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A Source Intervention is Distance Energy Work performed by the Source. It can occur at any hour of the day or night whenever the circumstances are most favorable.  



The Spiritual Energy
Support System

Spiritual Energy Infusions
delivered by Source Interventions 


Listed Spiritual Energy Infusions 

Baseline Infusions with Energy Reserves and High Power Infusions without Energy Reserves

Spiritual Breath Energy Infusions

Spiritual Youthful Energy Infusions 

Tranquility Energy Infusions 

Spiritual Reproductive Energy Infusions

Source Love Energy Infusions


Baseline and High Power Infusions without Energy Reserves

Happiness Energy Infusions

Spiritual Stamina Energy Infusions

Source Light Infusions


Infusion Complexes that Build Energy Mediums

Comfort Medium Infusions 

Love Connection Intelligence Infusion Complex 

Source Light/Source Love Infusions  


Unlisted Spiritual Energy Infusions 
and Infusion Complexes

Baseline and High Power Unlisted Infusions with and without Energy Reserves

Unlisted Baseline & High Power Infusions


Baseline and High Power Infusion Complexes without Energy Reserves 

Unlisted Baseline and High Power Infusion Complexes

Source Interventions for
Creating the Conditions for
the Source to Work with
Individuals & Communities 

Source Work Manifestation Rings