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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to learn about The Life Restoration Intervention and The Life Restoration Intervention Campaign.  For further information you can reference The Resource Directory below.




The Life Restoration Intervention Resource Directory


About Miracle-Based Source Solutions

The Source has created Source Solution Miracles that empower you, as a Source-Directed Activist, to alleviate suffering in your life and in the world and to manifest The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be. 


These Source Solution Miracles enable you to act as both a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist bringing about the healing and transformation that is needed on the Inner Plane, the Spiritual Level of Reality, as well as catalyzing the social change that is needed on the Outer Plane, the Physical Level of Reality.  


Through a combination of Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism, you can work together with other Source-Directed Activists to build a Total Abundance Way of Life that yields Total Abundance for all beings.


For a full understanding of The Work of the Source to lay the foundation for a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life, you can sign up for Connecting, your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source and with the Gifted Source-Directed Activist Training Materials and emailed Source News Updates that enable you to get started seeing the Vision and working alongside the Source to make it a reality.

The Life Restoration Intervention in Focus 

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The Life Restoration Intervention

The Life Restoration Intervention Overview

How to Request The Life Restoration Intervention

The Life Restoration Intervention Campaign  


Additional Resources

The Source Solution Hub – The Directory for All Source Solution Miracles

The Build Heaven Project

The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training



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 The Life Restoration Intervention

This Intervention is the primary Intervention for building a Disease Free Life and World.  It eliminates the root of all of the diseases that destroy the mind, emotions, body, spirit, society, and energy environment.  It is the first step in eradicating disease so that a foundation for Perfect Health can be built.

This Intervention is not only designed to build a Disease Free Life and World.
It is a first line defense to preventing a Covid Infection and
a first line defense for fighting an existing Covid infection.

It is the first response Intervention for
preventing and eradicating diseases of all kinds.



Restoring Life

Life Energies exists in a Life Zone, which is an energy context that has movement structured by Life Rhythms. The movement of Life Energies is what sustains all manifestations on the Spiritual Level and the Physical Level.


Death and Disease Energies exist in a Dead Zone, which is an energy environment in which there are Stasis Energies that produce stillness with no Life and Inertia Energies that warp Life Rhythms leading to their eventual death.


Dead Zones inhabited by Stasis and Inertia Energies are the breeding ground of all of the diseases that afflict the body, mind, and  spirit, the society, and energy environment in which beings live.

The Life Restoration Intervention eradicates Dead Zones and
restores life by re-manifesting Life Zones. 


To gain greater understanding, let’s take a closer look at Dead Zones.

Dead Zones


There are two kinds of Dead Zones:

  • Core Generated Dead Zones
  • Negative Medium Generated Dead Zones


Core Generated Dead Zones

The Spiritual Core of the Suit manifests the Suit and its Auric Field, which collectively are its manifestation. The Core was only partially activated in the first incarnation of most Suits because the Suits chose to Disconnect from the Source and the Source-Directed Way of Life that was designed to ensure that their experience in The Manifest World was an experience of Heaven/Happiness. This disrupted the Activation Process resulting in unactivated portions of the Core. These unactivated portions never became a part of Life. They are Dead Zones.


Dead Zones in the Core result in Dead Zones in the manifestation on both the Inner and Outer Planes. Life Rhythms don’t exist in a Core generated Dead Zone in the Suit or the Auric Field because these Zones were never activated to run them. This kind of Dead Zone is a place where Life never existed. It is part of the manifestation that is not supported by Life Energies because there are no Life Rhythms to create the context in which Life Energies can flow.  It is a place of stillness without Life.  


Into this void, which the Suit cannot protect, the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on The Spiritual Level of Reality – can land Negative Programming that uses the space as a site from which it can land and launch attacks on the parts of the manifestation that exist in Life Zones.  It is like having a military base that is unassailable in the heartland of a country and working from that base to attack with impunity. 


Negative Medium Generated Dead Zones 

This kind of Dead Zone was once a Life Zone which has been transformed into a Dead Zone. Dead Zones are created when negative emotions drop the vibrational level of Life Energy, fragment it, and render it less and less capable of carrying Life Rhythms. When Fragmentation reaches a point of critical mass, Life Rhythms are lost and Life Energies becomes increasingly inert until they finally reach a state of stillness or stasis. At this point a Dead Zone is created.


There are different kinds of Negative Medium generated Dead Zones. 

Suit Dead Zones

Dead Zones in a Suit that are created by the negative thoughts and emotions generated by the Suit, become repositories of Stasis and Inertia Energies that breed disease and death.


It is the goal of the Negativity to create such Dead Zones because they become places in the Suit and its Auric Field that lack Life Rhythms and cannot be defended by the Suit. The Negativity wants the Suit to break itself down for the Harvest of its Life Energies rather than having to do any work themselves other than encouraging the conflicts that lead to the Negative Emotions which lead to the Negative Medium which generates the Inertia Energy which leads to the Stasis Energy which renders the Suit incapable of resisting the Harvesting Attack.


Social Dead Zones

Groups of beings can, through their collective negative emotions, create Social Dead Zones. These Dead Zones are full of Stasis and Inertia Energies and short out the Life Rhythms of those who enter into the Dead Zone to join in a collective practice. In this environment, which is inhospitable to the higher levels of Spiritual Intelligence that enable the Suit to receive and respect Source Guidance about how to live a life that the Source can sustain, Story Truths about how to live life prevail.


Cultural Tradition Dead Zones 

Cultural and Personal Stories can, in their most extreme articulation, become Dead Zones in which no Source Truth can come. These Stories can be political, religious, economic, racial, ethnic, and of any other focus that has become a part of the Cultural Story.


Social Conflict Dead Zones 

Conflicting Stories can result in social conflict which can create a Social Conflict Dead Zone. When those engaged in the conflict enter the Dead Zone to deal with the conflict, the Stasis Energies drop them vibrationally to the level at which they can resort to the violence of war, torture, rape, enslavement, exploitation, and genocide if these methods are within the repertoire of their Cultural Story. 


Social Conflict Zones in their lowest level of articulation become Hate Dead Zones. Racial hatred and religious hatred create Hate Dead Zones which those locked in the conflict enter and give energy to when they engage in the conflict. As more and more negative emotions break down Life Energies into Stasis Energies, the Dead Zone becomes a more dangerous zone where beings are cut off from the guidance of the Source who could help them to resolve the conflict and move beyond it.


Petty fights between individuals create Social Conflict Dead Zones that can lead to intractable conflict that lasts over many years. Whenever there is an attempt to resolve the conflict the parties enter into the place of conflict, which is the Dead Zone, short out there and arrive at just another place within the conflict but not to a resolution of the conflict. Many marriages end when the Dead Zone completely eliminates any memory of the Life Zone which they were in when they first fell in love with one another.


Geographical Dead Zones 

Geographical Dead Zones are Dead Zones that occupy physical spaces. War often generates Geographical Dead Zones in the battleground where the war was waged.  Extreme trauma from a natural disaster or the massive loss of lives to a disease can also create a Geographical Dead Zone.


The Negativity encourages the conflicts that engender the Negative Emotions of greed, hate, revenge, fear and the like because these create Geographical Dead Zones. The Negativity also works through the Dead Zones in Suits to create vulnerability to diseases that result in Dead Zones in houses where death has occurred and in regions where massive death has occurred.  


If a Negative Agent can maneuver a Suit into a Geographical Dead Zone, the Suit will be shorted out by the Stasis Energies of the Dead Zone, lose the structure of Life Rhythms that sustain its ability to think and act resourcefully to defend itself, and become an easy victim of the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  



Why It Is Important to Eradicate Dead Zones 

Rather than fighting a physical or mental disease that is continually thriving in the Stasis or Inertia energies of a Suit Dead Zone, it is best to eliminate the Dead Zone by eradicating these energies, restoring Life Rhythms, and then assisting the Suit to recover using secular healing processes. This is equivalent to pulling out a weed by its root rather than cutting it off at the soil level. Whether the Dead Zone is Core generated or Negative Medium generated, eliminating it is the first step toward health and toward establishing the foundation for Perfect Health.


Rather than trying to placate social groups in conflict, it is best to remove the collective Dead Zone that their conflict generates and which they enter when they are engaging in the conflict.  The Stasis and Inertia Energies in the Dead Zone fuels the social conflict and prevents a lasting resolution. Beings operating in a Social Dead Zone get shorted out by the Stasis and Inertia Energies in the Dead Zone. Without the supporting Life Energies of a Social Life Zone, they lose touch with the Source Guidance that would enable them to resolve conflict in a Source-Guided Way.


Rather than trying to build toward Perfect Health in a Geographical Dead Zone, it is necessary to clear up this toxic condition and then work toward achieving Perfect Health. Clearing up the Dead Zones in the Suit are not sufficient if the Suit is living in a Geographical Dead Zone.  


For example, the Negative Medium created by the intensely negative emotions generated by WWI and its aftermath created a Geographical Dead Zone in Germany. This Dead Zone disrupted the Life Rhythms of many Germans, adding to the Dead Zones that they already had in their Suits from the trauma and losses they had suffered in the war and from the Dead Zones generated by their Cores.  Adding to this was the Dead Zone created by their hatred of the Jews. Collectively these Dead Zones led to the social disease of fascism and to the genocide of 6 million Jews and to the devastation of WWII.


Although social reforms have moved against the cultivation of the Nazi Dead Zone, there are some who continue to enter the Nazi Dead Zone and increase its power and viability.


Until societies eradicate Dead Zones, they will be the breeding grounds for social diseases that continue to erupt when the negative energies reach a point of critical mass.  These Dead Zone are the power source that drives war, crime, discrimination, exploitation, sexual abuse, and the like. 


The only path to true and lasting peace is the eradication of Dead Zones and the cultivation of Life Zones that create a context in which Life Energies can support the higher Spiritual Intelligence that is capable of building toward social health. A society enjoying Perfect Health will be a society that is Love-Based and nurtures all of its own.



How The Life Restoration Intervention
Eradicates Dead Zones

The Life Restoration Intervention uses Catalyst Energy to activate Dead Zones in the Core bringing these areas in the Core to life. This simultaneously clears the corresponding Dead Zones in the Suit and Auric Field. 


The Life Restoration Intervention uses Blue White Light to eliminate Negative Medium generated Dead Zones by dissolving the Spiritual Frequencies that are the basis for the manifestation of Stasis and Inertia Energies. Once these energies are eliminated, Catalyst Energy is used to bring the Dead Zones back to life so that they can sustain the Life Rhythms that enable them to function to sustain life.  


Dead Zones are replaced with Life Zones through this combination of Catalyst Energy and Blue White Light Energy.




The Life Restoration Intervention is the Intervention that the Source recommends first when dealing with any manifestation that falls short of Perfect Health. This is because, where illness of any kind occurs in the Suit or in the society or in the environment, Dead Zones are at the root of it and need to be eradicated along with the Stasis and Inertia Energies that reside in them.


While clearing Core Generated Dead Zones is a one time task, clearing Negative Medium generated Dead Zones is an ongoing task as long as the Suit or the society is generating negative emotions.  


To request The Life Restoration Intervention, you can go to the Request section below.




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The Life Restoration Intervention Overview

The Life Restoration Intervention was created to eradicate disease and build the foundation for a Disease Free Life and World.  It eliminates the root spiritual cause that generates disease at the Spiritual Level which then manifests as disease at the Physical Level.


It is a an Intervention called upon to prevent disease, eradicate the spiritual power base of an existing disease, and to build the foundation for Perfect Health.


The Intervention employs:

  • Catalyst Energy to:
    • eliminate Dead Zones in the Core of the Suit
    • restore Life Rhythms to Dead Zones caused by Negative Mediums once they are cleared of Stasis and Inertia Energies
  • Blue White Light Interventions to eliminate Negative Medium generated Dead Zones and the Stasis and Inertia Energies that inhabit them


The Life Restoration Intervention can be called on to heal anything that falls short of the Standard of Perfect Health. It is a first resort miracle created to establish a foundation for a Disease Free World and for the Perfect Health of Ultimate Sustainability.



This Source Solution Miracle is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.         


It provides you with an opportunity to Become Love in Action supporting Source-Directed Spiritual Activism and Social Activism.

How to Request The Life Restoration Intervention 

What Is a Correct Exchange?

For those who are new to working with the Source, there are several key concepts that you need to understand in order to understand The Principle of Correct Exchange which governs how miracles are brought into the world. This information is covered in detail in the Next Step Video entitled: The Video Book.  This video is available to members of Connecting, a gifted membership that gives you access to all of the Gifted Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist Training Materials. The information provided below is a brief overview of these concepts.


Miracles are Spiritual Intelligences

The first concept is that every miracle is a Source Creation.  It is a Source-Created Being, a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence that is sent into the world to perform a Mission. The Mission is to build the specfic aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance that this being was created to build for itself and others.


Miracles Require an Energy Nest

Incoming miracles need to land in an Energy Nest/Landing Zone created by the Material Energy provided by Manifest Beings. In this Energy Nest the miracle is brought to life after it arrives in the Nest and is nurtured by the Source until it reaches a State of Full Manifestation. It is then able to leave the Energy Nest to do its Mission.


Miracles coming in as living beings such as humans, do not require this kind of Energy Nest.  Source Solution Miracles such as Miracle Tools and Source Interventions require an Energy Nest.


No Material Energy is Needed to Create the Miracle

Every miracle is a Gift from the Source that does not require any Material Energy to be created.  The Correct Exchange only references the amount of Material Energy needed to build the Energy Nest.  


Manifest Beings Create Material Energy

Manifest Beings have an onboard Material Energy Factory in their Suits/Manifestations.  This enables them to generate all of the Material Energy to create all of the Energy Nests for all of the miracles that they need to have a Life that is Heaven/Happiness. 


If Manifest Beings don't provide the necessary Material Energy, the miracles that they need will not be sent to them by the Source because they could not survive without the Energy Nest. 


The Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange is a Source calculation of how much Material Energy is needed to build the Energy Nest for the miracle. 


Energy and Financial Correct Exchange

Energy Exchanges provide the Material Energy that is generated in the onboard Material Energy Factory of the Suit.


Financial Exchanges provide Material Energy that is generated from the labor involved in producing the funds for the exchange.


While the natural way to provide Material Energy is through an Energy Exchange, The Financial Exchange Miracle has enabled a Financial Exchange to substitute for an Energy Exchange in instances in which the being requesting a miracle is not producing enough Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


Due to the Disconnection from the Source, the onboard Material Energy Factory has become impaired in most beings who are producing less than 6% of the 100% Material Energy that they were designed to produce. This is why the Source brought in The Financial Exchange Miracle to enable people to receive the miracles they need to restore the functioning of their Material Energy Factory so they can return to providing Material Energy through an Energy Exchange. Without a Financial Exchange option, most Suits would be unable to receive the miracles that they need to get out of the rut of not producing Material Energy the natural way.


While a Financial Exchange provides only a low level of Material Energy, it is a blessing to those who have not yet healed their Suits enough to generate the Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.

A financial equivalent of the amount of Material Energy that is needed is provided here for those who lack the skill to generate the right amount of Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.





Giving the gift of The Life Restoration Intervention to yourself and others is how you help to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance on the Earth. 




How to Make the Request


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is required to ground the miracle of The Life Restoration Intervention varies according to the needs of whatever is the focus of the Intervention. This might be ill health in a Suit, a social confict, or a toxic energy environment. 

It is best to begin work with The Life Restoration Intervention with a Gifted Life Restoration Intervention Assessment that enables me to see what kind of Dead Zones are affecting your Suit, the Suit of a loved one, or a social or environmental situation that concerns you.  I can then determine the strength and duration that is needed for the Intervention and the amount of Material Energy that will be needed to ground the miracle of the Intervention. The Material Energy is used to build the energy Energy Nest/Landing Zone in which the miracle can ground and reach a State of Full Manifestation.


To request a Gifted Assessment, you can fill out the form that you can access through the link provided below. I will respond in accordance with the principles that govern a Source Response. These principles are explained in the Prerequisite section below.

If you would like to gift The Life Restoration Intervention to someone you know, you can enter their name, age, and relationship to you in the Comments Box when you process your request for a Gifted Assessment.


There is no need to talk to the person to whom you are gifting this form of Source Support. If the Suit of the person accepts the gift in an Inner Plane discussion with the Source, then the gift can be given. It cannot be given if the Suit does not accept it.  



Prerequisites for receiving a Gifted Assessment or any form of Source Support

At this point in The Transition, every request for a Source Response on the Outer Plane requires that your Suit be maintaining at least a -6 Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy on a scale of -60 to +10.  This enables me to contact you by email with my Assessment and to accept a Financial Exchange should you decide to go forward with a form of Source Support that requires Material Energy to ground the miracle.

If your Suit is not maintaining the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed, then I will be unable to email you but will send whatever Source Support can help your Suit start to produce the necessary level Miracle-Friendly Field. Some Source Will Interventions do not require Material Energy to ground and can be given in cases in which I cannot be in Outer Plane contact with a person. (For more information on the technical criteria for landing miracles in Miracle-Friendly Fields, you can reference the article entitled: Miracle-Based Coaching.) 




Payment Plan Options 

If you would like The Life Restoration Intervention but need an interest free Payment Plan, you can contact me with information on the amount per month that you can provide, and I can check with The World that Works Fund to see if there is enough Material Energy in the Fund for me to deliver The Life Restoration Intervention to you now and enable you to reimburse the Fund by your payments over time.  (The World that Works Fund contains stored Material Energy donated by Source-Directed Activists. As you reimburse the fund, you free up funds to help other Source-Directed Activists.)


How to Provide the Financial Exchange

You can enter into The Life that Works Fund the amount of the Financial Exchange that provides the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle.  This is the amount agreed upon from our email discussion from the Gifted Assessment.


You can access this form below.



Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.





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The Life Restoration Intervention Campaign


Contribute to
The Life Restoration Intervention Campaign

If there is one Intervention that you can support to bring about the greatest healing and help the most beings achieve the Perfect Health of Ultimate Sustainability, it is The Life Restoration Intervention. This Intervention more than any other Intervention cuts to the root of what creates the breeding grounds for all of the diseases of the Suit, the society, and the environment. These diseases must be eradicated at their root, the Dead Zones, if Suits are to be able to have a chance to build the foundation for the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that will ensure Ultimate Sustainability individually and globally.


Contributing to this Campaign is necessary to stop the powerful forces of Death and Destruction that have arisen from World Wars, from the Global Covid Pandemic, and from the intensification of collective negative emotions that have been sparking Hate Crimes and violence in the political arena.  


Contributing to this Campaign is necessary to help those struggling against the Stasis and Inertia Energies that keep them from taking action to Steward Life to be able to escape from the Dead Zones and become active Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists working together to establish The Global Prototype for a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.  Without this Prototype, individual and Global Sustainability will not be achieved.


Follow Inner Source Guidance to contribute what is yours to contribute. 


How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Life Restoration Intervention Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.




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