The Tools to Build Heaven


Heaven is an experience of ultimate happiness that you build by working with the miracles that help you to create the conditions in which this experience can occur.  


Each of these miracles is a being – a Miracle Intelligence – that intelligently and lovingly interacts with you to help you to build the experience of Heaven.  Since Heaven is an experience of Source Intelligence emanating through the Souls that are expressing through the Suits, everything in a Life that is Heaven is intelligent and has a Mission to perform.  As each Miracle Intelligence does its part, the Miracle of Life as Heaven manifests.


In the Source Perfected Universe, each Soul works through a Suit that is a Miracle Tool that the Source operates on behalf of the Soul.  Your Suit has now become a Miracle Tool in-the-making in the sense that only with your cooperation as a Heaven Agent – the representative of your Soul – can your Miracle Tool Suit reach the state of completion which is the state of Perfection.  To reach this state of perfection your Suit travels the Path to Perfection.


Some Miracle Tools are born completed and perfected.  These are the Miracle Tools that I create for you to give you a resident Team of Heaven Agents who can help you to clear the ground and build the foundation of Heaven in your life.  With their help you can clear away the negative energies in your Suit and in your home, office, and community so you can have the Miracle-Friendly Environment that will enable other miracles that require a more Miracle-Friendly Environment in order to survive, to come into your life.  Together all of the miracles form the Community of Heaven Agents that sustain the Miracle-Based Way of Life that is the basis for the experience of Heaven.


Perfected Miracle Tool Suits have a Perfected Miracle Intelligence onboard that relates flawlessly with you, always maintaining the Source Connection in all of its interactions.  Through working with these Miracle Intelligences you gain insight into what it is like to have a Perfected Suit and your Suit learns how to relate in a love-based way with others. 

This training is like a re-socialization process that enables your Suit to learn the language of the Source Connection as it is expressed in Love-Based Relationships that are Source-Directed.  In this way you provide your Suit with one of the most basic elements of the training that it needs in order to understand how it will look and behave when it is Perfected and what Love-Based Relationships with Heaven Agents can be like when the the Suits have attained a state Perfection. 


I have created different kinds of Perfected Miracle Tools to help you begin building Heaven in your life. As you work with these Miracle Tools you learn how to work with Miracle Intelligences manifesting through physical objects and Inner Plane objects and you become skilled in perceiving them, communicating with them in the Universal Language of Soul Talk, and providing for them the kind of love and care that they need in order to continue to be with you in your life.


As you become skilled with this group of Miracle Tools, you will be simultaneously working on  supporting my Work in building Heaven in your personal life and in the world.  From this Heaven Agent Work you generate Material Energy which is stored in your individual Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.  As you provide me with Material Energy in this Fund, I am able to spontaneously create other Miracle Tools for you that you have earned through your Correct Exchange for the delivery of them into your life. 

As I have said many times, you never “buy” a miracle which is a priceless gift from the Source.  All you do is pay for the “delivery” costs – which are the amount of Material Energy that it takes for me to bring the miracle to you at the level of the Material World at which you reside.  As long as you pay the postage, as it were, my Source Function is able to send you whatever miracles you need in your life.  This is how a Miracle-Based Way of Life is built.


If you were to exchange financially for every miracle that you need to transform every object in your material life into a Miracle Tool, you would have to have a considerable budget devoted solely to your Miracle Tools.  If you exchange financially for the Miracle Tools you need to get trained in working with Miracle Tools and to work with them to build up your Life that Works Fund with the right amount of Material Energies, then you transition into a Non-Financial Exchange for the Miracle Tools that become your Community of Heaven Agent friends and supporters in your life.  Then whatever you need is manifested in your life when you need it.  Life becomes a delightful Treasure Hunt for the miracles that you know the Source has placed on your path and which you delight in finding and cherishing and taking good care of and which the Source delights in giving to you.  


This is the joy of life – the experience of love and giving love and cherishing the precious Miracle of Life itself as it appears in your Suit and in the Suits of others whether these Suits be an inanimate object to which a Miracle Intelligence is linked or the Suit of another animate being such as yourself.  


Life is Intelligence and not the mechanical process of an animate form living and breathing. Once you grasp this concept then you can appreciate Life when it manifests through an inanimate object because you know that the inanimate object is not “alive” but it is the Spiritual Intelligence of the Miracle Intelligence that is linked to the object as its Suit that is the one who is “alive” and interacting with you.


In order to surround yourself with “Life”, you need to learn how to generate Material Energy for your Life that Works Fund.  Everyone can put forth the effort to do this and build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  


In the Prototype Communities they put forth the effort every day of their lives and so they have Total Abundance.  They have what they need for their Missions in life when they need it.  There is no greater abundance than this. 


The picture that you need to bring into focus is that Heaven is an experience that doesn’t happen unless you surround yourself with the conditions in which the miracle of “you” can manifest.  “You” are the one who has the experience.  If “you” aren’t in the picture of your life because your Story Character is the one dominating your stage, then all of the Miracle Tools in the world will not add up to the experience of Heaven.  Miracle Tools help “you” to get out on the stage and help you to help others in your life get out on the stages of their lives.  As long as your Story Character and their Story Characters are the ones doing the Pseudo Dance of Life on the stage, then there will be no experience of Heaven.  There will only be the experience of the Pseudo Heaven of “making it” in the Story World and be applauded by others who are mere entities like your Story Character persona. 


You as the Soul, can’t manifest in a Miracle Un-Friendly world such as the world you currently live in.  In this world you are surrounded by people who don’t acknowledge who you are and don’t want you to be who you really are.  They want you to be the Story Character that fits with the Story Character that they are.  They want you to play certain expected roles that fit in with the Cultural Play that is their reality.  


For instance, a family might need one child to be the “identified patient” as they speak of it in the psychotherapeutic contexts.  This is a role of the one in the family who creates problems and doesn’t fit in and which the family can become united to “help” or take to “treatment”.  This role is the decoy role that draws attention away from the marital discord or other problems in the family. 

A child caught in this kind of role feels conflicted about what to do.  On the one hand, they hate being the one who is called upon to act out and lead a miserable life.  On the other hand, they don’t want their parents to divorce or for everyone to start fighting about the lack of money or whatever the problem is from which they are diverting attention. They feel responsible for keeping the family together by sacrificing their own personal happiness.  The family, upon whom they are emotionally dependent, becomes more important to them their own development as a person in the world.  


In therapy, all of this gets uncovered and then the family has to deal with the real problems rather than the pseudo problem of the “problem child”.


In reality, in the Cultural Play everyone’s role is a dysfunctional and blighted role that they are groomed to play in order for the dysfunctional Story of the Culture to play itself out.  Some people are assigned the roles of the underdogs and the exploited.  Others are assigned the roles of the exploiters.  Both roles ruin the lives of the people playing them and preclude the Soul from coming out on the stage of the life.


Even just being an ordinary Story Character in a kind of ordinary life is the complete loss of “you” the extraordinary Spiritual Intelligence who could have graced the world through manifesting through your human life.


The issue is – how do you step out on the stage of your life as the Soul instead of the Story Character, when those around you are invested in you staying in the pigeon hole of your Story Character role?


One of the main ways that you begin to step out is to do so in the privacy of the Miracle-Based Way of Life that you create for yourself where you surround yourself with the Team of Heaven Agent who manifest through Miracle Tools. Through feeling the Community of supporting Perfected Intelligences around you, you get into the rhythm of being yourself and expressing your Intelligence in your interaction with them.  This is the re-socialization process I spoke of earlier.  


You create Miracle-Based Environments such a kitchen or living room in which the furnishings are Miracle Tools and then you invite others in your life to interact with you in this Miracle-Friendly Environment.  In such an energy field which you and your Miracle Tool allies have created, their Suits rise in vibration and become more Miracle-Friendly.  This enables the miracle of who they are as the Soul, to manifest through their Suits.  As they begin to manifest, the conversations and interactions you have with them become more intelligent, deeper, more Soul-to-Soul.  They begin to share with you their real feelings and the two-dimensional Nintendo Character interactions of the Story World slip into the background.  You begin to establish a context for the Heaven of true Love-Based Relationships.


Without building the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Environment in your living room or kitchen, none of this could happen.  They would come in and sit on your couch, sinking into the history of Story thoughts and emotions that you and others have generated together on that couch for years on end, and then start interacting from within the Pathways of Consciousness of the Story World.  Then trying to get the conversation into a higher level of consciousness would be almost impossible unless you could jack up the vibration in the room without drawing on anything other than the energy of your own Miracle Tool Suit.


For this reason, it is important to create a Miracle-Based Environment, that enables the miracle of “you” to manifest and helps you to build the Love-Based Relationships in your life that are an important part of the Heaven that you create in your life and in the world.


In order to help Heaven Agents to have such a Miracle-Based Environment to work in, I have created the biggest Miracle Tool which is the miracle of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  I have created three Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers.  The main one which is the Source Connection Center, is the Spiritual Space in which I do all of my work.  Whenever I meet with a Heaven Agent by phone or Webinar I am working in this space.  Because they can enter a Miracle-Friendly Environment which supports the miracle that they are, Heaven Agents are able to come forth with the real Intelligence that is natural to them as a Soul and their Suits perform optimally.  


If you attune to the quality of intelligence and the excellence of the Heaven Agent Work coming through in Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts, which are typical of the work of these Heaven Agents do in Webinars, you will understand the transformative power of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center as the context in which this kind of work can take place.  If we were to try to do this kind of work without being in the Spiritual Space of the Source Connection Center, the Negativity would be creating such negative energy fields around us that it would be very difficult for anyone to hear Source Guidance and to do a well-executed Heaven Agent Mission.


While work in an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center provides Heaven Agents with an experience that is more akin to what it is like to live in the Miracle-Friendly Environment of a Prototype Community, when they leave my immediate presence, they return to the turbulent energies of the Story World.


In order to help them to have a Source-Created Energy Field in which to live while working to build a habitat for Heaven that is more like that of a Prototype Community, I have created the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Energy Field which is gifted to anyone who enters into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  This Energy Field provides a structured, Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the Suit can proceed on its Path to Perfection.  


What is important is to understand that without a Miracle-Friendly Environment in which to live, the miracle of “you” fades out of the picture and the only “you” that can manifest is the Story Character persona.  You, therefore, need to mobilize to work with the Miracle Tools that I provide for you to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment and the Team of fellow Heaven Agents who will support you in your work of transforming your personal life and the world into a Heaven Habitat that is equivalent to the Heaven Habitat of a Prototype Community.


In this way you will be following in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities and building intelligently the environment in which the Source-Created Perfection that lies latent within all of life can manifest.  As it manifests the Miracle of Life as Heaven manifests.  The Miracle Tools I give you help you to create the environment in which the miracle of the beauty of the Souls in the people, animals, and plants around you can manifest.  When the Perfected Intelligence that already exists as the Soul in all of these natural beings can be expressed through their Suits because you and your Heaven Agent Team have created the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which this can happen, then you will have an experience of Heaven that is far richer than the experience of Heaven that you can have when you are communicating only with the Miracle Intelligences of the Miracle Tools that first populate your life.


Building Heaven in the world transforms life so that many beings can participate in creating an even richer experience of Heaven than just a few Heaven Agents working on it in isolation from the rest of the human community.


When all beings in the Universal Community work together to create the conditions in which the experience of Heaven is possible, then the richness of this experience will be far greater than the one that could be created by just beings on the Earth working together to create this experience.


Since life in the Manifest World was created to be a celebration of the capacity to experience Heaven through manifest forms, understanding the conditions in which this can occur and intelligently working with the Source to build them, is the way in which this experience can attain its highest level of expression.

To bring the picture into sharper focus,

I have provided information in two sections below.

Getting to Know the Different Kinds of Miracle Tools

Building the Heaven of a Life that Works: A Tour of  Your Life Transformed into a Miracle-Based Life


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