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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to receive Source Support to work on The Love-Based Relationship Project by working with its Action Plan and the Action Plans for the Build Heaven Projects that it supports.


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The Love-Based Relationship Project

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The Project Overview

The Overview of
The Love-Based Relationship Project

This Project is at the heart of a Total Abundance Community. Until beings relate to one another as the miracles that they are and to their Source-Given Missions in this life, they will not be able to understand how to love and support one another. The Story Life practice of equating beings with the social roles that they play has led to Pseudo Love-Based Relationships that are just ill disguised Greed-Based Relationships founded on the desire to use another person to gratify some Self Interest. It is only when beings don’t own one another but see one another as Source Creations to be loved and nurtured, as an expression of their love for the Source who created them and brought them into life, that beings become capable of real love.


Real love is not love generated from the thought forms created by the Suit. It is Source Love that flows through the Suit to the loved one. This is what enables the love to be pure and real. Only the Source is capable of generating love that is beyond Self Interest. Suits generate attachment which is based on the desires that a “loved one” gratifies. The Suit may feel that they love the person but the Suit is only capable of loving what satisfies its needs.  It is only when the Suit moves out of the way and allows Source Love to flow like a river through it that real love for others is possible.


When a Love-Based Relationship occurs, the love of the Soul for the Source triggers the release of Source Love through the Heart Chakra of the Suit. This is carried by the True Self to others. The True Self and the Heaven Agent Identity are perfected Intelligences like the Soul and are capable of remaining neutral and receptive to Source Love and understanding how to allow it to flow through the Suit to nurture another life. There is no ego involved in this process. It is just a clear understanding that the Source is love and the Source Love that comes through the Suit is a manifestation of the love that the Soul wishes its Suit to express to the Source and to others in its life.


A Love-Based Relationship is one that is Source-Directed.  The Suit does not presume to know what another Suit needs in order for the miracle that it is to reach a State of Full Manifestation. The Suit asks the Source how the Source wants it to help the other Suit manifest the miracle it was created to be.  The Source will always direct the nurturing of another Suit to include helping the Suit fulfill its Mission in life. This means providing support for the education and Life Work of the Suit even if new social practices need to be created to accommodate the Mission of the Suit.


In the Story World nurturing another being is based on helping them to fit into the social expectations of the Cultural Story and to develop a Personal Story that will enable them to pursue their own idea of happiness. This is the opposite of what nurturing another life is in a Source-Connected Life.


In a Source-Connected Life you are not trying to help a person, who is a unique Source Creation, fit in with a society that makes no place for their True Self, doesn't help the miracle that they are reach a State of Full Manifestation and doesn't allow them to perform their Mission because it is not a part of the pigeonhole social roles that the society allows.


In a Source-Connected Life, you are working with the Source and with the community to understand the gift of this Miracle/Being and to follow Source-Direction with regard to how to help them build the unique aspect of Total Abundance that they were sent into the community to build. This requires creating unique ways to help them in childhood and in adulthood so that the community is truly supportive of the miracle that they are – the miracle that the Source has sent to the community.


This understanding sets the stage for a very different kind of Love-Based Relationship that is based on the Love Connection with the Source who gave the gift of the Miracle/Being and to whom love is shown when the community nurtures this being.



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The Action Plan


Action #1

Become a River of Love

Committing to becoming a River of Love is key to allowing Source Love to flow through the Suit to others. When a Suit stops trying to concoct love from its thoughts and emotions and asks to become a carrier of Source Love to others, then the miracle of Source Love is given by the Source and the Suit can become a River of Love. 




Action #2

Learn How to Nurture the Miracle in Other Beings

Learning how to nurture the miracle in others is key to acting in a way that enables the miracle to achieve a State of Full Manifestation and be supported in performing its Mission in life. Learning how to nurture requires getting detailed Source Guidance so that you understand the miracle and what the miracle needs to build the aspect of Total Abundance that it came into the world to build. 


Training in receiving detailed Source Guidance begins with working with Master Action Plan #1 in the Foundation Building Projects. It continues through individualized training on the Inner and Outer Planes through Miracle-Based Coaching.




Action #3

Prepare Individually and Collectively for the Last Stage of The Transition


You need to follow the lead of the Source to prepare individually and collectively for the final stage of The Transition.  This is how you nurture others at the most important level. Until you help them to survive the Transition by becoming sustainable, no other form of nurturing will be of any lasting value. 


If you don't express your love for the Source by helping the beings that the Source loves to Awaken and take action to Steward The Miracle of Life so that Life itself will be sustainable, then they will not survive and neither will you. The Disconnection from the Source that occurs when you don't Become Love in Action at a time of Universal Crisis and you stay within the social roles that are your comfort zone, is fatal to your work to achieve Sustainability.  


The Source can link back only to Suits that have the courage to acknowledge Source Truth and to follow Source Guidance to nurture their own life and Life in the Creation. Those who put self interest first and don't want to deal with their responsibility to sustain Love-Based Relationships that are Source-Directed will be choosing the Story Relationships that are the largest part of what has caused the Disconnection from the Source. Suits following the lead of others left their Heaven Habitats to do as others were doing. They now must listen within to the Source and not be swayed by the opinions of others and must build a Source-Connected Community that makes room for the Source Truth that will ensure Sustainability.


Working with the Source to reclaim the space for Source Truth and for an understanding of the Source as the Source really is is important work that cannot be put aside when there are only a few decades left until beings must be on the same page with each other and the Source to do the Universal Team Work needed to Steward The Miracle of Life.


Miracles are needed to help beings achieve this. Heaven Agents asking to do their parts and holding the vision of  a community in which the Truth from the Source can be spoken and community decisions can be made on the basis of Source Guidance is key to helping the miracles manifest that will make this a reality.


In the days when I started the Prototype Communities only a few people first held this vision but they created a Spiritual Space for the miracles to land that awakened the rest of the community and gave them an opportunity to open to Source Truth and participate in building a Source-Connected, Love-Based Community.  


The same principle can work in today's world. Once the miracles start to come in that awaken the human population, all people will see the same Truth because it is an objective reality, like the Earth and the sky around them. This enables people to transcend Cultural Stories about the nature of reality because they begin to see The Spiritual Level of Reality for themselves.  Then it is not a matter of belief.  It is a matter of commonsense.


The Source enjoins beings to see for themselves the Inner Plane reality that it describes to them. They can then transcend Cultural Beliefs and Cultural Ideologies and base their understandings on facts that can be perceived through their six sense just as the material/physical world can be perceived through their five senses. In this way Source Truth doesn't become another Cultural Ideology, it helps beings to see through the Cultural Filters that block Direct Perception so they can see the world as it really is before it is too late to respond intelligently to the Call of the Source to achieve Sustainability.


Training to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist is the only way to do your part in this endeavor.  Whether this training occurs through the Inner or Outer Plane levels of The Miracle School, it needs to be accomplished.  


It is important to follow the action in The Build Heaven Projects and contribute to the work on every level. The Online Training Wheel Projects will help you learn how to contribute more effectively to all of the Building Block Projects that the Source will call you to contribute to as a part of your Mission in this life.






Love-Based Relationships are essential if a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own is to be developed globally and universally. This Love-Based Community is essential to the cultivation and protection of The Source-Connected Way of Life that fosters a 100% Source Connection.


Until the community does not pressure an individual to Disconnect from the Source in order to uphold a destructive social convention, the Negativity will continue to work through The Source-Disconnected Way of Life that it has fostered to cause the death of Suits in the upcoming stages of The Transition.




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