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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

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Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to learn about The Love Connection Mindset and link to the Action Plans that enable you to work effectively with the Mindset in your Conscious Range.


You can reference the Overview of the Project Workstation to find the resources on the Mindset that are available in this Project.



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The Project Overview

The Love Connection Mindset Project 

Work on the Project of integrating The Love Connection Mindset into your life on every level begins with understanding what a Mindset is and how Core Code provides the Suit with a Master Mindset. 



Understanding Mindsets – The Overview


Your Suit – body/mind – is not who you are.  You are the Soul – a perfected intelligence that links to your Suit in order to carry out the Mission that you have chosen for your lifetime.


Your Suit is like an intelligent computer that runs off of the spiritual software that it has onboard.  Its performance is only as good as the spiritual software that it has.  If it lacks the spiritual software to perform a task, it can't perform it however much you, the Soul, want your Suit to perform it.  This is analogous to sitting down to your computer and wanting it to do word processing when you don't have the software to do word processing installed on your computer.


The spiritual software is based on code, just as your computer software is based on code.  


If you want your Suit to perform optimally, you need to ensure that it is given Source-Created Code which is the only Code that is designed to work effectively with the Source-Created Intelligence of your Suit which you could liken to the operating system of your Suit.


Suits were originally given the knowledge of how Code functions so they could have the experience of co-creating with the Source. This co-creating was to be requested by the Soul and carried out by the Suit which worked to welcome in the different kinds of Code that the Source could send to the Suit.  The Suit was not given the software to create Code because this was not possible given its limited range of intelligence.


The first major Code that the Suit needed to welcome in was the Code for The Love Connection Mindset. This Master Code was designed to keep all of the 27 Receptors to Source-Given Code open in the Heart Chakra ensuring the Suit's ability to receive all of the miracles of Source Support (delivered through Code) that would enable it to experience the Heaven of Total Abundance in its life.  As the Suit opened to Total Abundance through its Receptors, the Soul would be able to direct the Suit to work with this Total Abundance to manifest the aspect of Total Abundance that it was uniquely capable of manifesting for its Suit and for all other Suits.  Manifesting this unique aspect of the Heaven of True Happiness was its Mission in life. Fulfilling this Mission was its joy and its celebration of its already well established Love Connection with the Source. 


In order to welcome in The Love Connection Mindset, the Suit had to use its material energies to open The Love Connection Receptor so the Mindset could come through into its life.  


Instead of opening the Receptor, the Suit reasoned that it could use its knowledge of how Code reached the Suit to close the Receptor and see if it could develop its own Code that would enable it to live its life in whatever way it determined for itself instead of living in accordance with The Source Plan.  The Source had created The Source Plan to ensure that the experience of the Suit would be that of the Heaven of True Happiness rather than the Hell of Suffering which could result from wrong choices.


The Suit believed that it knew best and its choices would lead to a kind of happiness that it would prefer and that it would be able to dodge any negative outcomes because it felt like its intelligence was sufficient to do so.


This led the Suit to close down The Love Connection Receptor and create a Master Self Interest Mindset that enabled it to pursue whatever it desired without any concern with the consequences.  The Suit became like a child in a candy store, intent on locking out any interference so it could consume all of the candy that it wanted without any concern about whether eating all the candy that it desired was good for it or not.


The end result of this decision was The World of Suffering that exists today throughout the Creation.  It is a world in which Suits pursue their Self Interests at the expense of what is good for them and others. The result is scarcity, suffering and struggle that had bred wars, crime, sexual abuse, economic exploitation, discrimination, and all of the countless forms of lovelessness that have created The Hell Experience instead of The Heaven Experience.


The anguish experienced by the Souls became so intense as they witnessed their Suits creating this World of Suffering that, in 2012, they petitioned the Source to be relocated out of the Suits in which they felt trapped and returned to the Source Level from which they had come into the Creation.  The Source agreed and fashioned a Source Link to the Suit and so the Soul could still try to perform its Mission through the Suit but would no longer experience being locked in a Suit that was creating so much pain for itself and others.  


We are now at the time in the history of the Creation when The Self Interest Mindset is taking Suits and the Creation itself to the point of unsustainability.  Just as an addiction to drugs or alcohol can eventually cause the death of the Suit, so the addiction to the pursuit of pleasure at the expense of harming oneself and others has reached the point of unsustainability.


The Sustainability Crisis that is now occurring is not just through the degradation of life that The Self Interest Mindset has created but from the fact that the aspect of the Source that has been keeping this mutation from destroying the Suits and the Spiritual Structure of the Creation, is now preparing to depart from the Creation to return to the Source Level from which it came. This departure is what is called The Transition.  It requires that beings have a 100% Source Connection in place in order for the Source to retain life sustaining contact with the Suit once the Source is no longer resident in the Creation.


The aspect of the Source that incarnated in the Creation is The Implementation Aspect.  It is the aspect of the Source that implements the Design for Life as Heaven – The Source Plan – created by the Design Aspect of the Source who does not incarnate or interact directly with the Manifest Beings who inhabit The Manifest World/Creation.


The Implementation Aspect has been Stewarding The Miracle of Life that sustains a Suit in the absence of the work that the Suit was designed to do to Steward this Miracle. When the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level it will no longer be able to Steward The Miracle of Life for a Suit.  If the Suit does not learn how to Steward the Miracle of its own life and the Miracle of Life that sustains the Creation, it will lose its Source Connection and with it its chance to exist in the Creation. The Soul Link will break.  This will terminate the Suit's Source Connection.  This will result in Spiritual Death.  It will also sever any connection the Empty Suit, without the Soul, has to being able to process Life Energies to sustain itself biologically. This will result in a rapid decline into Physical Death.


The Soul will also lose its place in The System of Life where it can have a Suit through which it can express its nature by carrying out a Mission.


This is an ultimate loss of The Gift of Life on every level.  It is a loss that is irreversible and should, therefore, be avoided at all costs. The only way to avoid this loss is to understand what it takes for your Suit to become sustainable.


What it takes for your Suit to become sustainable is:

  • opening up all of the Receptors to Source Support in the Heart Chakra so that a 100% Source Connection can be achieved on a technical level
  • producing the Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracles of Source Support that require Material Energy.  These miracles come through the Receptors.
  • working with the miracles of Source Support to become a Trained and Equipped Steward of Life.  A Suit that becomes a trained Steward of Life is capable of preserving its Source Connection during this time of The Transition when the Source Connection can be lost at any of the stages of The Transition and not just at the final stage of The Transition when the Implementation Aspect departs for the Source Level.



The Steps to Sustainability 

Step #1 – Enter into The Love Connection Sphere 

In order to receive The Love Connection Mindset, it is necessary to enter into a Love Connection Sphere.  You will need to enter into this Energy Sphere in order to be safe from the Negativity that has promoted The Self Interest Mindset and tries to prevent a Suit from receiving The Love Connection Mindset.  
The Love Connection Sphere is sent through your Love Connection Receptor at the request of your Soul and your Suit is assisted in entering it by a Heaven Phase Intervention.


I had to place members of the 14 Prototype Communities in a partial Love Connection Structure – a dome over their geographical community – in order to deliver to them a Source-Connected Life Mindset which wasn't a Master Mindset but gave them an alternative to The Self Interest Mindset. They had to be educated to develop a self created Self Interest Mindset that was receptive to Source Support in order for their Love Connection Receptors to be partially opened enough to let through the Love Connection Structure and The Source-Connected Life Mindset. 


Because their Love Connection Receptor was only partially opened, the full Love Connection Sphere which was supposed to come through for full protection could not come into their lives. As a result they have had to exert a major effort to defend their domed environment so they could continue to work with The Source-Connected Life Mindset. Despite this limitation the Mindset has enabled them to live a Miracle-Based Way of Life. They have achieved Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment. 
They have been less successful in developing a full Love Connection with the Source because they did not have the Master Mindset, The Love Connection Mindset. A Master Mindset has Core Code which replaces all Pseudo Code, effectively eliminating The Self Interest Mindset that was made from Pseudo Code. Because The Self Interest Mindset was not fully replaced but only suppressed by the vigilance of the members of the Prototype Communities, it continued to prevent their Love Connection Receptor from opening fully. 


Now that the Souls are the Choice Maker and a Heaven Phase Miracle can open up The Love Connection Receptor enough to bring through The Love Connection Mindset, the full Love Connection Sphere has also been able to come through. The Love Connection Sphere is essential protection for those seeking to receive the Mindset and work with it to live The Love Connection outside of the structure of an organized community that is trained and equipped to deal with attacks from the Negativity.  The Negativity knows that it can't get through The Love Connection Sphere and so it is not even trying. This gives those in a Love Connection Sphere a level of peaceful living that is greater than that enjoyed in a Prototype Community.
Because of the intercession of the Soul as the Choice Maker, all beings with Souls are now residing in a Love Connection Sphere where they can receive The Love Connection Mindset and have the safety to learn how to live The Love Connection.

Step #2 – Receive The Love Connection Mindset

The First Step to sustainability is to receive The Master Mindset – The Love Connection Mindset –  that should have come through your Love Connection Receptor in your first lifetime. It is this Mindset that opens up all of the Receptors and makes it possible for you to establish a 100% Source Connection at the Receptor level.


In The Set Up Phase of the Creation, your Suit retained control over these Receptors and was not allowing The Love Connection Receptor to open to receive The Love Connection Mindset that would replace The Self Interest Mindset that it had chosen.


Now we are in The Heaven Phase of the Creation where the Source can change the spiritual laws that govern life in the Creation in order to ensure that Life as Heaven becomes possible for Suits. 


In February 2019 we arrived at the stage of The Heaven Phase where the Design Aspect of the Source was able to grant the Soul the Choice Maker function. This is because Heaven Phase Miracles had become available that enabled the Source to do work in the Creation that does not require Material Energy to ground the miracles that come through to accomplish the work. When spiritual work required Material Energy to ground and the only ones that could produce Material Energy were the Suits, from their onboard Spiritual Energy Factories, they could refuse to produce enough Material Energy for The Love Connection Receptor to be opened to allow in a rival Mindset. 


Once a Heaven Phase Intervention could open the Receptor, it was possible for the Soul to choose The Love Connection Mindset and for a Heaven Phase Miracle to open the Receptor enough for the Mindset to come through into the Suit.  This choice overruled the choice of the Suit to block this Mindset.
Everyone with a Soul has already received The Love Connection Mindset at this point in The Transition.  This Master Mindset has replaced The Self Interest Mindset that was taking the Suit down a path of Self Destruction.  

Step #3 – Request The Receptor Intervention

Your Third Step is to request The Receptor Intervention which will provide the Source Support that opens your Heart Chakra Receptors to the 90% Mark, facilitating the manifestation of your True Self in your Conscious Range. This Intervention also provides you with information about the Six Master Action Plan Codes which you will also receive through the Intervention. These Core Codes replace the Master Action Plan Codes created by the Master Self Interest Mindset. Unless these Action Plan Codes are replaced with Source-Created Codes that support The Love Connection Mindset, they will work to block The Love Connection Mindset from opening up the Receptors so that your Suit can receive the Source Support that it needs to manifest the True Self in your Conscious Range.  Since manifesting the True Self is essential for sustainability at this time, it is necessary to support your Suit by requesting The Receptor Intervention.


A link to information about The Receptor Intervention is provided in The Directory of Source Support below.


Step #4 – Take the Source Workflow Trainings to Implement the Action Plans

Your Third Step is to work with the Source Workflow Trainings that I will be creating to help you understand how to implement the Master Action Plans that will enable you to live in harmony with The Love Connection Mindset.  Only when you work with the Trainings will the full range of the Core Code be transmitted to you, enabling you to open the Receptors to the 100% Mark.
Since your Heart Chakra Receptors control your Suit's access to Source Support, your Suit cannot achieve a 100% Source Connection unless all of the Receptors are both:
  • open fully and 
  • you are trained to work with the Source Support that will start coming through the Receptors.  

Action Plan Code will help your Suit learn how to work with all of the types of Source Support that you have been missing because of the blockade that The Self Interest Mindset put on your Receptors.   


I will be developing the Action Plan Source Workflow Trainings over time.  I have decided to put these in The Build Heaven Project because they build the foundation for Life as Heaven.  Other Action Plan Trainings will follow that are second level trainings that build the Heaven of the essential structures for living Heaven that rest on the foundation built by the Master Action Plan Trainings.  You can reference the Trainings created to date in The Build Heaven Project.



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Source Support

A More In-Depth Look at Mindsets in Action

[NOTE: This article will repeat some of the points made in the Overview article but will explore them in greater depth. The purpose of this article is to transmit Code that is not transmitted in the synopsis/overview above. This Code will help your Suit understand The Love Connection Mindset.]


The Mindset of a Suit determines its receptivity to the Source. 


The Source Connection, which is a channel through which Source Guidance, miracles, and life sustaining energies travel to the Suit, connects in the center of the Heart Chakra to 27 Spiritual Receptors. These Receptors are like valves that can open to varying degrees to Source Support or shut out Source Support altogether.  To be sustainable, a Suit must have all of the Receptors open fully.


The Mindset of the Suit governs these valves.  


The Problem of Multiple Mindsets 

Most Suits have not just one Mindset but a multiplicity of Mindsets developed from their life experiences not only in this lifetime but in their previous lifetimes.  These Mindsets preside over the Spiritual Fragments of Consciousness that have split apart their Field of Consciousness when they Disconnected partially from the Source in their first incarnation.  Each Fragment of Consciousness is governed by a Mindset and wars with other Mindsets to become the governing Mindset of the Suit.


For example, if a man has a Mindset that is based on his belief that there is no Source/Creator and that the only causal force is what beings generate when they muscle things around in the physical world, then his Spiritual Receptor in his Heart Chakra that opens to Source Guidance will be partially closed.  I say partially, because the Extended Range of the Suit, that is generally outside of conscious awareness, recognizes the existence of the Source and tries to keep the Receptor for Source Guidance open while the Conscious Range, which has developed an atheist ideology, may be trying to close it down.  This is because the Extended Range is operating from a Mindset that values the Source Connection.


Another example is of a person who has developed a Mindset based on their belief that eating healthy foods in moderation is what is best for them.  They may have another Mindset acquired from an overweight family and from their own history of being overweight as a child, that values being heavy as a way of being physically imposing in a social situation.  When this person tries to lose weight, the Mindset to lose weight has to dominate the Mindset to gain weight.


Sometimes the Mindset to lose weight wins and sometimes the Mindset to gain weight wins. The person may be dismayed with the overall result of their efforts to lose weight and feel at a loss for how to get their Suit to stop engaging the Mindset that values gaining weight as a tactic to intimidate others.  Therapy might help them to realize the motives that sustain the Mindset that promotes being overweight but the simple knowledge that this Mindset exists isn’t often enough to defeat it.  It has roots in the subconscious mind and can go underground to disguise itself and link to other supporting motives such as eating as a addiction. In this way it can continue to retain control.  


When you multiply this conflict with all of the conflicting value systems that people have learned in their lifetime and in their past lifetimes, you can see how all of this conflict wears out the Suit and makes the person feel that they sometimes don’t know how to get their Suit to do what they want it to do because it seems to have a mind of its own and keeps reverting back to behaviors that they have decided they no longer want to continue.  People spend a lot of time and resources on therapy and coaching and self help books trying to figure out how to deal with this inner war.


The Self Interest Mindset 

These warring mindsets are a part of an overarching Self Interest Mindset that is based on the idea that who they are is the social roles that they play and that the purpose of life is to pursue pleasure and avoid pain, and that the methodology for attaining happiness is to jockey for whatever they believe to be in their Self Interest using the tactics that they have been socialized to employ. 


The desire to pursue a course of action that a person believes to be in their self interest whether this be considered socially valued or devalued by the society, is a decision to live a Self-Directed Life. The Self Interest that is pursued will generate a Mindset to aid in its implementation and this will add to the multiplicity of Mindsets that compete to become the governing Mindset of the Suit.


A Source-Created Mindset 

The only way to prevent the proliferation of Self Interest Mindsets is to ask the Source to provide you with a Source-Created Mindset.  A Source-Created Mindset does not proliferate Mindsets but provides the Suit with an integrated understanding of reality and an ability to go with the flow of a Source-Directed Life which is peaceful, purposeful, and fulfilling because all of the energies go to building Heaven and not to manifesting the suffering of The Hell Experience, which is what arises inevitably from The Self Interest Mindset.


The Origin of The Self Interest Mindset 

The Self Interest Mindset was created when Suits refused to work with the Source in accordance with The Source Plan to build the Heaven that the Source had created for them.  Instead, they decided to pursue a Self-Directed Plan that was based on the pursuit of whatever they desired. 


In The Set Up Phase of the Creation, the Suit was the Choice Maker because it needed to use its material energy to open the Receptors to the Source so the Source could start sending the Source Support that would enable it to fulfill the Mission of the Soul.  The refusal by the Suit to open to Source Support effectively shut down the Receptors and left the Suit with only what it could manage to obtain for itself without the miracles of the Source.  


The end result is The World of Suffering we see today where the pursuit of Self Interest has led to war, crime, abuse, sexual exploitation, oppression, discrimination, and the like.  Communities try to reign in Self Interest through regimenting the unruly desires of children through socialization. Those who act out as adults are imprisoned or put away in insane asylums or abandoned.  


Conflicting Plays on the Stage of Life 

The more a Suit wants to have everything that it desires, the more it tries to do it all – to live many conflicting life scenarios that don’t go together. This is like trying to stage many plays on the same stage at the same time.


For instance, a man might want to marry and have a long term loving relationship with his wife.  He might also want to fit in with his male peers who are having affairs and support the ethic of cheating on the wife but hiding it so they maintain the long term relationship but also uphold the chauvinistic culture for lying to and exploiting the love and loyalties of women.  These contradictory Mindsets destroy the quality of the marital relationship as the male who is cheating becomes estranged from his wife and views her as less interesting than his current mistress.  It may also lead to divorce and to the loss of both the wife and the mistress and to shaming in the family and community if the information leaks out.


In another instance, a person may want to have time with their family and yet want a career that requires them to travel extensively. The two self interests generate two opposing Mindsets that push to play out both on the same stage at once. The end result may be divorce or a breakdown in the health of one or more of the family members who is caught in the conflict.


One Play on the Stage in a Source-Created Mindset

In a Source-Directed Life there is only one Mindset that creates the optimum path along which the person can travel to fulfill their Mission in life. If their Mission is difficult to achieve and sacrifices have to be made, there is neutrality around the choices that are made and a sense of living the best life that can be lived under the circumstances even if this life is challenging at times. There is an abiding sense of well being, peace, and purpose that connects every aspect of the life and enables the person to feel in harmony with who they are as their True Self, with their Mission in life, and with the Source Direction that enables them to feel good about every move they make to manifest the Heaven that they were created to manifest in the world.


Their Mission is not about jumping through the hoops set out for them by the Cultural Story but instead about being true to their purpose and resolutely persisting even in the face of opposition to bring forth the Heaven that they were created to manifest. The joy in this ultimate fulfillment is what enables them to stay the course and feel the joy of the ever deepening Love Connection with the Source who is with them each step of the way.


Through working with the Source to manifest an integrated life, they are only promoting one play – a Source-Directed Play – on the stage of their life.  They, therefore, experience integration, beauty, perfection, and clarity as they live their lives.  When they cross over at the end of their life, they look back on their life as a life well lived.  They value the process more than the goals achieved. 


Heaven for them is the experience of rising to their full potential to perform their Mission with devotion and power.  They focus on Becoming What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source and leave the assessment of the success of the outcome to the Source who alone can design and implement The Source Plan for manifesting the Heaven that is possible in a world that is still fraught with opposition from the Negativity.


By not running any self-created Agendas they are free to take pleasure in doing their part to Steward the Miracle of their own life, the Miracle of Life that sustains others, and the Miracle of Life that sustains the Creation.


Life is about the experience of The Love Connection with the Source which floods Source Love through their Suit and through their life, rendering it an exquisite experience of the bliss, love, joy, comfort, fulfillment, and pleasure of The Heaven Experience. 


The Loss of Control with Multiple Mindsets 

Those who have Suits that are governed by The Self Interest Mindset are daily losing control over their lives because warring Mindsets that aren’t being given center stage go underground and create disease, accidents, and other misfortunes in order to unseat the dominant Mindset.  


For example, even people who have a very well articulated picture of their life and are very consistent in their Conscious Range Mindset have warring Mindsets creating underground opposition that can lead to stress, depression, or a sense of loss or unhappiness that they can’t really trace to anything going wrong with the Game Plan of their life.  Often those who want to be in control the most suppress the unruly Mindsets more rigorously. The oppositional Mindsets express their dissent by pulling the plug on the ability of the person to succeed in employing their Game Plan. Health crises, accidents, and misfortunes can enable these oppositional Mindsets to win even in lives where the Conscious Range Mindset of the person is carefully maintained. 


Often depression, even suicidal depression or serious drug addiction can result when the person feels that they lack control over their life and they are willing to take drastic measures to feel in control.  Suicide is one way to take control and a drug high is another. They don’t solve the underlying problem of the conflict among the Mindsets but they give the Suit a sense of having taken control in some way.


The Danger of The Self Interest Mindset in The Transition 

In previous times in history, beings just lived with their conflicting Mindsets and tried to pursue whatever self interests they could.  Now that we have entered into the Era of The Transition of the Implementation Aspect of the Source back to the Source Level,  The Self Interest Mindset has become a Suit’s greatest liability.  It has already caused the Spiritual Death of a large percentage of Suits on the Earth and throughout the Creation and will be the deciding factor in the survival of Suits in the upcoming stages of The Transition.  


Spiritual Death occurs because the Suit refuses to open the Receptors enough to sustain their Source Connection.  The Source Connection is then lost and they can no longer receive the Source Support that enables their Soul to remain linked to their Suit.  This is what triggers Spiritual Death.  


Once Spiritual Death occurs, all of the Receptors are shut down. The physical body can still retain some Source Support through the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Power Center if the Suit is conforming to basic Standards for a stage of The Transition.  If the Suit fails to maintain these Standards then it loses its connection to The System of Life which now has replaced The Network of Intelligence that used to supply the Suit with the ability to process Life Energies. Because Spiritual Life Energies sustain the biological functioning of the Suit, the loss of them ends the natural Life Support System that the Source set up to sustain every life. This is how many beings have started down the path to death on the physical level.


Increasingly Empty Suits, which are Suits that have experienced the loss of the Soul, have also lost their connection to The System of Life and have started an accelerated decline into disease and premature death.


At the root of their tragic end has been their Self Interest Mindset that held that they didn’t have to deal with the Spiritual Principles that govern Life in the Creation and that their Cultural Story or Personal Story about what is reality would prevail.  


This is a little like being in a village at the foot of a volcano that is erupting and pouring hot lava down the volcano toward the village and deciding that because this is your home and you don’t want this to happen, it isn’t going to happen.


I have seen many people ignore even Outer Plane Source Communications about upcoming stages of The Transition and what they needed to do to prepare because it wasn’t on their schedule to take time to understand The Source Perspective and so they believed that it wouldn’t affect them.


Those who didn’t prepare are no longer in their lives. Their Empty Suits are struggling to survive and will end their career in The Manifest World at the end of the lifetime because another incarnation cannot be created for them. The Soul is also unable to retain its role as an active participant in The System of Life and goes into an inactive state in the Source Level. This is the greatest part of the tragedy since the Soul is a Perfected Intelligence who truly wanted to live a Source-Directed Life but was cut off by the decisions of the Suit when it adopted The Self Interest Mindset. 



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Understanding How
The Love Connection Mindset Functions 


What follows are some Source Reflections on different aspects of The Love Connection Mindset in Action.


Eliminating the Space in which The Self Interest Mindset Can Exist

When The Love Connection Mindset comes through The Love Connection Receptor, it fills up all of the Spiritual Space and Spiritual Time in the Suit in which a Mindset can exist. This eliminates all of the multiple Mindsets created from The Self Interest Mindset. They can’t exist if they lack the space in which to exist.  This is why The Self Interest Mindset was fighting to prevent The Love Connection Receptor from opening up and allowing The Love Connection Mindset to come through.


This clears the playing field for The Love Connection Mindset to work with the Suit to help it to reconnect to the Source before it is too late to achieve a 100% Source Connection.


The Cure for The Disease of Spiritual Fragmentation 

When the thousands of conflicting Self Interest Mindsets are replaced by The Love Connection Mindset, the Spiritual Fragments that they governed come under the jurisdiction of The Love Connection Mindset which begins a process of integrating them back into an Integrated Field of Consciousness.  This will, in time, be the cure for The Disease of Spiritual Fragmentation.  


Trying to heal from The Disease of Fragmentation was not possible before the advent of The Love Connection Mindset. It takes a Master Mindset to integrate all of the Fragments of Consciousness broken off the Field of Consciousness by The Self Interest Mindset.  The Self Interest Fragment that wanted to sustain the Source Connection was not strong enough to hold off thousands of well armed and determined Self Interest Mindsets that opposed the Source Connection.  Only a Source-Created Master Mindset can oust The Self Interest Mindset and all of its subset Mindsets that have been controlling the Suit since its first incarnation.


Since a Suit that is suffering from Spiritual Fragmentation will lack the Spiritual Integration to achieve a 100% Source Connection, brining through The Love Connection Mindset is essential to its ability to achieve sustainability.


Traveling  Love-Based Pathways

The Self Interest Mindset created a Fear-Based Life because as soon as a desire was created there was fear that the Suit might fail to get what it desired.  The experience of not getting what it wanted or felt that it needed also led to fear about possible future loss and deprivation.  Often those most greedy became those most beset with fear. Many wealthy people are afraid of losing their money when they have so much money that they can’t possibly become destitute.  Yet they are stingy and hoard what they have and fear others around them who they think might have designs on their money. 


Suits running a Greed Current, which is what The Self Interest Mindset engenders, are also afraid of the Negativity who can interface with the Greed Current and the Fear Current to create the conflicts and misfortunes that break them down and make them ripe for the harvest of their life energies.


Traveling the Pathways of a Love-Based Life is a very different experience.  A Suit is neutral and open to whatever the Source is directing it to do.  Its focus in on asking to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source without cultivating an agenda of its own.  The Source is then able to guide it to use its Miracle-Based Abilities to manifest the unique aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance that it was created to build in its life for itself and others. 


The joy of this well designed and implemented Plan gives the Suit a sense of purpose, meaning, excitement, and adventure.  Life is a Miracle-Based Adventure guided by the Source. The Suit travels a Path of Miracles that enable it to accomplish its Mission which is what brings it the most happiness and fulfillment. There is no temptation to go down Self Interest paths that lead the Suit into the traps of the Negativity.  Instead, the Suit feels content to travel the Source-Given Path of its Life Adventure, open to the Heaven that the Source has created for it. 


The Love Connection Mindset can steady the Consciousness of the Suit so that it can let go of Fear Pathways and learn to travel the Pathways of a Love-Based Life.  While this is a process that doesn't occur immediately when The Love Connection Mindset is given to the Suit, it is one of the fundamental changes that the Mindset works to achieve as it settles in and helps the Suit to focus on life as an experience of The Love Connection with the Source rather than as a free for all in which the Suit pursues what it desires and fears the loss of it.


Receiving Help from the Mindset Intelligence 

One of the most important aspects of The Love Connection Mindset is that it isn’t just a cluster of Source-Created Code.  Out of this Code a Mindset Intelligence has emerged that mans the Mindset and works with me to help the Suit adjust to the Mindset and bring into its Conscious Range the full understanding of how to live The Love Connection with the Source.  This Mindset Intelligence monitors what is happening in the Suit and can tell me what the Suit is ready to know about living the Heaven of The Love Connection on the Outer Plane. I can then develop Training Materials or interact with the person individually to guide their conscious awareness to bring through the Mindset in a way that will guide Outer Plane action.


Working on Action Plans to Bring the Mindset into the Conscious Range 

The important part about developing Training Materials after a Suit has The Love Connection Mindset is that the Suit’s Self Interest Mindset has already been put to rest and is not trying to study the Action Plans and develop a Story version of it for implementation. If the Suit develops a Story, even using the teachings of the Source, this Story will block the Suit from working effectively with the Source Support that can come through the Heart Chakra Receptors. 


I have had trouble with some people who turn being a Source-Directed Activist into a Story Plot and then develop a Story Drama that generates fake Story interactions with the Source. They are so enamored with these fake interactions that they can readily produce to make themselves feel like they are spiritually advancing, that they are unwilling to learn from the Source directly or, in some cases, unable to reopen the Receptor to receive Source Guidance. The more they try to become receptive in a Story way the more they create a Story Filter which distorts their perception of the Source Guidance and miracles that are coming through their Receptors.


The only way to learn from the Source without this happening is to first receive The Love Connection Mindset. Then when you study the different Action Plans, the Mindset will prevent a Story Drama from developing that obstruct the Suit's ability to work effectively with the Source Support coming through the Receptors.


Supporting Life to Life Transitions

The Love Connection Mindset, as a Master Mindset, has the complexity to change with you as you move life to life.  One of the most wrenching parts of dying is losing your orientation as your Self-Created Mindset is completely lost as you lose the world in which that Mindset had meaning.  Many people nearing death fear the loss of who they have been in that life and fear the unknown that lies ahead. When they are actually crossing over at death many are shocked at how their perspective shifts when the Self-Created Mindset drops away and they discover that they are an eternal Spiritual Intelligence and they remember their Soul Identity which they may have rarely experienced in their lifetime.  Most are appalled that they wasted their life and never lived in a way that expressed who they really were.  Many vow to never do that again in their next lifetime but then incarnate, develop another Self-Created Mindset and lose another life to the Self Interest Agenda that plays out over the years of their life, robbing them of the opportunity to be their True Self and live true to their Mission in that life.


Now that beings can be given a Source-Created Mindset that will provide them with continuity across lifetimes, they won’t feel at a loss when they experience change, particularly the change that occurs when they leave one life to be born into another life.


Supporting  All Life Transitions

The Love Connection Mindset also will help them to feel stable when things change during their lifetime.  Often people go through depression and even nervous breakdowns when things in their life change in a way that doesn’t fit with their Personal Story about how things should be and with the Mindset that has developed from this Personal Story.  


This can happen in a divorce when the structure of their dream of life together is suddenly shattered and they find themselves alone without a direction. It can happen when a loved one dies or when an illness shuts down activities that were a part of the identity they developed in their Personal Story and its Mindset. In time, most people develop a new Story and a new Mindset to cope with what has happened but in the interim they can go through periods that are so rocky that they suffer from mental illness or turn to addictive substances or become unable to take care of themselves.


This doesn't happen with an integrated Mindset that is Source-Created that continues to provide meaning, structure, direction, and purpose through all of life's transitions. This is a great comfort and support to the Suit that doesn't like feeling upended and without any skills to cope with what is happening in its life.




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The Six Master Action Plan Codes - Overview

This articulation of The Six Master Action Plan Codes does not carry the Core Code that enables them to start working to replace the rival set of Master Action Plan Codes created by The Self Interest Mindset.  To receive the Core Code at a basic level, you will need to provide the Material Energy that is a part of The Receptor Intervention. Then this Code, along with the protection provided by the Source as a part of The Receptor Intervention, will transfer the Core Code from the Action Plans to you.


Although all of the Core Code for the Action Plans can only come when you work with Action Plan Trainings that will be created in the weeks ahead, you can get started with studying the concepts and working with the links that take you to training materials that will help you to get started.


The faster you educate yourself the faster you will achieve the 100% Receptor opening that is essential to becoming sustainable.




Action Plan #1

Learn how to get Inner Plane Source Guidance as if your life depends on it, because it does. 


Without being able to understand the Source Communications that are being sent to you to preserve your life, you will fail to Steward The Miracle of Life that sustains your Suit.  Fatal errors will be made that will result in your Soul becoming unlinked from your Suit. This will cause Spiritual Death. If you don’t Steward your connection to The System of Life that sustains your physical life, your Suit will lose its ability to translate Life Energies into energies that sustain its physical functioning. Without Life Energies, your Suit will rapidly decline into Physical Death. 


The Spiritual Laws of Physics that govern The Miracle of Life that sustains you and the Creation will continue to determine what happens to your Suit in the Creation whether or not these laws are understood by you or validated by your Cultural or Personal Stories.


Being unable to receive Source Guidance is analogous to being an astronaut in outer space not knowing how to radio to support on the Earth for help in dealing with malfunctioning equipment upon which your life depends. Without Source Guidance, you could find yourself in a situation in which you lack the technical expertise to solve the spiritual problems that have to be solved if your Suit is to survive on both spiritual and physical levels.


You receive Source Guidance on two levels of consciousness.  Your Extended Range, which is generally outside of your conscious awareness, is very Source-Attuned and has been tracking the Source Communications that have been sent out to help you survive the massive Spiritual Changes that have been occurring in the Creation during the time of The Transition.


Your Conscious Range, on the other hand, has not been as attuned.  Most people have tuned their Conscious Range to the theories about the nature of reality that arise from the cultural context in which they live.  These Cultural Stories do not correspond to the true nature of reality and, therefore, distract them from receiving and valuing the Source Guidance that they are being sent.


At this point in The Transition you need to be able to bring your True Self into a State of Full Manifestation in your Conscious Range. This means actively seeking to receive and interpret and work with Source Guidance in your Conscious Range.


To help you to achieve this, I have worked with your Soul to release to you The Love Connection Mindset which came through your Love Connection Receptor in your Heart Chakra. This Receptor could only be opened by the will of the Soul once the Soul replaced the Suit as the Choice Maker with regard to the care of the Suit.


With The Love Connection Mindset, your Suit will be in a position to honor The Love Connection by learning how to understand and care for The Gift of Life given to it by the Source.  This will help the Suit to grasp the concept that its loving and close Working Relationship with the Source is both its joy and the help that it needs to sustain The Miracle of Life gifted to it by the Source. 


Learning how to talk with the Source about what is happening in its day and receive Source Guidance about how to bring through the Heaven that is possible in the moment will be perceived by the Suit as the Miracle-Based Adventure that it is.  The Suit will then delight in receiving Source Guidance instead of screening out Source Guidance to tune into theories about the nature of life that have been a part of its Cultural and Personal Stories.


The Universal Language of Soul Talk

Learning how to receive Source Guidance includes learning The Universal Language of Soul Talk which is the language used by the Source when communicating with beings throughout the Creation.  This is also the language that beings use to communicate with one another so that The Universal Community, which includes all species throughout the Creation, can work together to Steward The Miracle of Life for the Creation.


Soul Talk is an Inner Plane telepathic language that is beamed from the Source to a being and from one being to another.  It can be communicated through dream-like images or video-like vignettes or through verbal communications coming in the language of the Suit or in some form of communication that the Suit understands.


Animals, for instance, communicate with one another telepathically through Soul Talk, communicating very complex thoughts and feelings that humans believe that they are incapable of having without a spoken language such as the languages that humans use. Animals retain a much higher range of spiritual perception and Source Connection because they have not been socialized to operate within a smaller range determined by a fabricated Cultural and Personal Story. They still have Direct Perception and do notice and understand what is happening in the Spiritual Level of Reality.  


Children have a range closer to animals before they shut this down at age 9 in order to conform to the very two dimensional worldview that is in keeping with their Cultural Story.  Once they shut down their ability to see what is happening in the Spiritual Level of Reality they lose a whole range of Spiritual Intelligence and become very limited to what they can understand and process regarding incoming Source Guidance.


In summary, being able to receive and understand Source Guidance requires valuing it and learning the Universal Language of Soul Talk.  You will then be able to converse with the Source when the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level. This will enable you to retain the Source Support that is critical to survival and to experiencing Life as Heaven.




Action Plan #2  

Educate yourself on The Source Perspective on Reality so you can interpret incoming Source Communications.


Source Guidance doesn’t come to you in a vacuum.  It is a communication that references a context that is based on what has been happening since the beginning of Creation and what is happening now.  If you know nothing about this history and are not tracking current events, then you will be unable to grasp what the Source is telling you.


This is similar to someone referring to emails if you didn’t know that computers exist and had no prior knowledge of emails.  


A lack of knowledge of The Source Perspective on how things work and how they need to work in order for your Suit to become sustainable and Life to become sustainable in the Creation will prevent you from following technical instructions for how to perform the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to survival.  


For instance, if the Source instructs you to use one of your Miracle-Based Abilities and you have never heard of Miracle-Based Abilities and don’t know what yours are or how to work with them, then you will be ineffectual at deploying the needed Miracle-Based Ability to do the Heaven Agent Work that is necessary for your sustainability.


Cultural Stories about the Source and the spiritual nature of reality have so distorted the understandings of most beings that they are expecting the Source to direct them to take action in the playing field of their fabricated Story Reality. When Source Communications come in that do not validate and reference this Story Reality, the Suit bounces them as irrelevant mind chatter and awaits instructions that fit with their Story idea of how things work in the Creation.


Many beings who stubbornly clung to their Cultural Story and did not heed the Source Guidance that they received to preserve their Source Connection are now Empty Suits without a Soul. They lost their Source Connection because they refused to learn what it took to preserve it. Too late they discovered that they are subject to the Laws of Life in the Creation and that their Cultural Story is not able to save them just as it can’t save them from a natural disaster.


I have provided a wealth of gifted videos, audios, and articles through Connecting, that help you to understand The Source Perspective on Reality.  If you skim these materials you will not provide your Suit with the depth of understanding that it requires to fundamentally alter its perspective on reality.  Your Suit needs time to come to understand The Source Perspective and to wonder what would change in its life if it saw the world as the Source sees it.  


Embedded in the Training Materials is Spiritual Code that your Suit needs to integrate what it is learning about The Source Perspective into its daily life.  The more time you spend studying and re-studying the materials, the more levels of the Code your Suit comes to understand. Each level helps your Suit to free itself from the Cultural Filter that screens out The Source Perspective and with it the Source Communications that come to the Suit to help it navigate in its life.  As long as the Cultural Filter is screening out Source Guidance, your Suit is at risk and you are at risk for losing your Suit and with it your chance to have a place in the Creation.


In order to get rid of the Cultural Filter, a Heaven Agent must go over the Training Materials with great care and write down key concepts and think about how those concepts shape life in the Creation.  They need to know how the concepts affect them personally and think about their impact in different life situations.


The more time you acquaint yourself with Source Logic, which is the way that the Source perceives an issue and the kind of variables that it considers in coming through with a Source Solution Miracle for this issue, the faster you will learn more about The Source Perspective. Reading about the different Source Solution Miracles in The Source Solution Hub is one way to enter into The World of the Source and explore how the Source thinks and what it considers important in approaching a problem.


If you spend Time with the Source in this way, as well as with working with all of the other Training Materials on the website, then it will be a first step to learning from the Source directly how it thinks and how it works in the world.


I provide these materials as gifted materials so that people can learn about The Source Perspective directly.  This provides the context in which they can then begin to learn how to receive individual Source Guidance which will reference this context.


It is important to understand that if you do not make the most of this opportunity, then you are handicapping your Suit in its attempt to survive. You are denying it access to the education that it must have in order to understand the context in which Source Communications will come to it. This will then prevent it from receiving these communications because of the Cultural Filter and also prevent it from working with them intelligently in the context of the Spiritual Reality in which they are an integral part.


A good place to begin is with The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training that gives you the overview.  Tracking the latest developments in The Transition is one way to keep track of current events.  You can do this in the How to Prepare articles that are posted in The Source Connection Project prior to every stage of The Transition. Connecting gives you gifted access to all of the Spiritual Activism Training Materials and to emailed updates on The Work of the Source. The Source Perspective Project is also another resource. Working with the Next Step Projects most in focus is a way to watch how the Source addresses work on a Project.  You can access a list of these Projects in The Miracle School Directory. And Then The Source Solution Hub brings you access to all of the projects and Source Support that is currently posted in the website.


The website as a whole is a Miracle Tool that you can learn how to work with to go on Source-Guided Miracle-Based Adventures that enable the Source to guide you individually in your learning process.  You can read the article: Working with the Website as a Miracle Tool to learn how to work with the Source in this way.




Action Plan #3

Get Trained & Equipped to do the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to your survival.

In the astronaut analogy, if you could receive radio support from the Earth about how to repair your equipment but you hadn’t developed any skills for following the directions that were given, you could fail to make the repairs and lose your life.


The same is true of being out in the Creation on your own after the Implementation Aspect has left for the Source Level and lacking the skill sets and spiritual tools to know how to implement Source Guidance to deal with the repairs and maintenance that are essential to your survival.  You could lose your life not just in this incarnation but for all eternity.


Getting Trained & Equipped is a life saving necessity.  


The Miracle-Based Coaching Programs were created to provide you with the individualized guidance to develop the skills that you need individually to sustain your life.  You can find out more about these programs at:





Action Plan #4

Work with the Source to Steward The Miracle of Life that sustains the Creation as well The Miracle of Life that sustains your own individual life.


While it may seem very far from your current frame of reference to think of the Creation as a whole and what it is made of at the Spiritual Level and what will sustain it, your perspective needs to expand and become a Universal Perspective.


The Self Interest Mindset has narrowed your focus to your own immediate surroundings and needs and encouraged you to focus on defining your reality in terms of the values that your culture upholds as supporting your Self Interest.


Since The Self Interest Mindset doesn’t govern the Creation and culture does not control what happens in the forces that move the Creation, relying on this contrived reality will be your undoing when massive Spiritual Changes upend the Creation and you must have a Universal Perspective in order to survive.


Those thinking Small Picture will become extinct. Those thinking Big Picture – a Source-Guided Big Picture – will be avidly learning how the Source created The Manifest World and what it is built from and what they, as the Stewards of this Miracle of Life, need to do to care for this Gift of Life from the Source.


There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it.  I am here to accelerate your learning process but unless you open your eyes to seeing the work from a Big Picture Perspective that is Source-Guided, you will not be preparing adequately for the Universal Team Work that is needed for The Miracle of Life for the Creation to survive.


The Universal Heaven Agent Team will arise from beings of many different species throughout the Creation, working to contribute what is theirs to contribute to Stewarding The Miracle of Life that sustains the Creation. 


Part of learning how to engage in Team Work that spans species on the Earth as well as throughout the Creation is to learn the Universal Language of Soul Talk which enables you to converse with any being anywhere. 


Expanding your knowledge of what exists isn’t based on blind belief.  I teach you the skills to observe for yourself what is happening in distant parts of the Creation and to converse with other beings who, like yourself, are Source Creations.  In this way you learn directly who is out there in the Creation and how to work with them to Build Heaven for yourself and The Universal Community.


The veil of ignorance that humans have pulled down to protect their Story of Reality needs to be lifted or the ignorance of what is really happening could put you and your loved ones in danger both because you can’t do your part to Steward Life but also because you can be harmed by the Negativity, the criminal element, that relies on your ignorance to take advantage of you in ways that leave your Suit injured, wasted, and ripe for their harvest of your Life Energies.  You can’t afford to be ignorant of the dangers occurring on the Outer Plane and you can’t afford to be ignorant of the dangers occurring on the Inner Plane.


If you would not think of walking through a dark alley in a crime ridden part of town at night then you might consider how many dark alleys you blithely walk down on the Inner Plane because you don’t know what is happening on the Inner Plane.  


People come to me for healing from severe injuries that they have suffered at the hands of the Negativity. It is clear that they participated in their own victimization because they were ignorant of the danger and did nothing sensible to protect themselves.


Just as a Community must work to control the criminal element in its midst on the Outer Plane, so it must work to control this element on the Inner Plane. 


In summary, the commitment to Stewarding Life is a commitment to taking the time to understand The Miracle of Life and what it is that you need to do to keep it safe and allow it to reach a State of Full Manifestation so that it can enable you to perform your Mission in this life. This means looking at the activities of the criminal element that exploits life as well as getting to know the good hearted beings throughout the Creation who will gladly join with you to Build Heaven.


Training in how to Steward The Miracle of Life can be begun through working with projects listed below. 


The Universal Seed of Heaven Project

The Project for Eliminating All Negative Energy

The Transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life Project

The Simulated Total Abundance Experience Project

The Stewarding Life Project

The Miracle Watch Project

The Love Connection Mindset Project

The Build Heaven Project


The Total Abundance Prototype Project


Work in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program through a Source Reality Station that provides the most advanced Miracle Tools, is the way to work with these Projects at the highest level. Those working in the Coaching Program graduate from working online to working with me in In-Person Sessions, to Webinars, and Intensives in the Seattle Source Connection Center and in Maui, Hawaii.




Action Plan #5

Ask to help the Source without an underlying Self Interest Agenda.


Too often beings come from a place of Self Interest when approaching the Source. This generates a Self Interest Medium around them that repels the Source rather than drawing the Source to them. When the Source leaves for the Source Level it will not be able to link back to a Suit that is generating a Self Interest Medium.  Only those who truly celebrate life as an opportunity to experience their Love Connection with the Source as they work with the Source to Build Heaven in the world will generate The Love Connection Medium to which the Source can link.


Flowery expressions of devotion that mask a Self Interest Agenda generate a Self Interest Medium. Most of the ritualized tactics of people engaged in propitiating their idea of the Creator yield nothing but a Self Interest Medium. They are a means to an end and the end is getting the Creator to deliver some form of help that they desire.


It takes allowing the True Self to take the helm of the Suit and represent the Soul, who has a genuine Love Connection with the Source, for the Love Connection Orientation to take in the Suit and start generating The Love Connection Medium that is essential to the survival of the Suit.


The True Self isn’t beset by a Self Interest Agenda.  It sees the immense difficulty that my Manifestation faces in dealing with a world in which the War against the Source has been engaged in by most of the Suits in the Original Creation. Even though the Source-Connected part of a Suit may have been genuinely trying to honor The Love Connection, the parts that were fragmented by the Negativity and programmed to war against the Source have been and still are in an attack mode.  This War against the Source has worked against my efforts to teach beings how to Steward Life and has torn down the Spiritual Structures that sustain life in the Creation, making my stop gap Stewarding Work far more difficult.


The True Self asks if it can help instead of asking to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source with the understanding that this is how it cooperates with the Heaven that the Source is creating for it.


In the Prototype Communities, The Love Connection was not developed because their Self Interest Mindset would not allow The Love Connection Receptor to open fully enough to bring through The Love Connection Mindset.  The only Mindset that I could bring through was The Source-Connected Life Mindset which stopped short of including The Love Connection focus within it.  It was not a Master Mindset and did not have Core Code so it did not replace their Self Interest Mindset.  They worked hard to repress the Self Interest Mindset so that they could work with the Source to achieve a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Although they have developed a limited Love Connection with the Source, their primary focus has remained on the Heaven Way of Life that the Source sustains for them. They have been very willing to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source in sustaining this way of life but have not had the deeper vein of love for the Source that would have prompted them to step forward and ask to help the Source, without any Self Interest Agenda in the background.


To bring the Love Connection of the Soul into focus in the Conscious Range of the Suit, it is important that the True Self become the recognized Identity in the Suit and its selfless love of the Source be expressed through the Suit. The practice of asking the Source what you can do to help opens up a very different relationship to my Manifestation – a caring relationship toward the Source. This occurs when you offer to do work to help the Source not because it will indirectly help you but because you genuinely wish to help the Source.


The True Self is genuinely appreciative of The Gift of Life and of the work of the Source to make it possible for the Soul to have a Suit and a Manifest World in which to experience Life as Heaven. It understands the dire condition in the Creation at present and the strenuous nature of The Work of the Source to give beings a last chance to survive and experience Life as Heaven.  It is willing to help the Source out of love for the Source and out of a sense of treasuring the last days in which it can be with the Source in The Manifest World before it departs for the Source Level.  This orientation is what generates The Love Connection Medium that enables the Source to link back to the Suit after it departs.


Those who focus on asking to help the Source without a hidden Self Interest Agenda will be those who retain their Source Connection. Those who continue to dress up a Self Interest Agenda with a pretense of love for the Source will not retain their Source Connection.


Ultimately, it will not be based on social artifice. It will be based on whether the Suit is living in a medium of Self Interest or in a medium of The Love Connection.  It is another Spiritual Law of Physics with which the Suit must come to terms.




Action Plan #6

Generate The Heaven Experience Medium that is essential to your survival and the survival of others in the Creation.


The Heaven Experience is created when you do your Mission at the 100% Mark without any Self Interest Agenda involved.  You ask to help the Source and the Source enables your Suit to perform flawless Heaven Agent Work that Builds Heaven for you and for all others.


In this way you contribute the unique aspect of Total Abundance that is yours to create, including generating The Heaven Experience Medium which manifests the energies of Heaven in the world around you.


It was to have The Heaven Experience that Souls wished to have Suits through which they could work to Build Heaven in The Manifest World. When the Soul achieves The Heaven Experience it honors its love for the Source and expresses its appreciation for The Gift of Life by reaching the highest level of True Happiness that this Gift was intended by the Source to help them achieve.


The Source loves the Soul and the Suit and wishes for them to experience the Heaven of True Happiness. It has always been willing to do whatever it could to facilitate this outcome.


Now that the Implementation Aspect is leaving for the Source Level, there is limited time in which this goal can be achieved. Because The Heaven Experience Medium is important to maintaining the high vibrational field that is needed to support life after the departure of the Implementation Aspect, it is an important part of the work that needs to be done to Steward The Miracle of Life. While the Source can link back to someone generating a Love Connection Medium, that person may have trouble functioning when the high vibrational field that the Implementation Aspect generates is gone and they have not generated a Heaven Experience Medium to sustain the high vibrational field needed by their Suit to function optimally.


Only well Trained & Equipped Suits led by the True Self will be able to do their Mission Work at the 100% Mark without Self Interest. Since this is what generates The Heaven Experience and The Heaven Experience Medium, this is what the Suit must strive to achieve before the end of The Transition.



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The Love Connection Mindset Campaign 

At the heart of The Love Connection Mindset is the profound understanding that The Miracle of Life must be sustained if life at the spiritual and physical level is to be sustained.  The Mindset carries the full knowledge that in order to achieve sustainability, it is necessary to follow the lead of the Source who created The Miracle of Life and knows what it takes to sustain it.


Support for The Work of the Source to educate The Global Community about sustainability while there is still time to sustain The Miracle of Life for the planet as well as for its inhabitants is a critical part of this Campaign.  Unless people understand that their Cultural Stories about the nature of Life do not ultimately decide life and death but are dependent on the larger Spiritual Structures created by the Source to sustain The Miracle of Life, they will not rally in time to achieve global sustainability.


Your contribution to this cause is your contribution to your own sustainability and to the sustainability of The Miracle of Life that sustains life on this planet.


To find out how to contribute through a Financial Exchange, you can reference the information provided below.



How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 


Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Love Connection Mindset Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.





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