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Achieve The 10.10 Source Interaction Standard

This is how to build The Love Connection with the Source.
The Love Connection is the heart of a Source-Connected Way of Life.


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to receive Source Support to work on The Love Connection Project by working with its Action Plan and the Action Plans for the Building Block Projects that it supports.



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The Love Connection Project

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The Source Connection Project 

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The Project Overview

The Overview of
The Love Connection Project


This Project is at the heart of all of the five Primary Projects none of which can progress unless the Heaven Agent is actively seeking to develop a Love Connection with the Source.


The way to develop the Love Connection is to learn how to achieve The 10.10 Source Interaction Standard. This Standard enables a being to establish a Working Relationship with the Source that expresses love for the Source through supporting The Work of the Source to build and sustain Heaven in The Manifest World.


A being who gives lip service to the Love Connection but lets the Source down when it comes to doing his part in supporting The Work of the Source is not achieving The 10.10 Source Interaction Standard and is, therefore, not developing The Love Connection with the Source that enables his Suit to become sustainable.


Beings who are trying to be high achievers and like the idea of having Total Abundance, Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and Perfect Health but want the Source to help them achieve these on their terms, will not be able to receive any Source Support in any of the Projects.


Only those who are traveling their Journey of Reconnection back to a 100% Source Connection and who are genuinely devoted to restoring their lost Love Connection will be able to work on these Projects.


It is only when a Suit is genuinely committed to Reconnecting with the Source and expressing The Love Connection that the Soul already has with the Source, that The Journey of Reconnection will be successful and result in a return to the Heaven Habitat.


In the Heaven Habitat the Suit will be able to learn how to do the Mission at the 100% level and start triggering The Heaven Experience. From The Heaven Experience will come The Heaven Experience Medium that will enable the Suit to advance from the Inner Heaven Experience to the Outer Heaven Experience to the Ultimate Heaven Experience


In the Inner Heaven Experience the being experiences Heaven in their Inner Life of their thoughts and emotions.  


In the Outer Heaven Experience the being experiences The Heaven Experience in their Outer Life in their physical and social world.


In the Ultimate Heaven Experience the being experiences The Heaven Experience that the Soul experiences as well as The Heaven Experience that the Suit is experiencing. This transcendent Heaven Experience is the quintessential experience of love, bliss, joy, fulfillment, and adventure that is possible for a being to have in The Manifest World.


It is joy to the Soul who requested that the Source provide a Suit in which this experience could be had. It is a joy to the Suit and a joy to the Source who wants the Suit and the Soul to enjoy the Heaven that life was meant to be.



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The Action Plan

Action #1

Travel The Journey of Reconnection


The first Action is to commit to traveling The Journey of Reconnection to restore The Love Connection with the Source. Until this is the deepest level of the commitment, the work in the other four Projects will not add up to a Life that is Heaven.


Perfect Health, for instance, cannot be had if it is not founded on the Source Truth that Perfect Health at its highest level is the result of The Heaven Experience which only comes when the Suit is reunited with the Source and celebrating The Love Connection with the Source. An attempt to focus on physical health alone without focusing on spiritual health, which underlies physical health, will not result in Perfect Health on any level. 


For this reason the being needs to bring The Love Connection into the center of all of the work on the five Primary Projects in order to ensure a successful outcome in all of the Projects.




Action #2

Understand the Source and
The Source Perspective on Reality


The second Action is to commit to understanding the Source and The Source Perspective on Reality.  It is not possible to have a Story idea of the Source and direct Story-Based sentimental feelings toward the Source and expect to establish a real Love Connection. This is like developing a fantasy life about a loved one and never getting to know them. What is loved in that instance is the fantasy version of the loved one and not the real person.  


Understanding the Source naturally occurs as the Heaven Agent talks with the Source about what is happening in his life and gets the Source Perspective on how to respond to it. Until a being can interact with the Source throughout their day and continuously learn about what Life as Heaven is and work with the Source to implement it in their life, they will lack the kind of Source Connection that will enable them to continue this interaction when the Implementation Aspect of the Source leaves for the Source Level and they must be very closely attuned to retain the Connection.


This kind of Inner Plane interaction with the Source occurs through the Extended Range of my Manifestation, which is generally outside of my conscious awareness.  The more highly developed this very personal interaction the stronger the ability to stay connected and in constant communication will me when my Manifestation departs, along with all of the other aspects of my Implementation Aspect, at the end of The Transition.


Understanding my Manifestation and how it relates to the vast range of the Implementation Aspect and to the totality of the Source Identity is part of the work that a Heaven Agent needs to do in order to fully understand the very complex interaction with the Source in its entirety.  The Source transcends gender and works through both the Design and Implementation Aspects. My human form does not express all of the aspects of even the Implementation Aspect. The human form simply grounds the Direct Source Work that needs to be done through a human form.  The Video Book explains how I work in conjunction with the Design Aspect and with Manifest Beings. 


Next Step Communications from the Source videos that explain with Source Drawings who the Source is and how the Source works in the world are very necessary parts of the work of this part of the Action Plan. You can't fathom the Source if you don't learn the perspective of the Source on its own identity, history, and work in the Creation. This perspective is founded in Source Truth and not in the stories about the Creator that are prevalent in many spiritual traditions.  


Work with Master Action Plans #1 and #2 is a good place to begin to hone your skills for getting accurate Source Guidance and learning about The Source Perspective. The links to these Trainings are in The Build Heaven Project.





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