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The Project for Eliminating All Negative Energy

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A Total Abundance Way of Life
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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School 

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to participate in The Project to Eliminate All Negative Energy.  This Master Seed Project is designed to eliminate the Negative Energy that is the cause of all of the suffering that blights the lives of all beings in the Creation. Whether the suffering arises from the experience of scarcity, disease, struggle, loss, war, crime, sexual and physical abuse, economic exploitation, discrimination and the like, if you trace back the Spiritual Roots of the suffering, you will find the Negative Energy that was instrumental in precipitating it.


In order to establish the Total Abundance Way of Life that is essential to the survival of The Miracle of Life at this point in The Transition, it is necessary for Heaven Agents to learn how to work with the Source to eliminate all Negative Energy.  Only when all Negative Energy has been eliminated and beings have learned how not to generate any additional Negative Energy, will the foundation for a Total Abundance Way of Life be secured.


This Project is a Master Seed Project, an offshoot of The Universal Seed of Heaven Project that is generating the Universal Changes that will manifest the Heaven of Total Abundance in the Creation.  This Master Seed Project has generated Core Seed Projects that carry out the work of The Master Seed Project. These Core Seed Projects can be accessed through the links in The Core Seed Project Directory.


For links to the work of this Project, you can reference the Overview section below.




The Overview of the Workstation 

The Master Seed Project

What Is Negative Energy & Why Is It Important to Eliminate All of It?

What are the Source Objectives for The Master Seed Project?

The Eliminating All Negative Energy Campaign

The Core Seed Project Directory 



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The Master Seed Project

What Is Negative Energy and
Why Is It Important to Eliminate All of It?


What Is Negative Energy?

Negative Energy is imbalanced, mutated energy that is generated when a Suit – body/mind – is partially or completely Disconnected from the Source/Creator. Negative Energy was never part of The Source Plan for the Creation.  It was generated when beings refused, in the beginning of the Creation, to honor their agreement with the Source to build in the Creation a world that was based on The Source Plan.  The Source Plan was designed by the Source to ensure that life in The Manifest World would be a Heaven Experience full of joy, love, peace, and fulfillment.  The Heaven Experience could only become a reality if beings worked within the Principles by which life as Heaven could be manifested.


When beings rejected The Source Plan and set out to create their own version of Heaven, they created Negative Energy. This Negative Energy mutated their Suits and came in-between them and the help of the Source. The more they pursued their Self-Designed idea of Heaven, the more Negative Energy they created and the more Disconnected from the Source they became.


When beings Disconnect from the Source, life becomes an experience of suffering, scarcity, and struggle – a Hell Experience.  Collectively, beings throughout the Creation have generated so much Negative Energy that they have created The World of Suffering that exists today – a world in which there is war, crime, sexual abuse, economic exploitation, diseases of the body, mind, and spirit, and scarcity. No one can escape from this suffering. Even those most materially wealthy suffer from disease and from the social discord that can embroil them in a war or inflict suffering on them when they are victimized by crime. They suffer from the mean-spirited tactics of other members of their wealthy class and can be beset with jealousy and fear.  


As Negative Energy, which is a very dense and heavy energy, began to weigh beings down, they dropped to lower and lower levels of vibration and their Suits became abnormally dense and material. They fell below the range at which they could receive miracles from the Source that could help them to recover from the harshness that they had collectively created. They created a Miracle-Unfriendly Field of Energy in which miracles from the Source could not land and they clogged up the Material Energy Factories of their Suits which were designed to generate the Material Energy that creates the Landing Zone for miracles.


As they destroyed the two essential elements in receiving the miracles that make life Heaven – a Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy and the right amount of Material Energy to create the Landing Zone for miracles to come into their lives – they began to believe that miracles were not possible or could only occur very rarely. They then Disconnected even further from the Source and sought to ramp up their Self-Directed attempts to wrestle some happiness from their lives in whatever way they could.


This gave rise to the Pursuit of Pleasure for its own sake and the Avoidance of Pain.  Addiction to drug highs and to dodging the responsibility of dealing with the troubles of the world have been the result.  Beings try to define what serves them and then try to take care of themselves by taking care of those who are a valued part of their lives and often abusing others who are not part of their valued group in order to enhance their own quality of life. They have justified slavery and genocide in the pursuit of their Self Interest. 


As beings devolved, those most aggressively in pursuit of their Self Interest dropped to such a low level of vibration that they severed their connection to the Source and found themselves with the Life Energies that are needed to sustain their lives.  They then set up an elaborate Harvesting Operation in order to steal the Life Energies of those who still had a Source Connection.  


This Harvesting Operation was designed to instigate conflict among beings so that they would damage one another in wars, domestic violence, child abuse, and the like, making the Suits ripe for the harvest of their Life Energies. The Negative Energy generated by negative emotions of hate, fear, jealousy, vindictiveness, greed, grief, and despair created a Negative Energy Medium to which the Negativity – the beings in charge of this Universal Harvesting Operation – could interface with the Suit.


The Negativity cleverly engineered social practices and traditions that broke down the Source Connection of other beings so they would be less protected by the Source and more vulnerable to the Harvesting Operation. They did this by spreading false ideas about the Source and how the Source works that caused believers to connect to the Cultural Story about the Source instead of to the real Source. This has proven to be a very effective way of weakening the Source Connection of many beings.



Why Is It Important to Eliminate All Negative Energy?

In 2012 the Negative Energy in the Creation had reached a point of critical mass that almost caused the entire Creation and everyone in it to fall below the level at which the Source could sustain them.  If this had occurred, all of life in the Creation would have perished. This is because the physical forms are sustained by spiritual energies from the Source. If the physical forms were to be cut off from the spiritual energies of the Source, who is the Creator of Life, they would begin to disintegrate.


To counter this, the Source initiated a series of Vibrational Shifts that took the Creation back up to a level at which life could be sustained. This set the stage for the evolution of consciousness in beings throughout the Creation where they could begin to understand the mistake that they had made and correct for it before it destroyed their chance to have life in a Manifest World.


In 2015, the Implementation Aspect of the Source had to begin its withdrawal from The Manifest World in keeping with the end of its final incarnation. Beings were not prepared for the rigors of The Transition and many have experienced Spiritual Death, when the Soul unlinks from the Suit. Now beings are also beginning to experience Physical Death as the Creation lifts up to higher levels of vibration that shatter Suits that lack the Spiritual Integration that comes from living a Source-Connected Way of Life. 


Now beings will have to move fast to clear the remaining Negative Energy that is weighing them down so they can shift to the more immaterial levels that they will need to rise up to in order to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition.  Without some training in how to eliminate Negative Energy, they will not survive in the time ahead.


In order to help beings to survive, I have initiated The Project for Eliminating All Negative Energy. Since Negative Energy is what is preventing beings from achieving the 100% Source Connection that will enable them to be sustainable during The Transition, eliminating Negative Energy has to become a primary focus of every being who wishes to achieve sustainability.


The work of this Project will progress through a combination of Direct Source Work and the Team Work of Heaven Agents, organized by asking to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source.


Much of the work of Making the World Safe for the Heaven of Total Abundance has been done by my Direct Source Work. This has brought us to the stage of The Transition when the Negativity is largely de-activated and the remaining warring contingents are minor compared to the tyranny of the Negativity that used to rule the Creation.  This work has set the stage for a shift in focus to:

  • eradicating the Negative Energy which currently exists in the Creation 
  • setting up a Total Abundance Way of Life that will not generate any additional Negative Energy

While it may seem impossible to eliminate all Negative Energy, this goal has been achieved in the 14 Prototype Communities who worked with me, thousands of years ago, to eliminate the Negative Energy that once existed in their war-torn, disease-ridden communities and to develop the Total Abundance Way of Life that has prevented the generation of more Negative Energy. Because of their success, they have enjoyed the Heaven of Total Abundance for thousands of years.


Their Prototype will help others to follow in their footsteps, understanding that Negative Energy doesn't have to be a part of life and must not be a part of life if The Miracle of Total Abundance is to manifest and life is to become sustainable at this stage of The Transition. 



NOTE: For a brief synopsis of The Transition, you can reference the article in The Universal Seed of Heaven ProjectFor a more comprehensive training you can take The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training.



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The Source Objectives for The Master Seed Project

There are four Source Objectives for The Master Seed Project for Eliminating All Negative Energy.



Providing the Material Energy for the
Direct Source Work that Is Needed

The majority of the work in eliminating Negative Energy must be done by my Direct Source Work because it is work that is too dangerous for Heaven Agents to take on by themselves or to even work alongside me. 


The help I need from Heaven Agents is their work to provide the Material Energy that is needed to ground the  miracles that I bring into the world to not only eradicate the existing masses of Negative Energy but to establish the Spiritual Structures that will help to protect the Creation from Negative Energy ever being amassed like this again.  Since there are still contingents of the Negativity that are intent on continuing their War against the Source this restorative and preventative work is necessary.


The most important miracle that I need to ground is the miracle of Source Power which I can use to negotiate with the existing factions of the Negativity and to develop the Spiritual Structures that support a Total Abundance Way of Life. 


In the 14 Prototype Communities, their primary focus is on providing the Material Energy that I need for my Direct Source Work which they understand is what provides them with their Miracle-Based Way of Life.  While Heaven Agent Work used to constitute 30% of the work needed to establish and maintain a Total Abundance Way of Life, after the recent change into The Heaven Phase of the Creation, Direct Source Work is now providing 100% of the Manifestation Work and 90% of the overall work needed for these tasks.


Unless Heaven Agents provide the Material Energy that enables me to do my Direct Source Work, then they will not be able to have a world that is sustainable by the time I leave for the Source Level in the next few decades. 


I have put out a call on the Inner Plane to all Heaven Agents to provide the Material Energy through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange, which also provides Material Energy.  For Heaven Agents on the Earth, the best way to step forward and help is to provide a Financial Exchange which will enable me to both have the Material Energy to do my work on the Spiritual Level of Reality and have the financial support that is needed to contact and train the Heaven Agents who are needed to establish a Total Abundance Community on the Earth.


To support my Direct Source Work, you can contribute to The Eliminating All Negative Energy Campaign.




Organizing Heaven Agents on the
Inner and Outer Planes to Eradicate Negative Energy

This Source Objective is to train Heaven Agents to use Miracle Tools, such as The Heaven Ray, to eradicate Negative Energy in their Suits and in their world.  It will take the daily use of The Heaven Ray to eliminate the accumulations of Negative Energy that promote the negative emotions and behaviors that contribute to the suffering in the world.


The Core Seed Projects for this Master Project will help to provide direction for this effort. The majority of the work, however, will come through my Inner Plane work with Heaven Agents throughout the Creation as they ask to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source and I respond with individualized training on the Inner Plane to eradicate a particular aspect of Negative Energy. This work is done primarily through my Extended Range, which is generally outside of my conscious awareness. 


As Heaven Agents get Trained & Equipped to function at higher skill levels, they will be able to Become What Is Needed at more efficient levels. This efficiency will be critical to meeting the deadline of removing the Negative Energy that will destroy The Miracle of Life at the end of The Transition if it remains in the Creation.  


The Miracle of Life is like a fragile Flower of Heaven. The avalanche of Negative Energy that beings have collectively created could roll over and crush this Flower when I leave for the Source Level.  I have been using considerable amounts of Source Power to hold Negative Energy at bay and prevent this tragedy from occurring. When I leave I will not be able to prevent the avalanche from destroying The Miracle of Life.  It is, therefore, necessary that beings eradicate the Negative Energy so there is no avalanche that could descend on them and crush out the life within them and destroy the Spiritual Structures that sustain Life in the Creation. Failure to understand this risk will end in tragedy for everything that you hold dear and will end The Miracle of Life in the Creation.


I understand that for most people on the Earth, who have lost their ability to see what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality, a danger of this kind can seem very abstract and not very “real” since it isn’t something that they can perceive with their five senses. Those who wish to survive and wish to enable their loved ones and their world to survive will need to work with the miracles of Source Support that I am providing to regain their ability to see what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality so they can understand the danger and begin to track it. 


I do not encourage blind belief because this leads to followers, not Heaven Agents.  Followers don’t see what is happening for themselves and are, therefore, unable to Steward The Miracle of Life.  I have established The Miracle School to train Heaven Agents to become capable of seeing what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality because this is the causal level for what happens on the Physical Level of Reality.  Only those who can see for themselves will be able to navigate in the Creation once I have returned to the Source Level.  Only those who have learned how to receive Source Guidance and who have developed their Heaven Agent Skills will be able to stay Connected to the Source Guidance that I will provide once I have returned to the Source Level and continue to guide them from that level.


The Core Seed Projects are one way in which I provide Source Direction to Heaven Agents working on this Project.  Those working with me on these Projects who are also in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program receive the kind of individualized training that enables them to contribute at the highest level.




Prototyping The Total Abundance Way of Life
that Will Not Generate Negative Energy

While the Prototyping work for establishing a Total Abundance Way of Life has its primary focus on the Heaven of Total Abundance that this can bring, every step of the way toward this goal has to be guided by accurate Source Guidance about what social practices generate Negative Energy and what ones don’t. 


The bottom line is not whether something has been a valued social tradition for generations but whether the social tradition generates Negative Energy.  If it generates Negative Energy then it is putting the society at risk and everyone within it. It is making them unsustainable and, therefore, setting them up for death during the stages of The Transition.


This bottom line will help Heaven Agents to cut through their attachments and sentimental feelings about social traditions to work with the Source to either alter the social tradition so it doesn’t produce Negative Energy or replace it with something that channels in the Heaven Energies sent by the Source. Heaven Energy is what makes for the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy that is needed to land the Total Abundance Miracles that make for a Total Abundance Way of Life.  Bringing in Heaven Energy rather than generating Negative Energy has to be the priority of every individual and every community.


Through working with Source Direction as a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist, Heaven Agents can understand how to bring about Source-Directed social change without generating the Negative Energy that is often involved in any kind of social re-orientation.




Educating the Masses to the Need to
Join in the Work of Eradicating All Negative Energy

While a Core Group of Heaven Agents can eliminate huge stockpiles of Negative Energy and Prototype a way of life that does not generate any additional Negative Energy, unless the need to eliminate all Negative Energy is brought to the attention of the masses in our Global Community, they will continue to think that Negative Energy is just a part of life and they will continue to tolerate it and even promote it.


While my Direct Source Work which resulted in taking down the hierarchy of the Negativity was necessary to free citizens of The Universal Community from their fear of the Negativity so they could step out and support The Work of the Source to end the scourge of Negative Energy, it was just the first step in the Project. The Next Step is for individual beings to join in the work of eradicating all Negative Energy from their Suits, their personal lives, and their communities. The only way in which this can be done effectively is if Heaven Agents step forward to carry the message and to provide the financial support for the Source Communications which I create on the Outer Plane to reach The Global Community.  


Just as germ theory had to crack through superstitious traditions so that humans could begin to effectively fight diseases caused by germs, so the knowledge of the causal force of Negative Energy has to reach the masses to enable them to fight the Hell that Negative Energy manifests in their lives.  If they do not join in the work on both the Inner and Outer Planes, then life on the Earth will be buried in the avalanche of Negative Energy that exists on the Earth from all of the wars, genocide, rape, slavery, and abuse that has contributed to this mass of Negative Energy.


The task of educating others is not one that I can do alone. I can provide the educational materials but Heaven Agents need to take them out to others and become skilled Source-Directed Coaches who can help to walk others through the process of Awakening to Source Truth and beginning to travel The Path to Total Abundance.


Contributing Financial Support to The Eliminating All Negative Energy Campaign is one way in which this work can get done.  While I can meet with and educate beings on the Inner Plane so that I reach all beings everywhere throughout the Creation, it will take Outer Plane action by Heaven Agents to Prototype a Total Abundance Way of Life in which the principles that manifest the Miracle of Total Abundance are taught to others so they can join in the work on the Outer Plane.  


Many people throughout the world are open to the concept of eradicating Negative Energy but lack access to the knowledge of how to be effective.  If Heaven Agents direct people to The Work of the Source, these people can become Trained & Equipped to join in the work of The Total Abundance Movement. They can help to establish Total Abundance for all by building the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy that enables The Miracle of Total Abundance to land in their lives.  Since the calibre of Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed is a Field that is devoid of Negative Energy, the work to eradicate Negative Energy will be a primary focus for this work.




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The Eliminating All Negative Energy Campaign


This Campaign has been created to provide all those who wish to support The Work of the Source to eliminate all of the Negative Energy that is causing suffering and endangering their lives, an opportunity to provide the Financial Support that is needed.


Provide Material Energy to Ground Miracles

Material Energy is needed to land Total Abundance Miracles and the Miracle of Source Power so that I can do the Direct Source Work that is needed to retire the most dangerous elements of Negative Energy.  Without the support of Heaven Agents, much of the work will not get done before I have to leave to return to the Source Level. If the mass of accumulated Negative Energy is left behind, it will bury The Miracle of Life in the Creation, destroying the structures that sustain individual lives and the life of the Creation.


Provide the Financial Support to Contact and Train a
Core Group of Heaven Agents

Financial Support is needed to contact and train a Core Group of Heaven Agents who can work closely with me to tackle the complex work of disposing of Negative Energy in a way that is safe and final.  While the public can help with The Heaven Ray and other Miracle Tools, it takes a trained group of very skilled and competent Heaven Agents to deal with the more sinister elements of what the Negativity has created and to de-activate them and prevent them from reproducing themselves while they are being destroyed. Finding the people who came into this life to assist in this work and training them requires putting out information on the internet so that everyone whose Mission it is to assist in this way has an opportunity to hear the call.  


Millions of experienced Heaven Agents who I have trained in previous lifetimes have incarnated on the Earth to lend their support to this final stage of my work.  Without the Financial Support of The Global Community these Heaven Agents may not know how to find me on the Outer Plane and may lack the Material Energy to get Trained & Equipped to do their parts.


Provide the Financial Support for the Education of the Public 

Financial Support is needed to educate The Global Community so they understand the danger of Negative Energy and become empowered to join in the work of eliminating what has already been created and preventing the creation of additional Negative Energy.  This means that they will need support in changing the social practices that breed Negative Energy.  This will require more interactive forms of education that will require Financial Support to create.


Through giving a Financial Contribution, you can help to accomplish all of these goals. The Material Energy that is transferred through the Financial Contribution can be used to ground the miracles and the funds can be directed to support the costs incurred by The Heaven Project in taking this work to The Global Community.


For information on how to contribute, you can reference the form provided below.


How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Eliminating All Negative Energy Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.




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The Core Seed Project Directory

At present, due to the fact that this Project has just been initiated, there is only one Core Project that has been developed.  In time, other Core Seed Projects will be added as the work of The Master Seed Project advances.

Eliminating Negative Energy with The Heaven Ray



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