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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

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This is the place where you can come to access information about the gifted Next Step Communications from the Source video: Life's Greatest Treasure, Working Relationship Trainings, Miracles in Action Trainings, and to request personal Working Relationship Sessions. 


For an overview of the purpose of these Trainings and for a list of the Trainings, you can reference the Directory below.



The Working Relationship Training Series Directory


Introductory Information

What You Need to Know to Work with a Working Relationship Training

What You Need to Know to Work with Miracles in Action Trainings



The Gifted Video Book Training from Next Step Communications from the Source 

Life's Greatest Treasure: A Love-Based Working Relationship with the Source that Preserves Your Source Connection, Your Link to Life, and Enables You to Build a Life that Is Heaven

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The Working Relationship Training Recordings

About WRT1 – How to Get Started Building a Full Power Working Relationship with the Source

[Note: This Training completes the set up of The Working Relationship that begins with the Gifted Next Step Video Training. WRT1 is a prerequisite for work in subsequent Working Relationship Trainings.]

About WRT2 – How to Build a Strong Spiritual Energy Support System 

About WRT3 – How to Manifest The Dream of Heaven 


Individual Working Relationship Training Sessions

How to Request a Working Relationship Session  


What You Need to Know to Work with a
Working Relationship Training


A Working Relationship Training is a high power Training designed to provide you, the Soul, and your Suit, your body/mind, with the essential elements that enable it to achieve Ultimate Sustainability. Ultimate Sustainability is what is needed to preserve your Source Connection, your Link to Life, at this time of The Transition when the technical aspects of The Source Connection are undergoing profound and rapid change.  


Ultimate Sustainability is achieved by building the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that not only preserves The Source Connection but enables you to experience the Heaven that your life and world were meant to be.


Each Working Relationship Training contains the five essential elements that give you and your Suit what is needed to take action to preserve your Source Connection by building the Heaven of a Sustainable Way of Life.



The Miracle of a Puzzle Piece Training

Each Training is a Puzzle Piece that forms a part of The Picture of Ultimate Sustainability that you need to see in order to know how to protect your Source Connection during The Transition. You assemble the Puzzle Pieces through your work with each consecutive Puzzle Piece Training until you have put together the Puzzle Piece Picture that contains the essential elements that enable you to build the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that preserves your Source Connection.


Every Puzzle Piece Training contains the five essential elements described below. 


Source Communication 

Each Puzzle Piece Training is a Source Communication which is a type of Source-Created Miracle. I work with the other aspects of my Source Identity to translate the Source Communication that conveys the essential information present in the Training into English and into the Universal Language of Soul Talk.  This Source Communication is communicated to your Suit through the Outer Plane in its Conscious Range through the recorded training and to your Suit on the Inner Plane through Inner Plane Soul Talk Communications.  


Each Puzzle Piece Training is a Point of Connection to the individualized support of the Source for your evolution toward Ultimate Sustainability. Although the spoken content is meant for all who work with the Training, individualized Source Communications are also given to the Extended Range of your Consciousness that operates outside of your conscious awareness. These individualized Source Communications enable your Suit to hear what the Source is telling it directly about the unique challenges that it faces on its Path to Ultimate Sustainability.


Direct Source Intelligence 

Also sent to you individually is the Direct Source Intelligence that powers up a Puzzle Piece Training.  This type of Direct Source Intelligence elevates the Spiritual Intelligence of your Suit and enables it to make a Direct Source Connection to the Source Guidance and Source Support that the Source is making available to it through the Training. Direct Source Intelligence not only enhances the Spiritual Intelligence of your Suit but provides your Suit with a kind of energy that it needs to use this higher range of Spiritual Intelligence. 


While Source Intelligence suffuses every aspect of the Creation and is what enables it to exist, Direct Source Intelligence brings through enough Source Intelligence to enable the Source to work directly through its own Intelligence to help your Suit evolve toward Ultimate Sustainability. 


Direct Source Intelligence used to be sent through every Source Communication through a Direct Line of Communication.  The Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane, has developed tactics to disrupt this Line of Communication.  As of June 17, 2022 all Source Communications are bringing in Direct Source Intelligence through a different method that is beyond the range of the Negativity. This is enabling more Direct Source Intelligence to be brought through in the Training materials on the website.  Some of the most powerful levels of Direct Source Intelligence are being sent through Working Relationship Trainings. This is to empower Suits to rise to a level of Spiritual Intelligence that will enable them to work most effectively in the Working Relationship with the Source.


Soul Talk Interactions

The Universal Language of Soul Talk is understood by all beings throughout the Creation even those who do not have a spoken language.  It is a spiritual language that is transmitted from one intelligence to another on the Inner Plane, which is The Spiritual Level of Reality.  Animals are as articulate as humans when speaking in this language. It bridges the communication gap created by different languages and by species that do not have a verbal language.


I communicate with beings throughout the Creation through two Source-Created Inner Plane Communication Networks.  The Soul Talk Network has been used extensively in the past but is more easily entered into by the Negativity. I have, therefore, created The Correct Exchange Network which is a secure network that I use for Heaven Agent Work. (Heaven Agent is the Source Term for those who are Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists.) In The Working Relationship Trainings, I use The Correct Exchange Network.


Soul Talk enables me to talk to whatever aspects of the Suit need to work through issues that arise in a Working Relationship Training so that the Suit can understand the Training and implement it in its life. This kind of Inner Plane work is generally beyond the range of the conscious awareness of the Suit. It provides the Suit with an additional level of Source Support that is needed for it to bridge the gap from where it is in its current level of understanding and where it needs to be in order to work with the Source in The Working Relationship. 


These Soul Talk interactions with the different parts of the Suit occur simultaneously while the Suit, in its Conscious Range, is working with the Training.  They give the Suit the opportunity to base its decisions on a more extensive range of information than what it is given in the part of the Training that is communicated to the Conscious Range of the Suit.


Spiritual Code

A Suit needs Spiritual Code in order to take action. It needs new Spiritual Code to know how to build a Life that Works and a World that Works that enable it to achieve Ultimate Sustainability.  The Working Relationship Trainings provide the advanced, high power Spiritual Code that is needed to enable your Suit to do the technical part of Building Heaven and Living Heaven.  Without the Code the Suit may understand the concepts and be willing to support your desire that it work with them to sustain its Source Connection, and be unable to implement them in real life.


Perfected Ability 

Each Working Relationship Training transmits to you a Building Block Perfected Ability that enables your Suit to perform perfectly in some aspect of your life.  As you build a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life one aspect at a time through each of the Trainings in The Working Relationship Training Series you equip your Suit with essential Perfected Abilities that enable it to achieve Ultimate Sustainability.


For more information on Perfected Abilities, you can reference the article: Building Block Perfected Abilities



How to Work with This Training 

The best way to work with this kind of Training is to set aside time when you will not be interrupted and listen to the recording attentively.  Later you can go back multiple times and listen to portions of it again.  The levels of Spiritual Code are delivered in stages to your Suit as it is ready to receive them. This is why multiple times of working with the recording will yield deeper levels of understanding and competence on the part of your Suit in implementing what it is learning.


If you think of your time working with the Training as time working in your Working Relationship with the Source, then you will be able to work with it more effectively.  


The Source wants you to survive the challenges of preserving your Source Connection in this time of The Transition and to enjoy the Heaven that life was meant to be.  It is providing you with the gift of its ongoing Source Support in The Working Relationship. Your part is to learn how to work with the Source in The Working Relationship and to equip your Suit so that it can do its part in The Working Relationship.


The Working Relationship with the Source is Life’s Greatest Treasure.  Learning how to understand and work effectively with the Source in The Working Relationship is what enables you to preserve your Source Connection and to build a life that is the Heaven it was created to be.


To help you to understand The Working Relationship, I have created a gifted Next Step Communications from the Source video.  It is a 2+ hour Video Book Training that enables you to understand the basics so that you can begin working in The Working Relationship Training Series, which takes the work to the next level.


[NOTE: All gifted Next Step Videos and Audios are available through a gifted membership in Connecting.  If you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can sign up by accessing the form provided below.  When you sign up you will be directed to a Welcome to Connecting page where you can access the link for the Life’s Greatest Treasure video. Or you can go to the Directory above and access the link.  You will need to enter into the login box your Connecting username, which is your email address, and whatever password you have chosen when going through the steps to sign up for Connecting. This login information is what you will need to access all of the password protected Trainings on the website.]


For each Working Relationship Training there will be a page in the Directory above which is entitled: About WRT...

This page will take you to information about a particular Training that includes how to request the Training.  


WRT1 is a prerequisite for working with subsequent Trainings.  It completes the set up of the Working Relationship that enables you to work in The Working Relationship to start transitioning into a Sustainable Way of Life in the subsequent Trainings.


Puzzle Piece Trainings are Source Creations that are created whenever it is time for a new Puzzle Piece to be brought into a manifest state.  I will post in the Directory each new Working Relationship Training when I have been able to bring it into a State of Full Manifestation.



The Working Relationship Training Series is where you receive the Source Guidance and Source Support to transition the practical aspects of your life and world into the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that preserves your Source Connection and manifests a Life that is Heaven. 


To get started, sign up for Connecting, if you aren't already a member, and access the links described above.  



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