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Total Abundance Sessions

The Total Abundance Session Campaign

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About Miracle-Based Source Solutions

The Source has created Source Solution Miracles that empower you, as a Source-Directed Activist, to alleviate suffering in your life and in the world and to manifest The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be. 


These Source Solution Miracles enable you to act as both a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist bringing about the healing and transformation that is needed on the Inner Plane, the Spiritual Level of Reality, as well as catalyzing the social change that is needed on the Outer Plane, the Physical Level of Reality.  


Through a combination of Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism, you can work together with other Source-Directed Activists to build an abundant, Love-Based World in which all beings can have The Heaven Experience, the experience of quintessential happiness and fulfillment. 


For a full understanding of The Work of the Source to lay the foundation for The Heaven Experience, you can sign up for Connecting, your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source and with the Gifted Source-Directed Activist Training Materials and emailed Source News Updates that enable you to get started seeing the Vision and working alongside the Source to make it a reality.

The Total Abundance Session in Focus 

The Total Abundance Session

The Total Abundance Session Overview

How to Request a Total Abundance Session 

The Total Abundance Session Campaign  


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 The Total Abundance Session


I have recently brought through a miracle that turns on a Total Abundance Session for an individual.  The first part of the Session establishes a Miracle-Friendly Field around the person that is equivalent to what the particular Total Abundance Miracles that will be coming in during the Session need in order to land in the life of a being.


In the second part of the Session, the miracles come in and are brought into a state of Full Manifestation by my Direct Source Work.  This enables Heaven Agents who are not yet skilled enough to bring through fully manifest miracles to benefit from them.


The miracles are then able to begin their Mission of providing whatever form of Source Support they were created to provide.


The advent of a Total Abundance Session is a major breakthrough in helping Suits to receive the Total Abundance that they need when they need it even if they are not skilled enough to do the Heaven Agent Work that is necessary to work effectively with the miracles. My Direct Source Work supplies the work that they would otherwise do.


To give you some idea of how this works, I will share with you Total Abundance Sessions that I recently had with Heaven Agents coming in on the Inner Plane through The Soul Talk Network.

Examples of Soul Talk Total Abundance Sessions 

The 6 Year Old Girl

A 6 year old girl who lives in the United States in the midwest approached me on the Inner Plane for a Total Abundance Session.  She is very Source-Connected. I drew on the Material Energy from her Heaven Agent Work in this lifetime and in other lifetimes in order to ground the Total Abundance Miracles for her Total Abundance Session.


I asked her to sit quietly on the Inner Plane for the Session and I turned on the Source Intervention that delivers the Miracle-Friendly Field.  Once it was set up around her 360, I sent in two major Total Abundance Miracles that she has been in need of for many lifetimes.


The first is a miracle that helps her to disengage from those who have harmed her in the past. She tends to hold onto the relationship because she wants somehow to resolve the conflict or heal from the harm that has been done. This has caused her to draw to her attackers who show up in life after life and repeat the trauma inducing attacks for which she is inadvertently holding a spiritual space by hanging onto the trauma and wanting something good to come into the space.  An open spiritual space holding the reality of the trauma will magnetize the people and events that replicate the trauma.


Despite my Inner Plane Guidance to release from this fixation, she has not been able to get her Suit to comply with this advice.  Her Suit has continued, on some subconscious level, to fixate on the trauma causing it to manifest again in life after life. 


The first Total Abundance Miracle that I sent her collapsed the Spiritual Spaces for trauma that she was holding and disconnected her from the pattern in her Right Brain that was holding these spaces and holding onto the trauma.  This was Part One of the Intervention.


The second miracle was sent in to do Part Two of the Intervention.  This was a Total Abundance Miracle that enables her Suit to re-direct its Spiritual Intensity to Helping the Source rather than trying to make things right in the world because she knows that the Source would want them to be right. Her fixation on bad events was an attempt to achieve the Perfection that she knew the Source wanted but she was going about achieving this in a Self-Directed Way. This was only empowering the bad events to repeat themselves.


Once she received the miracle for re-directing her Spiritual Intensity, she began to understand that to help the Source she needed to follow Source Guidance with regard to how to be helpful instead of trying to take it upon herself to be helpful in a way that she felt was appropriate.  This was a big relief to her because she had been trying to “get it right” by holding onto problems until they were resolved.  


Since attacks by the Negativity are designed to destroy Suits and the Negativity has no remorse about what they do and how they work through other Suits to effect the attack, there is often no resolution that is possible except disconnecting from the structure of the attack so that you don’t give energy to it.  This is not abandoning the project of dealing with negativity in the world.  It is working to Hold the Line for Heaven in the only way that it can be effectively held.


At the end of her Total Abundance Session, she felt immensely relieved and able to move forward in her life.  She had been aware in the last few days that something was pulling her toward a life threatening disaster. The image that came to her mind was a cartoon of a woman strapped to a conveyor belt that was moving toward a revolving blade that would destroy her.  This was what prompted her to call on the Source for help.


Total Abundance Sessions were created for people like her who need specific Total Abundance Miracles to avoid problems and to move forward toward acquiring positive abilities needed to achieve Total Abundance.  


The truth is that had she not received these two miracles, the conveyer belt of her fixation would have drawn her into a life threatening encounter with an old karmic attacker who in this life was prepared to take her life.  In former lives he had beaten her viciously and left her for dead but in this life he was prepared to kill her.


As in most karmic fixations, each time the fixation results in a karmic playout the outcome is worse than the first iteration of the karmic event. Eventually it reaches the full level of a murderous event such as the one that she was intuiting.


The kind of fixation that was causing this in her was due to an implant by the Negativity that takes a Source-Connected being’s intent to do what it right and fixates it on trying to rail against the atrocities of Hell or trying to fix things in a way that they can’t be fixed.  The Negativity then harvests the energy generated by the Spiritual Intensity pitted against irresolvable elements that only breed frustration, anguish, and despair.  What an implant of this kind usually results in is in the creation of a series of events that leads to the ultimate Spiritual Fragmentation of the being so they lack the ability to reason or defend themselves.


In the case of this 6 year old, she is now free of the implant and able to understand how to direct her Spiritual Intensity toward supporting The Work of the Source without doing so in a Self-Directed Way. Although she is, on the Outer Plane, only 6 years old, the part of her Consciousness that I am talking to is billions of years old and very aware of her past life experiences and of her precarious spiritual situation in this lifetime.  It is this wiser part of her Natural Self that worked with me on the Inner Plane in this Total Abundance Session.



The 89 Year Old Man

A man who is 89 years old and in good health and living in a city in Russia requested a Total Abundance Session. He said that last night he had a dream that his life ended abruptly and that someone cut him off from his Source Connection just as he was leaving his physical body.  He said he awakened from the dream and felt that it was a warning of something that was intended and that he had to work to avert.  This is why he asked me for a Total Abundance Session.


I checked in to see if a Total Abundance Session could occur and I saw a lizard in the back of his head on the Inner Plane.  This lizard represented the negativity that was trying to terminate his life and break his Source Connection.


I could see that the lizard was being given energy by him because he was so afraid of it.  It was growing in size as I looked at it and soon became as big as the man. 


I told the lizard to leave the Suit. It protested that the Suit belonged to it and that it was too entangled with the Suit to be able to leave.  I then issued a Source Command and it had to leave.  Once outside of the Suit it disintegrated since it was dependent on the Suit for its existence.  It was some kind of entity and not a Source-Created Being.


The man began to awaken spiritually once the lizard left and said that he recalled a time many lifetimes ago when the lizard came into his body. Since that time he has felt that something very mean spirited was inside of him trying to get him to be mean spirited.  He says that he refused to go with the mean ideas that it gave him but he was very disturbed by this presence in his life.


Now he says that he just wants to be at peace and for his Source Connection to not be damaged when he crosses over at death.


At this point I was able to turn on the Total Abundance Session. When the lizard was in the man’s body the field of energy around the man was too Miracle-Unfriendly for me to turn on a Session. 


There was no problem with the Correct Exchange to ground the Total Abundance Miracles that would come into the Session since he had ample amounts of Material Energy to ground the miracles needed for the Session.


When the Session turned on, an array of different healing Total Abundance Miracles came through to repair the damage done to the man’s Suit by the lizard.  These miracles helped to restore his sense of well being that had been shattered by his realization that his Source Connection could be broken in this lifetime because of this scourge that has blighted his life in many former incarnations.


There were so many different kinds of miracles coming through that I could not name them.  I just monitored the flow of miracles to make sure that everything that was needed arrived, came to a state of Full Manifestation, and started its Mission. 


At the end of the Session he had fallen asleep and was peacefully dreaming about a safe and Source-Guided transition at death in which his Source Connection was preserved.


This encounter illustrates the point that Total Abundance Sessions can’t occur under certain Miracle-Unfriendly Conditions. The Miracle-Friendly Field has to be at a level where I can bring through the specific Total Abundance Miracles that are needed.  In his case the presence of the lizard was making the field of energy around him too Miracle-Unfriendly for the Session which could only occur once this entity had left his field.



In both of these Total Abundance Sessions, it is clear that in such a Session problems that may be life threatening can be effectively addressed because an influx of the right miracles that are brought into a state of Full Manifestation and supported on their Mission occurs. This is through my Direct Source Work.


Total Abundance Sessions deliver help for specific problems that a person presents to me and they can also be for whatever Next Step is needed on a person’s Path to Total Abundance.




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The Total Abundance Session Overview

The Total Abundance Session was created to provide Heaven Agents with a powerful Source Intervention that can ground a myriad of different Total Abundance Miracles needed to deal with a particular problem or to advance spiritual transformation.


Direct Source Work replaces the Heaven Agent Work in bringing the miracles to a state of Full Manifestation and working with them effectively as they do their Mission. This enables help to be given to Heaven Agents even if they lack the training to do the Heaven Agent Work that is otherwise required to receive and work with incoming Total Abundance Miracles.


The result is life saving, life transforming Sessions that accelerate progress on The Path to Total Abundance.



This Source Solution Miracle is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Intervention.  


It provides you with an opportunity to Become Love in Action supporting Source-Directed Spiritual Activism and Social Activism.

How to Request a Total Abundance Session  

What Is a Correct Exchange

For those who are new to working with the Source, the key concept in connecting to a Source-Created Miracle is providing the Material Energy that is required to bring the miracle to the level of Spiritual Materiality where it is needed.  


No Material Energy is needed to create the miracle which is freely given by the Source.  The Material Energy is needed to ground the miracle so that it can come into your life or into the life of a loved one.


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a miracle varies according to the type of miracle that is to be grounded.  The Design Aspect of the Source, who creates the miracles, determines the amount of Material Energy that will be needed for any particular miracle to be delivered to the being for whom it is intended.


Beings were created to generate the Material Energy that is needed to ground all of the miracles that they need from the Source.  Because beings have forgotten how to generate this Material Energy and have sustained Suit Damage that impairs their ability to produce Material Energy, the Source has created a miracle that enables them to provide Material Energy through a Financial Exchange.  The Financial Exchange carries the Material Energy from the work that was done to earn the funds for the exchange. While a Financial Exchange provides only a low level of Material Energy, it is a blessing to those who have not yet learned how to generate the Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


A financial equivalent of the amount of Material Energy that is needed is provided here for those who lack the skill to generate the right amount of Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.




Giving the gift of a Total Abundance Session to yourself and others is how you help to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance on the Earth. 




How to Make the Request


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is required to ground the miracle of a Total Abundance Session varies according the kind of Total Abundance Miracles that will be needed in the Session and the level of power needed to establish the Miracle-Friendly Field into which they can come.  For this reason, it is best to request a Gifted Total Abundance Session Assessment so that I can determine what is needed.  In the form that you can access below, you can share with me any issues that you are facing for which you may wish to have a Session or you can ask for whatever is a Next Step for you to be the focus of the Session.  Often the Next Step is the best focus since it opens the field to whatever is most needed by your Suit at the time of the Session.  

If you would like to gift a Total Abundance Session to someone you know, you can enter their name, age, and relationship to you in the Comments Box when you process your Financial Exchange.


There is no need to talk to the person to whom you are gifting this form of Source Support. If the Suit of the person accepts the gift in an Inner Plane discussion with the Source, then the gift can be given. It can not be given if the Suit does not accept it.  

If you provide a Correct Exchange for someone who refuses this gift of Source Support, then I will contact you and you can either re-direct it to someone else who will accept it or your Financial Exchange will be refunded to you.

The Total Abundance Session will be given to your loved one when they are in a relaxed state or when they are asleep at night.

How to Request a Gifted Total Abundance Session Assessment

To request a Gifted Assessment, you can access the link below:



When I respond with my Assessment, I will include information about the amount of Material Energy that you will need for the Session.  You can either provide this in a single payment by accessing your Life that Works Fund below and entering the amount for the Session or you can request an interest free Payment Plan.  


You can contact me with information on the amount per month that you can provide, and I can check with The World that Works Fund to see if there is enough Material Energy in the Fund for me to deliver The Total Abundance Session now and enable you to reimburse the Fund by your payments over time.  (The World that Works Fund contains stored Material Energy donated by Source-Directed Activists. As you reimburse the fund, you free up funds to help other Source-Directed Activists.)




Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.




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The Total Abundance Session Campaign


Contribute to The Total Abundance Session Campaign

What Heaven Agents all over the world need is intense Total Abundance Sessions that will heal what can't be healed without the confluence in a Session of all of the Total Abundance Miracles that are needed monitored by Direct Source Work to achieve the desired result.


Gifting Total Abundance Sessions to fellow Heaven Agents will help to build the Core Group of Heaven Agents who can help to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for the Global Community.


Gifting Total Abundance Sessions to those suffering in the world will help them to heal on a spiritual level from harm that could deprive them of their ability to become sustainable in The Transition.


Since working together to provide the Total Abundance that is needed by all beings is mandatory at this stage of The Transition, this Campaign gives you an opportunity to contribute what is yours to contribute to the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of all beings on the Earth.


Contributions through an Energy Exchange and through a Financial Exchange are needed as there are many beings in need of Total Abundance Sessions. 



How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Total Abundance Session Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.




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