The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


What is going wrong in the world is all related to what is wrong with Suits – my term for the spiritual aspects of the body/mind that “you” – the Soul – don when you enter into the Manifest World.


Suits are living Intelligences created by the Source to serve as vehicles for the Soul. If you understand how your Suit works then you can fix it up, upgrade it, and enjoy working with it as you travel the road of your life. If your Suit is perfected, it can take you to the highest levels of happiness possible.


If you don’t know how it works then you can feel like a victim trapped in a Suit that doesn’t work which causes you great misery on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. You can also find yourself at the mercy of the expertise of others who don’t really know how it works and are trying to fix if for you in ways that don’t really enable it to be repaired and function at optimal levels.


Man-Made theories of the Suit fall far short of the true understandings of how the equipment was meant to function that can come only from the Source who created the equipment.


It is best to go to the Source for information on what is happening in your Suit and how to fix it and improve it so it can function in the way that is conducive to the experience of Heaven – which is the highest level of happiness that is possible.

As a representative of the Source, I am able to share with you the Source Perspective on what Suits are, how the Source designed them to function, what has gone wrong in Suit functioning to produce the levels of dysfunctionality that currently exists, and how you can work with the Source to perfect your Suit so both “you” – the Soul – and your Suit can experience Heaven in your life.

What follows is a Source-Given Owner’s Manual for Your Suit that will enable you to understand how to treasure the miracle of a Suit and help it to become the perfected manifestation it was created to be.  

NOTE: I suggest that you read the section entitled: "How to Work with The Owner's Manual for Your Suit" first.  The Owner's Manual is a Source Creation and functions as a miracle in its own right.  In order to understand how to work with a miracle of this sort, you will need to follow the instructions that I give you in this section of the Manual.