Venture, I provide 60% of the work in bringing in the miracle and working with The Total Abundance Equipment and Miracle-Based Abilities of the Heaven Agent to enable the miracle to ground and be sent out effectively to the person in need of it. The Heaven Agent provides 40% of the work that is involved in the Manifestation Process.


For example, if a Heaven Economy Miracle requires US $4600 to ground, 60% of the Material Energy will be needed for my work with the miracle and 40% of the Material Energy will be needed by the Heaven Agent whose Total Abundance Equipment is being accessed by my Direct Source Work. This translates to $1840 of the Financial Exchange, which carries the Material Energy,  going to the Heaven Agent as his part in the Joint Venture.


While not all Heaven Economy Miracles require this much Material Energy, you can see how Heaven Economy Miracles can readily be a good source of income as well as a priceless gift of Heaven that you make available to the Community.


The beauty of Heaven Economy Miracles is that Total Abundance Equipment enables a Heaven Agent to bring into the world the unique kind of miracles that are his contribution to the Heaven that he alone can build.  Since all beings come into incarnate form in order to build the Heaven that they were uniquely created to build, Heaven Economy Miracles provide an opportunity to fulfill an important part of the Life Mission.


Heaven Economy Miracles also make available to others in the Community miracles that are very important to the Heaven that they wish to experience which would not be available if the Heaven Agent was not providing the opportunity to receive them.


As a part of the 60% of the work that I do, I post information on the Heaven Economy Miracle on The Miracle School web site and I also can draw attention to if through any Outreach that I am doing on the internet about Heaven Economy Miracles.


The Heaven Agent can also send out Source-Created Materials to draw people to the web site to join The Total Abundance Movement and to his/her Heaven Economy Miracle in order to inform more people of its availability.  


Getting equipped to produce Heaven Economy Miracles doesn’t automatically result in others in the world community choosing to exchange for them financially.  It is, instead, an opportunity to earn income doing what you were created to do and to work with me in a Joint Venture to build the Community of Heaven Agents so that more people will be able to learn of the miracles that you have created.


I provide practical support in a Heaven Economy Internship in how to get the word out about your Heaven Economy Miracles and how to run a Source-Guided Business that builds Heaven in the world.


For more information on Heaven Economy Miracles, you can go to The Heaven Economy Miracle Campaign at:




Professional Services Provided by a Heaven Agent

Professional Services provided by a Heaven Agent who has received training in how to use their unique Miracle-Based Abilities can be the foundation for an independent Source-Guided Business.  I provide the training and the Heaven Agent operates their own business which does not constitute a Joint Venture with me.


Examples of professional services are Spiritual Life Coaching Practices keying off of training in how to live a Source-Connected Life, bodywork that draws on other modalities but which is Source-Guided, and specific kind of healing work that draws on Miracle-Based Abilities that have been developed by the Heaven Agent in their training in The Miracle School.


To request information on what kind of Professional Services you can provide given your unique Miracle-Based Abilities, you can request a Source Connection Coaching Session.




Miracle-Based Joint Ventures  

Another way of participating in The Heaven Economy is through initiating a Miracle-Based Joint Venture with me. Because I can link miracles to many products, it is possible for the Heaven Agent to run the practical side of the business that provides the product and interface with me to add in the Miracle Link that brings in the transformational qualities of Heaven.  


It is also possible to set up a Joint Venture that involves more than one Heaven Agent working in tandem with the miracles that I supply for the Joint Venture.


To request information on a Joint Venture, you can request a Joint Venture Coaching Session at:





A Source-Connected Worklife

If you are in a line of work that you need to stay in for awhile for economic reasons or which is in alignment with your Life Purpose, then you can work with me to discover how to transform your worklife into a Source-Connected Worklife that helps to sustain your Source Connection.  


I can provide you with Individual Coaching Sessions that assess your current worklife situation and help you to transform it into a Miracle-Based, Source-Connected Worklife.


To schedule a Source Connection Coaching Session you can fill out the form that can be accessed through the link provided below.






If you are uncertain which of the options listed above are a Next Step for you, you can schedule a Heaven Economy Gifted Coaching Session with me to explore how you can participate in The Heaven Economy.  I can give you the Source Perspective on your current situation and what Next Steps you can take to transition into The Heaven Economy and begin working with the Source toward the ultimate goal of an abundant, Source-Connected Life.


To request a Gifted Coaching Session you can fill out the form accessed by the link below.







A Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life must be built first in the marketplace. There is no way in which the Heaven of a Love-Based Community can be built on the foundation of scarcity and competition in the economic arena.  Until all members of the Community are supporting one another to achieve Total Abundance for all, there is no basis on which to build Love-Based Relationships because individuals are competing ruthlessly for scarce resources.  


In a climate in which competition and war over scarce resources is occurring, it is not possible for every individual to achieve Life Purpose Fulfillment. Instead, they are forced into pigeonhole jobs struggling to survive or climbing ambitiously toward the top not thinking about whether their “success” has anything to do with who they are as a unique being or their true life purpose.  


In a context in which there is stress over competition for scarce resources, greed and need-based relationships, and little social space for exploring and achieving life purpose, individuals suffer from anger, fear, jealousy, and grief over lost opportunities.  This leads to the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  In this climate of struggle there is no opportunity to advance toward Perfect Health which requires having a social base of Total Abundance, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment. 


In entering into The Heaven Economy you are following in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities who transitioned first into The Heaven Economy and built their Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life on that foundation.


Once they were working cooperatively together to manifest abundance for all, it was not difficult for them to transition into Love-Based Relationships and to support one another to achieve Life Purpose Fulfillment.  Once they had established this level of Heaven in their lives, they turned their attention to manifesting Perfect Health by removing everything that stressed their bodies and led to ill health.  Through celebrating Source Truth they were able to see what it was that had laid the foundation for disease and accidents and aging and how to eradicate these from their lives on every level.


Entering into The Heaven Economy is more than just aligning with the idea of making money while doing good in the world.  It is a specific orientation to transcending every aspect of The Hell Economy, not just carving out a less violent patch in the middle of the murder and mayhem.  It is about following a carefully designed Source-Guided Path toward a new kind of economic system that is built on a respect for the preciousness of every life and the beauty of the opportunity that beings have to create a Source-Connected, Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own. 



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How to Contribute to Eyewitness Reports on
Heaven Economy Miracles for
The Earth Prototype



What you learn as you transition out of The Hell Economy into The Heaven Economy can help others on this path if you contribute Eyewitness Reports about your experiences.  


When you write down what you have learned, this can be used to create Secondary Spiritual Code which can be transmitted to others in the Global Community.  This helps the entire Global Community to learn from your experiences.


This kind of contribution of Secondary Code is how the 13 Prototype Communities that I did not visit in person were able to achieve the same results of transitioning into The Heaven Economy as the first Prototype Community that I worked with in person.  The first Prototype Community provided me with accounts of their experiences which I translated into Secondary Code which was sent on the Inner Plane to the 13 Prototype Communities. 


Any learning about how to follow Source Guidance with regard to earning an income and spending it correctly to build Heaven in your life and in the world is learning that can benefit others.  Your private struggle to get out of the Scarcity Mentality into the Source-Given Abundance Mentality is learning that can help others.


Give to help build a world in which the suffering generated by The Hell Economy can finally end and all beings can exchange equitably with one another in The Heaven Economy, which builds the foundation for Total Abundance for all.


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To contribute your Eyewitness Report, you can fill out the form provided below.



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