The Project to Eliminate Negative Energy with
The Heaven Ray

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A Total Abundance Way of Life
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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School 

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This Project is a Spiritual Activism Project designed to provide training in how to work with a Spiritual Solution, the Source Solution Miracle of The Heaven Ray, to clear the Negative Energy that causes the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  These diseases result in the social disease of violence that is enacted on the Spiritual and Physical Levels of Reality.  


Clearing Negative Energy results in Spiritual Healing, which is a nonviolent method for countering violence in the world. Violence includes the violence that besets a body with disease, a mind with fear and depression, the Soul with despair, and people with grievous harm done to them by Negative Energy on the Spiritual Level of Reality and by those powered by negative energy that attack them on the Physical Level of Reality.


The Heaven Ray has been gifted by the Source/Creator to all beings as a part of their innate Spiritual Equipment. Learning how to deploy The Heaven Ray to stop and prevent violence is a basic first step in learning how to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist. Through working with The Heaven Ray you can help to build a Love-Based Total Abundance Global Community that works to insure the Total Abundance of all beings. (Total Abundance is defined by the Source as having everything that you need emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and materially to fulfill your Source-Given Mission to build the Heaven that you uniquely are equipped to build for yourself and others.)




The Project Overview

Eliminating Negative Energy with The Heaven Ray 

 What Is The Heaven Ray and
How Is It Used to Eliminate Negative Energy?


What Is The Heaven Ray?

The Heaven Ray is an Energy Ray that is launched from the center of the heart chakra, which is the seat of the Source Connection and the repository of Source Love.  When it is sent by the Source to eliminate Negative Energy, the power of Source Love dissolves the Negative Energies and establishes a Miracle-Friendly spiritual space where healing and regeneration can occur. What is dissolved is not just Negative Energy but the Negative Energy Structures that harm life.  Nothing that is of Life – which is what is Source-Created – is harmed. Only mutations that cause Death and Destruction are eliminated.


Once the Negative Structures are dissolved, The Heaven Ray maintains the Miracle-Friendly Field that it establishes. This Miracle-Friendly Field is needed for the Source to send in Total Abundance Miracles to rebuild the Suit if this is needed.  


For instance, a man who has built his life around a murderous intent that is guided by the Negativity will have a Suit – body/mind – that is replete with Negative Energy Structures that drive his violent thoughts and behaviors and help him to carry out attacks on others.  The Heaven Ray will demolish these Negative Structures. It will then create and maintain the Miracle-Friendly Field that will enable the Source to land Total Abundance Miracles in the Suit that rebuild the original Source-Given structures that support Love-Based choices and life affirming actions. While the Suit still has to decide to use these Source-Given structures, they will be available.  


Suits taken over by the Negativity and the Negative Structures they build in the Suit are often unable, without a Source-Directed Rebuild, to decide to shift their thoughts and behaviors because they have been hardwired to support Death and Destruction in the world.  A Source-Directed Rebuild gives the Suit a chance to have a fresh start and to make other choices that are not controlled by the Negativity.


Once a Heaven Ray has been launched into the world, it will continue on to perform an endless range of Mission Work that is given to it by the Source. It might linger to help the person originally targeted or move onto other Projects.  Since a Heaven Ray, like all Miracle Tools, is a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence with a Mission, it can continue its life in the world performing important Missions that eliminate Negative Energy, giving beings a chance to affirm Life as Heaven.



Why Is It Important to
Learn How to Deploy Your Heaven Ray?

Every being has been given a Heaven Ray to protect themselves from Negative Energies and to help to Make the World Safe for Heaven. Through groups of Heaven Agents using their Heaven Rays to destroy the handiwork of the Negativity, whole communities are able to free themselves from the control of the Negativity and begin to work together with the Source to manifest the Total Abundance that will free them to have a Life that is Heaven. 


As long as the Negativity is in the middle of everyone’s life, there will be endless struggle and suffering since creating struggle and suffering is what the Negativity does. This is because those who suffer generate the low vibrational energies that the Negativity uses to interface with their Suits to syphon off their Life Energies. The Negativity thrives on social strife and physical pain caused by accidents and disease and works overtime to create untimely death and the sorrow it brings. All this breaks down Suits for the harvest of their Life Energies.


Using The Heaven Ray is part of Stewarding the Miracle of your own life and the Miracle of Life in the Creation.  Since only those who are actively Stewarding Life in the Creation will be sustainable by the Source in The Transition, it is important that all beings learn how to work with this primary Miracle Tool to do their part in Stewarding Life. This is particularly important now that my Implementation Aspect is preparing to leave the Creation at the end of The Transition and is doing less and less of the Stewarding Work that it used to do. Unless Manifest Beings step forward to Steward Life, key protections that they have enjoyed due to the work of the Implementation Aspect will be lost and life could become more dangerous and more overridden by the Negativity.  


The Implementation Aspect must return to the Source Level and beings must step up to shoulder the Stewarding Work or become unsustainable in a world that is unsustainable.  Unsustainability in The Transition means that you lack what it takes for the Implementation Aspect to link back to your Suit after it transitions back to the Source Level.  It can’t link back to a Miracle-Unfriendly Suit that is not Stewarding Life.  If it can’t link to your Suit then your Source Connection will be lost and you will lose your life in the Creation.  


While becoming sustainable takes far more than using your Heaven Ray, using your Heaven Ray is an important part of your Stewarding Work.  I am, therefore, directing this Project to give you more information on how to work with your Heaven Ray to do what is yours to do to Hold the Line for Heaven in The Manifest World and take down the Negative Energy that empowers the Negativity so that the world is safe for the Heaven that you must build if the world itself is to be sustainable.



How Do You Deploy Your Heaven Ray?

To send off your Heaven Ray on a Mission, you need to ask the Source to draw on your Spiritual Intensity to power up the Heaven Ray.  If you are living a Source-Connected Life and are doing your Mission, you will be in a state of neutrality, ready to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source whatever that might be.  When you are in this mode then your Spiritual Intensity will be at a Level 10 since you are not squandering it on getting worked up emotionally about what is happening in your life and in the world and trying to take matters into your own hands to make things turn out the way that you think they ought to turn out. Those who are in Self-Directed Mode use up their Spiritual Intensity and lack the power to put behind their Heaven Ray. For this reason they can't send off a Heaven Ray with enough power to tackle most tasks.


Since most beings are not living a 100% Source-Connected Life and are squandering their Spiritual Intensity on emotional outbursts and attachments that drain it down, the Design Aspect of the Source has created a Source Heaven Ray that I can deploy to add power to The Heaven Ray that a Manifest Being can produce. The Source Heaven Ray has the power to take on formidable tasks that would require more than one Level 10 Heaven Ray.


By teaming up The Heaven Ray of the being with the Source Heaven Ray, massive amounts of Negative Energy can be eradicated, freeing the world of the Death and Destruction that Negative Energy breeds. The only drawback to this Heaven Ray Team Work is that it is time limited.  My Source Heaven Ray will be returning with me to the Source Level when I return at the end of The Transition. If beings have not learned how to sustain Level 10 Spiritual Intensity by that time, their Heaven Rays will be ineffectual. They will then be unable to control any Negative Energy that might still be in existence or continue to heal themselves and others from the damage that Negative Energy has done to them over their many lifetimes.


My Source Heaven Ray is just a temporary support to enable Heaven Agents to become skilled at working with their Heaven Rays and skilled in maintaining their Spiritual Intensity at the level that supports their Heaven Rays.  


Now let's talk about the way to deploy your Heaven Ray.


The way to ask the Source to send off your Heaven Ray is to say the words “I ask to become what is needed to support The Work of the Source with full Spiritual Intensity.”  This is code language that doesn’t tip off the Negativity that you might be getting ready to launch your Heaven Ray at one of their operations. Because the Negativity has feared The Heaven Ray from the beginning of the Creation, they generally attack anyone who attempts to send off their Heaven Ray. When you ask to Become What Is Needed with Full Intensity, which is the shortened version of the request, you are preparing yourself for whatever action the Source may ask you to take to respond appropriately to a situation.


You might be asked by the Source to gear up to send off your Heaven Ray or you might use other Spiritual Technologies such as The Dream Heaven Command or you might use a Miracle-Based Ability that is unique to your Spiritual Function. Your Suit might morph into another kind of Suit with different Miracle-Based Abilities that can then be used for a unique situation where you are subbing for Heaven Agents who are not available to use Miracle-Based Abilities of that kind.  You are given the Miracle-Based Abilities temporarily so that the work can get done. Along with the Miracle-Based Abilities comes instant training that enables you to work flawlessly doing this type of Heaven Agent Work.


While it has been possible for Heaven Agents to work more directly with their Heaven Ray when working behind a Personal, Race, or Gender Shield, which disguises their activity, the safest method is to ask to Become What Is Needed with Full Intensity.  This helps you to stay neutral and clear. Rather than taking matters into your own hands with your Heaven Ray you are deferring to the Source for the correct assessment of what the situation requires and are willing to do your part whatever that might entail.


This prevents the development of a Spiritual Ego where a person becomes prideful about the use of a Spiritual Technology and can do harm with their Spiritual Ego because they are attacking back or showing off or trying to get control over others by intimidating them. Because The Heaven Ray is sent by the Source on a Source-Given Mission, it will not respond to any Spiritual Ego directives but Spiritual Ego stances can create social problems. 


For instance, if a person targets another person whom they dislike and threatens to hit them with a Heaven Ray, then this is not only a misuse of The Heaven Ray, which will not be sent by the Source in such a circumstance, but it alerts the Negativity of the intent to use The Heaven Ray and they may attack the egotistical sender in ways that will do great harm to their Spiritual Equipment. Such social interactions also give rise to abusive situations that are an open door to the Negativity coming in with greater power to do harm to all concerned.  A dedicated Heaven Agent will never take pride in wielding any Miracle Tool or Spiritual Technology but will always ask to Become What Is Needed with Full Intensity


When they ask to Become What Is Needed with Full Intensity, they are helping to activate the Spiritual Intensity in their heart chakra so that it can add power to their Heaven Agent Work whatever that might be.  Only if they are sincerely wanting to add power to whatever the Source is asking them to do will the Spiritual Intensity be elicited at a higher level.  


When someone asks to Become What Is Needed with a real passion for supporting The Work of the Source, then full power Spiritual Intensity can come forth.  When they mumble the phrase and are out of focus and only wanting to use some magic to stop something that they dislike, then it will have very little Spiritual Intensity and the Source will generally not deploy it both because of the inadequate Spiritual Intensity and because of the attitude of the person. Striking out to serve one's Self Interest disqualifies a person from receiving Source Support for their intended outcome.


Your Spiritual Intent is what determines the amount of Spiritual Intensity that is brought forth. If your Spiritual Intent is 100% in favor of supporting The Work of the Source, then your Spiritual Intensity will be a Level 10. If your Spiritual Intent is less than 100% then your Spiritual Intensity may fall into the lower levels of Spiritual Intensity such as a Level 2, which can't produce a Heaven Ray that is very effective.


When you ask to Become What Is Needed with Full Intensity then the Source can send you Source Intensity into the Spiritual Intensity Reservoir in your heart chakra. When the Negativity sees Source Intensity in someone’s Suit, they back away from an attack because they recognize that the Source is guarding that life and will take action to protect it. The Source Intensity does not add to the level of Spiritual Intensity that is needed for a Level 10 Heaven Ray but it provides a deterrent that keeps the Negativity from attacking the Suit for its Heaven Agent Work.


For a more detailed discussion about Spiritual Intensity and Source Intensity and how this works, you can reference Source Workflow Session #HR1.


When you ask to Become What Is Needed with Full Intensity, it is a direct communication to my Extended Range, that can operate outside of the range of my conscious awareness. I look into your situation and seek the advice of the Design Aspect about what response is best.  If deploying The Heaven Ray is what is needed, I activate your Heaven Ray, power it up with whatever Spiritual Intensity you have, add my Source Heaven Ray, and send the Heaven Ray Team out on a specific Mission that is Source-Directed.  


The Source won’t deploy your Heaven Ray if you don't have enough Spiritual Intensity energy to produce at least a Level 2 Heaven Ray.  Since living a Source-Connected Life is how you retain your Spiritual Intensity at peak levels you need to work at strengthening your Source Connection by doing your Heaven Agent Missions that you are sent on by the Source in both your Extended Range, that is outside of your conscious awareness, and in your Conscious Range.  


The best way to know how the Source is directing you on these Missions is to learn how to get accurate Source Guidance and how to use your unique Miracle-Based Abilities to do your Mission Work.  Without getting Trained & Equipped to act as a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist, you will be using up your Spiritual Intensity just trying to survive using the Brute Force Method that most people use who are not Source-Connected.



When Is It Appropriate for
The Heaven Ray to Be Deployed by the Source? 

Now let’s take a look at some of the circumstances in which it is appropriate for The Heaven Ray to be deployed.


Helping Someone In Distress

You see someone in distress, overcome with grief or anger, or fear or depression.  Sending a Heaven Ray to them will help to give them Source Love to cope better with their emotions so they don’t drop into the lower vibrational levels that will enable the Negativity to interface through the Energy Medium created by their negative emotions to attack and harvest their Life Energies.  The Negativity begins to move in like vultures whenever there is an accident where someone is injured and suffering, an argument, a death, a financial loss, the loss of a relationship, stress over a life event, fear, and the like. These are the times when your fellow beings need your help to launch Heaven Rays to come to their defense. Heaven Rays not only lift the vibrational level of the energies surrounding them, forming a protective buffer from the Negativity, but they dissolve any Negative Energy in their Suits that might get connected to their emotions to drop the vibrational level of their emotions into the harvesting range of the Negativity.


Preventing  Potential Violence

You see a troubled person who is mentally or emotionally imbalanced, maybe turning to drugs, brewing anger within themselves, and potentially becoming someone who could attack others on either the Inner or Outer Planes.  Many of the shooters could have been effectively helped by Heaven Rays before they massacred others if people in their lives had worked with the Source to deploy Heaven Rays.


The Heaven Ray can help even in situations in which it is socially not appropriate to intervene on the Outer Plane because the person is not yet evidencing any egregious anti-social behavior.  With today’s combination of drugs and guns, it doesn’t take much to flip the switch on someone’s psyche to get the attention they always wanted by becoming a shooter who instantly becomes famous around the world. The Negativity works directly through such people in many cases, overpowering their Suits to carry out a violent act that the person might not have the nerve to do outside a state of possession. Since often these shooters end up being killed themselves, it is important to use The Heaven Ray proactively if you suspect that someone is mentally ill and could become violent toward themselves and others.
Many wring their hands wondering what they can do to stop the rise of mental illness in the world that is causing massacres to occur. The Heaven Ray is part of the answer. The other part is working with the Source to build a Love-Based Global Community that nurtures all of its own. When even the most troubled are cared for by the Community that looks to see what Total Abundance they need to perform their Mission in life, then we move beyond the primitive response of punishment to Stewarding the Miracle of their lives, guided by the wisdom of the Source.


You Are in Need of Help

You are feeling like something within you keeps bubbling up and making you fearful or angry or depressed or slow to take action to take care of your life.  In this case you may need to call on The Heaven Ray to help you by breaking up any Negative Energy that might be leading to the problems that you are experiencing. When you break up the Negative Energies you free yourself to do your Mission without being sidetracked by negative thoughts, emotions, or behavioral patterns.



When Is It Not Appropriate to Deploy The Heaven Ray?

The Heaven Ray doesn’t work well when aimed at large scale problems such as those suffering from war in the Middle East or to a group of people like abused children, or to a situation of impending political danger.  These are too broad of a target for one Heaven Ray to be of much assistance. You could send a Heaven Ray to someone you know personally or who you have heard of in the news but not to a whole group of people. Even coupled with the Source Heaven Ray, large scale targets are not the best use of The Heaven Ray.


If you want to help tackle large scale problems like helping victims of war or stopping the escalation to WWIII, you need to send Material Energy to The World that Works Fund so that I can do the Direct Source Work that requires the use of Source Power and abilities that go far beyond the scope of my Source Heaven Ray. Giving Material Energy through an Energy Exchange to The World that Works Fund or giving Material Energy through a Financial Exchange are ways that you can help to land the miracle of Source Power that is needed for this level of the work.  To find out more about how to support my Direct Source Work, you can go to The Eliminating All Negative Energy Campaign.



In summary, virtually any situation where you spot trouble in the life of an individual is a situation in which the Source might decide to send out your Heaven Ray.  If you are asking to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source with Full Intensity, then you will be ready to do whatever is needed.  If it is your Heaven Ray that is needed then I will send it out coupled with my Source Heaven Ray if a Heaven Ray Team is needed.



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What Are the Source Objectives for
The Heaven Ray Project?



The Six Source Objectives for The Heaven Ray Project


Eliminating All Negative Energy in Suits and in the Creation

The Source Objective is to train Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to work with the Source to eliminate all Negative Energy in their own Suits and in the Creation. This can be accomplished, in part, by the collective use of The Heaven Ray by all beings. No being should be idle in asking to Becoming What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source in the Project or eliminating Negative Energy.  It will take the work of all beings to clear every Suit and eliminate all of the caches of Negative Energy in the Creation.


Holding the Line for Heaven against the Negativity

It will take all beings using The Heaven Ray to Hold the Line for Heaven against the opposition of the Negativity.  While the leadership of the Negativity died out in the April 28, 2018 Transition and a ceasefire in The War against the Source has been negotiated with the remaining rank and file Negative Agents, there are still pockets of resistance that continue to attack those trying to Make the World Safe for Heaven.  


It will be necessary for all beings to envision a time when no one in The Universal Community, a community that includes beings throughout the Creation, is working to bring about Death and Destruction. This can not be achieved until those most mired in Negative Energy and, therefore, most influenced by the ethic of cruelty and exploitation that Negative Energy breeds, have been cleaned up and put in a Miracle-Friendly Field that is conducive to the healing of their mutated consciousness that has reveled in sadistic and masochistic pursuits for countless lifetimes.


It will be the responsibility of the more functional parts of The Universal Community to use their Heaven Rays to help clear the Negative Energy off of those most subject to it so that they will have a chance to evolve.


Creating a Universal Miracle-Friendly Field in which The Miracle of Life as Heaven can Manifest

The Heaven Ray not only eliminates Negative Energy but it brings in the Source Love that is the foundation for a Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy. Since establishing a Miracle-Friendly Field is essential if the miracles of the Source are to come in to establish a Total Abundance Way of Life, the work of Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to establish this Miracle-Friendly Field is of the utmost importance.


Unclogging the Material Energy Factories of Suits

While establishing a Miracle-Friendly Field is essential to landing miracles, unless Manifest Beings generate the Material Energy for the Landing Zone, miracles can’t come into their lives. If the Material Energy Factory of their manifestations are clogged up with Negative Energy so they can’t produce the Material Energy that is needed, then they will not be able to achieve Total Abundance.


While using The Heaven Ray will help to unclog the Material Energy Factory, it is not the only method needed to get this Factory working as it was designed to work.  Living a Source-Directed Way of Life is what is really needed to clear up the Factory. But cleaning out the Negative Energy is an important part of following Source Direction to begin the process of recovering the natural ability of the Suit to produce Material Energy.


Healing the Suit by bringing in more Source Love from The Heaven Ray

What is lacking in Suits that are filled up with Negative Energy is Source Love, which can’t manifest in the Miracle-Unfriendly Field of toxic energy.  Using The Heaven Ray to clear up the inner workings of the Suit helps to open the channel in the heart chakra through which Source Love can begin flowing through the Suit.


One of the gravest dangers in the upcoming stages of The Transition is the risk of Suits disintegrating when they move to levels that are more immaterial and have higher speed energies. All Suits that have any level of Disconnection from the Source suffer from The Disease of Fragmentation. This disease fragments the spiritual structure of the Suit. When this structure is in a high speed energy field, the fragments drift apart, causing the disintegration of the Suit.  This is what happened to the leadership of the Negativity in the April 28th Transition.


What integrates the Suit is Source Love. Source Love is what flows through a channel in the heart chakra through the Suit and out into the world. Clearing up this channel will enable more Source Love to come into the Suit to begin integrating the fragments so that the Suit finally reaches a state of complete Spiritual Integration. This is essential to attaining the 100% Source Connection that is needed to survive the final stage of The Transition. Only those who have achieved Spiritual Integration will be able to withstand the extremely high speed energies at Level 12, which will be reached in the final stage of The Transition.


Achieving Spiritual Integration through Source-Directed Use of The Heaven Ray

While using The Heaven Ray to clear out the channel through which Source Love can flow into the Suit is one way to begin to heal from The Disease of Fragmentation, the healing only occurs at every level when the being is truly living a Source-Directed life, doing his/her part in contributing to the Total Abundance that is needed by all for life to be sustainable. Those who are asking to Becoming What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source in the deployment of their Heaven Ray will be starting to live the life of a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist. This will help them to step out of the Self Interest Agendas that have caused Spiritual Fragmentation into the Source-Created Agenda for manifesting the Heaven of Spiritual Integration.


Because it is not possible to deploy The Heaven Ray and expect Spiritual Integration if a Fragmented life in pursuit of Self Interest is continually generating the Negative Energy that causes Spiritual Fragmentation, only a change in orientation to living a Source-Directed Life will effect the cure. A good beginning is joining in the work of deploying The Heaven Ray to counter Negative Energy and Hold the Line for Heaven and aid in the healing of all those who are in need of help. This is when a being transcends a focus on themselves and what’s in it for them and Becomes the Love that Makes Life Heaven. As they Become Love in Action, they will be learning how to work with The Heaven Ray to Steward the Miracle of Life in themselves and in others.


While other Miracle Tools and Miracle Technologies will also be called into play to help to achieve these Source Objectives, The Heaven Ray is a very core Miracle Tool needed for this work.



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How Can You Support The Work of the Source on
The Heaven Ray Project?


There are three primary ways in which you can support The Heaven Ray Project.



Provide the Material Energy for
The Heaven Ray Campaign 

The Heaven Ray Campaign is designed to land the Total Abundance Miracles that beings need in order to get up to speed with using their Heaven Rays to help with the Clean Up of the Creation. The more beings you help, the faster the Clean Up will go.


While generating Material Energy through an Energy Exchange is always helpful, providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange also provides the financial resources needed by The Heaven Project to connect to people worldwide who might not have an opportunity to learn about The Heaven Ray without coming across a link to it.  It takes the financial support of Heaven Agent to send out these links.


While Source Communications on the Inner Plane are sending out training on how to work with the Source to deploy The Heaven Ray, most of the beings receiving these communications are receiving them in their Extended Range. What is needed is more people understanding about The Heaven Ray and using it in their Conscious Range.  Conscious Range work to deploy The Heaven Ray generates more Spiritual Intensity than what is produced when only the Extended Range is involved.


While every man, woman, and child can be working with the Source to deploy their Heaven Rays in their Extended Range, if even several hundred thousand people were doing it in their Conscious Range, the Clean Up would be accelerated sevenfold.


If others do not turn out to help with the Clean Up, you will live in the Negative Energy that they continue to generate and your Suit will not be able to survive.  The Source can not link back to Hell but only to the Heaven that you and others establish in the Creation before the end of The Transition.


You can make a financial contribution to The Heaven Ray Campaign by going to the Campaign section of this Project.



Get Trained & Equipped to Become a
Skilled Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist 

While asking to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source is a start, if you have no training in knowing what goes on in the Spiritual Level of Reality or how to use your unique Miracle-Based Abilities, you are unlikely to be capable of contributing at the level you need to contribute to do your part in eradicating all Negative Energy in the Creation.


While entry into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program is the highest level of the training, it is complemented by Total Abundance Prototypes such as The Source-Directed Activism Prototype and The Eliminating Negativity Prototype. These Source Level Prototypes give your Suit instant technical information on how to do complex Heaven Agent Work.  This technical information can only be given to your Suit by a Prototype.


The Coaching Program gives you the understanding of who you are as a unique spiritual being and gives you an understanding of The Source Perspective on the nature of reality and an ability to receive and interpret Inner Source Guidance so you can follow Source Direction.  It doesn’t explain to all of the levels of your Suit how to do certain technical procedures that are needed to Become What Is Needed at the highest level. This is where these Total Abundance Prototypes come in. They convey Code to your Suit that fills the gap in its understanding.  Together the Coaching Program and the Total Abundance Prototypes provide your Suit with more of what it needs to do its part effectively.


In addition, there are many Source Solution Miracles that have been created to help you do your Heaven Agent Work. You can find out what is available by going to The Source Solution Hub.



Start Generating the Spiritual Intensity
to Support a Full Power Heaven Ray 

Since Spiritual Intensity is dissipated when you live a Fragmented life that is directed by Self Interest, it is important to re-examine your life to make sure that you are truly Becoming What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source. While saying the words is a beginning, unless you understand what those words mean in real life, you will be only responding in your Extended Range which is generally beyond your conscious awareness. This leaves your Conscious Range continuing to pursue a Story Life that is based on your Personal and Cultural Stories about what you want and how you want to go about getting it.


The best way to really penetrate the veil of confusion that results from being socialized to live a Story Life is to work with me in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program where I can give you feedback on where your Suit is getting stuck and how to get it out of the ditch of  Story Logic and back onto level ground so you can go the distance on your Path to Total Abundance.


Through working with the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Materials of Connecting, particular the Video Book Training as well as The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training, you can begin your training.  When you understand the basics, then you can request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment to see if your Suit is ready to begin work in a Coaching Program.



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Source Support for the Project 

 The Heaven Ray Campaign 

Supporting The Heaven Ray Campaign is an important way in which you can Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source in The Heaven Ray Project.  Because The Heaven Ray Project is designed to help in the Clean Up of the Creation, a massive task that requires the assistance of all beings, the more beings who are alerted to this Project in their Conscious Range, the faster the work will progress.


Beings on the Earth are the most tuned out and Disconnected of beings in the Creation. This is because their Suits are more material than the Suits of beings residing outside of the Earth Plane. The more material a Suit is, the more it is likely to get riveted on what it can perceive through its five senses rather than using its sixth and seventh sense to track the action on the Inner Plane. Humans have remained largely focused on the 10% of their life experience that occurs on the Outer Plane, The Physical Level of Reality.  They have largely lost track of what is happening in the 90% of their life experience which is occurring on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality.


In addition, the Negativity has worked overtime to break the connection between the Extended Range of Consciousness of the Suits of humans from their Conscious Range so they would not be able to track its exploits on the Inner Plane. These exploits are clearly tracked by the Extended Range but are invisible to the Conscious Range if there is a disconnection between the Extended and Conscious Ranges.


The Negative Energy that forms the blockade in the Continnum of Consciousness that should exist in humans needs to be destroyed by The Heaven Ray so that humans can awaken in time to clear the very materialized Negative Energy that is sinking the Earth Plane into the darker levels of Negative Energy.


Not only do humans need to use their Heaven Rays to break this blockade but they need to provide the Financial Support to The Heaven Ray Campaign that will enable it to educate people throughout the planet to the correct use of The Heaven Ray to effect the Clean Up that is urgently needed.


It takes financial resources to send out links on the internet to catch the attention of those who are being called by the Source to be a part of a Core Group of Heaven Agents working on the Clean Up.  Your financial contribution to The World that Works Fund can enable these links to reach those who are ready to help but need to receive the Outer Plane prompt that connects them to the knowledge of how to use their Heaven Rays.


While Inner Plane Source Communications are daily going out to reach Heaven Agents on the Earth Plane, these Communications generally reach only the Extended Range of the people contacted.  It takes Outer Plane links to The Miracle School web site and to The Heaven Ray Project to enable most people to connect what they are picking up in their Extended Range with the work that they need to do to support The Work of the Source in their Conscious Range.


Your financial contribution is essential to the success of this Campaign. To make a contribution, you can follow the information provided below.


How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Heaven Ray Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.





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Seed Trainings

There are two Seed Trainings available at this time for this Project. They are both Soul Talk Source Workflow Trainings which means that the Heaven Agents working with me in the Source Workflow Sessions are coming in on the Inner Plane through The Soul Talk Network. I am conversing with the aspect of their Suit Consciousness that is seeking Source Support for the problems that they face in their lives. They are both approaching in Helping the Source Mode, willing to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source in responding to their situation.  This is an essential pre-requisite for any support that can be given by the Source.


Both Heaven Agents are willing to help Prototype the work of how to send out The Heaven Ray with full power and deal with the security issues that might arise if the Negativity opposes the use of The Heaven Ray.  The pioneering work done in these Sessions has paved the way for other Heaven Agents to work with The Heaven Ray with key safeguards in place to block the oppositional response of the Negativity. These safeguards are essential when working with The Heaven Ray.



The Two Levels of The Seed Training

Basic Code: The Gifted Introductory Level Training

Members of Connecting can access the Source Report on the Source Workflow Session. This Report carries Basic Spiritual Code which is helpful to the Suit in integrating the concepts discussed in the Session. While this is helpful Code, it does not constitute the full power of The Seed Training.  A Full Power Seed Training includes the complex Seed Code for the Training. This compliments the Basic Code that is transmitted in the Report of the Session. With Seed Code you can access everything that your Suit needs to work effectively with The Heaven Ray.


If you would like to read the Report, and you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can sign up by accessing the link provided below.  All Source-Directed Activist Training Materials available through Connecting are gifted to you by The Universal Heaven Agent Network who supplies the Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracle of the Basic Code that is transmitted through the training materials.  When you sign up for Connecting, you not only gain access to all of the videos, audios, and written trainings that are available, but you also receive emailed Source News Updates on The Work of the Source on The Total Abundance Movement which is manifesting the Heaven of Total Abundance for all beings.



Seed Code: The Full Power Seed Training

The Full Power Seed Training contains the Source Report on the Session as well as the Seed Code that is transmitted to your Suit to provide it with all of the complex understandings that it will need to have to work effectively with The Heaven Ray.

No written account could ever provide your Suit with all of the technical information that it needs at Subconscious Levels in order to work effectively with a Miracle Tool as powerful as The Heaven Ray.  The only safe and effective way to transmit this knowledge is through Seed Code that goes directly to the levels of consciousness in your Suit where it is needed. Without Seed Code the Suit is left with intellectual understandings that are inadequate for it to work effectively to Become What Is Needed to Support the Work of the Source with The Heaven Ray.  
This Code is essential to your ability to become 100% proficient with The Heaven Ray so that when I leave for the Source Level at the end of The Transition and you no longer have my Source Heaven Ray to back up your Heaven Ray, you will have a Level 10 Heaven Ray and will be able to team up with other Heaven Agents to use your Heaven Rays to continue the work of eliminating the Negative Energy that will otherwise destroy your world.  
I have been using a full range of Source abilities to contain and limit Negative Energy during my time in The Manifest World. When I leave, you and other Manifest Beings will have to take over this task.  If your Suit lacks the Seed Code for how to work with your Heaven Ray with Full Power then you could be unable to control the Negative Energy and it could begin to overwhelm you and others, ending your ability to sustain your place in the Creation.
While I anticipate working effectively with Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to clear out the majority of the Negative Energy before I leave and to teach them how to prevent the generation of  more Negative Energy, I also can forsee problems arising that will require The Heaven Ray to maintain the purity of the energy that remains.
Your Heaven Ray is one of your most important onboard pieces of Spiritual Equipment. You need to value it and learn how to work with it so that you can control the Negative Energy which is what causes diseases, accidents, conflicts, and scarcity.  Our goal is to build toward the Total Abundance of all beings throughout the Creation.  To achieve this, Negative Energy has to become a thing of the past. To realize this goal, every being must become trained to work effectively with their Heaven Ray.  Only the effort of all beings will eliminate the scourge of Negative Energy and the suffering that it brings.



How to Access The Seed Trainings  

Basic Code: The Gifted Training 

To request the Gifted Training, members of Connecting can access the links below.



Seed Code: The Full Power Seed Trainings

Full Power Seed Trainings are available only to Heaven Agents who qualify for Miracle-Based Coaching at Levels 4 or 5. These Heaven Agents are producing the high quality Miracle-Friendly Field of energy needed to receive the miracle of Seed Code. If you are in either The Total Abundance Coaching Program (Level 4) or The Source Connection Coaching Program (Level 5), you are already pre-qualified for a Full Power Seed Training.


If you are uncertain whether your Suit is producing the requisite level Miracle-Friendly Field, you can request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment. For more information on the Assessment and on Miracle-Friendly Fields and Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to: Miracle-Based Coaching.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground Seed Code varies according to the particular level and kind of Seed Code that is linked to a Training.  


Seed Code for Full Power Seed Training #HR1 – US $75

This Training grounds the Seed Code for:

  • how to Become What Is Needed to use The Heaven Ray effectively with others with whom you interact in your life
  • how to recognize when you have enough Spiritual Intensity to launch a Level 10 Heaven Ray
  • how to discern when your Spiritual Intensity is being misdirected toward pursuits that lessen its power
  • how to track your Spiritual Intensity levels so you know whether you are building toward a Level 10 Heaven Ray


Seed Code for Full Power Seed Training #HR2 – US $65 

  • how to Become What Is Needed to use your Heaven Ray to help your loved ones who have crossed over at death and have incarnated into another lifetime
  • how to use your Heaven Ray to support The Work of the Source to re-instate the Soul Talk Communication Channels that enable loved ones to communicate with one another across lifetimes. This natural Communication Channel was disrupted by the Negativity in order to intensify the grief when a loved one crosses over.
  • how to build the kind of Spiritual Intensity that enables you to send a Heaven Ray that can connect across lifetimes



To request the Seed Code for Full Power Seed Trainings, you can provide the Correct Exchange by accessing the links provided below.  


You can then use the links to the Trainings provided above to read the Reports.  If you are eligible to receive the Seed Code, per the prerequisites describe above, then the Seed Code will automatically be given to you once you have provided the Material Energy needed for this miracle to ground in your life.  If you are not eligible, your financial exchange will be refunded or not processed.







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 Seed Reports


May 15, 2018


The Rescue of Entrapped Source Energies

The Universal Seed of Heaven is reporting in that seven beings in another part of the Creation have successfully used The Heaven Ray to destroy the stasis energy entrapping a cache of stolen Source Energies that dates back to the beginning of the Creation.  These energies were being amassed for the activation of The Seeds of Heaven when the Negativity surrounded the cache of energy with stasis energy that entrapped the Source Energies so they could not be drawn upon for this activation.


Now that we are in The Heaven Phase of the Creation, the activation has occurred through the use of Heaven Phase energies, bypassing the need for the Source Energies entrapped by the Negativity.


Although the energies were too high speed for the Negativity to harvest them for their own survival, the power of the stasis energy that encapsulated the Source Energies was providing some sustaining energy for a particular contingent of the Negativity that had refused to agree to the ceasefire after a general ceasefire was negotiated with most of the lower four Levels of the hierarchy of the Negativity.


The Universal Seed sent energies to seven Heaven Agents, who lived nearby this entrapment, to empower them to speed up the stasis energy so that it would become too high speed to provide a power source for the Negativity.  This speeding up of the stasis energies was accomplished through the use of their Heaven Rays accompanied by my Source Heaven Ray.


The Universal Seed helped to organize the effort and provide supporting energies so that the Heaven Agents could get close enough to the stasis energies to deploy their Heaven Rays without becoming inert because of their proximity to the stasis energies which generally turn Suits into inert, stone-like substance.


Now that the Source Energies are freed from this entrapment they can be used by my Implementation Aspect to provide power for a very needed project which has lacked power from the beginning of the Creation.  This project is The Simulated Total Abundance Experience ProjectThe Source Energy is being used to create Simulated Experiences that enable beings to practice doing the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to becoming skilled Stewards of Life.  Since beings need a crash course in how to Steward the Miracle of Life – their own lives and Life in the Creation – Simulated Experiences will greatly accelerate their learning process. 




The Channel of Death and Destruction


May 16, 2018


The Universal Seed of Heaven, which is a Spiritual Intelligence, is reporting that a small group of Heaven Agents used their Heaven Rays today to prevent the descent of a large amount of Death and Destruction Energies that were scheduled to come in through a channel that opened up into Saudi Arabia. They were coming from an energy field that is within the Earth Plane but above the stratosphere of the Earth. 


The Heaven Agents used their Heaven Rays to dissolve the channel. When this channel was eliminated, the Negative Energies, which were gathered around the opening to the channel, dissipated in the high speed Source Love Energy from the Heaven Rays that surrounded the place where the channel had been.


The Source Heaven Ray did not need to be deployed to help with this Project because the Spiritual Intensity behind the Heaven Rays was at a solid Level 10 and was sufficient for this task. The seven Heaven Agents had asked to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source with Full Intensity and this enabled the Source to deploy their Heaven Rays for this Mission.


The fact that they could provide the Spiritual Intensity for Level 10 Heaven Rays is because they had been building their Spiritual Intensity reserves for this Mission for several months, having been warned on the Inner Plane by Source Communications that this attempt to instigate World War III would happen in this time frame.  They were careful to keep their energies from being diverted to anything other than what was on their Personal Workflow. This enabled them to build their Spiritual Intensity to Level 10.


The Universal Seed of Heaven comments that now that this channel for pumping in Death and Destruction Energies into the Earth has been destroyed, it is time for beings on the Earth to begin using their Heaven Rays to clean up the Negative Energy that abounds in the Earth. The quantity of Negative Energy is sufficient to spark World War III even without an infusion of more Death and Destruction Energies. Given the political climate of confrontation in the Middle East and with Korea, it is important that people start using their Heaven Rays to defuse the Negative Energy before it catalyzes political conflict that leads to nuclear war.




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Source News Reports on the Project


The Energy Dagger


May 16, 2018


Two men, one in his 50’s and another in his 60’s, were spotted planting an Energy Dagger in the ground. This Energy Dagger was a grounding device for the channel that was designed to bring in the Death and Destruction energies into Saudi Arabia. They were both Empty Suits – Suits without Souls – who were responding to Negative Programming put into their Suits by the Negativity to help ground this channel. The channel was designed to continuously pump Death and Destruction energies into the Middle East to foment conflict among nations and precipitate global war. 


I used my Source Heaven Ray to dissolve the Energy Dagger and then called on the seven Heaven Agents to dissolve the channel. (See the Seed Report on The Channel of Death and Destruction.)  Together we averted the disastrous landing of the toxic energy that could have driven humans into states of rage and fear that could have led to political conflict.


This dangerous episode is a good example of the careful monitoring of security on the Earth that is needed to prevent attacks that have been programmed into those who aligned with the Negativity or who were taken over by the Negativity. Even though the leadership of the Negativity died out in the April 28th Transition, their legacy, of programmed Suits working like robots on autopilot, remains.


It is very important that Heaven Agents throughout the planet mobilize to generate the Spiritual Intensity that will power up their Heaven Rays to eliminate negativity in those most possessed by it before they act on their negative programming to bring about world destruction.



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  Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report Form 


The key to transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life is actively learning form the Total Abundance Way of Life Projects and putting what you learn into practice in your life.  When you do this and have experiences to share, then it is important to submit a Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report that will enable me to track your experiences and create from your understandings the Secondary Code that will help others to benefit from what you are learning.  


This is an important way in which you can contribute to The Work of the Source on a Total Abundance Way of Life Project. 


It is important to ask to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source so that what you share is what you are Source-Directed to share with me concerning the Project. If you are not certain that what you are sharing comes from Source Guidance, you can do the best you can to stay aligned with the Source and to remain in a Helping the Source Mode when writing your Report.  I can interpret whatever images you receive if they are from Source Guidance and determine if what you are sharing is Source Directed and, therefore, useful for the work of the Project.  


If what you have provided is information that needs to be shared with other Heaven Agents, I will summarize your contribution in an upcoming Source News Report.  I do not include your name and I paraphrase what you have written. If you are working with me in a Coaching Program I will respond to you individually when it is in keeping with my Source Workflow with regard to my work with you in the Coaching Program.  


You can share:

  • questions
  • concerns
  • suggestions for the future of the work on the Project 
  • requests for types of Source Support that you feel might be helpful in the Project 
  • information on your own life experiences in working with the information in the Project
  • observations of what is happening in the world around you that relates to the focus of the Project
  • images or experiences that you believe that you have received from Inner Source Guidance 

To submit your Report, you can access the form provided below.


Fields marked with star are required.

About You
  1. Gender required

  2. Primary Phone Number
Question or Comment

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