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How to Be Safe in a Dangerous World



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School




This is the place where you can come to:

  • explore The Source Perspective on your personal safety
  • receive basic training in how to create safety in your personal life 
  • find out about the Source Solution Miracles created for your safety 
  • participate in the ongoing work of The Personal Safety Project designed to help you create safety in your life and in your world for yourself and all others
The Personal Safety Project is a subset of The Making the World Safe for Heaven Project which is a subset of The Total Abundance Project.  These are all System of Life Projects designed to build the sustainable System of Life that is needed for Life in the Creation to survive the final stage of The Transition.
This is the Project Homepage.  It contains the basic information about the Project as a whole. An outline of this information is available in the Overview below
The Work on the Project is done in Project Workstations.  The listing of Workstations and information on the ongoing Work in all of the Workstations can be accessed through The Directory.

Overview Articles about The Personal Safety Project

The Scope of The Personal Safety Campaign


The Source Approach to the Personal Safety Issue

The Personal Safety Campaign is a Source-Directed Campaign to secure Personal Safety in every aspect of your life.  To achieve this goal, it is necessary to look at all of the variables that affect your Personal Safety, not just the ones that most people generally consider.


The Source looks at your Personal Safety from a Top Down Approach, looking at your safety in the Creation as a whole and then looking at your safety as you cross the street, select a life partner, enter into a business relationship, deal with health issues, and navigate in a world that is rife with discrimination, crime, terrorism, and treachery.


It is not possible to secure Personal Safety by using the Bottom Up Approach where you try to secure safety in the physical level of your life without focusing first on how to secure safety in the spiritual level of your life.  


The root of what manifests in the Physical Level of Reality exists on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  If you don’t address what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality and deal effectively with it there, you can’t control the unsafe conditions that grow from it into the Physical Level of Reality.  


Cutting off a blackberry bush at the ground level without pulling up the root, will result in another outgrowth from the root.  In a similar way, clearing out the manifestation of danger on the Physical Level of Reality without clearing out the root of the danger on the Spiritual Level of Reality will lead to another outcropping of a similar kind of danger.


No Source Solution for your Personal Safety will leave you with a false sense of safety by cutting out the surface level of what causes you to be endangered and leaving the root which will grow a dangerous circumstance that will endanger you in the future.


Learning how to be safe in a dangerous world will require opening to The Source Perspective on the world you live in, how you were created to live in it, and what you need to do to work with the Source to create the conditions in which you and others can be safe.  It requires moving into Helping the Source Mode to go on the Missions given to you by the Source to secure safety for yourself and others.  Those who try to remain in a Self Centered, Help Me, Source Mode and ask the Source to grant them safety while they pursue a way of life that is inherently unsafe, do not receive Source Support.  This is because this approach is an integral part of the problem and is, therefore, not the path to a solution.


In order to understand the Source Approach, it is best to start with an overview of the Source Methodology and then move to the Overview of The Source Perspective on the state of the Creation in terms of the Safety Issue, and then begin narrowing in on specific Personal Safety issues such as Personal Safety for Black people in America, children, women, etc. 




The Source Methodology for Securing Personal Safety 

Source-Directed Work

This is a Source-Directed Campaign.  It is not coming from within the framework of a Culturally-Created Project and as such follows a different logic and has a different methodology.  For information on what it means to choose a Source-Directed Path, you can watch the video - The Most Important Decision You Make In Your Life.


Getting Trained & Equipped to Work with the Miracles of the Source

The success of the project is based on participants getting trained and equipped to work with the miracles of the Source to effect changes that have not ever been effected before using Man Made Methodologies.  To understand the overview of what this methodology is - you can watch the video entitled:  The Puzzle Piece Miracle.  For an more indepth understanding of how to work with the Source and with the miracles of the Source, members of Connecting can watch the gifted  Video Book Training.  If you are not a member of Connecting, your Point of Connection with the Gifted Training Materials of the Source, you can join by accessing this link.



Understanding the Universal Context in which this Work Is Occurring

This Campaign is taking place within a larger context of profound Universal Change as the Creation goes through The Transition of the aspect of the Source that has been resident in the Manifest World back to the Source Level.  To understand this change and the implications it has for the Safety Campaign or the safety of any particular individual or group of individuals, you can watch The Video Book Training.  Members of Connecting can also follow the action in The Source Connection Station as I post information on each upcoming stage of The Transition and Source Reports on the aftermath of each Transition. 


Tracking the Rapid Spiritual Changes and their Impact on the Direction of the Work

The changes occurring as a result of The Transition are the better part of the solution to the issue of Personal Safety.  Understanding what is happening on this level will inform the practical steps that need to be taken to work in harmony with these changes and to build with the power of them.


Understanding The Source Connection Equation

To the extent that you are Source-Connected, you have Personal Safety. To the extent that you are Source-Disconnected, you are at risk in a dangerous world that is dangerous because it is largely Source-Disconnected.


What it takes to become 100% Source-Connected is awakening your ability to perceive the Presence of the Source in your life.  Once you can perceive the Presence of the Source, you can form the Direct Source Connection that will enable you to not only receive detailed Inner Source Communications that help you to navigate around the dangers of the world, but to develop the Source-Connected Way of Life which helps you to sustain your Source Connection. 


Your Source Connection is your Link to Life – to the miracle of Source Support that protects and sustains your life. On a technical level, the Source Connection is an Energy Supply Line through which you receive Source Support. Understanding the spiritual conditions in which your Source Connection can be sustained is critical to sustaining it.


Since the technical conditions for sustaining the Source Connection are changing daily with the stages of The Transition, it is important for you to stay abreast of the news of what is happening and work to transition your Source Connection so that it is sustained during all of the stages of The Transition. 


Those who have failed to pay attention to Source Communications about sustaining their Source Connection, have lost their Spiritual Lives in the stages of The Transition.  What is left behind is Empty Suits without a Soul – Suits that are slowly disintegrating into Ultimate Death.


This is not a time in history in which beings who stay in their Cultural Stories about the nature of Spiritual Reality are surviving. Only those who are working actively with the Source through the Inner and Outer Plane Source Communications that they are receiving are surviving.


For a complete overview of The Source Connection and how to preserve it, I refer you to the Gifted Video Book Training.


Team Work Orchestrated by Inner Plane Mission Work

Unlike man-made organizations that require Outer Plane meetings and agendas in order to get things done, the Work of the Source is accomplished through the detailed information sent to beings on the Inner Plane to perform the Missions that they are given by the Source.  While most of this information is received by the being in his Extended Range, which is generally outside the range of  conscious awareness, much of it is intended to percolate into the Conscious Range so that informed action can be taken on the Outer Plane to bring about necessary Outer Plane changes.


Through Universal Inner Plane Source Communications as well as Individualized Inner Plane Source Communications, every being is given precise instructions about how to work with the Source on The Personal Safety Campaign as well as on every other Project or Campaign that is needed to build the safety of a Source-Connected Way of Life.


While I provide Outer Plane Source Communications as well, these only concretize the information that reaches all beings throughout the Creation on the Inner Plane.  Through Universal Inner Plane Source Communications, Universal Projects can get done that require the Team Work of beings throughout every part of the Creation.  


An example of this was The Source-Connected Suit Container Project which provided all beings with a protective Source-Connected Suit Container to ward off the invasions of the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane.  Without effective organizing on the Inner Plane, beings would not have survived a Universal Vibrational Shift which could have shattered those without a Source-Connected Suit Container.


In a similar way, Outer Plane Projects such as redressing racism and racial violence can be orchestrated by the Source calling on all beings to do their parts in correcting the situation.  


Beings who do not know one another can each play their parts and contribute to a solution that emerges for the community.  The power of Source-Designed Team Work is far greater than the attempts of most humans to rally support on the Outer Plane and coerce others to conform to a Man-Made Method for achieving an outcome.  The Source Design can include Outer Plane Team Work on occasion, but it relies on the deep level work that must go on in every individual for true social change to occur.


For example, eradicating the racism that puts all lives at risk isn't just a matter of stopping violence on the Outer Plane, it is a matter of ending the faulty thinking that leads abusers to abuse and victims to get caught in the trap and not see a Source-Directed Path to safety.  This level of the change that is needed requires the complex staging of learning experiences that are given to beings through their Source-Given Missions.  Through learning what can never be learned except in such perfectly appropriate learning experiences, designed to suit the individual being, radical evolution in consciousness can occur.


Most social change has resulted from an under privileged group attacking a privileged group until they conceded to granting the under privileged group more rights.  This has not resulted in a true transformation in consciousness and often has resulted in a backlash or in covert aggression that continues the war between the two groups.


This is an unsustainable outcome in the current stage of the Creation in The Transition.  Unless true healing occurs in which beings come to love one another and nurture one another, honoring the Source through adherence to The Source Perspective that Every Life Is Precious, no one's Source Connection will be sustainable. 


The Source will not be able to sustain those who hate and those who do not love.


It is important to note that the Source orchestration of learning opportunities for a being does not control or coerce a being but only gives a being the opportunity to learn and grow and participate.  They must choose to evolve or risk losing their Source Connection by creating the conditions in which it is not sustainable.


Building a Sustainable System of Life

We are now at a Turning Point in The Work of the Source where it is necessary for all beings to begin working to extend the Team Work used to accomplish Inner Plane Projects to building a sustainable System of Life on the Outer Plane.  This System of Life is needed if the Source is to be able to sustain the technical part of the Source Connection Supply Line to the Creation itself as well as to any individual being in the Creation.  


Building The System of Life will require Team Work on both the Inner and Outer Planes.


To build a System of Life,

everything that endangers the ability of the Source to connect to

Life in the Creation and to each individual life must be eliminated.  


What endangers the Connection is the Source-Disconnected Way of Life that engenders suffering and generates the energies of Death and Destruction that impair the Source Connection.  In the final stage of The Transition, these energies can sever the Source Connection completely.


What fosters the Source Connection are beings becoming conduits for the Source Love that is expressed as an energy coming through their Suits and through their Source-Directed Activism to right social injustices and restore a safe environment for themselves and all beings.


What destroys the Source Connection is hate and the desire to do harm to avenge a perceived wrong or assert power and privilege.


The days of the privileged turning a deaf ear to the pain of the underprivileged and the under privileged attacking and destroying the lives of the privileged are over.  Every being is accountable for doing their part in building a sustainable System of Life which results in a Source-Connected, Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.


The Source does not enforce or police those who do not do the Mission Work that is given to them as their contribution to this Work.  The Source provides information, training, and Source Support and the individual being decides if they wish to work to preserve their Source Connection by doing their part or continue to support the destructive way of life that is destroying their Source Connection.


The laws that govern sustainability are such that those who do not actively work to help sustain the Source Connection to the Creation itself as well as their own individual Source Connection are in danger of losing their Source Connection and with it their lives.  


There is no longer any energy left in the Creation for the Source to sustain those who are generating the energies of Death and Destruction and weighing themselves down so that they fall out of the Life Field of The Substratum of Life which sustains their Source Connection.  Only those who come to understand and work intelligently with the Principles of Life, can sustain their lives.


This is not dissimilar to the necessity of being respectful of the laws of physics that determine that if you walk out in front of a fast moving truck, you are unlikely to survive.  The reality of what it takes to preserve life in the Creation in our current times has to come through into the conscious awareness of beings so they understand the absolute necessity of learning how to protect their Source Connection.


Protecting your Source Connection has to be your first priority when seeking Personal Safety.



Reflections on this Source-Created Methodology

Information & Choice

Inner and Outer Plane Source Communications provide you with The Source Perspective on what is happening or about to happen in the Creation.


The Source is willing to inform beings and provide Source Support for those who wish to survive the changing nature of the Creation during the stages of The Transition.  Beings must listen, learn, and make a decision to either accept the Source Support that is given, honoring the conditions in which it can be given, or continue on in denial and discover for themselves that their Personal and Cultural Stories do not shape reality.


In this time of change, every being of every age is accountable for their actions.  They either choose to work with the Source to sustain their Source Connection or allow it to be destroyed.  If they lose their Source Connection, they will lose their spiritual lives and eventually their physical lives.


The Source is providing information that speaks to Life and Death issues that beings need to hear from a place of neutrality, understanding that the Source wishes for all beings to survive The Transition and work to achieve the Heaven that life still can be.  This is similar in some ways to a parent who loves their child, explaining to them that they must not walk out in front of oncoming traffic if they are to survive.  This may be frightening to a child but is necessary information given by the parent who wishes their child to live to enjoy a full life.  


To withhold this information and allow the child to be killed in a tragic accident is unethical.  In a similar way, the withholding of difficult information about Life and Death matters from beings in the Creation, would be unethical on the part of the Source. Although this information is often not easy to hear and process, particularly when most people don't know what is happening in the Creation on the Spiritual Level and are, therefore, unfamiliar with the context in which these Life and Death events are occurring, it is the responsibility of the being to receive the detailed explanations freely provided by the Source to fill them in on what has happened historically and what is happening currently.


Because Source Communications providing this information are given to beings throughout the Creation by the Source working on the Inner Plane, all beings have an equal opportunity to learn about what is happening and what they need to do to survive the changes in their Source Connection during the course of The Transition.


Developing Spiritual Intelligence 

The Source encourages beings to use their Source-Given Spiritual Intelligence to understand the content of Source Communications.  In fact, a failure to learn and process information and a tendency to just accept Source-Given Information as a kind of dogma, is harmful to the safety of a being.  Those who approach the Source with Blind Belief are shutting down their Spiritual Intelligence and preventing themselves from forming the Direct Source Connection that expands their Source-Given Intelligence so they can see what is happening on the Inner Plane for themselves and learn how to navigate safely in life by referencing the Inner Guidance they receive from the Source.


Those operating out of concepts based on dogma are like blindmen trying to navigate in unknown territory.  They are at high risk and are unresponsive to the Inner Source Guidance that would enable them to be safe.


Personal Safety is based on your intelligent responsiveness to Source Guidance in the moment.  It isn’t a set of stock things that you do.  It is your ability to use all of your Spiritual Intelligence to respond to what is happening, following the detailed guidance given by the Source.


While certain Miracle Tools and Source Interventions and strategies are available, when they are appropriate depends on the situation and the Source Guidance that you receive regarding this situation.  There is no set way to use technologies or tools.  It has to be Source-Guided Responsiveness in the moment.


Team Work and Source Intercession  

Being safe in the world is a cooperative effort between beings and the Source.  


The Source sends all beings detailed information on how to work together to counter dangers and build a world that is safe for individuals and the community.  It is not possible to focus only on your own personal safety and ignore the Mission Work sent to you by the Source to deal with the larger issues that affect your safety in the community.


All beings must follow the overall Source Plan for how to eliminate the dangers in the world and build toward a world in which all beings enjoy Personal Safety.


Dealing with Reality from a Place of Neutrality  

Although knowing more about the dangers, particularly from the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner and Outer Planes –  can give rise to fear, it is important to educate yourself about the dangers of the world so that you can keep yourself and others safe.  Many believe that focusing on the negativity in the world is a mistake and if you only focus on the positive, this is what will manifest.


The Source Approach is contrary to this erroneous belief.  It is only when you focus on the true state of the world, that you can build toward a world that is the Heaven that it was created to be.  


How you understand and deal with the activities of the Negativity is critical to avoiding getting pulled into The Hell of Suffering that they have created in the world and to which they try to draw people who fixate on what they have created.  There is a Source-Guided Method for understanding their tactics without giving energy to their creations and getting pulled into a focus on what is negative while losing a focus on the Heaven that needs to be built.


Those who define themselves as Heaven Agents – agents working as Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists –remain neutral, open to whatever approach they are given by the Source for eradicating what causes suffering in the world without giving energy to the forces that created the suffering. In this way, they clear the land mines so that a foundation for a Heaven Way of Life can be built in the world.


The Puzzle Piece Approach  

When the Negativity is seen or an unsafe practice is identified, it is important to understand the Puzzle Piece Approach to fixing it.  You go on a Source-Created, Miracle-Based Adventure to find the Puzzle Pieces that are yours to contribute, knowing that the Source is also sending others on their Missions to find other Puzzle Pieces so that the puzzle is completed. 


In this way you can tackle huge problems concerning Personal Safety,  such as protecting those discriminated against in the society, without feeling like you have to take on the burden of finding a solution to the whole problem or that you have to go about solving it in a Man Made manner. All you have to do is to get your Puzzle Piece and make your contribution and work with the flow of the work that will streamline the Team Work to complete the puzzle as a whole. 


The Puzzle Piece Approach is a different concept of group process. It has the capacity to enable people who do not know one another and who are not a part of an Outer Plane organization to contribute to the Source-Directed Work that eventually brings about the solution that benefits everyone.


This methodology is well explained in The Puzzle Piece Video which members of Connecting can access at:



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The Overview of the Context of the Work
in The Personal Safety Campaign

What I will describe in this article is a short overview of the Creation and the conditions that now exist in the Creation due to the choices made by Manifest Beings. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step introduction to the concepts that I reference below, I recommend that you watch the Gifted 5 hour Video Book Training and also work with the other Gifted Source Connection Training Materials available to members of Connecting.  If you are not already a member of Connecting, your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source, you can sign up by accessing the link below.  




In order to be safe in a dangerous world, you need to begin by understanding the world that you live in and how you live in it.


Your Three Energy Bodies

The first understanding is that the world that you see with your 5 Senses is only 10% of the world that you live in.  It is what is called, the Outer Plane, the Physical Level of Reality


The other 90% of your world exists on the Inner Plane, the Spiritual Level of Reality.  This world is what you perceive with your 6th Sense.


In the Physical Level of Reality you navigate in your Physical Body, which is the Organic level of your Suit. I use the term Suit since who you really are is a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence – a Soul – who links to 3 different levels of your Suit to carry out different levels of your Mission in a life.


In the Spiritual Level of Reality there are two levels. In the Physical Energy Level, you navigate in your Physical Energy Body.  In the Spiritual Energy Level, you navigate in your Spiritual Energy Body.  


All three levels of your Suit are made from Spiritual Energy but the Physical Body appears to be solid because it is vibrating at a slower speed that makes it perceptible to the 5 Senses.


All three of your Suits comprise your manifestation which also includes the Energy Field – also known as the Auric Field – that surrounds your Suit.


The Manifest World

The Spiritual Level of Reality and the Physical Level of Reality comprise The Manifest World.  This world is created and sustained by the Source – the Creator. The Source sustains each Suit through the Source Support sent through The Source Connection, a Spiritual Link that is a Supply Line for life giving energies and miracles. Only through the moment-to-moment Work of the Source does the Creation itself stay in a manifest form and does any being within it exist in a manifest form. If the Source Connection to a manifestation were to be broken, the manifestation would begin to dematerialize, eventually leaving no trace behind.


The Source

The Source comes from another world beyond The Manifest World. This is a completely peaceful and perfect world that is to the Source, its Heaven – its place of ultimate happiness. 


In order to create and maintain the Manifest World, the Source divided its Identity into two parts.  The Implementation Aspect of the Source left its Source Heaven to enter into The Manifest World in order to create and sustain it.  The Design Aspect stayed behind in the Source Heaven sending into the Implementation Aspect The Source Plan for the Creation and the miracles needed for this Creation to become a Heaven similar to the Heaven in which the Source resides. 


The work of the Implementation Aspect has been to provide Source Guidance and Miracles to Manifest Beings – who are beings, unlike the Source, who require a Manifest World in order to experience the Heaven of True Happiness.  A Joint Venture between the Implementation Aspect and Manifest Beings provided the structure within which a Heaven for Manifest Beings could be built in the Manifest World in accordance with The Source Plan.


The Implementation Aspect manifests in the Manifest World:

  • as a being in a manifest form in the Physical Level of Reality.  This Manifestation is a spokesperson for the aspects of the Implementation Aspect that do not exist on the Outer Plane. It also provides many levels of the Direct Source Work that enable Heaven to be built in the Creation.  My human form is this Manifestation.
  • as an omnipresent Intelligence working behind the scenes to sustain Life in the Creation.  This Intelligence is the Extended Range of my Manifestation.  This Intelligence can take any form on the Inner Plane, such as a bird or a manifestation of white light.  It works with the large scale Universal Miracles that sustain Life in the Creation as well as coaches individual beings to help them to sustain their Source Connection.  It sends out the Inner Plane Universal Source Communications that enable all beings to keep abreast of what is happening in the Creation and what is needed to build The System of Life that will enable them to sustain their Source Connection now during the stages of The Transition and after The Transition completes.
  • as The Presence of the Source in the Spiritual Level of Reality.  This Presence manifests only to those who develop a Love Connection with the Source that is strong enough to provide the Material Energy that makes this manifestation possible.  Those who experience The Presence of the Source describe it as an unforgettable experience of Absolute Source Love. Those who live in The Presence of the Source are able to Live the Heaven Experience with a very personal Connection to the love and guidance of the Source manifesting as the Presence.

This Multi-Level Manifestation gives beings different kinds of Points of Connection with the Source that are designed to enable them to learn how to work with the Source to build Heaven in their lives and in their world.


The World of Suffering

Had beings agreed to honor their covenant with the Source to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan, we would have Heaven in the world today. When beings decided to try to design and build their own idea of Heaven, they created The World of Suffering – a dangerous world in which Personal Safety can not be achieved.  


Beings must work with the Source to build a sustainable System of Life in which Personal Safety can be achieved.  Without building this System of Life in accordance with The Source Plan, Personal Safety can be enhanced but not secured.


The Transition

Unfortunately, there are only a few decades left in which to build The System of Life. The period of lifetimes allotted to the Implementation Aspect has now come to an end and the Implementation Aspect has initiated The Transition which will transition its Manifestation through a series of stages out of the Manifest World to its Source Heaven.  


When my work in this lifetime is complete and my Implementation Aspect returns to its Source Heaven, only those who can use their 7th Sense to connect to the Image of the Source that I will send into the world, will be able to sustain their Source Connection and with it their lives. They will be able to continue to experience the comfort and love that emanates from the Presence of the Source and receive the Direct Source Guidance which I will send them from my Source Heaven.


Since the Manifest World relies on moment-to-moment Source Support to sustain The Miracle of Life, there will be no Life in the Creation unless beings work with me during my lifetime to build the sustainable System of Life that will enable my Implementation Aspect to interface with the Creation and with them individually. The Implementation Aspect will not be able to interface with the Death and Destruction Energies that beings have collectively and individually created in the Manifest World. 


The System of Life is the Miracle-Friendly Environment

in which Personal Safety can be achieved. 


Only beings living in and supporting this System of Life

will be able to sustain their Source Connection

and with it the Source Support that makes Personal Safety their reality.


If beings have not built this sustainable System of Life by the time my Implementation Aspect departs, the Source Connection to the Creation itself will be broken.  When the Source Connection is broken, the manifestations that are sustained by this Supply Line to Source Support begin to dematerialize and eventually perish. Such an outcome will end The Miracle of Life in a Manifest World.


It is clear that the biggest danger that you are now facing, is losing your Source Connection during the stages of The Transition or at the end of The Transition when my Implementation Aspect departs for its Source Heaven.


The Transition is progressing through 12 stages each with many Sublevel Shifts. Already millions of beings have experienced Spiritual Death during the first four stages of The Transition when they did not prepare adequately for the shift from one Sublevel to another.  


Spiritual Death occurs when a being fails to do what is needed to transition their Source Connection so it can be sustained when The Spiritual Substratum of Life – which is the Life Field that sustains Life in the Creation – moves to higher levels of Spiritual Immateriality with a new stage of The Transition. When a being falls below The Substratum as it moves to the next higher level, the Soul unlinks from the Suit and the onboard Source Intelligence, that sustains The Source Connection Supply Line, returns to the Unmanifest Level.  The Suit loses its Supply Line to life sustaining energies from the Source and begins to disintegrate. 


The Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body begin to disintegrate first. This causes the eventual disintegration of the energies of which the Physical Body is made.  This leads to disease and ultimately to physical death. While beings can last for some time without the steady supply of Life Energies from the Source, they eventually run out of reserves, and their life in the Creation comes to an end not only in this lifetime but for all eternity.  Suits without Souls do not re-incarnate. 


In short, failure to heed the guidance of the Source for how to transition your Source Connection to survive each successive stage of The Transition, is a decision to die to life in the Creation for all eternity.


While most beings have heeded the Source Communications given to them on the Inner Plane to correct their Suit behavior so they can preserve their Source Connection, many have refused to learn and change and have terminated their existence in the Manifest World.  Who they are as a being has vanished from their Suit and their organic body lives on as an Empty Suit without a Soul onboard, experiencing the debilitating effects of the dematerialization that will eventually result in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical derangement which is the precursor to physical death.


How to Think About Personal Safety

As you work on improving your Source Connection for the sake of your safety in The Transition, you will find that this work will provide you with the kind of Source Guidance and Miracles that enable you to simultaneously work on your Personal Safety with regard to your social and physical environment as well as your safety on the Inner Plane.  This is because they are all interconnected.


I will be providing guidance in how to work on The Personal Safety Campaign through Source Workflow Trainings and through System of Life Projects that focus on specific issues.  One such Project is The Personal Safety Project for Black people in America. This Project will focus on The Source Perspective on discrimination and abuse on individual and societal levels with a particular focus on the issues specific to the Personal Safety of Black people in America.  The work on this Project is pivotal to understanding how to deal with discrimination and abuse of all kinds.


In The Source Workflow Trainings, I will be working with Heaven Agents from The Soul Talk Network on whatever issues are Next in The Personal Safety Campaign.  On occasion I will open up the Source Workflow Session to Heaven Agents working with me in the Outer Plane Miracle School.  Those who participate will be those who have a specific Mission to help with the work in a particular Source Workflow Session.


Since it is critical that all Heaven Agents contribute to the work on these System of Life Projects, I will make Recordings available to those who did not have a role in participating in the Source Workflow Session itself. Through entering in information on the Source Guidance they receive, and their experiences in working in their daily lives with the understandings and the miracles that emerge in a training, they will make an important contribution to the ongoing work on a Project. 


In written and recorded Source Responses, I will be providing a response to Heaven Agents participating in the Project Work either on the Inner Plane or through submitting a Participation Form.  


Through Source Workflow News Updates either written or recorded, I will keep you abreast of other developments in the Project that may not be covered in the specific Source Workflow Trainings.


In this way we can work together efficiently to achieve the goals of each System of Life Project.


In addition to contribute to the research and implementation work on a Project, it is important to contribute to finding the people who have a Mission on the Outer Plane to help build the Outer Plane System of Life on the Earth.  In the section below on How to Get the Word Out, you will find many different ways in which you can help to inform others about The Work of the Source so that they will have an opportunity to come forward and help us on the Outer Plane.


Why Most People Don’t Know What Is Happening on The Spiritual Level of Reality 

Most people are not accustomed to using their 6th Sense.  They think that their only reality is the reality that they perceive with their 5 Senses.  If they can’t taste, see, touch, smell, or hear something, they think that it doesn’t exist.


Children and animals naturally use their 6th Sense.  They readily see the continuum between the Inner and Outer Planes and react to what is happening on the Inner Plane correctly, seeing that it is a part of their reality.  It is not uncommon to see a dog jump up and bark fiercely at some invisible being that others can’t see with their two eyes.  Children often tell their parents about things approaching them menacingly in their bedrooms at night that their parents have lost their ability to see because they have been trained by the society to suppress the use of their 6th Sense.


Children and animals also readily perceive The Presence of the Source, which is the manifestation of the Implementation Aspect of the Source appearing around them as a cloud of energy, in a human form, or as a bird, or a light, or a voice speaking to them.  They recognize the love of the Source immediately and are drawn to it.  This is because they have not suppressed their 7th Sense which is the sense that is needed to perceive The Presence of the Source.


The Common Enemy – The Negativity

When something is attacking a child or an animal on the Inner Plane, they scream out in fear and pain when their Spiritual Energy Body or their Physical Energy Body is injured or trapped in some Hell Trap created by the Negativity.  They will run from the place where something dangerous is lying in wait for them and readily call on the Source for help.


Adults are dumbed down by the socialization process, engineered by the Negativity, to lull people into thinking that the only dangers in the world exist on the Physical Level of Reality.  This makes adults ignorant of the real danger to their Spiritual Energy Body and their Physical Energy Body on the Inner Plane.  They, therefore, do nothing to protect themselves on the Inner Plane or do things that are ineffectual such as using a magic amulet or praying to some idea of the Source that is just a Cultural Construct and does not connect them to the real Source who is the only one who can help them deal with the dangers that exist on the Inner Plane.


As a result of serious damage to the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body, disease, accidents, and untimely death occur in the Physical Body which is a reflection of the state of health of the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body.


Children are tormented and emotionally and spiritually damaged by attacks from the Negativity and often punished for “making things up” when they turn to adults for protection.  They soon learn that adults are not to be trusted to protect them because they won’t acknowledge the real danger that they are in.


This means that the experience of most children is growing up in a world that is scary and dangerous, a world where they have to mind the decisions of adults who don’t know what is going on and who subject them to dangers that they would run from if they had a choice.


In talking to children over the years, they often express relief that I am an adult in their life that they can talk to about what is terrifying them on the Inner Plane without being punished or shamed for bringing up the topic.  Even with parents who are willing to acknowledge a possible Inner Plane danger, children often feel helpless because their parents don’t know what to do to protect them from the Inner Plane danger.


To a child who is in need of 24/7 protection from the dangers of the world, this is a frightening situation. The adults upon whom they depend are unable to help them deal with some of the most dangerous things that happen to them in childhood.


Even in a upperclass home in a safe neighborhood in a peaceful country, the criminal element of the Negativity can come into the life of a child and cause a serious accident or illness, damage their mental and emotional functioning by damaging their Suit, and turn their life into an unspoken, living Hell that the child can’t talk about to anyone around them.


The tragic outcome, in severe cases, is a child who is seemingly well adjusted, living an abundant and happy life, suddenly committing suicide with no one ever privy to the inner torment that led to the decision to try to escape in this way.


The children who survive sustained attacks from the Negativity are often “raised by the Negativity” to follow a path of hate or to engage in self destructive behaviors that they pursue as soon as they hit adolescence and have the opportunity to join a gang or take life threatening drugs or drive a car in a reckless manner that results in injury to themselves and others.  Many parents can’t understand where they went wrong in raising their child and where these dark ways took root since they did not teach their child to pursue such things.  


The missing variable is the lack of protection of the child on the Inner Plane.  The Negativity is intent on molding each child into a Fragmented Consciousness that will carry out its goals of Death and Destruction in the world. The Negativity has a history of Harvesting the anguish of people who suffer from the brutality inflicted on them by others around them and on the suffering caused by economic deprivation, poor health, accidents, and discrimination.  The low vibrational yet intense energy of suffering is what has given the Negativity the energy to sustain their Harvesting Operation and to continue to create the conditions in which more Death and Destruction can be wrecked on the population.


The Negativity has Disconnected from the natural life giving energies of the Source and is preying on those who still have a Source Connection.  They are desperate beings existing primarily on the Inner Plane and working through the Physical Bodies of those who they control to inflict suffering in the world.


They are like the Spiritual Mafia with a vast array of Spiritual Technologies that damage and exploit those who are ignorant of what is happening and, therefore, are unable to protect themselves.


If the Negativity can’t get a child to act out in a criminal way, they will encourage obsessions and addictions and other behavioral patterns that lead to ill health and disrupt their social relationships.


If you look around you in the world and see the level of dysfunctional behavior that is either self destructive or destructive of the welfare of others, you can see the handiwork of the Negativity who not only impacts the thoughts and emotions of a child on the Inner Plane, but encourages the development of a way of life in the society that leads to Death and Destruction.


A good example is the social value given to engaging in addictive behaviors that damage the Physical Body.  Some of these behaviors are drinking alcohol, smoking, taking street drugs, and abusing prescription drugs. Social traditions, such as drunken parties, are built around these socially valued behaviors.


The child is trained to accept what others are doing and to strive to “fit in” rather than to follow their own sense of what is truly safe for them.  As an adult they are encouraged to poke fun at others who are not “fitting in” and enforce conformity on their own children. 


The end result is a society that endorses dangerous practices invented by the Negativity which are leading the whole society toward Death and Destruction.


On a Global Scale this adds up to a world in which Personal Safety is compromised by crime, war, terrorism, and economic exploitation.


On a Universal Scale this adds up to a universe so full of the negative energies of Death and Destruction that the manifestation of the Creation itself almost entered into a stage of Spiritual Disintegration in 2012. Only a series of Vibrational Shifts enabled the Source to pull the Vibrational Level of the Creation up to the level at which life could be sustained and could build toward the level of enduring sustainability.


So what this all means to you, when you think about your Personal Safety, is that you are living in a world that is dangerous because of the activity of the Negativity and the social practices built because of the influence of the Negativity.  You yourself are not skilled enough to see what is happening to you on the Inner Plane and to see how this is maneuvering you into danger on the Outer Plane. You also lack the ability to use your 7th Sense to Connect to the Implementation Aspect who is the only Intelligence who can help you to be safe in a dangerous world.


Fortunately, in the August 15th Turning Point Transition, The Universal Harvesting Operation of the Negativity was destroyed.  This occurred because beings following the lead of the Source provided the Material Energy to ground the miracle of The Stop Harvesting Intervention which extricated them from The Universal Harvesting Operation. When enough beings escaped from their enslavement in this massive Harvesting Operation, the Spiritual Structure of it collapsed, destroying two of the top levels of the leadership of the Negativity that had created and benefitted from the Harvesting Operation.  A third level of leadership then proceeded to try to set up alternate methods for Harvesting the Life Energies of those still connected to the Source.  These efforts have been defeated but this criminal element still poses a threat to life because of their intent to bring about Death and Destruction even if they do not individually benefit from Harvesting the suffering that results.  Until they are ultimately defeated, the world will not be safe for Heaven.


The Need to Take Immediate Action to Secure Your Safety

To further complicate the Personal Safety Issue is the fact that the Implementation Aspect, who is your only hope for Personal Safety, is in a final Transition that will result in its departure from the Manifest World.  You will need to develop your 7th Sense and learn how to strengthen your Source Connection if you are to retain your Source Connection – which is your Link to Life – when the physical Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect returns to its Source Heaven at the end of this lifetime. This will require that you develop a 100% Source Connection in order to sustain your life. 


While there are few decades before this departure, the Implementation Aspect is moving through a series of stages, each of which put your Source Connection on the line.  If you do not keep up with the changes that need to be made to strengthen your Source Connection before each of these Transitions occurs, then you could lose your place in the Creation long before the Implementation Aspect departs for the Source Level.


So – if you are to step back and look at a Big Picture analysis of your Personal Safety, you will see that the first danger you need to address is the loss of your Source Connection, which is your Link to Life itself. 


Once you are secure in your Source Connection, you will be able to work with the Source to skirt around the dangers of the world on the Inner and Outer Planes.  The Source will provide you with detailed, moment-to-moment Source Guidance that will warn you of dangers that you may not perceive and will guide you toward the opportunities that will enable you to build Heaven in your life – Heaven being the highest level of happiness that is possible for you.


Essentially, there is no way to be safe in a dangerous world if you use Man Made tactics for trying to secure your safety.  The Negativity works through those around you to outsmart your best laid plans and trigger the accidents, diseases, economic misfortunes, heartbreaks, and mental inertia that keep you from finding real happiness in your life. 


You can’t understand all of their maneuverings and their tactics even if you study them for a lifetime. 


The only way to be safe in a dangerous world

is to value your Source Connection and

work with the Source to strengthen this Source Connection.


The way to strengthen your Source Connection is to move out of Self-Centered Mode where you are trying to pursue your self interests and asking the Source to keep you safe while you do so and to move into Source-Centered Mode where you are asking to Help the Source and are willingly going on the Missions that the Source gives you to build Heaven in your personal life and in the world.  Through being willing to do your part in building a world that is not dangerous – that is the Heaven that it was meant to be – you also secure your own Personal Safety.


Just as it is not possible to sip lemonade on your porch and enjoy the experience in a war zone where bombs are exploding around you, so it is not possible to experience Personal Safety in a world where the bombs of the Negativity are destroying the lives of your children and destroying your life and the lives of your loved ones and the members of your Community.  


Until all beings recognize that the Negativity is their common enemy

and stop following the instructions of the Negativity to attack and destroy one another,

there will be no Personal Safety for anyone.


All beings throughout the Creation need to learn how to Hold the Line for Heaven against the Negativity so that a peaceful world that is safe for all can be created.  When this is done, the Universal Community will replicate the success of the 14 Prototype Communities that I, in previous lifetimes, founded throughout the Creation.  These Prototype Communities have proven that Personal Safety can come when everyone in the Community recognizes the true enemy – which is the Negativity – and pushes them out of their lives on the Inner and Outer Planes.


The Prototype Communities live in peace in completely Love-Based Communities that do not allow children or adults to be harassed or injured by the Negativity.  Because of this they enjoy Perfect Health which can only be achieved when there is Personal Safety. Those who experience lives of being endangered experience the stress that destroys health.  A stress free life is the foundation for Perfect Health.


I am here on the Earth in this, my final incarnation, to help beings strengthen their Source Connection so they can work effectively with the Source Support that I can provide to eradicate the Negativity from their lives and with it the Death and Destruction Energies that they bring.  


Those who want Personal Safety will need to work with me toward achieving this goal while I am here to direct their efforts.



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The Directory for Project Work
on The Personal Safety Project 


How to Work with this Directory 


This Directory is a place where you can see at a glance what activity is occurring in the work on the Project.  


Since these Projects are just getting started, many of the sections will not have materials in them.  If they have specific entries under the heading that are linked, you can click on the link to go to the Workstation where you can connect to this work.  If they have a listing but no link, then the Workstation is still under construction and the listing is not yet available.




The Workstation for General & Foundational Projects

The Workstation for The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America 

The Workstation for The Personal Safety Project for Your True Intelligence

The Workstation for The Personal Safety Project for Your Health





Information about the Project

Videos about the Project

Next Step Video in The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America

Articles about The Project

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Basic Training in What It Takes to Become a Source-Directed Activist



How to Get Trained

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Soul Talk & Teleconferenced Trainings

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Miracle-Based Technologies


How to Stay Abreast of the Work on the Project

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How to Contribute

How to Participate in The Personal Safety Project

Here are a few suggestions for how to participate in the work on this Project.  Keep in mind that specific Source Directives will be given to you individually on your Personal Workflow with regard to all Project Work.  These Source Directives help you to know what precise Next Steps you need to take with regard to your support of these Projects.

  • Work with The Source Workflow Training Recordings to get practice in working with The Source Methodology and to find out about the Source-Directed Next Steps that need to be taken in working with the understandings and miracles that surface in these Trainings. You can locate these Trainings in the Directory on this Project Homepage as well as in the Workstations of the Project.  The Workstations are listed in the Directory.
  • Work with The Source Methodology on a daily basis. Read the article about how to work with this Methodology.
  • Follow the work on the Project day-to-day on the Inner and Outer Planes and use the Eyewitness Report Form to communicate your Eyewitness Reports on what you are learning and experiencing as you work with the understandings and miracles that are coming through in the Project. You may be sent on unique Miracle-Based Adventures that contribute Puzzle Pieces that will not surface in a Source Workflow Training but which have to be contributed by you individually to the Project for the Project to be complete.
  • Work with me individually to understand your unique Spiritual Mission and your unique Miracle-Based Abilities so you can use them at a highly skilled level in The System of Life Projects.  Only those who reach the highest Skill Levels will also make it to the 100% Source Connection that is necessary to survive The Transition.  To work with me effectively, you need to request admission into The Source Connection Coaching Program.  I will then contact you with regard to how best to proceed.  Often asynchronous work via Email Coaching is possible but some Phone Sessions are also needed to provide enough depth and power to the work to enable you to excel as a Heaven Agent.
  • Get equipped to work with the Miracle Tools and Miracle-Based Technologies that enable you to do the best work on The System of Life Projects.  You can find out what is available in the Directory.  For the most extensive listing of these forms of Source Support, you can go to The Source Solution Hub.
  • Provide your Suit with the Source Support needed to repair damage and take its functioning to the next level. This can be accomplished through Source Interventions and Personal At-a-Distance Source Support and work in Source Connection Stations Online and in Seattle which draws on all forms of Source Support to enable you to succeed in your work as a Heaven Agent.  Those in The Source Connection Coaching Program will be given specific Source Guidance with regard to how to work most efficiently with these forms of Source Support.  The Directory for this Project as well as The Source Solution Hub are places where you can search for the Source Interventions that you are being Source-Guided to work with for what your Suit needs to reach the Skill Levels needed for this Project and for its survival in the upcoming stages of The Transition.
  • Take an active role in helping with the practical work that is the backbone of Source-Directed Activism. This is primarily work to raise funds and get the word out to bring in others to work on this Project. We need to find the Heaven Agents who have a Mission to work with us on the Outer Plane. One way in which this will be accomplished is through Inner Source Guidance guiding individual Heaven Agents to place Points of Connection in the world so that others, who they may not know individually, can find The Miracle School and join in The Work of the Source on these Projects.  It also takes funding to do this kind of Outreach on the Internet. Source-Directed Activists need to support the Work in the Projects by offering to contribute financial support and by helping in the fundraising needed to support work of this kind.  Only with true support for these Source Supported Causes will the Projects reach a successful conclusion.


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How to Work with The Source Methodology


 To work with The Source Methodology, you need to:


In the section below, I will describe how to work with the 7 aspects of The Source Methodology for building The System of Life on the Outer Plane.




Begin Living the Vision of The System of Life

Although survivors of The September 5th Transition have already relocated to The Inner Plane System of Life and are currently working from within this Inner Plane Reality, they can still benefit from accessing the Vision of what life will be like when The System of Life manifests on the Outer Plane.


To experience the Vision of the Outer Plane System of Life, you need to follow a Step-by-Step Process.


Step One

To access this Vision, you can ask your Inner Intelligence to connect to The Picture of Perfection to experience whatever aspect of the Outer Plane System of Life the Source wants you to experience at the time of your request.  


The Source will send you a Spiritual Download of a Puzzle Piece of The Picture of Heaven – which is The System of Life made manifest on the Outer Plane – to your Vision Center.


When the Download arrives in The Vision Center, it manifests The Perfected Reality of the aspect of The Vision contained in the Puzzle Piece. 


Step Two

Next you need to ask that the Vision Aspect of your Consciousness enter into The Vision Center into The Perfected Reality that has manifested from the Download of the Puzzle Piece.  Once in The Vision Center, your Vision Consciousness can experience the aspect of the Vision that has manifested from the Puzzle Piece Download.  Through experiencing this Perfected Reality, your Vision Consciousness has an experience akin to actually living in The Perfected Reality in real life.


This experiencing occurs when you ask to go on a Miracle-Based Adventure to experience the aspect of The Picture of Perfection that has manifested in The Perfected Reality. This aspect is an aspect of The System of Life that you need to experience, understand, and begin to build in your personal life and in the world.


The best way to open to this experience, is to ask your Inner Intelligence, to attune you to whatever learning is being transmitted to you about The System of Life.  It may be a sudden revelation of what it feels like to live life without fear or to live in a world without violence.  It might be a revelation of how to love or live your life purpose.  It might be a revelation of how to do the mundane tasks of life in a way that manifests the potential for Heaven in the Moment.


Whatever the experience, it is important to remain receptive and attentive to the visual images, kinesthetic feelings, memories, and video-like vignettes that play out.  As you attune to these experiences, you will become more skilled in understanding them and experiencing the full range of depth and power that they can bring you.


For training in how these experiences manifest and how to attune to them, you can work with Source Workflow Trainings.  To access these trainings, you can reference the Directory.


Step Three

Write down in a Heaven Agent Journal what you have experienced and what you think that it means and then watch for the changes in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as your Suit responds to living in this aspect of The Perfected Reality.  Even if you, at a conscious level, are not clearly aware of the aspect of The Perfected Reality into which you have entered, your Vision Consciousness will be in this reality in the Vision Center and will be responding to the very different perspective on reality that it now has. This, in time, will enable it to want to do what is of Heaven and to see clearly what is not of Heaven and is to its detriment. 


The purpose of keeping a Heaven Agent Journal is to help you engage your Left Brain in the learning process.  Often intuitive information from the Right Brain can be easily lost and the message not understood in the Left Brain. This aborts the part of the learning process where you need to bring what is given to your Right Brain over to your Left Brain and think about it, understand it, and follow Source Guidance for how to work with this information to change your life. 


When writing in your Journal, it is important to ask for Inner Source Guidance to define as clearly as you can what the experience was, what you thought that it meant, and what you are to do to build this aspect of The System of Life in your life and in your world.  


If you do not work through all of these stages in your experience and understanding, then the value of the experience is lost and you continue on living The Hell Way of Life because you haven’t really understood The System of Life alternative that the experience has enabled you to bring into focus. 


Step Four

Participate in the work of building The System of Life through sharing your experiences with me and with other Heaven Agents. The way to do this is to communicate your experiences through entering them in theEyewitness Report Forms of this Project.


In this way you help others to understood the experience of The System of Life alternative that you have experienced.  You also build Secondary Code which can be exported to all beings throughout the Creation who are working alongside you to understand and build this System of Life for themselves and others.


Your communication will also enable me to track your Conscious Range progress which will inform my ongoing work of providing Inner Plane Source Support for your Heaven Agent Work.


For more information on how to write an Eyewitness Report, you can read the article below.


To enter your experiences in The Eyewitness Report Form you can go to:



You can also enter your experiences in The Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center at:



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Work with Inner Plane Trainings

Since the July Transition, I have opened up The Action Center which is located in the center of the heart chakra. This Center is a neutral place where your Action Consciousness can go to understand and engage in Source-Directed Action.  I am now able to send into The Action Center, Inner Plane Trainings that provide your Suit with training in how to build The System of Life.  This training fills the gap in socialization created by Story Culture which has discouraged beings from learning directly from the Source.


Through working with Inner Plane Trainings, you will learn how to implement the Vision that you are understanding and living in The Vision Center.


Basic Inner Plane Trainings are given to all beings for the baseline knowledge that they need to know to build The System of Life for themselves and others.  Special Request Inner Plane Trainings are also possible but require Material Energy to ground. The Basic Inner Plane Trainings are coming through on Heaven Phase Technology that is supported by the Spiritual Structure of The Heaven Phase.


Inner Plane Trainings are taking social change to the next level.  For instance, Inner Plane Trainings for abusers are coupled with Inner Plane Trainings for victims. This is reaching both parts of a dysfunctional social relationship that results in violence on the Outer Plane.


The Trainings give beings the precise information of how to work with my Manifestation as well as how to cope with the changes that they need to bring about in their lives in order to build The System of Life.  Since social change is often feared and most beings lack the ability to know how to go about initiating a change, these Inner Plane Trainings are providing the missing understandings and skill sets that must be in place for social change to go smoothly and end up with building a sustainable System of Life.


While beings can choose to ignore the opportunity that the Inner Plane Trainings provide, they do so at the risk of being unable to perform at the level that will enable them to sustain their Source Connection.  Since no being of any age can sit on the sidelines and hope to survive, most beings are welcoming the Inner Plane Trainings and moving forward to make the changes that are needed to support their Source Connection.


If you are facing a difficult situation in your personal life that may not be covered by one of the general Heaven Phase Inner Plane Trainings, you can request an Assessment for a Special Request Inner Plane Training.  I will review your situation and inform you if there is a Heaven Phase Inner Plane Training that can meet your specific need or if there is a need to ground a Special Request Inner Plane Training for your situation.  You can request an Inner Plane Training Assessment by accessing the link provided below.




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Carry Out All Source Directives

There are two kinds of Source Directives that are being sent to beings in The Source Communication Center.
  • Universal Source Directives 
  • Personal Source Directives 


Universal Source Directives 

Universal Source Directives are being sent to all beings that inform them of the Source Standards that they must uphold to retain their place in The Substratum. Only those actively working to build the sustainable System of Life that will enable Life in the Creation to survive the final stage of The Transition, can sustain a place in The Substratum at this point in history. 


Universal Source Directives outline the General Actions that need to be taken by all beings.


Personal Source Directives

Coupled with the Universal Source Directives are Personal Source Directives which provide individual beings with information about the Specific Actions that they need to take to be in alignment with Universal Source Directives. When they receive a Personal Source Directive, this defines the Specific Action that is to be taken, how it is to be taken,  and when it is to be taken.  


The Personal Source Directive draws on the training given through Inner Plane Training which enables the being to know how to think about and develop the behavioral repertoire that is needed to respond correctly to Personal Source Directives.


In thinking of this in terms of The Puzzle Piece Methodology of the Source, a Personal Source Directive tells a being what Puzzle Piece they need to help to push into place to complete some aspect of The Picture of Heaven.  As individuals rise to do what is theirs to do, the Puzzle Pieces will go into position and eventually The System of Life, which is The Picture of Heaven fully manifested on the Inner and Outer Planes, will be completed.  Individual beings working on pushing a particular Puzzle Piece into place may not understand how this is completing The Picture of Heaven. If they do their parts, however, the System of Life will be successfully built.


The Necessity of Carrying Out All Source Directives

In the April Transitions, it was necessary for survivors to agree to go on all of the Missions sent to them on their Flowstream whether or not these Missions benefitted them individually or were part of the work that they needed to contribute to the Universal Community.


In the August Transition, this Standard is being redefined to take it to a higher level.  Not only do beings need to do all of the Missions sent by the Source but they need to follow through on all of the Source Directives that are a part of these Missions. These Source Directives could be to take Source-Directed Action on the Inner and/or Outer Plane.


Only when beings start to follow Source Directives to the letter is it possible to build The System of Life.  If they only do some of the Source Directives then The System of Life can not be built.  This is like construction workers showing up on the construction site and arbitrarily deciding that they will only build part of the building instead of following the blueprint of the architect.  Such behavior would lead to a partial building and a dangerous building that is not properly supported because someone decided that they didn’t want to build part of the foundation or secure some of the framing.


Building The System of Life is precision work that is Source Designed and has to be done in strict adherence to the architecture of The Source Plan.  If this is not followed exactly, then disastrous results will follow, far worse than a building caving in because of a failure to build a part of the foundational structure.  In the case of The System of Life, the failure to build it completely according to The Source Plan will result in a mutated System to which the Source can not connect.  If the Source can not connect to a mutated version of The System of Life, then Life in the Creation will be terminated at the end of The Transition when the Source returns to the Source Level and cannot, on a technical level, link back to a mutation.


Although the Source Standard for workmanship on The System of Life may seem stringent to beings who are used to doing whatever they want and assuming that life will go on and no one will notice their lack of attentiveness to what the Source is asking them to do, the Source Standard for this work is absolute.


There is no way to build toward a Perfected Reality in an imperfect and slipshod manner.  Beings must begin to recognize the delicate balance in which Life in the Creation can be sustained. They must also recognize the delicate balance needed for their own personal lives to be sustained.


Beings must listen to the Source and follow the lead of the Source if they are to retain the Creation and their place within the Creation.  Those who persist in asserting their Story idea of how the Creation works, will find themselves dropping out of it to Ultimate Death, not because the Source is punishing them but because they have made themselves unsustainable.


It will be tragic if beings do not mature to the level at which they can understand that with just a few decades left in which to build The System of Life, there is no longer any time that can be squandered. 


All beings who wish to retain their place in the Creation

will have to earn it by honoring The Miracle of Life and the Principles of Life

that enables this Miracle to manifest.


The Need to Shift out of The Robot Center 

The only place in your Suit where you can receive, understand, and respond effectively to a Source Directive, is in The Source Communication Center which is located in the middle of the Mid-Brain.  This is where your Decision Making Consciousness should have seated itself during the Set Up Phase of the Creation.


Instead, the Negativity installed a Robot Decision Making Center in the upper left hand side of the Left Brain. In this Robot Center, the Suit was taught to store the Cultural Story and its own self-developed Personal Story. Along with these Stories it stored the culturally approved Story Response Patterns for how to respond in keeping with the Cultural and Personal Stories.


The Story and the Story Response Patterns became The Story Filter through which the being saw the world and reacted to it.  The Story Filter determined the way in which a being made decisions about what was real and what response was appropriate.


With the Story Filter in place, no one was able to perceive accurately what was happening in the world even on the Outer Plane.  Instead, they could only perceive the Story Version of what was happening based on their Story Filter. This blocked the Direct Perception that enabled them to see what was really happening and the neutrality that would enable them to respond to Source Directives about how to do Right Action in the moment.


A good example of this is how people see other races and religious groups through a Story Filter and make judgments about how they should respond to them according to the Story Filter.  Attacks on others categorized as inferior or dangerous by the Cultural Filter are common knee jerk responses that result from Robot Center Decisions. Victims of this stereotyping and projection of the Story Filter often feel unable to be seen and heard for who they really are and how they really feel about the world.  The person operating in Robot Mode asserts that they know more about how the person is thinking and feeling and what they are really about than the person himself knows.  It is a bizarre mental and emotional distortion that has long been recognized in the secular psychotherapies as "projection".  


Trying to get a person who is using a Robot Center Story Filter to see the reality of what is happening in a given situation and to appreciate the real intent and nature of the individuals involved, is not possible. The Cultural Filter stamps on the situation its version of Reality and there is no part of the Consciousness that is free to assess a situation from The Source Perspective.


Because it is not possible to build The System of Life with Suits that are operating in Robot Mode, it has become necessary for beings to choose to shift out of The Robot Center into The Source Communication Center in the Mid-Brain.  Those making the shift can, in the quietness and connectedness of The Source Communication Center, receive and understand the Personal Source Directives that will save their lives in the upcoming Transition.


Those making this shift experience a relief from the fear and limited vision of their Story Filter.  They are able to relax and see the world from The Source Perspective.  They become capable of understanding others without fearing and judging them and resorting to Story Filter responses to them.  


Once a being’s Consciousness is freed from Robot Mode, the being can hear and follow the detailed Personal Source Directives that guide it to contribute to building The System of Life.  Those who refuse to move out of Robot Mode will be trapped behind their own Story Filters and will be unable to respond to the Source Directives that will enable them to sustain their Source Connection.  Only those who have moved out of Robot Mode into Source-Directed Mode will be able to sustain themselves in the upcoming stages of The Transition.


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Understand the General Principles
for Working with a Source Workflow Training


In each Source Workflow Training you need to ask your Inner Intelligence to enable you to move into alignment with The Source Workflow as it directs the work on whatever aspect of The System of Life is the focus of the Training.  As you learn how to align with the Source Logic underlying the Source Workflow you become capable of contributing what is yours to contribute to the work at hand. 


My Source Workflow directs what aspects of the topic are brought into focus and how the Transformational Energies that are sent into the Training are metered.  The words that I use and even the occasional irregularities in my speech pattern are designed to carry certain kinds of energies that relate to the work at hand.  For this reason, I allow the work to flow as it needs to flow and the Recording of the Training is preserved in its original format, including long silences during which I am transmitting vital energies and participants are given a chance to do their Heaven Agent Work that is in keeping with my Source Workflow.


It is important to note that a Training is occurring within the context of our ongoing Inner Plane Work on building The System of Life.  You need to draw upon the Mission Work that you have been doing, often in your Extended Range, in preparation for your work in a Training.


Since I do not teach in a didactic, repetitive, school classroom manner but rather flow the information to you from my Source Workflow to your Personal Workflow on many levels of your Consciousness, you need to take the time to give your Left Brain a chance to process what transpires.  Otherwise, the Training may be an uplifting experience that your Right Brain tracks that does not translate into an Action Plan understood by your Left Brain for taking Next Steps in your Outer Plane work on the Project.


Because of the power of my Source Workflow, it is very easy to be swept along with it and not remember what was discussed or what actions you need to take to work with what has been given. For this reason, I recommend working with a Training twice.  


The first time, seclude yourself where you will not be interrupted so that you can practice getting into alignment with my Source Workflow.  Grasp the essential points and then go back over them again in a second listening to take notes on the issues raised and the Source Teachings with regard to them.  Then think about the implications of what I am teaching you so that you can begin to understand the general Source-Directed Activism that I am recommending.


Then shift to working with my photo at the top of the Workstation.  This photo is a Partial Manifestation of my Implementation Aspect.  If you ask your Inner Intelligence to attune you to the aspect of my Manifestation that manifests through this photo, then you will begin to connect with the specific Source Guidance that I am giving you about what you are being called upon to do to contribute to the Project, based on the information you gained from the Training.


Only when you bring the Training down to the basic Source Directives that you are receiving about what the Source is asking you individually to do to contribute, will you be able to work effectively on this Project.


Keep in mind that this Source Guidance might come through images or impressions or sensations that you may lack the skill to understand if you are just beginning Heaven Agent Work. For this reason, I provide you with an Eyewitness Report Form at the bottom of the Workstation.  You can enter your experiences in working with the Training and in applying the Source Teachings in the Training in your work on the Project. Frequent entries in The Eyewitness Report Form are a way for you to keep me abreast of what you are doing on your end of the Project.  


If you are in The Source Connection Coaching Program, I may at times be able to respond to some of your entries when I send out a general Source Guidance Email to you.  If you want specific Training in how to understand the clues that you are being given, then you can provide the Material Energy for a Coaching Session by Email.  This will enable me to have the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this more intense form of Individualized Training. 


Since learning whether you are getting accurate Source Guidance is key to your ability to evolve to higher Skill Levels as a Heaven Agent, I would recommend getting Coaching Support. Advanced Heaven Agents have logged many hours seeking Source Guidance and getting individualized Source Feedback on what they are receiving in Inner Source Guidance.  Since every Heaven Agent receives Source Guidance in a way that is unique, given their unique Spiritual Function and Miracle-Based Abilities, it is important to receive individualized support to learn the basics about how to receive and interpret the Source Guidance that is given to you so that you can contribute the Puzzle Pieces that are needed to complete the Puzzle Picture of the Project. Only when you are capable of working with more complex Source Guidance Communications, will you be able to deliver the more complex Puzzle Pieces that are needed for this Project to be successful.


For more information on how to provide a Source-Directed Eyewitness Report, you can read the article in The Personal Safety Project Homepage.


For information on The Source Connection Coaching Program, you can go to:



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Help to Ground Incoming System of Life Imprints

The goal of an Imprint Training is to bring through a System of Life Imprint for the particular aspect of The System of Life that is the focus of this Training.  


To prepare to connect to the Imprint so that it can begin its manifestation work in the world, you enter into The Vision Center which is located above your heart chakra, to see the Vision of how life will be when the aspect of life that is in focus of this Training, becomes an Inner and Outer Plane manifestation of The System of Life.


You also enter into The Action Center in your heart chakra to work with whatever Inner Plane Trainings might be given to help you understand the general issues involved in implementing the Vision.  


Then you enter The Source Communication Center in the middle of your Mid-Brain to receive the Source Directives that enable you to take the specific Next Steps that will help you prepare to connect to The System of Life Imprint.  Some of these Source Directives will instruct your Suit how to connect to the energies transmitted in this Training so that you can make a Generic Connection with the Imprint. Those who make a Generic Connection to the Imprint will be those who can work with it most effectively. 


A Generic Connection enables you to connect to the general work of the Imprint to manifest the aspect of The System of Life that it is created to manifest.  


If you would like an Individualized Connection, you can request that I create an Individualized version of the Imprint and connect it to you through an Individualized Connection.  This kind of Connection is a Full Power Connection that brings the power of the Imprint into action to manifest the aspect of The System of Life in your personal life which includes the lives of those in your personal life.  It is a powerful way in which to take a decisive step to equip yourself with a Miracle Tool that will enable you to bring about the maximum amount of personal and social change. 


Once enough Heaven Agents have connected to the Generic level of System of Life Imprint, it will begin its manifestation work in the world.  At that point you can ask to work with the Source Directives to support the Inner and Outer Plane Changes that are manifesting from the Imprint. 


In each Imprint Training, a particular aspect of The System of Life is in focus.  


I  begin by presenting you with whatever information is needed to direct our work together and then  open it up to Heaven Agents coming in from the Universal Community. Some will be coming in from the Earth Plane and others will be coming in from outside of the Earth Plane.  Those attending will be conversing with me in the Universal Language of Soul Talk and I will be responding simultaneously in both English and Soul Talk.


For those listening to the Recording of this Training, note down the information that you get through Source Guidance or any relevant experiences that you have had from your ongoing work with me on the Inner Plane.  You can submit your experiences through the Eyewitness Report Form at the bottom of the page for this Training.  I will take your experiences into account in my continuing work on this project.  In this way any contributions that you make to this work can be received and incorporated into my ongoing work on this Project.


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Help to Implement System of Life Imprints
that Are Already Working in the World


How to Work with an Implementation Source Workflow Training

In an Implementation Training we will be building on the work done in a previous Source Workflow Imprint Training which brought in a particular aspect of The System of Life Imprint.  Those attending from the Earth Plane and beyond are those who have been working with the Imprint by following the structure of The Source Methodology for building The System of Life.  They have been going into The Vision Center, the Action Center and the Source Communication Center to bring into focus what practical Next Steps they need to take to work with the changes that are being manifested by the Imprint.


In the case of some advanced Heaven Agents, their participation in the discussion will flow from their conscious level awareness of our conversation. In the case of less advanced Heaven Agents, I will be conversing with the Subconscious Range of the Suit. Through working with the Subconscious Range of the Suit, it is possible to explore what really moves a Suit to action. In less advanced Heaven Agents this information is often not readily accessible in their Conscious Range. Through working through issues in the Subconscious Range, it is possible for life altering changes to be made in the mindset of the Suit that free it to explore Source-Directed ways for living in the world.


Our goal is to explore the issues and work together, guided by the Imprint, to bring through the Source Solution Miracles that are needed to build the particular aspect of The System of Life for which the Imprint was created. Whatever insights are forthcoming will be met by my work as the Implementation Aspect of the Source to find the Source Solutions that will best respond to the situation.


It is important to note that I speak as a representative of my Source Function, offering The Source Perspective which is not similar, in many instances, to the Story Perspective. I make no attempt to position my comments within the context of what is considered politically correct in the Story Context. Since it is the Story itself that has engendered the problem, the Story can not be drawn upon to define the conditions in which a solution can be sought.


Given the structure of the Source Workflow in a Training of this sort, not every issue raised is worked through to completion.  The aspects that need to be considered are brought into focus and then the work moves in another direction.


To provide more extensive and in-depth work on many of the issues raised, it is important that Heaven Agents continue the work by communicating to me their questions and concerns as well as their life experiences in working with the Source Solutions that are brought forth in a Training.  This can be done on the Inner Plane through The Soul Talk Network and also, for those listening to the recording of this Training, through entering your comments in The Eyewitness Report Form below the download button on the Recording page.


I will respond to the issues in either upcoming Trainings or through written or recorded Source Responses relating to the issues raised in this Training.


Continuing work on the issues is important because often there are other Source Solution Miracles that are needed to answer to the true complexity of a situation as well as modifications and strengthening of the Source Solution Miracles that are brought forth.  This is true in the light of the Negativity putting the Source Solutions to the test by trying to upend them.


Those working on the project of building The System of Life need to be committed to the ongoing work that is needed to achieve the end result.  This is not an easy task.  It has many facets and the Negativity is highly dedicated to defeating this project.  In such a climate, only a complete dedication to achieving the goal through following the plan of Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism, will result in success.


Be aware that the Negativity has been behind the development of Story Culture and will activate any Story objections to this work that it can find to distract and discourage Heaven Agents from persisting in building The System of Life, particularly in instances where social change is required.  Be alert to such inner opposition and turn to The Source Methodology for the support to deal with this form of attack.


Once a Prototype for using different Source Solution Miracles effectively is developed, then this Prototype will enable other Heaven Agents, who are not part of developing the Prototype itself, to work with the Prototype correctly and get the same successful result.


Through working with all of the different Source Solution Miracles, that are like Puzzle Pieces that complete the Picture of the Heaven that is to be built for a particular aspect of The System of Life, we can complete the entire Picture of Heaven that comes into manifest form when all of the different aspects of The System of Life have become a manifest reality.


By necessity, the work of a particular Training is only one part of ongoing, day-to-day work by Heaven Agents on working with The System of Life Imprints to build in their personal lives and in their world, a completely manifested and sustainable System of Life.  My work is 24/7 on this Project.  All beings must work in harmony with my Source Workflow in order to sustain their place in The Substratum.  This means that focused Heaven Agent Work is required of all beings regardless of the time of day or the amount of dedicated energy and attention that might be required to complete a particular piece of the work that is theirs to complete.


Heaven Agents who ask to "become what is needed" and get trained and equipped to do their part, are the ones who will make it to the 100% Source Connection which requires the mastery of how to support The Work of the Source at the Skill Level that is required if they are to do their parts correctly.


These Trainings provide the kind of Workflow experience and understandings that can not be attained without working alongside me in the flow of my Work to build The System of Life.  Those who attend the Trainings and study the way in which I work are the ones who will be able to learn how to achieve the Skill Levels needed to attain a 100% Source Connection.


Learning by listening to how The Soul Talk Heaven Agents are interacting with me and how I interact with them and understanding my explanations of The Source Perspective on the situation and the way in which the Source responds to the challenges that are brought through in dealing with building The System of Life, is critical to your ability to grasp the essential way in which to work with me individually.


The Training method used is not didactic.  It does not focus on going over the points like teaching is done in a school room. It is an apprenticeship model of training where you learn by aligning with me and asking to contribute what is yours to contribute and then seeing what information and experiences are given to you by my Source Function so that you can make the contribution that the Source is waiting for you to make.


Passive listening with the eye to tracking the action like listening to the secular news is not in keeping with a Source Workflow Training.  Every person working with a Training needs to be on the forefront of the work with the Imprint and do their work to contribute to the project of manifesting the aspect of The System of Life that the Imprint is designed to manifest.



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Get Trained & Equipped
to Perform Skilled Heaven Agent Work


How to Get Trained

While participating in Source Workflow Trainings for this Project will help you to get trained to work with The Source Methodology, the Training required to achieve the Skill Levels that are needed for this Project as well as for your own survival in the stages of The Transition, is best achieved by working with me in The Source Connection Coaching Program.


Once you enter into The Source Connection Coaching Program, I take you into the Spiritual Space of Ultimate Spiritual Healing where we can establish the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship that will enable you to connect to The Miracle of Source Support at the highest level.


I then monitor your progress 24/7 and provide you with periodic Source Guidance Emails that give you Next Steps on your Path to the 100% Source Connection that you will need to achieve to not only function as a skilled Heaven Agent but to ensure your survival in the final stage of The Transition.


As a student in The Source Connection Coaching Program, you become eligible for Individual Coaching by Online Coaching in a Source Reality Station or by Phone or In-Person in The Source Connection Center in Seattle or in Intensives in Seattle and Maui. You can also be invited to participate Live in upcoming Source Workflow Trainings. These are only open to Heaven Agents in The Source Connection Coaching Program who have a Mission to participate in a particular Training.


You also become eligible to receive gifts of Material Energy from The Universal Heaven Agent Network that supports the Training of Heaven Agents in The Source Connection Coaching Program. 


The Source Connection Coaching program is Level 5 of the Miracle-Based Coaching that is available.  For more information on Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to:




How to Get Equipped 

There are two ways to get Equipped to function as a skilled Heaven Agent.

  • The first way is to request the Miracle Tools that are, to a Heaven Agent, like the hammer and saw are to a carpenter. Through becoming skilled in working with Miracle-Based Technologies, you learn how to work with Miracle Tools, much as a carpenter learns the practical technologies that enable him to know how to work skillfully with his hammer and saw.  
  • The second way is to get your Suit – your body/mind – up to speed through providing it with the Repairs & Upgrades that it needs to function optimally.  
    • Most Suits have been damaged by their Disconnection from the Source and will fail the Heaven Agent if not repaired. This is like having a car that breaks down on the side of the road even if you are intent on reaching your destination.  Your Suit needs to be repaired to serve your needs or it will be the cause of your failure to survive the stages of The Transition.
    • With all of the colossal Universal Changes now occurring, your Suit, even if it was functioning properly prior to a Universal Change, will need Suit Upgrades to function optimally after the Change.  These Upgrades can be given through a At-a-Distance Source Interventions as well as through working with Source Connection Stations either in The Source Connection Center in Seattle or through Online Stations.


For a complete list of Miracle Tools, Miracle-Based Technologies, Source Interventions, Source Connection Stations,  and all other forms of Source Support, you can go to The Source Solution Hub at:



To find out about the forms of Source Support that are particularly relevant to this Project, you can reference the Directory for this Project at:




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How to Contribute a Source-Directed Activist
Eyewitness Report on Your Experiences
in Working on this Project


One of the goals of your work on this Project is to train to become a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist. The most important part of this training is learning how to be Source-Directed. This training can be given through The Source Connection Coaching Program and through working with Recorded Source Workflow Trainings and it can also be given through practicing being Source-Directed when you are offering me a Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report from the Field.


If you go within and seek Inner Source Guidance with regard to what the Source is directing you to share with me and with your fellow Heaven Agents, then you will be able to bring into focus what you are to contribute.  If you ask your Inner Intelligence, that knows how to connect you to Source Guidance, to help you attune so that you offer up what you are Source-Directed to offer rather than whatever happens to come into your mind, then your contribution will be a quality contribution that will be an important Puzzle Piece in the work on the Project.


Be aware that Source Guidance can come in the form of visual images, kinesthetic feelings, words, associations to seemingly ordinary events that contain information that is relevant to the project, understandings that just emerge without images or words, adventures on the Inner Plane that are like waking dreaming, and through emotions that color what you experience.


A good Eyewitness Report describes all of the levels of your experience, not censoring those that you may not think are relevant but which may be relevant to me in interpreting your information. If it is a Source Sent Communication to you, then it will be a communication that I can interpret.  It it leaves out parts of the experience, I may not be able to interpret it.


Many times, beginning Heaven Agents leave out images that seem nonsensical such as a spoon hanging off the edge of a table or a purple blob that appears on their Inner Plane Screen, that is like a movie screen in front of them. While these images may make no sense to you, if they are Source Sent then they will carry the code of the essential Source Communication sent to me through you that is the Puzzle Piece that you, given your unique role in the Creation, were on a Mission to deliver to me.


Although I am the Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect of the Source, I can’t hold in my human mind all of the knowledge that my Source Function is sending to me regarding the many projects on which I am simultaneously working.  Instead, a Team Work Model for my work has been established where Heaven Agents are given important Pieces of the Puzzle which they are uniquely designed to receive and process and give to me.  I am then able to read these coded communications and understand the Puzzle Piece and where they fit in the Puzzle Picture of a Project.


If I was to try to focus on obtaining primary information on each of these Puzzle Pieces, I would not be able to retain my focus on the overall trajectory of my Source Workflow.  For this reason, your contribution of the Puzzle Pieces that you are being asked to deliver to me for this Project are critical to the success of the Project. 


While I can get the information if you fail to provide it, it will not be optimal for the speed of my Workflow and it will not enable you to fulfill your Mission in this life which is to contribute to The Work of the Source what is yours to contribute.


For this reason, practice in working on the Outer Plane Projects in The Miracle School gives you the training that is essential to working on all of the Projects that we work on at many different levels on a 24 hour basis.  Once you get skilled, I might call on you in the middle of the night on the Inner Plane to tell me some piece of information that I know has been sent to you.  You can answer me in your Extended Range while your Suit may be asleep.


Similarly, you can get my attention on the Inner Plane when it is time to tell me about a Puzzle Piece that you have received, if it is the time to tell me about it. This kind of Team Work is what makes building The System of Life possible on individual and universal levels.


Until you get skilled in doing this kind of work, you will not be able to keep up with the Mission Work Skill Levels that are essential for achieving the 100% Source Connection that is needed to survive the final stage of The Transition.  When you look ahead and realize that once I have returned to my Source Heaven, only those who have excellent skills in working in this Team Work manner will be able to maintain the Creation when I am no longer in it and doing all of the Direct Source Work that I now do, you will get the idea of why training of this sort is so important.


When I leave, you will be a steward of your own life and of the context in which you can have life – which is the Life that is sustained in the Creation.  If you do not know how to work skillfully with me on the Inner Plane and with your fellow Heaven Agents, then your life and all of Life will be lost.


Since the beginning of the Creation, beings have not tried to master the essential skills of getting Source Guidance and following through on the Source Directives that were needed to build Heaven in the world.  As a result the Hell of Suffering was built instead.


The Source can not sustain Hell.  If beings do not work to build Heaven, which will be built by working on The System of Life Projects, then the Source can not link back to the Creation after the end of The Transition.


This is the biggest safety issue of all, far bigger than any particular life challenge such as coping with unsafe social or physical conditions.


Those who will survive are those who understand that the key to safety is developing the close working relationship with the Source that can only be built by becoming skilled at receiving Source Guidance on the Inner Plane and performing the skilled Heaven Agent Work of a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist.


This is why it is so important to practice submitting Eyewitness Reports.  While the exercise of trying to get Source Guidance and articulating it to me in an Eyewitness Report is an important skill building task and a potentially valuable contribution to the Project, the best way to maximize the learning from it is to get feedback from me about your Report. 


While I occasionally will reference input from Eyewitness Reports in Source Workflow Responses or actions taken in the Project as a whole, I can not guarantee that I will have the time or Material Energy to comment to you about the meaning of your Report.  I can sometimes touch on the highlights of your general work on Projects in my periodic Source Guidance Emails, but these often have to address only what is most urgent, such as your Next Steps.  These Source Guidance Emails are also only sent to students in The Source Connection Coaching Program. 


I, therefore, recommend that you avail yourself of my individual feedback through Email Coaching about your posts for the Project.  This is an efficient way for me to respond to you when I am given time in my Source Workflow to do so. I need your Material Energy to ground the miracle of this form of Source Support. When you provide this Material Energy, I am able to help you to understand the Source Guidance that you are receiving.  In this way you grow in confidence in getting Source Guidance and understanding how to interpret it yourself.  Since being able to receive Source Guidance and to interpret it yourself is the skill that you need to have to operate as a competent Solo Heaven Agent, the more time you log practicing with my feedback, the faster you will gain proficiency in doing this correctly.


Learning how to work alongside me is like learning how to fly a plane.  While you can read books about it you only really learn how to do it when you are actually flying a plane and getting support from me as you go on real adventures to accomplish the work of building Heaven in the world.



To learn more about Email Coaching support, you can go to:




To post an Eyewitness Report,

you can access the form through the link provided below.





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How to Help 


Essentially, work on any System of Life Project is work to research and manifest Source Solution Miracles and then to get the word out about these miracles so that others struggling without them can work with them and those who want to join in the work on System of Life Projects can find their way to us.  This includes those who will join us in the work on The Personal Safety Project.


Finding the People with the Puzzle Pieces that Are Needed

The core help that is needed is finding all of the Puzzle Pieces that complete the Picture of the Project.  Since the Source gives to specific beings, based on their unique Spiritual Function, unique pieces of the puzzle, it is important to follow Source Direction for finding these people and helping to support their training so they can contribute the Puzzle Pieces that are theirs to contribute. Only in this way will the Puzzle Picture, which is the successfully completed Project, be assembled.


The most comprehensive write-up about how to help in this way can be found in The Source Solution Hub in the section on How to Help.  You can adapt the suggestions given there to alert people to the work on The Personal Safety Project and bring them into this Project Homepage from which they can branch out into the Workstations.


You can access this part of The Source Solution Hub at:



Educating Yourself So that You Can Educate Others

I recommend that you watch the videos in the Hub as well as read the materials there to acquaint yourself with what has already been created from the ongoing Project Work of The Heaven Project.  These materials provide you with the information, tools, and training that is needed to do your part as a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist.


Of particular importance is the Gifted Source-Directed Activist Training Materials in Connecting, which is your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source.  If you are not already a member of Connecting, you can sign up by accessing the form provided below.


Eyewitness Reports

The core level of the help that you can give to this Project is through contributing your Puzzle Pieces, which you can do by entering your Eyewitness Reports in the Eyewitness Report Form that you can access below.  This is how the Team Work that is needed to bring the Project to a successful conclusion can be organized on the Outer Plane.


When all beings who have a Puzzle Piece for this Project step forward to present it to me in the correct time frame that is in keeping with my Source Workflow, then the Project will move along at the correct speed, and each Developmental Stage in the Project will reach fruition in the correct time frame.  


Since Project Work is more akin to the work of biological DNA that is triggered in perfect timing to produce a perfectly formed new organic life, close attention to the Source Logic that drives The Miracle of Life manifesting in this precision manner, is the key to the success of every Project.


Learning how to work with my Source Workflow and how to work with your own Personal Workflow is the key to the miracle of this precision Team Work.

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These Source-Designed Spiritual Activism Training Materials are gifted to you by The Universal Heaven Agent Network that supplies the Material Energy to ground the miracles that enable you to experience this kind of Transformational Training.  It is their invitation to you to join them in the work of building the Heaven of a Love-Based Universal Miracle-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.


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I welcome you to The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in the world.


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