The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project

A Primary Build Heaven Project














Uphold the Standards

Build the aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance
that it is yours to build for yourself and others. 


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to receive Source Support to work on The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project by working with its Action Plan and the Action Plans for the Build Heaven Projects that it supports.



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The Primary Build Heaven Project

The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project

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The Project Overview

The Overview of
The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project

Life Purpose Fulfillment is achieved when a Heaven Agent Upholds the Sandards for becoming the Heaven that they were created to be and building in the world the Heaven that they came into the life to build for themselves and others. This includes doing the work of Stewarding The Miracle of Life for themselves, other beings, and for the Creation itself.


When a Heaven Agent diligently strives to understand the miracle that they are and their Source-Given purpose in their lifetime and is dedicated to fulfilling this Life Purpose, they can work effectively with the Source to achieve Life Purpose Fulfillment.


Understanding Life Purpose

Life is a Gift from the Source to the Soul who cannot express its intelligence and experience its abilities without a Suit through which it operates and a Manifest World in which the Suit resides.  


In order for the Souls to experience the Heaven of True Happiness in a Manifest World, the Source created The Source Plan.  In this Source Plan every Suit was created to be a Miracle of Total Abundance that would build an aspect of the Total Abundance that was needed by The Universal Community.  When every Suit performed its Mission they would contribute to the Total Abundance needed by all Suits. This Total Abundance would help Suits to preserve their Source Connection when the Implementation Aspect left for the Source Level.


When Suits mutinied from the Source and the Souls and set off to determine their own purpose and fulfill it in whatever way they chose, they created the Hell of Suffering rather than the Heaven of The Heaven Experience. Suits must now work at undoing the damage they did to themselves from taking this path and learn how to work with the Source to perform the Mission that will build the Heaven of Total Abundance for themselves and all others. 


This Project was created to help the True Self, the representative of the Soul in the Suit, to educate and guide the Suit so that it meets Standards for building the Heaven of its own unique aspect of Heaven as well as helping with the Building Block Projects that restore Life in the Creation. Only Suits that are actively fulfilling their Life Purpose will meet the Standards for Sustainability in the upcoming Transitions.



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The Action Plan

Action #1

Discover the Miracle that You Were Created to Be


The first Action is to find out who you are as a Spiritual Intelligence and what your specific purpose is in this lifetime. This includes understanding your unique Miracle-Based Abilities and what the Heaven of Total Abundance that you were created to build will look like when it is built.


This very basic understanding of your Life Work is essential to being able to understand the opportunities and resources that the Source will send to you to help you complete your Life Work.


A good place to begin is through asking for Inner Plane Source Guidance or requesting a Miracle-Based Coaching Session to receive The Source Perspective on the Outer Plane. The Miracle-Based Coaching Program provides the most comprehensive way to receive the training needed to know how to work with your Miracle-Based Abilities and access the resources that Source has created for you that will enable you to fulfill your Life Purpose.


To learn more about Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to the article entitled:





Action #2

Train to Do Your Mission in Life 


The second Action is to begin training with me to do your Mission in this life. This training has to be 24/7 if you are to prepare and also perform the work in the right timeframe. For instance, a critical Suit adjustment or Mission Work might occur in the middle of the night. You might be awakened to pay attention to the process and give energy to it. Then when it is complete you will be instructed that your attention is no longer needed and it is time to go back to sleep.


You might be searching for a job and directed to one that will enable you to meet people who are on our life path or learn skills that you will need for some aspect of your Mission. 


You might be asked to read up on a topic that is related to your Life Work or to take a course or to sit with me and learn from me directly things that only the Source can teach you.


Whatever form the training takes, it is important to give your undivided attention to it so that your understanding of your Life Work is complete and you also develop the knowledge base and skill sets to build the Heaven that it is yours to build.


While Outer Plane Work through Miracle-Based Coaching is one way to structure this work, it is not possible for all of it to be accomplished on the Outer Plane. Most of it needs to be done through Inner Plane Coaching and Source Interventions that enable you to receive Source Support when you need it even if that is not during a scheduled Coaching Session. While I am able to provide this kind of Inner Plane Work whenever you supply me with the Material Energy to ground the miracles needed for this form of Source Support through an Energy Exchange, it is best to also request At-a-Distance Source Support which ensures that I will have the amount of Material Energy needed to help you.  


When At-a-Distance Source Support is set up on a monthly basis it supplies support that becomes the backbone of the work of a Heaven Agent to get the training and Source Interventions that enable his Suit to fulfill his Life Work. Without it the Heaven Agent may be very willing to fulfill the Life Purpose and have a Suit that is untrained or damaged and unable to meet the Standards in the upcoming stages of The Transition.


For more information on At-a-Distance Source Support you can go to:





Action #3

Assemble the Miracle Tools for Your Heaven Agent Tool Kit

Repair and Upgrade Your Suit


The third Action is to get equipped to build Heaven in your life.  The kind of equipment that you need are the Miracle Tools that every Heaven Agent needs in their Heaven Agent Tool Kit as well as the Suit repairs and upgrades that enable your Suit, which is your primary piece of Spiritual Equipment, to function correctly so that you can carry out your Mission.


While you can go to The Source Solution Hub to find the Miracle Tools and Source Interventions that will help your Suit evolve, it is recommended that you request Source Guidance through a Gifted Recommendation offered in the Hub.


You can access The Source Solution Hub at:




Action #4

Work on Your Life Work Project

The fourth Action is to work with me on building the Heaven that it is yours to build in your life.  This is your Life Work Project. This Project requires close supervision and coaching to ensure that your Suit learns how to carry out the work that you have understood that it is yours to do. While you, the Soul, may fully understand what is to be done and your True Self may have a flawless understanding of it as well, as will your Heaven Agent Identity, your Suit may need a lot of support and technical adjustments to understand and perform the Mission.  


My periodic Gifted Source Guidance Updates for those in the Outer Plane Coaching Program help them to understand where they are in their overall effort to live true to their Purpose and to meet the developmental deadlines that will enable them to complete their Life Work in the time that it must be completed. Each Milestone along the path of fulfilling your Life Purpose is on the Timeline for your Life Work. Knowing this Timeline and working to make it to each Milestone is what enables you to know how to fulfill your Life Purpose.


With individualized Source Support through Miracle-Based Coaching it is possible for you to get the kind of Source Care that enables you to stay on track and accomplish each stage of your Life Work when it needs to be completed in order for you to move onto the next stage. The structure of the Journey and the Source Support along the way is what makes fulfilling your Life Work the joy of your life as well as your most challenging and exciting adventure.


When you complete your Life Work Project you build the aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance that you were created to build for yourself and others. The Heaven that you build enables you to Live Heaven and experience the highest level that your Mission work activates, which is The Heaven Experience.  







It is critical that beings educate their Suits to do the Mission for which the Suit was created. Only in this way will the Suit be sustainable. In the stages of The Transition that lie ahead, Suits that are pursuing their own self interests will die spiritually and eventually become extinct. Only those that are truly working to contribute to a World that Works will be sustainable.  


Now is the time to avail yourself of the Source Support that will help your Suit to travel the path to Sustainability. Without additional support, the Suit is very likely to continue on as it has been for billions of lifetimes and to discover too late that its lethargy and denial has led it to a place of unsustainability. In such an event the Suit loses its life in the Creation for all eternity but you, the Soul, also lose your place in The System of Life. Your Soul goes back into a state of inactivity at the Source Level and cannot be reissued another Suit without triggering the mutations that led your first Suit to self destruct. 


This is a tragic outcome to be avoided at all costs. The only way to avoid it is to strive to fulfill your Life Purpose, one part of which is to achieve Sustainability.






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