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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School




This is the Workstation where you can come to join in the work on the General and Foundational Projects of The Personal Safety Project.  




The Overview of the Work in this Workstation

NOTE:  These are the main categories of work on this Project.  Since the Project is in its very beginning stage, only some of the listed categories have materials available within them.  Check back with this Directory to find out what new listings and are being posted online as the work on the Project progresses. 


For a general overview of the Project and its Methodology as well as to access other Workstations, you can go to the Project Homepage.


For information on how to work with a Source Workflow Training, you can go to: The Source Methodology



Getting Trained While Contributing to the Work

Group Source Workflow Trainings

Solo Source Workflow Trainings







Getting Equipped

Miracle Tools

Source Interventions

Source Connection Centers

Multi-Modality Source Support

Miracle-Based Technologies


Contributing to the Asynchronous Work 

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Group Source Workflow Trainings

Soul Talk Network Trainings


The Source Workflow Training on August 8, 2016 

In this Workflow Training The Safety of The Source Connection Imprint was manifested.  Those working to achieve Personal Safety need to work with this training to make a Generic Connection to this Imprint so that it will begin to help them to manifest the foundation of all safety, which is the safety of their Source Connection, which is their Link to Life.
If you would like a more high power, Individualized Connection, which requires an Individualized version of this Imprint, you can request one in the section on Miracle Tools below.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Training and to make a Generic Connection to the Imprint is US $120.





The Source Workflow Training on August 9, 2016 

This Training brought through The Social Safety Imprint which is critical to the establishment of Personal Safety in all social interactions.  


Through this Training you can learn about The Source Perspective on Social Safety as well as have an opportunity to connect to the Social Safety Imprint at a generic level.


If you would like a more high power, Individualized Connection, which requires an Individualized version of this Imprint, you can request one in the section on Miracle Tools below.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Training and to connect to the Imprint is US $129.






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Soul Talk Network & Teleconferenced Trainings

Basic Training for Source-Directed Activism


    The Source Workflow Training on October 2, 2016

What It Takes to Become a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist 


In this Training, Heaven Agents, from the Earth, from the Prototype Communities, and from the Universal Community outside of the Earth Plane, contributed to the work on bringing into focus what it takes to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist.  The Core Issues that were addressed are key to those who would like to become a Source-Directed Activist and need to think through what this means and what it takes to make this transition.


This is a Basic Training for all those joining into the work on these Prototype Projects.  It compliments the overview that is available in the Video Book Training and in the other Gifted Spiritual Activist Training Materials available through Connecting and in other locations on the web site.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this Training, is US $130.





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Solo Source Workflow Trainings

Source Action Plans


September 9, 2016 

Learn about The Source Perspective

Learn about The Source Perspective on The Personal Safety Project through following the action in the Trainings.  Until you have a grasp of what is needed to secure Personal Safety, you will be seeing the issue through a Story Cultural Filter that will prevent you from connecting to the miracles of Source Support that alone are capable of enabling you to achieve Personal Safety.


Learn about The System of Life Imprints

Through understanding The System of Life Imprints, you will be able to make a Generic Connection to the power of the Imprint.  This will help it to work with you in a general way in your life.  Your understanding of the Imprint and your work in the Training to make a Generic Connection is part of the Material Energy that is needed to make the connection. The other part comes from the Material Energy that you provide for the Training itself.  Together these sources of Material Energy help you to connect to the Generic Level of the Imprint while it is coming in from the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest World.


If you want to equip yourself with an Individualized Imprint that brings Full Manifestation Power into your personal life, then you can read about Individualized Imprints in the section on Miracle Tools.


Learn How to Learn in a Source Workflow Training

Since I do not teach in a didactic, repetitive, school classroom manner but rather flow the information to you from my Source Workflow to your Personal Workflow on many levels of your Consciousness, you need to take the time to give your Left Brain a chance to process what transpires.  Otherwise, the Training may be an uplifting experience that your Right Brain tracks that does not translate into an Action Plan understood by your Left Brain for taking Next Steps in your Outer Plane work on the Project.


Because of the power of my Source Workflow, it is very easy to be swept along with it and not remember what was discussed or what actions you need to take to work with what has been given. For this reason, I recommend working with a Training twice.  


The first time, seclude yourself where you will not be interrupted so that you can practice getting into alignment with my Source Workflow.  Grasp the essential points and then go back over them again in a second listening to take notes on the issues raised and the Source Teachings with regard to them.  Then think about the implications of what I am teaching you so that you can begin to understand the general Source-Directed Activism that I am recommending.


Then shift to working with my photo at the top of the Workstation.  This photo is a Partial Manifestation of my Implementation Aspect.  If you ask your Inner Intelligence to attune you to the aspect of my Manifestation that manifests through this photo, then you will begin to connect with the specific Source Guidance that I am giving you about what you are being called upon to do to contribute to the Project, based on the information you gained from the Training.


Only when you bring the Training down to the basic Source Directives that you are receiving about what the Source is asking you individually to do to contribute, will you be able to work effectively on this Project.


Keep in mind that this Source Guidance might come through images or impressions or sensations that you may lack the skill to understand if you are just beginning Heaven Agent Work. For this reason, I provide you with an Eyewitness Report Form at the bottom of the Workstation.  You can enter your experiences in working with the Training and in applying the Source Teachings in the Training in your work on the Project. Frequent entries in The Eyewitness Report Form are a way for you to keep me abreast of what you are doing on your end of the Project.  


If you are in The Source Connection Coaching Program, I may at times be able to respond to some of your entries when I send out a general Source Guidance Email to you.  If you want specific Training in how to understand the clues that you are being given, then you can provide the Material Energy for a Coaching Session by Email.  This will enable me to have the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this more intense form of Individualized Training. 


Since learning whether you are getting accurate Source Guidance is key to your ability to evolve to higher Skill Levels as a Heaven Agent, I would recommend getting Coaching Support. Advanced Heaven Agents have logged many hours seeking Source Guidance and getting individualized Source Feedback on what they are receiving in Inner Source Guidance.  Since every Heaven Agent receives Source Guidance in a way that is unique, given their unique Spiritual Function and Miracle-Based Abilities, it is important to receive individualized support to learn the basics about how to receive and interpret the Source Guidance that is given to you so that you can contribute the Puzzle Pieces that are needed to complete the Puzzle Picture of the Project. Only when you are capable of working with more complex Source Guidance Communications, will you be able to deliver the more complex Puzzle Pieces that are needed for this Project to be successful.


For more information on how to provide a Source-Directed Eyewitness Report, you can read the article in The Personal Safety Project Homepage.


For information on The Source Connection Coaching Program, you can go to:



Follow the Action in the Project

I will be posting information in Source Workflow News Reports on breaking news in the Project. 


Source Workflow Responses is a section where I respond to Heaven Agents reporting in on the work that they are doing on the Project or asking for clarification on the work that has already been done. These sections will contain information on Next Steps that need to be taken to advance the work on the Project.  


You can also check out the Action Plans for the different Subset Projects to see what specific action you need to take to contribute to these aspects of the Project.  For a listing of other Workstations, you can go to the Directory in The Personal Safety Project Homepage.


Help with the Practical Work of the Project

Read the section in The Source Solution Hub on How to Help. Share the news of this work with those you know or others in your community or on the internet. Contribute to the financial resources needed to get the word out.  Help fundraise for this project so that all those who are called by the Source to help in the work of this Project will have a chance to hear about it. 


Remember that we are looking for the people with the missing Puzzle Pieces that will complete the Picture of this Project.  Source-Directed Activism includes finding the people who need to help and following Source Direction for how to obtain the practical resources needed for the Project to be a success.




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Source Workflow News Reports


September 9, 2016


Many beings are unsafe as we approach the September 15th Turning Point Transition.  They have not risen above the 9.2 Skill Level that enabled them to survive the last few Transitions and they aren’t bringing it into focus that some real effort is needed to achieve a 9.4.5 Skill Level for the Transition on the 15th.


To help beings prepare, 4 Universal Source Directives have been sent out to all beings. 


The Four Source Directives

The first is the Source Directive to support The Work of the Source on the Outer Plane in their Conscious Range no matter what it takes for them to get their conscious mind to understand the Inner Plane and Outer Plane Source Communications being sent to them.  It is up to the Heaven Agent to find a way to validate Source Reality even if others around them are validating Story Reality.


The second is to follow through on the more complex Project Work Source Directives that I will be sending them that will require that they learn in their Conscious Range as well as in their Extended Range. The previous Project Work could be done almost entirely in the Extended Range with just intuitive Conscious Range follow through that was not really fully understood in the conscious mind.


The third is to report in to the Inner Plane Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center, that I have just set up, which stores their messages until I have time to work with the information that pertains to my Source Workflow.  For Heaven Agents working with me in the Outer Plane Miracle School, reporting in using the Outer Plane Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center is needed for at least some of the Reports from the Field.  Eyewitness Report Forms in the Workstations can also be used for this purpose.


The fourth is to begin taking their place in The Power Grid which is a Spiritual Structure with a place for each Heaven Agent.  As a Heaven Agent docks in their place in The Power Grid, they receive power from The Universal Power Station which resides in Level 12. This power is essential to their ability to do their Heaven Agent Work.  Only with this additional Spiritual Power will they be able to do the complex Heaven Agent Work for which they will be receiving Source Directives.


No Universal Source Directives of this magnitude have ever been given because beings have not been ready to take action before this point in time.  Without being in Personal Workflows at Level 10 Speed, they could not have gotten out of the inertia of the Story World in their Conscious Range to do the kind of in-depth and dedicated Project Work that is needed. 


With the approach of the September 15th Turning Point Transition, beings must graduate to responding skillfully to complex Source Directives. Those not beginning the transition out of Story Reality into Source Reality in their Conscious Range will fail to respond intelligently to the complex Source Directives and will, therefore, not achieve the 9.4.5 Skill Level needed to survive the September Transition.


How to Work with These Source Directives

The best way to work with any Source Directive is to ask your Inner Intelligence to help you to fulfill it completely – hitting the 100% Mark for each Source Directive.


Because many Source Directives come into your Source Communication Center at a subliminal level, you can instruct your Inner Intelligence to direct your thoughts and energies to achieving a 100% Follow Through even on the Source Directives of which you are not aware in your Conscious Range.


The Source Directives, such as the four listed above, that you know about consciously can be given more power since you can seek Inner Source Guidance to understand them more fully and to ask if you are hitting the 100% Mark.  In this way you can improve your Heaven Agent Skills and work more effectively toward achieving a 9.4.5 Skill Level.



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Source Responses

September 9, 2016


Some additional levels of insight about the Source Workflow Training of August 9th, that brought in The Social Safety Imprint, have come through since the Training.


In this Training two Black women from Tennessee described their fear of letting go of a kind of programming passed down from slavery that had become the shared legacy of all Black people and, therefore, a mark of belonging to the Black Community. While this programming, which was stored above the heart chakra, was a recording of suffering and struggle, it united the Black Community in the shared experience of this continuing struggle and gave them a sense of understanding the struggle and supporting one another in the struggle.


In the Training I spoke of how this was a matching program to the program of White Racists who were triggered by this Oppression Program in Black people to continue to oppress Black people and generate more suffering. This is somewhat similar to how a rapist is more likely to attack a woman who has been previously raped than one who has not been raped and who is, therefore, not carrying the programming of the rape trauma.


The two Black women, a daughter and her mother, agreed to Prototype letting go of this Oppression Program even though there was some fear of not being accepted in the Black Community if they didn’t share this programming.


Another aspect of this Oppression Program, which we didn’t touch on in the Training, is its function as a defense mechanism against the attacks of White Racists.  Black people have, in many cases, enforced the activation of this Oppression Program on one another in order to protect their loved ones from forgetting the danger of being attacked by White Racists for acting “too free” or like that are “equals”, a stance very opposed by White Supremacists.


The daughter commented in a later Training, that it was like the two programs – the White Abuser Program and the Black Oppression Program were like lego blocks that snapped together and then she would feel caught in the dynamic of racist abuse. Now she says that she feels free of that dynamic even though she is still maneuvering in a racist environment and aware of the triggers of racist attack.


She is now experiencing more of what Black people coming in from Africa experience in an American racist society.  The African Black people lack the programming from slavery and, therefore, don’t trigger the same kind of dynamic in White Racists that American Black people trigger, who are carrying the programming from slavery. While White Racists are prejudiced against all Black people, they can’t lock into the Oppression Dynamic with someone who is not carrying the programming. Therefore, a different dynamic can occur.


With this Prototype in place, it is now possible for Black people and Whites to ask to release whatever negative programs they might be carrying that feed a negative dynamic between the two races. When you ask to Become What Is Needed to release either the White Abuser Program or the Black Oppression Program, they can be cleared from the place above your heart chakra.


It is important to note that many liberal White people who do not espouse a racist philosophy are carriers of the White Abuser Program because their forefathers carried it.  This Program can trigger a negative response in a Black person who fears racism even if the White person is not exhibiting any racist behavior.


It is, therefore, advisable for White people and Black people to work on breaking up this dynamic by asking to release this and any other Programs that have been handed down through the generations so that individual White people and Black people can meet on clear ground with one another without their Suits being triggered by subconscious programming that colors their perception of one another.


Work with your Inner Intelligence to start the clearing and then seek Inner Plane Source Guidance with regard to how the clearing is proceeding.


Even if the main negative programs are cleared in a matter of minutes, there will be a legacy of thoughts and behavioral patterns that have arisen from them. These will be brought into your awareness so that you can seek The Source Perspective on what is surfacing and redirect your thoughts and behaviors in ways that are Source-Guided.


It is important to remain neutral and committed to building the Love-Based Community that is needed for Life in the Creation to survive.  Exercise great care in removing any Program that could get in the way of achieving this ultimate goal.




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Source Workflow Sessions

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Multi-Modality At-a-Distance Source Support

Personal At-a-Distance Source Support



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Miracle-Based Technologies

The Dream Heaven Command



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