The Personal Safety Project for
Black People in America

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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This Prototype Project was established to provide Source Direction and Miracles to Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists dedicated to ensuring the Personal Safety of Black people in America.  


Through resolving the Inner and Outer Plane issues that have led to an unsafe social environment for Black people, a Prototype of how to work through the problems facing social systems with discriminatory majority groups and oppressed minority groups can be developed.  When this Spiritual Prototype is developed, it can be exported on the Inner Plane to social groups throughout the Earth and throughout the Creation.  


The Spiritual Prototype will act as the Spiritual Genetic Code which other communities, that are locked in a similar dynamic, can work with to free themselves to form the Universal Love-Based Community that is needed if Life in the Creation is to survive during the final stages of The Transition.


For an overview of the Project, you can watch the Next Step Video below.


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The Overview of the Work in this Workstation

NOTE:  These are the main categories of work on this Project.  Since the Project is in its very beginning stage, only some of the listed categories have materials available within them.  Check back with this Directory to find out what new listings are being posted online as the work on the Project progresses. 


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Project Video

The Source Call to Action to Support
 The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America


Recorded on August 21, 2016


In this video you are introduced to The Source Perspective on what it will take to ensure the Personal Safety of Black People in America. The resources in this Workstation as well as in The Personal Safety Project Homepage are available to support your work on this Project.







Overview Articles on the Project

The Overview of
The Personal Safety Project
for Black People in America 


The Problem

The Cultivation of the Concept that Black Lives Don’t Matter

At the heart of the unsafe social conditions that put Black people in America in grave danger on many levels, is the cultural concept, developed in certain aspects of White culture, that Black Lives Don’t Matter.  If Black lives mattered, then White people could not have thought of enslaving Black people and depriving them of their freedom to fulfill their life purpose, to enjoy the comfort of family life, and to live in a community in which they were nurtured and protected. Their right to determine their sexual partners and be free of rape, physical abuse, and economic exploitation would have been considered a natural extension of the understanding that Black Lives Do Matter.


Despite the Christian tradition that acknowledges that all of God’s creations are God’s children and equally loved by God and despite the American Constitution that has structured a society that grants every member the right to the pursuit of happiness as long as they operate within the laws of the society, the White cultural concept that Black Lives Don’t Matter has persisted.


Why it was created in the first place and what has sustained it long past the freedom of the slaves at the end of the Civil War, is a matter that needs to be understood at deeper levels if the aspects of White culture that endorse it are to repudiate this concept.  


When a concept of this magnitude becomes an institutionalized Cultural Filter through which many White people view the lives of Black people, a systemic level of racism that affects every aspect of life is the result.  It is a Cultural Filter that even affects White people who are not inclined to endorse racist viewpoints but who have not evolved beyond the concept enough to nurture and protect Black people as they would nurture and protect those of their own race.  The result is the direction of resources to White people in need rather than recognizing that a massive re-direction of resources to help Black people, suffering from the persecution and exploitation that has resulted from this concept, needs to occur.


Only White people who are capable of understanding that Black Lives Matter and that all Black people are members of the community that need to be nurtured and protected, are beyond the influence of this Cultural Filter.  In this group of White people are those who have risked their lives in the Civil Rights Movement and continue to step forward to fight for the safety of Black people and to work to provide the help that is needed.


From the Source Perspective, the reason why so many White people are either still endorsing the concept that Black Lives Don’t Matter or are passive and unnurturing toward Black people in the American Community, is more than can be explained by ideological orientation.  The roots of this concept go deeper into the causal forces that have engendered the cruel and ruthless exploitation of minorities throughout the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.


How it is possible for a dominant majority to conceive that their lives matter but the lives of a subjugated minority do not matter, goes deeper even than the economic and social advantages that the majority can achieve by exploiting a minority to enhance their own quality of life.


The Role of the Negativity

The roots of the exploitation of a minority can be traced back to the work of the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner and Outer Planes.  The Negativity is a group of beings who have lost the vital Life Energies that come from a Connection to the Source – the Creator – and are looking to Harvest the Life Energies that those who are still somewhat Connected to the Source are receiving from the Source. They are highly motivated to set up a Harvesting Operation that will secure these Life Energies because without them, they will die.


Since they have dropped to a very low level of vibration because of their Disconnection from the Source, the only kinds of energies that they can process in their Suits – their body/mind – are low vibrational energies.  Low vibrational energies are generated when beings produce the emotional energies of rage, pain, fear, mental and emotional anguish, and grief.


To produce these kinds of low vibrational energies in the victims of their Harvesting Operation, the Negativity had to induce the kinds of social interactions that result in these kinds of emotions. Slavery and other forms of social and economic exploitation have proven to engender these energies in large and continuing quantities.  Genocide produces a peak output for a short time and then the Harvesting is over.  The Negativity has determined that the long term torment of a population has been the most sustainable way of producing a steady flow of these low vibrational energies.


In order to set up the staging for slavery and the continuing persecution of Black people, the Negativity has inculcated ideas such as the concept that Black Lives Don’t Matter in the minds of White plantation owners.  Once this concept was established, then White plantation owners felt entitled to enslave Black people and treat them without any concern for their human need for family and safety and personal fulfillment.  Black people were brutally beaten, overworked, subjected to sexual abuse and the loss of their family members, who could be sold at any time to another slave owner.  There was no concern for their safety or well being except in terms of their economic value to the slave owner.


Although Black people that were freed at the end of the Civil War could pursue their own happiness, the concept that Black Lives Don’t Matter persisted and resulted in economic exploitation, lynchings, cruel social interactions, unfair treatment in the legal system, inadequate public education, and a concerted effort on the parts of many White people to exclude them from high paying jobs, places in the Universities, housing in White neighborhoods, and status in the society.


In modern times, it has also translated into a kind of Neo Slavery where there are now more Black people enslaved as prison workers than were enslaved in the days of slavery in the South.  Many of these Black people have been incarcerated on trumped up charges to fill the economic needs of White people who benefit from their cheap labor.


The Some Lives Don’t Matter Concept

Essentially, the Negativity cultivated the concept that anyone could decide that the life of someone over whom they had control did not matter, when compared to their life, if this concept served their self interests. 


The concept that Some Lives Don’t Matter can be seen being played out when a corrupt Corporation pollutes the drinking water of the local community, which may consist largely of poor White people.  To the decision makers in the Corporation, the lives of these White people don’t matter when compared to the economic gain they will achieve by avoiding the expense of protecting the drinking water of these people.


It can be seen in the exploitation of women who often are paid less than men for the same level of skilled work.  It can be witnessed in the Sweat Shops set up in Third World Countries where women and children labor for long hours for little pay in conditions that have been outlawed in Western nations as inhumane. It can be seen in the savage oppression of Black people in Africa as in the apartheid of South Africa and in the genocide of many aboriginal tribes in Australia during the Colonial Era.


This logic boils down to the ethic that the lives of others who stand in the way of your Self Interest don’t matter. 


The ones who have taken Self Interest to the highest level are the Negativity.  They have pursued their own Self Interest at the expense of everyone around them.  This is how they have Disconnected from the Source and ended up in the most desperate circumstance where they have lost their Link to Life – their Source Connection – that enables them to receive the basic Life Energies that they require to stay alive.


The shortsightedness of their Self Interest Approach is very apparent but they have continued on with it in ever more ruthless ways because their condition has continued to deteriorate, requiring them to Harvest more and more Life Energies to keep the Disease of Spiritual Fragmentation, that results from any Harvesting Operation, from destroying them on every level.


The Structure of The Harvesting Operation of the Negativity

The kind of Harvesting Operation that the Negativity set up was Universal in scope. This Harvesting Operation was destroyed in the August 15th Transition, but I will describe it here because it is necessary to understand how it worked to create the conditions for systemic racism in social systems throughout the Creation.  


Since The Harvesting Network was destroyed, the Negativity has died off in large numbers but those who survive have retained other forms of Harvesting and are continually seeking to start up alternate Harvesting Operations.  To counter this continuing threat, it is necessary to understand how the Negativity has worked in the past and to pre-empt any attempts that they may try to make in the future.


The Negativity set up multiple, interlocking Harvesting Networks on the Inner Plane, the Spiritual Level of Reality. The way that it worked was that a being was directed in their Subconscious Range, by the suggestions of the Negativity, to send out a Harvesting Net, which is like an Energy Spider Web.  Hapless victims got trapped in this Harvesting Net and then the Harvester moved in on them and connected Harvesting Tubes to them to syphon off the low vibrational emotional energies that they generated.  


The Harvesting Tubes might connect to the emotional energies generated by an individual or to a group of people such as Black people, Harvesting their suffering from the acts of violence against them on the Inner and Outer Planes. The point of connection might be a story of some atrocity that the Harvester reads about in the News or hears about in the community.  Through hearing about the atrocity, the Harvesting Tubes could zero in on the energy of the suffering and skim off the Life Energies released by the victims and aggressors in the traumatic conflict.


Many people have evidenced an appetite for hearing horror stories in the News that has become the modern day equivalent of the practice in the 1800's of attending a lynching or the execution of a prisoner.  The underlying motive is the Harvesting Opportunity afforded by being in the presence of the low vibrational energies of fear, suffering, sadism, and grief.  While most of this attraction is below the level of the conscious understandings of a person, as was the technical aspect of the Harvesting Operation, the Media has responded to this appetite by reporting on the Hell of Suffering rather than on the positive and uplifting News that does not serve the Harvesting Operation. 


The Harvesting Tubes plugged into a being’s Source Connection Supply Line through which the Source sends them Life Energies.  The Supply Line was polluted by the influx of these low vibrational foreign energies.  The Supply Line was not intended to process anything except the high vibrational Life Energies that are created only for the being individually as a unique Source Creation. When they accepted into the Supply Line the stolen Life Energies of others, they damaged the Supply Line so that they couldn't bring in enough Life Energies directly from the Source. They then lacked the necessary Life Energies to survive.  The Negativity encouraged them to step up their Harvesting Operation rather than to step back and realize that the Harvesting Operation was what was cutting them off from the freely given Life Energies from the Source that would naturally be theirs without any work put into Harvesting stolen Life Energies.


The most successful Harvesters ended up destroying their Supply Line so that their Source Connection itself was broken at a technical level. This is because of the massive impact of toxic, foreign stolen Life Energies. They then had to take in the foreign low vibrational energies directly into the opening left by the disconnected Supply Line. The minor kind of processing that the Source Connection Supply Line did to adjust incoming energies to the Suit, was lost.  The foreign energies rapidly Fragmented the Spiritual Energies of the Suit causing an acceleration of the Disease of Fragmentation that results in illness, accidents, misfortune, and eventually in death on every level. Bringing in these inappropriate energies is like giving the wrong kind of blood type to someone in need of a transfusion. 


Part of the stolen Life Energies that were taken in sustained the Suit of the Harvester while also Fragmenting it, but the bulk of the energies were syphoned off by the being upline from them who was Harvesting them.  This being put their energy into creating the kind of traumatic circumstances in the life of its Harvesting victim that made for good Harvesting.  They were in turn tormented and depleted by someone upline from them that was Harvesting them.


Since most beings have Suits that can operate a full blown Harvesting Operation outside of their conscious awareness, this participation in The Harvesting Operation was universal.


This Harvesting Network included thousands of beings with a hardcore member of the Negativity at the peak of it who knew how to work the whole Network to bring through the Life Energies that he or she required to sustain life.


When you look at this Harvesting Network, it was a structure of enslavement.  The predators were also the prey of more experienced Harvesters who were Harvesting them. While counter Harvesting could also occur, where a Harvesting being fought back by Harvesting the Harvester, this only weakened the person doing the counter attack since they were taking in even lower vibrational energies from the being Harvesting them because he was further along in his own state of Spiritual Fragmentation and producing more toxic energies.


Because the most desperate elements of the Negativity were behind the maintenance of the entire Harvesting Network, they put pressure on each person in the Network to bring through a certain amount of stolen Life Energies or they increased their suffering to Harvest more from them individually.  


They also offered incentives to Harvesters, granting additional help to someone who was able to subjugate and Harvest a whole group of people, therefore, yielding a bigger Harvest.  While the incentive may result in this person rising in social status and wealth in their social group, it also put them in a pressure cooker because if they didn't produce, they were tortured by the Negativity to keep them producing.  This torture could take the form of Inner Plane attacks that yielded nightmarish experiences of fear and pain on the Spiritual Level of Reality or in Outer Plane attacks where the Negativity commanded others around them to persecute them if they did not perform.


Being in the Harvesting Network was like being caught in the criminal operation of the Mafia.  There was no mercy. If a person involved with the Mafia does not produce, then they or their loved ones could be subjected to cruel treatment or killed.  The same is true of the Inner Plane Mafia, which is the Negativity.


When you look at this hierarchical system of abuse and exploitation, you can see that no one was winning, even the heads of the Harvesting Networks.  Everyone was living in a climate of fear and was getting seriously damaged through their participation in the Harvesting Operation.


The pitting of one person against another or one group against another was just a way to generate the Harvest – which is the low vibrational energies that carry some aspect of the Life Energy of the being expended in an emotion of rage or fear or suffering.


The Harvesting Operation of Racist White People

It might look like racist White people are operating independently for their own economic and social Self Interests in exploiting Black people in America.  If you look more closely, you can see that the Negativity was leaning on these White people, demanding that they serve up a large quantity of Life Energies Harvested from the Black people to their Harvesting Operation.  In order to meet these quotas, racist White people agreed to endorse the concept that Black Lives Don’t Matter and follow the instructions of the Negativity to create the conditions of persecution and neglect that led to the suffering of the Black people that then produced the low vibrational Life Energies that were to be Harvested. 


While this agreement to capitulate to the Negativity may not be within the Conscious Range of the White racist, it is a deal with the Negativity that is made by the Decision Making Aspect of the Suit that operates within the Subconscious Range where every Suit knows what is happening on the Inner Plane and is keenly aware of the threat to their survival that is posed by the demands of the Negativity.


While the exploitative White people got a cut of these energies and the support of the Negativity to keep them in a dominant position in the society, they were also being more rigorously destroyed by the Negativity than the Black people that they were exploiting. This destruction took the form of the damage to their Source Connection which can not survive in the loveless, hate-based energies of the systemic racism that was engineered by the Negativity. 


Racism was costing the racist White people their Link to Life and taking them ever closer to ending up in the desperate situation of the hardcore Negativity who lost their Source Connection and were dependent entirely on the Harvesting Operation to survive. 


Many racist White people lost their spiritual lives in the early stages of The Transition of the Source Connection which required all beings to align with the Work of the Source to establish a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own. When they refused to evolve in their understandings, many fell out of The Substratum, the Energy Platform that sustains the Source Connection, and began a rapid descent into increasing levels of Spiritual Fragmentation that will eventually lead to disease and physical death.


(For more information on The Transition and its impact on survival, you can read the articles in The Source Connection Project.  Members of Connecting, a resource for Gifted Source-Directed Activist Trainings, can watch the gifted Video Book Training which provides not only basic information on The Transition but The Source Perspective on the history of the Creation, on the state of the Creation at present, and on the Source Plan for moving forward to establish The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be. Those who are not members of Connecting can access the Video through signing up for Connecting.)



The Source Response to the Problem

The Defeat of the Universal Harvesting Operation of the Negativity

Fortunately, most racist White people have been working with the Source on the Inner Plane to survive the stages of The Transition.  Many have followed the lead of the Source out of the Harvesting Trap of the Negativity more out of sense that this was necessary to survive The Transition than out of a sense of a genuine desire to stop the exploitation of Black people. This release from following the edicts of the Negativity was, however, their first step out of the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  


This has resulted in their strong alignment with the Source in the preparations for the August 15th Turning Point Transition which was designed to topple the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity on a universal level.


As a result of their efforts and the efforts of beings throughout the Creation, the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity was destroyed on August 15, 2016. This was accomplished through individual beings unhooking themselves from the Harvesting Operation through accessing The Stop Harvesting Intervention that the Source made available to them.  As they escaped from their enslavement to the Harvesting Networks to which they were connected, they were able to throw off the Cultural Filter that Some Lives Don’t Matter so that they could prepare themselves to work with the Source to build the Love-Based Community that is mandated in this stage of The Transition.


The entire Harvesting Operation was maintained by three levels of controlling members of the Negativity who ranked highest in the hierarchy of the Negativity. Those in the top two levels, that relied completely on stolen Life Energies to survive, have died as a result of the loss of Life Energies from the Harvesting Operation. Members in the third level are still at large and have been trying to set up alternate methods for Harvesting Life Energies.  Their efforts have been defeated thus far and very few of them have survived. They still pose a threat since those remaining have parasitic relationships to beings that have survived the collapse of the kind of Harvesting Operation that relied on Harvesting Tubes connected to The Source Connection Supply Line.  


They, and others downline from them in the hierarchy of the Negativity, are committed to manifesting Death and Destruction in the world even if they do not succeed in maintaining their own lives through re-establishing some kind of Harvesting Operation. This Mutated Mentality that craves Death and Destruction has never been stronger on the Earth and is a driving force moving political leaders to game with nuclear conflict and to build toward a life that is fraught with terrorism and senseless suffering inflicted on beings of every species, a world in which greed drives an economic system that is so shortsighted that it is destroying the very foundation of life at the ecological level.


Despite the fact that the Negativity is still a hard driving force working to create Death and Destruction for its own sake, the scourge of their tyrannical control over life in the Creation has ended at a primary level through the destruction of their elaborate multilevel Harvesting Network. This was a major defeat for the Negativity.


This has freed all beings caught in exploitative social structures, to reassess their relationship with one another and to recognize that they are no longer being leaned on by the Negativity to endorse the concept that Some Lives Don’t Matter so that ruthless and cruel actions can promote a Harvesting Operation.


The Source Mandate for Building a Sustainable Love-Based Community

A Universal Source Directive has been issued that all beings must work with the Source to develop a Love-Based Community throughout the Creation in which every life is nurtured and fulfilled.  The work on building a sustainable System of Life to support this kind of Community is now fully underway.


Personal Source Directives have been sent to each individual to inform them of the part that is theirs to play in building The System of Life. 


Since the Source can no longer sustain any life that is not creating the conditions in which the Source can Connect to the life, every being is aware, at the deeper levels of their Consciousness, which are often outside of their Conscious Range, that survival is based on doing what is theirs to do to build The System of Life for themselves individually and for the Universal Community.  


Every being is aware that the Creation has exceeded the time when a distorted Cultural Story about the meaning of life and what it takes to remain alive in the Manifest World can be accepted as Truth.  They are aware of the need to Awaken and develop the Direct Source Connection that will enable them to work one-on-one with the Source to understand the physics of life and what it will take for Life in the Creation to survive the changes in the nature of The Source Connection that are occurring during The Transition. 


This Awakening needs to occur in the Conscious Range.  Thus far it has been primarily occurring in the Subconscious Range. 


The work on The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America is now on a different footing than when it first began moving the energies that enabled Black people and White people to be freed of the Hell Traps of the Negativity so that they could survive the August 15th Transition.


Now we are faced with the negative Harvesting Patterns that are the legacy of the Harvesting Operation.  It will take a concerted effort for beings to release from these patterns which could persist even if not driven by the Harvesting agenda of the Negativity.


Our ongoing work on this Project will focus on what has happened historically, what Negative Spiritual Structures still remain that need to be eliminated, and what needs to happen on the Inner and Outer Planes to secure the safety of Black people in America.


Until every Black Life is nurtured and protected by the society,
this Project will not be completed.



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Group Source Workflow Trainings

Soul Talk Network Trainings




The Source Workflow Training on August 9, 2016 

This Training brought through The Social Safety Imprint which is critical to the establishment of Personal Safety in all social interactions. It is, therefore, the foundational level training for this Project on the Personal Safety of Black people in America.  


Through this Training you can learn about The Source Perspective on Social Safety as well as have an opportunity to connect to the Social Safety Imprint at a generic level.


If you would like a more high power, Individualized Connection, which requires an Individualized version of this Imprint, you can request one in the section on Miracle Tools below.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Training and to connect to the Imprint is US $129.







The Source Workflow Training on August 12, 2016 

This Training was the first group work done to implement the Social Safety Imprint with regard to securing the Personal Safety of Black people in America.  Many important issues surfaced as Heaven Agents keyed off of the Imprint to guide their attunement to Next Steps in this work.


Critical Next Steps were discussed that Heaven Agents working on this Project need to learn about and begin working with in order to advance the Project.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Training and to connect to the Imprint is US $120.






The Source Workflow Training on August 16, 2016 

This Implementation Training went deeper into the core issues that were highlighted by the aspect of the Social Safety Imprint for the safety of Black people.


Key Next Steps were discussed as well as deeper levels of understanding that are needed to advance work in this Project.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Training and to connect to the Imprint is US $117.






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Soul Talk & Teleconferenced Trainings



The Source Workflow Training on September 28, 2016 

This Training began with a focus on Source Solution Miracles that shield Black people from attacks on their right to own and express their True Intelligence.


One segment of the Training was a response to the message of the Prototype Communities about what it will take to end all social conflict and transition into a Love-Based Community.  


The Training also went into the depths of the technology of the Negativity that has targeted White people for centuries before slavery and which set up Negative Energy Devices in the Southern States that engendered Hell for both White people and Black people during and after the time of slavery. Major strides forward were taken to take down this technology and free both White people and Black people from it.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Training and to connect to the Imprint is US $125.





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Solo Source Workflow Trainings


Source Action Plans


Actions to Take
Support this Project


September 9, 2016 

Learn about The Source Perspective

Learn about The Source Perspective on this Project through following the action in the Trainings.  Until you have a grasp of what is needed to secure Personal Safety, you will be seeing the issue through a Story Cultural Filter that will prevent you from connecting to the miracles of Source Support that alone are capable of enabling you to assist in assuring the safety of Black people in America.


Learn about The Social Safety Imprint

Through understanding The Social Safety Imprint, you will be able to make a Generic Connection to the power of the Imprint.  This will help it to work with you in a general way in your life.  Your understanding of the Imprint and your work in the Training to make a Generic Connection is part of the Material Energy that is needed to make the connection.  The other part comes from the Material Energy that you provide for the Training itself.  Together these sources of Material Energy help you to connect to the very Generic Level of the Imprint while it is coming in from the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest World.


Learn How to Learn in a Source Workflow Training

Since I do not teach in a didactic, repetitive, school classroom manner but rather flow the information to you from my Source Workflow to your Personal Workflow on many levels of your Consciousness, you need to take the time to give your Left Brain a chance to process what transpires.  Otherwise, the Training may be an uplifting experience that your Right Brain tracks that does not translate into an Action Plan understood by your Left Brain for taking Next Steps in your work on the Project.


Because of the power of my Source Workflow, it is very easy to be swept along with it and not remember what was discussed or what actions you need to take to work with what has been given.  For this reason, I recommend working with a Training twice.  


The first time, seclude yourself where you will not be interrupted so that you can practice getting into alignment with my Source Workflow.  Grasp the essential points and then go back over them again in a second listening to take notes on the issues raised and the Source Teachings with regard to them.  Then think about the implications of what I am teaching you so that you can begin to understand the general Source-Directed Activism that I am recommending.


Then shift to working with my photo at the top of the Workstation.  This photo is a Partial Manifestation of my Implementation Aspect.  If you ask your Inner Intelligence to attune you to the aspect of my Manifestation that manifests through this photo, then you will begin to connect with the specific Source Guidance that I am giving you about what you are being called upon to do to contribute to the Project, based on the information you gained from the Training.


Only when you bring the Training down to the basic Source Directives that you are receiving about what the Source is asking you individually to do to contribute, will you be able to work effectively on this Project.


Keep in mind that this Source Guidance might come through images or impressions or sensations that you may lack the skill to understand if you are first starting with Heaven Agent Work. For this reason, I provide you with a Participation Form at the bottom of the Workstation.  You can enter your experiences in working with the Training and in applying the Source Teachings in the Training in your work on the Project. Frequent entries in the Participation Form are a way for you to keep me abreast of what you are doing on your end of the Project.  


If you are in The Source Connection Coaching Program, I may at times be able to respond to some of your entries when I send out a general Source Guidance Email to you.  If you want specific Training in how to understand the clues that you are being given, then you can provide the Material Energy for a Coaching Session by Email.  This will enable me to have the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this more intense form of Individualized Training. 


Since learning whether you are getting accurate Source Guidance is key to your ability to evolve to higher Skill Levels as a Heaven Agent, I would recommend getting Coaching Support.  Advanced Heaven Agents have logged many hours seeking Source Guidance and getting individualized Source Feedback on what they are getting.  Since every Heaven Agent receives Source Guidance in a way that is unique, given their unique Spiritual Function and Miracle-Based Abilities, it is important to receive individualized support to learn the basics about how to receive and interpret more complex Source Communications.


For information on The Source Connection Coaching Program, you can go to:



Follow the Action in the Project

I will be posting information in Source Workflow News Reports and Source Workflow Responses to Heaven Agents reporting in that will help you to track the work. These will contain Source Directives for Actions that need to be taken to advance the work on the Project.  


You can also check out the Action Plans for the different Subset Projects to see what specific action you need to take to contribute.  I don’t list everything that is discussed in a Training but highlight some of the main Source-Directed Actions that need to be taken.


Help with the Practical Work of the Project

Read the section in The Source Solution Hub on How to Help. Help fundraise for this project so that all those who are called by the Source to help in the work of this Project will have a chance to hear about it. Share the news of this work with those you know or others in the social media.  



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Actions to Take
Shift into Your True Spiritual Identity


September 18, 2016


There is no common ground that makes for good social relationships at the level of the Cultural Story.


The Cultural Story groups people together on the basis of the roles that they play in the Cultural Story. These roles are defined by gender, race, ethnic and religious traditions, socioeconomic status, education, etc.  People in these groups are treated without reference to who they are as unique individuals. 


Black people have been grouped together according to their race and discriminated against in American society regardless of their abilities.  Room has been made to allow them to succeed if it served the commercial or social interests of White people but this has not lifted the overall racial prejudice against them as a group. A good example of this is President Obama who has been accorded the highest political position amidst the continuing racial prejudice that has resulted in police murders of unarmed Black people as well as the continued incarceration of Black people to serve the Neo Slavery of the prison system.


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Actions to Take
Clear Negative Spiritual Programming


September 18, 2016


In a number of Trainings, Heaven Agents have raised issues that trace back to Negative Spiritual Programming, which can be likened to Negative Spiritual Software. This Negative Programming can be passed down through the generations as a kind of Energy Imprint or Implant. It can be materialized as the result of being socialized to see the world through a Cultural Filter that installs a sense of “reality” that eventually materializes an Energy Imprint that influences behavior. It can also be installed in the Suit by the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner and Outer Planes, through its socialization process of Inner Plane suggestion and coercion. 


Since the Suit runs like a computer off of the Spiritual Software/Programming that it has onboard, it is necessary to delete Negative Spiritual Programming so that the Suit does not have access to it.  If the Programming is onboard and the Suit is socialized to use it, then your best efforts to follow a Source-Directed Path will be an uphill battle against your Suit that is choosing, at some subconscious level, to activate the Negative Programming that it has available to it.  


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Actions to Take
Establish a One-on-One Relationship
with the Source


September 18, 2016


In the August 12th Training, I discussed, with a Black man from Mississippi, his feeling that there was no point in trying to see the good parts of people so that a Love-Based Community could evolve.  He said that he felt that most people were driven by self interest and as long as this is what organized their thoughts and behaviors, there was no real possibility for the establishment of a Love-Based Community.


I agreed since trying to bond with others and form functional relationships never works when you are dealing with a Story Character-to-Story Character relationship.


Aside from transcending the Story Character level of identity to relate as Real Self-to-Real Self, an issue addressed earlier in this training (see the Action Plan concerning this) is the issue that even if people make it to this level, any relationship formed between two beings will disrupt their Source Connection and lead to interactions that are not Source-Directed.


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Actions to Take
Install The Spiral to The Heaven Experience and
Eliminate The Spiral to The Hell Experience


September 18, 2016


One of the Negative Spiritual Structures that was discussed in the August 12th Training, is The Spiral to The Hell Experience – Hell being a Source term for suffering.  This is a Mid-Brain Energy Spiral that spirals a person’s consciousness down into their lower chakras. As they descend on the Spiral, they move into more and more intense experiences of hopelessness, depression, and despair.  


A Black man from Mississippi said that he had observed that his mother had this kind of Spiral and he had dodged taking it in himself but he felt that a lot of Black people have it. A Spiral of this kind can be installed by the Negativity in situations in which a person experiences extreme despair when they are trapped in a negative social situation such as slavery and in its modern day equivalent of racist persecution.  The experience of being entrapped in a social context in which they have to fight to survive against the social opposition of racist Whites people and live in the energy field of intense Ill Will generated by racist White people who wish them to stay limited and corralled and underprivileged, can trigger a descent into this Spiral to The Hell Experience.


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Actions to Take
Restore Your Rest Cycle


September 18, 2016


One of the most common forms of severe Spiritual Damage that occurs as the result of trauma of any kind, is a disruption of the Rest Cycle in the Suit that enable it to regenerate itself on a Spiritual Level.  When the Rest Cycle is disrupted, deep Spiritual Fatigue sets in which will eventually express itself as physical fatigue and often as depression, hopelessness, and lethargy.


Black people who are descendants of slaves carry Negative Programming that doesn’t allow a natural Rest Cycle to be established in the Suit. Some refer to this as Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.  


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Actions to Take
Replace Stolen Source Connection Programming


September 18, 2016


In the August 12th Training, a Black man from Mississippi spoke of an experience that he had when he was 3 years old when a negative force stole a piece of Spiritual Equipment out of his Right Brain.  He said that when it was taken, he lost the thread of how to recognize the Presence of the Source and to Awaken and form a Direct Source Connection.


I checked out his account of what had happened and could see that most Black people had suffered from a similar kind of theft. It was a part of the effort of the Negativity to block their rapidly accelerating ability to form a 100% Source Connection.


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Actions to Take
Nurture Every Life



October 12, 2016


In the August 16th Source Workflow Training, we explored some of the things to keep in mind with regard to nurturing every life.  This came in light of The Universal Source Directive to Nurture All of Life without Exception


This Universal Source Directive holds all beings individually accountable for following the Individual Source Directives that they are given, in The Source Communication Center in their Mid-Brain, for the specific actions to take to nurture every life.


All beings are held accountable for learning how to nurture every life regardless of how far they might be from doing this given the cultures into which they have been socialized.  What this means is that racist White people and counter racist Black people need to learn how to nurture one another as Spiritual Intelligences placed in different racial Suits by the Source for the specific contributions that they can make through these kinds of Suits to the community as a whole.


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Actions to Take


Understand What It Will Take
To Heal All Social Conflict


October 13, 2016


In one section of the September 28th Source Workflow Training, I focused on a message from the Prototype Communities about the importance of studying the concepts and understanding in-depth what it will really take to heal all social conflicts and establish a Love-Based Community.


They expressed concern that most humans are not bringing the reality of this Ultimate Solution into focus. They, therefore, are not working diligently to live in harmony with the Principles of Life that make such a miracle possible.


In the Training, I speak to the issue of what it takes and how building a Love-Based Community is the Source Solution for all social conflict, including the conflict between White people and Black people.


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Source Workflow News Reports


 Miracle Template for Black People


November 2, 2016


Black people and White people are starting to work together much better on the Inner Plane on aspects of the Project that require Team Work. While this Team Work is occurring in the Extended Range of those involved, it is bringing in important miracles that are Puzzle Pieces for this Project.


The first miracle that has been brought through is one that enables Black people to remember the initial Source Directive given to them when they incarnated into human form. This Source Directive has been largely suppressed by the Negativity to prevent Black people from taking the lead role that the Source had given them to spearhead the Reconnection with the Source.


The miracle was a Template that helped Black people to remember this initial Source Directive and begin working to bring it to fruition. White people helped to take down an immense Network of Negative Spiritual Pulses that was designed to throw off the True Intelligence of Black people so they could not carry out this Source Directive.


When this Negative Network came down, the Template could get through to Black people and trigger their ability to reconnect with this Source Directive which is a primary part of their Mission.


The Team Work is continuing and another miracle is in progress at present.




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Source Responses


If is important to note that while many Heaven Agents working with me in The Miracle School on the Outer Plane are emailing me clues for this Project as they key off of the Action Downloads that they are getting on the Inner Plane, it is only when they complete a Download that I can comment on their work in this section of the Project.  If I comment prior to this point, it will compromise the quality of the work.


Those coming in through The Soul Talk Network are communicating with me often from a deeper level of their Suit Consciousness that reflects more of what they understand in their Extended Range, which is often outside of their Conscious Range. The beauty of this is that they can supply important information that may not, at present, be accessible to them in their Conscious Range.  Through interacting with me on the Inner Plane, what they know in their Extended Range begins to percolate through to their Conscious Range.  


Conversely, Heaven Agents working with me in their Conscious Range through emailing me their Eyewitness Reports also strengthen their Extended Range as I talk with them on the Inner Plane, in the language of Soul Talk, about their research. 


All such interactions strengthen Heaven Agent Skill Sets and enable the Suit to function at a higher Source Directive Response Rate.




Oppression Programming


September 9, 2016


Some additional levels of insight about the Source Workflow Training of August 9th, that brought in The Social Safety Imprint, have come through since the Training.


In this Training two Black women from Tennessee described their fear of letting go of a kind of programming passed down from slavery that had become the shared legacy of all Black people and, therefore, a mark of belonging to the Black Community. While this programming, which was stored above the heart chakra, was a recording of suffering and struggle, it united the Black Community in the shared experience of this continuing struggle and gave them a sense of understanding the struggle and supporting one another in the struggle.


In the Training I spoke of how this was a matching program to the program of White Racists who were triggered by this Oppression Program in Black people to continue to oppress Black people and generate more suffering.  This is somewhat similar to how a rapist is more likely to attack a woman who has been previously raped than one who has not been raped and who is, therefore, not carrying the programming for the rape trauma.


The two Black women, a daughter and her mother, agreed to Prototype letting go of this Oppression Program even though there was some fear of not being accepted in the Black Community if they didn’t share this programming.


Another aspect of this Oppression Program, which we didn’t touch on in the Training, is its function as a defense mechanism against the attacks of White Racists.  Black people have, in many cases, enforced the activation of this Oppression Program in order to protect their loved ones from forgetting the danger of being attacked by White Racists for acting “too free” or like that are “equals”, a stance very opposed by White Supremacists.


The daughter commented in a later Training, that it was like the two programs – the White Abuser Program and the Black Oppression Program were like lego blocks that snapped together and then she would feel caught in the dynamic of racist abuse.  Now she says that she feels free of that dynamic even though she is still maneuvering in a racist environment and aware of the triggers for racist attack.


She is now experiencing more of what Black people coming in from Africa experience in an American racist society.  The African Black people lack the programming from slavery and, therefore, don’t trigger the same kind of dynamic in White Racists that American Black people trigger who are carrying the programming from slavery. While White Racists are prejudiced against all Black people, they can’t lock into the Oppression Dynamic with someone who is not carrying the programming. Therefore, a different dynamic can occur.


With this Prototype in place, it is now possible for Black people and White people to ask to release whatever negative programs they might be carrying that feed a negative dynamic between the two races.  When you ask to Become What Is Needed to release either the White Abuser Program or the Black Oppression Program, they can be cleared from the place above your heart chakra.


It is important to note that many liberal White people who do not espouse a racist philosophy are carriers of the White Abuser Program because their forefathers carried it.  This Program can trigger a negative response in a Black person who fears racism even if the White person is not exhibiting any racist behavior.


It is, therefore, advisable for White people and Black people to work on breaking up this dynamic by asking to release this and any other Programs that have been handed down through the generations so that a White person and a Black person can meet on clear ground with one another without their Suits being triggered by subconscious programming that colors their perception of one another.


In The Heaven Phase it is possible for Source Support for this work of clearing out negative Social Programs that lead to unsafe social relationships to occur.  


Work with your Inner Intelligence to start the clearing and then seek Inner Plane Source Guidance with regard to how the clearing is going.


Even if the main negative programs are cleared in a matter of minutes, there will be a legacy of thoughts and behavioral patterns that have arisen from them. These will be brought into your awareness so that you can seek The Source Perspective on what is surfacing and redirect your thoughts and behaviors in ways that are Source-Guided.


It is important to remain neutral and committed to building the Love-Based Community that is needed for Life in the Creation to survive so that great care is taken to remove any Program that could get in the way of achieving this ultimate goal.


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Report on The Twister Attack Mechanism


November 6, 2016


A Soul Talk Eyewitness Report came from a white woman in her 50’s in Maine who wants to know if the Negativity that has been behind the racial conflict between Black people and White people has planted the 6 foot high columns of dark energy that she occasionally sees in the fields and uninhabited areas of the rural countryside near where she lives.


She said that she walked near one and felt like it twisted up her Spiritual Body like twisting a rag around a pole.  She said that after that she was not herself and couldn’t breath easily and couldn’t get clear in her thoughts.  After about 10 days or so she said that she felt herself spinning as she unwound from being twisted in this way.  Then she returned to normal.


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The Black Post Clue



November 6, 2016


This Soul Talk report came from a White woman in her 70’s who lives in New Jersey. She says that the White people she knows take it for granted that the Black people in their area have always been in low paying jobs without much opportunity to earn higher incomes and assume that they probably always will be in this position in the society.  They don’t really think about how this inequality of opportunity has occurred or what needs to be done to remedy it.  She asked me if there was something that she needed to be doing to change the climate of acceptance of this situation which causes White people to continue to support the restrictive social structure that results in Black people remaining at the lower end of the economic hierarchy. 


I asked her to seek Inner Plane Source Guidance about what she sees in White society that is behind this kind of tolerance for this situation.  



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A Negative Mechanism Driving Child Abuse


November 6, 2016


A Soul Talk report came in from a 6 year old Black girl who lives in an inner city ghetto in Washington state.  She said that both of her parents are on drugs and have beaten her since she was a baby, often so severely that she has fallen unconscious. She said that she was regaining consciousness from a beating when she remembered a previous lifetime she had with me. We had been childhood friends and she said that in remembering this lifetime she realized that life was about love and that her life could be about love instead of living from one beating to the next.


She said that she felt like she had awakened to what she wanted her life to be and this emboldened her to go to her uncle and ask him if she could live with him since her parents are on drugs and abusing her.  He has many children of his own and is a loving parent. He gladly took her in.  Her parents were glad to get rid of her since they experience her only as a liability when they want to be on drug highs and not encumbered by the needs of a child.


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Racial Violence Technology Aborted


November 6, 2016


In a Soul Talk report, two Black men from Southern California told me that they have been watching a dark wave of energy rising up over the coast line and onto the land for the last seven days.  Some days it came across the land for about 7 feet or so and then receded.  On other days it went several miles across the land and seemed to deposit some negative residue and then recede.


They say that they think it is the beginning of a set up for racial conflict, pitting White people against Black people, in the Los Angeles area in particular.



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Source Workflow Sessions



Oppression Network & Oppression Rings 


October 8, 2016


The Negativity has fabricated an elaborate Oppression Network that is now attempting to link all oppressed minorities so that it pins them into the Network and prevents them from individually rising above oppression.


Their motive is to retain their Harvesting Operation of generating suffering from oppression and syphoning off the Life Energies of the victims.


I have just opened up the Oppression Network and linked it to a high voltage generator that is pumping Source Energy into the structure of the Network. This is speeding up the slow vibrational energies that form the Spiritual Structure of the Oppression Network.  As the energies speed up, the Spiritual Structure is losing its strength and the Spiritual Particles of which it is made are becoming free of the Stasis Energy that was artificially entrapping them in a slow vibrational sleeve that enabled them to form the Negative Spiritual Structure. 


The Oppression Network was designed to drill down into those in the minority group that were most angry or damaged and link to them an Oppression Ring.  Then their family members and community would be magnetically drawn into The Oppression Ring and trapped within it.  The Oppression Ring could then be used like a Manifestation Ring that manifested the conditions of continuing oppression.


Seven of these Oppression Rings had already been established when I was notified by a couple of Heaven Agents tracking The Safety for Black People Project that one was approaching Black people.  It was then that I turned my attention to what was happening and saw The Oppression Network and then started work on The Oppression Rings that were supplied with power by the grid of The Oppression Network, which is a type of Resource Grid that is commonly used by the Negativity.


The Rings that had formed could not be broken into in order to dissolve them with high speed energy.  Instead, I commanded them to Dream Heaven and they self-destructed using the power and instructions given in The Dream Heaven Command.  


All forms of Intelligence in the Creation have to obey The Dream Heaven Command which can be administered by any Heaven Agent who is connected to the Source with sufficient power to utilize this Miracle-Based Technology. To use The Dream Heaven Command effectively, you have to recognize the target and aim and fire The Dream Heaven Command. If you are unclear about the target you may or may not hit the mark.  In this case, I could clearly see the Oppression Rings and could target the Negative Intelligence that maintained them.


The people who had been caught in Oppression Rings have been inundated by Hell Sound which has warped their Spiritual Mid-Brains to the extent that extensive amounts of Source Love are needed to rebuild them.  I have asked Heaven Agents on the Earth Plane to generate more Material Energy for this Rebuild Project so that those damaged will have a chance to regain their ability to live a life that is not a continuing experience of the deep and terrifying suffering that comes when the Mid-Brain resonates to Hell Sound.


What could have happened, if this attempt by the Negativity had not been derailed, is that when Black people, for instance, started to become more Source-Connected and to free themselves from the Negativity enough to secure Personal Safety in America, The Oppression Network could have prevented them from rising to the high vibrational energies where they could be emancipated from the tyranny of the Negativity. The Network would have poured energy into The Oppression Rings which could have manifested more egregious oppressive behavior by White people and also submerged Black people in Hell Sound which would have made them either so distraught that they sank into depression and didn’t fight for their lives or promoted violence in their communities and violence directed at White people.


The power to continue to hold them into an Oppression Structure would have been derived from the Life Energies being Harvested from all of the minorities trapped by The Oppression Network.  The end result would have been the use of the suffering of all minorities to perpetuate the suffering of any particular minority that was struggling to be free of oppression.


This is the kind of Neo Harvesting tactics that I am seeing being put into place by the Negativity since the major defeat of their Universal Harvesting Network in the August 15th Turning Point Transition.  Although individuals are no longer engaging in personal Harvesting Operations and have, therefore, broken up the Harvesting Hierarchy that enabled the Negativity to enforce Harvesting quotas on everyone trapped in the Network, the Negativity is still attempting to put into place other nefarious Harvesting Operations such as The Oppression Network.


I am monitoring these kinds of developments and stepping in with Source Power to avert what could otherwise prevent beings from continuing to regain their freedom from the Negativity so that they can survive the stages of The Transition.


This is an example of good Heaven Agent Work.  I sent Source Directives on the Inner Plane to the two Heaven Agents from the Earth Plane who researched what was happening and presented me with their Eyewitness Report on the Inner Plane in my Extended Range.


When it was time in my Source Workflow to deal with this issue, the information that I was receiving from my Source Function, as well as from the Eyewitness Reports of the two Heaven Agents, surfaced into my Conscious Range and I was able to immediately take action to prevent the tragedy of more Oppression Rings damaging more minorities and the danger of The Oppression Network closing down its Structure so that it would have been harder to eliminate.  


When a Negative Resource Network is created The Dream Heaven Command can work against it but it takes time to self destruct and that is time when irreparable damage could be happening to those being Harvested by the Network.  Timely intercession is needed to stop this kind of atrocity from occurring.


Until the Network had reached a certain level of development, I could not have effectively destroyed it. This is a complex technical judgment call based on how negative structures evolve.


The destruction of this Network is an example of how Source Workflow timing is structured to do the most good and prevent the most harm but can not always prevent all harm from occurring.


What will prevent all harm from occurring is beings becoming Source-Connected so that they are not anchors for the Negativity that can be used to build Harvesting Operations such as this. Had beings who were being magnetized into The Oppression Rings called on the Source, they could have prevented themselves from being drawn into the Trap.


Education is key to working with the Source to avoid what compromises your Personal Safety.  There is really no way in which the Source can save all beings from all of the efforts of the Negativity to destroy them if they themselves are not proactive and actively seeking Source Guidance about things that they are observing around them that they, because of their training as Source-Directed Activists, recognize to be the signs of the Negativity.


Just as you know that a spider is likely to be present somewhere if you see a web, so you need to be able to recognize the Harvesting Webs of the Negativity and then you will suspect that they are lying in wait somewhere near the traps that they have set for you and for others.


Your vigilant Heaven Agent observations save lives by providing the Eyewitness Reports that are a necessary part of the Team Work that is needed to undermine the tactics of the Negativity so that the work to build The System of Life can continue forward without interruption.




Countering Racial Hatred Technology


January 26, 2017 


A White man in his 60's from Selma, Alabama contacted me via The Soul Talk Network to let me know that a hideous Hate Template that had been knocked out of alignment with humans during the Civil Rights demonstrations in the 60’s has started to align with humans once again. 


He said that he was there when the Hate Template was at its prime and worked with me on the Inner Plane to move it out of alignment with the White people perpetrating the violence against Black and White Civil Rights protestors.


He says that although racial hatred has continued since that time, it has not escalated to the level of violence that it reached when the Hate Template was fully aligned with the police force and many in the White population.


He expressed fear that if the Hate Template got out this time, it would spread throughout the nation and ignite violence toward Black people and their supporters.  He said that it is very disturbing that a re-run of that former pitch of hatred could resurface after all of the efforts of so many to establish greater protection for Black people.


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Multi-Modality At-a-Distance Source Support

Personal At-a-Distance Source Support



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Miracle-Based Technologies

The Dream Heaven Command



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How to Contribute to This Project


You can learn how to contribute to this Project by reading the articles on the Homepage for The Personal Safety Project.  These articles are:



General background articles that provide you with the context in which this work takes place are:

Beyond this are all of the Gifted Source-Directed Activism materials available to you in Connecting, your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source.  If you are not already a member of Connecting, you can sign up through accessing the link provided below.




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Topics to Research 

You can learn about how to contribute to the research on these topics by reading the articles:

How to Participate in The Personal Safety Project

How to Work with The Source Methodology

How to Provide Source-Directed Eyewitness Reports on the Project


Keep in mind that Source Guidance is communicated to each individual differently.  Receiving Source Guidance is a matter of asking your Inner Intelligence connect you to information from the Source and only from the Source. When you dial in getting only Source Communications, then you set the quality controls for the experience. 


It often helps to picture a movie screen in front of you and just wait to see what appears on the screen.  For those who are less visual, you might feel a bodily sensation or just have a sense of understanding something that just emerges in your consciousness.  Others might hear Source Guidance coming in through a verbal communication. This might be a word or two or a whole explanation.


The key to getting this kind of information is to expect to receive whatever the Source wishes to send you at that moment.  Remain neutral, relaxed, and then whatever is being sent will reach you in whatever format it is meant to be communicated.


The information you receive may seem unrelated to what you are researching. This is because the image or dreamlike sequence is being communicated in the language of Soul Talk.


It is important to describe in as clear a detail as you can whatever information you receive, even if you are concerned that it might be your mind going off on a tangent. I will be able to determine whether it is a real Source Communication or mind chatter.


Often an image or impression that a beginning Activist might have thought was meaningless is, in fact, a clue sent to them by the Source.  If you provide this clue to me, I can determine whether it is one of the needed Puzzle Pieces that will help to complete this Project. 


Enter your research in the Eyewitness Report Form that you will find below.



Transitioning into a Universal Spiritual Identity

This issue is called out in the Action Plan for Shifting into Your True Spiritual Identity and explored in the Source Workflow Training of August 12, 2016.


What Source Guidance are you receiving about what it will take for you and others to transcend your Socialized Identity that pigeonholes you according to race, gender, age, socioeconomic status, etc. to identify with your True Self, which is a perfected, eternal Spiritual Intelligence?


What are you encountering as you work to make this transition? 


What Inner and Outer Plane social changes need to be made to make room for every person, regardless of race, to be able to express their True Self rather than being locked into the roles they play in the Cultural Story?




Clearing Negative Spiritual Programming

This issue is addressed in the Action Plan of September 18, 2016 and in the Source Workflow Trainings of August 9th and 12th.


What Source Guidance is being given to you about the kind of Negative Spiritual Programming in the Suit that is standing in the way of the true healing of the racial issues between White people and Black people?


What are you experiencing as you follow The Source Methodology to clear any Negative Programming that is in your Suit? 


How are others around you responding as you ask them on the Inner Plane to follow The Source Methodology to clear whatever Negative Programming is standing in the way of their ability to rise above the Cultural Box in which racial conflict occurs?




Understanding the Source Perspective
on Cultural Thought Forms about Race

This issue is addressed in all of the Source Workflow Trainings.


What Source Guidance are you receiving about the Cultural Thought Forms that structure the racial conflict?


What is the Source telling you about the Thought Forms in your Suit that are contributing to the problem?


What Source-Given Understandings are coming in to replace the Cultural Thought Forms that are creating racial problems?




Clearing Inner Plane Negative Spiritual Structures
that Affect the Community

Some of these negative structures that impact Black people were discussed in the August 12th Source Workflow Training.


What Source Guidance are you receiving about Negative Spiritual Structures such as Energy Boxes that entrap people and weapons that activate to attack people who color outside of the lines of what is acceptable to the Cultural Story about racism?


What are you experiencing as you ask the Negative Spiritual Structures that you encounter to Dream Heaven, using the power of this Source Command to break up the intelligence system that sustains the Negative Structure?




Building a Love-Based Community

The foundation for a Love-Based Community is the One-on-One Connection with the Source.  The Action Plan of September 18, 2016 and the SSource Workflow Training of August 12, 2016 address this issue.

What Source Guidance are you given about the specific Outer Plane social changes needed to build a Love-Based Community in which White People and Black people nurture one another?


What specific Source-Directed Social Activism are you being guided to do to facilitate the development of this Community?




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Eyewitness Report Form

To contribute to the work of this Project, you can enter information that you are Source-Guided to share with me and with your fellow Heaven Agents.  This might include a comment, question, topic for research, Source Guidance that you have received about what is happening in the Outer or Inner Planes that pertains to the Project, and life experiences as you work with the Action Plan of this Project.


You can enter your contribution in the Eyewitness Report Form below.


I will take your entry into account in the course of my ongoing work on the Project.  I may respond to it in the section on Source Responses or include it in any of the future Reports or Trainings.


If you would like to get my feedback on your entry so that you can gain a higher Skill Level in doing your Heaven Agent Work, you can request an Email Coaching Session.  In the Session, I can review your recent posts in this Project as well as any other posts made for other Projects and provide you with Source Guidance on how you are doing at getting accurate Source Guidance and what you can do to improve your Skill Level.


To request Email Coaching, you can go to:




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