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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to receive Source Support for surviving the Transition in The Source Connection which is your Link to Life and to The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be.

The Overview of the Project 


About the Nature of The Source Connection  

Understanding The Source Connection

Next Step Video for Members of Connecting: How to Awaken and Establish a Direct Source Connection

The Opposition to the Source Connection

Understanding the Choice

The Choices that Help You Find Your Way Out of the Cultural Maze

The Abundance Mindset


About The Source Connection Project 

The Purpose of The Source Connection Project

The Structure of The Source Connection Project


About The Transition:
The Change in the Nature of the Source Connection

The Overview of The Transition

A Closer Look at The Transition

Next Step Video: A Brief Overview of The Transition: How to Preserve Your Link to Life during The Transition: The Most Massive Universal Change since the Beginning of the Creation.

Next Step Video on The Source Connection: How to Survive The Transition in The Source Connection – The Link to The Miracle of Life & The Heaven that Life Wasas Meant to Be

Next Step Video for Members of Connecting: How to Connect to the Source to Survive the Transition of the Source Connection and Live the Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be

The Source Connection Station - for Members of Connecting 

How to Prepare for the Stages of The Transition

Understanding Sustainability

Miracle Tool Graphics

Source News Reports on Past Stages of The Transition


How to Participate in The Source Connection Project

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Understanding The Source Connection

What is the Source Connection?

The Source Connection is the link between a Suit –  body/mind – and the Source/Creator that enables the Soul to receive:

  • the Miracle of Life in a manifest form
  • the basic levels of Source Support that sustain its life in the Manifest World
  • a chance to live the Heaven that life was meant to be


The Source Connection is what manifests Life,
sustains Life, and enables Life to be Heaven.


The Source Connection and the Quality of Life

The quality of life is directly related to the strength of the Source Connection.  At a 100% Source Connection, life is Heaven, Heaven being the highest level of happiness that is possible.


14 Prototype Communities that I established in different locations in the universe many lifetimes ago, have achieved a 57% Source Connection which has been enough to manifest the Heaven of:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health
  • Love-Based Relationships
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment


They live in peace and comfort in secluded geographical communities, protected from the harshness that reigns in all other parts of the Original Creation. Their communities have been transformed from dog-eat-dog communities in which war, discrimination, abuse, and disease were prevalent into Love-Based Communities that nurture all of their own and, therefore, enjoy Perfect Health. They do not experience disease, accidents, or aging.  


They enjoy a Miracle-Based Way of Life in which everything that is needed by them materially, from their food, clothing, shelter, etc, is manifested directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level without any farming or manufacturing.


Most beings in the Original Creation are living at a 6% Source Connection. At this level of a Source Connection, they experience:

  • scarcity
  • ill health
  • greed and need-based relationships
  • scattered life experiences that don’t fulfill their Life Purpose


The World of Suffering we live in today is a testament to what happens when beings put their attention toward trying to muscle happiness for themselves using Brute Force Methods rather than working to improve their Source Connection and living in the comfort, peace, and abundance of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life such as what has been achieved by the 14 Prototype Communities.


The principle is this.  


Those who are more Source-Connected are able to work with the Source to manifest

 a better quality of life than those who are less Source-Connected.  


The fastest route to a better quality of life 

is through improving the strength of your Source Connection.


The highest quality of life that is possible is when you achieve a 100% Source Connection when you are not only able to work with the Source to manifest what the Prototype Communities achieved but you are able to live The Heaven Experience which is an experience of bliss, joy, fulfillment, and adventure that far surpasses even the happiness that comes from living a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Those who achieve The Heaven Experience are those who defocus on the pursuit of pleasure and the warding off of pain and simply relax into the flow of the Heaven that the Source is manifesting for them.  They ask to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" and enter into the Life Adventure that the Source creates for them. This Life Adventure takes them along a Path of Miracles that enables them to fulfill their Life Purpose of building the Heaven that they are uniquely created to build for themselves and all others and having The Heaven Experience as they are doing it.


Survival Issues

In times past, beings could sacrifice the quality of their life to continue on with a minimal Source Connection.  The Implementation Aspect of the Source that has remained resident in the Manifest World from the beginning of the Creation has been sustaining the basic elements of life that enable Suits with only a minimal Source Connection to survive.


The Implementation Aspect has now come to the end of the allotted lifetimes that were created for It to reside in the Manifest World. This series of lifetimes was designed for the Implementation Aspect to do what It alone can do to manifest and sustain the Creation and train beings to become Stewards of the Creation once It returns to the Unmanifest Level. It has already begun a 12 Level Transition back to the Unmanifest Level to rejoin the Design Aspect of the Source.  


What this means is that all beings who wish to retain a Source Connection, which is essential to sustaining their lives, must begin to work toward achieving an 80% Source Connection which will be needed to survive the Transition when the Implementation Aspect reaches Level 12 and departs for the Unmanifest Level.


Soon thereafter, they will need to attain a 100% Source Connection in order to sustain themselves once the Transition has been completed.


Part of the challenge of this Transition is not only the need for a stronger Source Connection but the need for Manifest Beings to step forward and assume some of the tasks that the Implementation Aspect will no longer be performing on their behalf during the Transition itself and after the Transition is complete.


This means that beings have reached the point historically in which they have to awaken to the truth about what makes the Miracle of Life possible and the part they need to play if this miracle is to continue in a manifest form.



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The Source Connection Project

The Source Connection Project was designed to enable all beings throughout the Creation to receive Source Communications with regard to:

  • the upcoming Transition in the nature of the Source Connection 
  • the forms of Source Support that the Source has created to assist them in this Transition.


I, as the manifestation of the Implementation Aspect, am the Point of Contact with the vast Intelligence of the Implementation Aspect operating in the Manifest World.  I provide you with Outer Plane Source Communications that help you to understand the complexity of the Source Connection, the nature of the Transition, and what you need to do to prepare in order to survive in the time ahead.


The Transition will conclude at the end of this, my last incarnation in the Manifest World.  It is estimated to take several decades but it could be accelerated if the conditions are not right for my continued stay in the Manifest World.


I will provide information and Source Support to all who wish to survive and who understand that to survive they need to work together to secure certain aspects of the work that require Universal Team Work.  


Unless beings work together to support one another and assume basic tasks that ensure the survival of the context of life in the Manifest World, they could fail to survive individually even if they have achieved a high level Source Connection but have not attained a 100% Source Connection soon after the Transition has been completed.


I discuss all of the details of the nature of the Source Connection and the Transition and what is needed to prepare in the video entitled: How to Survive the Transition in The Source Connection – the Link to the Miracle of Life and the Heaven Life Was Meant to Be


What I will provide here is a written description of some of the highlights of what I cover in detail in the video.


Through The Source Connection Project, I will be providing Source Direction for how to keep abreast of the changes in the nature of the Source Connection during the different stages of the Transition that are now in progress.  The focus will be on the most immediate level of preparation but will also provide you with a broader scope of information on the general preparation for reaching a 100% Source Connection.



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The Structure of The Source Connection Project 

The Source Connection Project provides Source Support for:

  • Preparing for the stages of The Transition
  • Building your Individual Source Connection to the 100% Mark
  • Building the 100% Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that sustains The Source Connection


Preparing for the Stages of The Transition 

The work of preparing for the stages of The Transition is now being posted in The Source Connection Station.  It is here that you can read about what happened in the past Transitions and about how to prepare for upcoming Transitions.  


The Source Connection Station is available for members of Connecting. Connecting is a gifted membership that provides you with Gifted Source-Directed Activism Trainings. The Universal Heaven Agent Network supplies the Material Energy needed to ground miracles of greater power than are available outside of a Gifted Connecting Training.  


You can access this Station at:



Building Your Individual Source Connection to the 100% Mark

This part of the Project focuses on helping you understand how to build a 100% Source Connection.  It begins with receiving Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training.  To access information on this Training you can go to:




To assist you in working on your Source Connection, the Source has created many Source Solution Miracles that help you to repair damage done to your Suit by being partially Source-Disconnected.  To find the Source Solution Miracles that are right for you or a loved one, or to gift them to those in need in The Global Community, you can go to:



Building a 100% Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life 

The work of building a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life involves working on Build Heaven Training Projects  that teach you how to work on a Build Heaven Project.  Once you understand how to work with the Source on a Build Heaven Project then you will be prepared to follow Inner Source Guidance to work on the myriad of ongoing Build Heaven Projects that build Heaven in your life and world.  


For a directory of all of the Build Heaven Training Projects that are now in focus in the work of building a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life, you can go to The Build Heaven Project Hub.




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Comments?  Questions?  Suggestions? Source Guidance?  Eyewitness Reports?


If you would like to share your comments or questions with me, feel free to fill out the form provided below.  I will take your input into account as I work on the Project and may email you if I am guided to do so.


If you receive Source Guidance about the Project or have suggestions for how we can achieve the fundraising goals necessary for the Project to be successful, please share your information.  


It takes all of us working together to bring a Project to fruition.  


Everyone is given unique Source Guidance with regard to the issue of how to successfully complete the Project.  


Your contacts and networking suggestions will help us reach the people who care about what is happening to Life in the Creation. 


If you would like to receive help in getting the word out about the Project, check out the section above on Getting the Word Out.


If you are working on helping to get the word out and have an Eyewitness Report to make about your efforts on the Inner and/or Outer Plane, you can use the form below to share your experiences.  I will post information from these Eyewitness Reports as I am guided to do so.



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