The Miracles for Bringing Peace
into Your Life and into the World


The Eject Button Miracle and
The Dream Heaven Command


When you think a thought or have an emotion, you materialize energy in your body and mind and in your auric field. If it is a troubling thought or emotion, then you generate Energy Smog that becomes a toxic brew within your body and outside of it. This toxic brew makes you feel agitated and more likely to continue to think the same kind of troubling thoughts and generate the same kind of upsetting emotions that went with them.


People learn how to not feed the flames of such distressing thought processes but they rarely know that the energies that they have already materialized are a spiritual substance that they need to get rid of or it will continue to radio back to them the thoughts and emotions with which it has been imprinted. It becomes like a megaphone in your ear, repeating and repeating the same kinds of thoughts and emotions from which you are trying to escape.


The end result is the arguments with yourself in your head, the fitful nights with the same dream themes continuing on hour after hour, and the sense of walking around with a cloud of distressing energies that seems to have a mind of its own and to continue on even when you are ready to let go of the thought sequence and shift into a different mood.



The Eject Button Miracle

The Eject Button Miracle was created to enable you to invoke the miracle and let it search out whatever thought patterns have materialized and cut their cords of connection to your energy body. As long as they are plugged in through an energy conduit, they feed off of your energy and grow bigger and more formidable. The Eject Button Miracle pushes the eject button on this cord of connection and the negative materialization drifts away from you. Once it moves away from you – its power source – it begins to dissipate and is soon dematerialized. You are then free of this negative energy and can shift more easily into a positive mood.


While the Eject Button Miracle can save you from the negative energies that you have already materialized, it can’t stop you from generating more negative thoughts and emotions and creating more materializations.



The Dream Heaven Command Miracle

To stop producing negative energies, you need to draw on the second miracle – The Dream Heaven Command. You can use The Dream Heaven Command by saying the words: “Dream Heaven to stop producing negative energy”. The Dream Heaven Command carries Source Power, Miracles, and Information to your Inner Intelligence which knows how to work with the Command to stop the production of negative energies from your thoughts and emotions. It will also work on stopping the production of negative energies from any energy implants that you might have in your energy body which operate to produce negative energy quite apart from your thoughts and emotions.


While you can use the Dream Heaven Command to clear away even materialized negative energies by telling whatever negative energy is troubling you to “Dream Heaven”, it is not as effective if you aren’t aware of what specific energy is bothering you. This is because the Dream Heaven Command is a command directed to someone or something (an energy) in particular.


The Eject Button Miracle takes care of all of the negative materializations, even those that you are unaware are affecting you. It is, therefore, a more comprehensive intervention to stop the materializations that are detracting from your happiness even if these materializations are ones that have trailed you into this lifetime from other lifetimes and are, therefore, materializations of which you are unaware.


Between the two miracles – the Eject Button Miracle and the miracle of the Dream Heaven Command, you will be able to start to gain control over the quality of your inner life and to improve the quality of life for others around you who are affected by the energy that you produce even if they are not consciously aware of it.


These miracles will be very helpful to you in the Holidays when so many troubling thoughts and emotions get triggered as people strive to enact the Cultural Story which depicts a happier social scenario than the one that actually exists. People caught in the conflict experience sadness and loss as they measure their life against this standard or intense stress as they scramble to enact this standard in order to try to make it real. Because they can’t really fool themselves at a deep level, they react by generating a host of thoughts and emotions that materialize their distress. Collectively the Energy Smog around the Holidays, particularly what accumulates in the shops and the malls, is very intense. It is a palpable force field that contributes to the collective negative energy materializations of the season.


Last year the Earth, who is a Spiritual Being in her own right, asked me to help her to survive this collective Energy Smog. She said that it made her very upset to have such concentrated and intensely distorted energy covering so much of her surface. I had to bring in powerful Source Interventions to help her to survive the season. Hopefully if we can get enough people working with the Eject Button Miracle and the Dream Heaven Command, we can spare ourselves and the Earth the upsetting experience of being engulfed in the collective Energy Smog of the Holiday Season.


Of course, the real solution that goes beyond these miracles is to understand how to Live Heaven so you don’t generate the negative thoughts and emotions in the first place. But until you have learned how to do this, The Eject Button Miracle and the Dream Heaven Command will help you to deal with the energy problems that living the Cultural Story creates. For help with learning how to Live Heaven, I recommend that you explore “The Miracle” described in The Journey of Discovery which will introduce you to what it takes to have a life that is Heaven.


Gifting these Miracles to Others

It is possible for you to request an Eject Button Miracle for a loved one or someone with whom you are having difficulty at work or in your social life and to invoke The Eject Button Miracle on their behalf. You do this by saying the words, in your own mind: “Dream Heaven to call upon the Eject Button Miracle for (insert their name).” It will free them from whatever negative energy is troubling them and will help them to have a more peaceful life. You should also use The Dream Heaven Command on their behalf as well, as both miracles need to work together. To use the Dream Heaven Command on behalf of someone else, you address the Command to them by saying, in your own mind: “Dream Heaven to stop producing negative energies.”


Those who do the most harm in the world are the ones who have the most build-up of these kinds of negative materialiations. Rather than living with the harm they do, it is more effective to give them some help in getting free of the things that torment them and cause them to torment you and others. If you use The Eject Button Miracle in combination with The Dream Heaven Command on their behalf, you will be giving them and yourself a gift of great value.


Their Soul – which is who they really are – will thank you for the help because it doesn‘t like being connected to a “Suit” (body/mind) that is causing harm in the world. The Soul is a perfected intelligence and only desires Heaven. It will always be grateful for any help that you can give it.


It is not necessary for the person who is receiving the gift to know about and understand the gift. As long as their Soul is willing to receive the help, then this is enough for the miracle to be effective. All Souls long for the miracles of Heaven and are always receptive to the help that is given by the Source.


You can also teach someone to whom you have given the miracles how to work with them if they are receptive to this. Even children can understand the concept of how to use these miracles when they feel upset. A very simple explanation of how energy builds up inside the body or is around the body and how the cord of connection to the body is ejected by The Eject Button Miracle will help anyone to get the picture. The use of the Dream Heaven Command can also be readily understood as what they say when they don’t want to create any more energy that feels bad.


By giving others the help that these two miracles provide, you help to stop the suffering in the world and create a space in which the peace of Heaven can come in.


Eyewitness Reports

A Heaven Agent asked for The Eject Button Miracle for a woman in her family. She called upon The Eject Button Miracle to clear away an enormous cloud of fear and anger energy that this family member had generated. It was causing her to be physically ill and was beginning to draw negative energies into her life and the lives of her family members.


The Eject Button Miracle, which is really a Miracle Intelligence in its own right, went straight to work on the problem. It ejected the cord of connection between this huge cloud of fear and anger energy and this cloud moved away from her and from her family. As it moved away it dissipated, harming no one.


The Heaven Agent then used the Dream Heaven Command to stop the production of any more of this kind of energy. Since that time I have not seen any further production of negative energy from her. She still has the same tendencies to be fearful that others will not take care of her and then to become angry and abusive to them to try to drive them to produce, but her thoughts and emotions are no longer materializing as Energy Smog around her. Consequently, she is no longer reacting to this Smog and feeling driven by the power of her own emotions to produce more of the same kind of thoughts and emotions. It has not stopped her from wanting to rev up again but when she tries to rev up it is something like trying to pedal a bicycle when the chain is disengaged. There may be the impulse to pedal but you go no where and the general effect is to discourage the behavior. Since this woman is desirous of stopping this destructive cycle in her life, this kind of feedback is helpful to her. The Heaven Agent who requested the miracle on behalf of this family member has reported that she has become very quiet and non-abusive.


In another instance, a Heaven Agent called upon The Eject Button Miracle to help a young boy who was extremely fearful and agitated because of the frightening things he was seeing on the Inner Plane and because of the stressful circumstances in the household. He had so much fear inside of his abdomen that he was almost beside himself. The Eject Button Miracle ejected the materialized fear energy from his body and when he was told to Dream Heaven to not produce any more negative energy, his fearful thoughts stopped producing materializations of this sort. He is now able to begin to experience the calm that is needed to cope with the situation that he is in.


The Heaven Agents working closely with me in The Miracle School have been working with these miracles and have been getting excellent results even with very difficult people who have benefitted from the miracles which the Heaven Agents have called upon on their behalf. They are also experiencing a great relief themselves.


I can see from the major transformative changes that are already manifesting themselves, that these miracles are a milestone in the work of building Heaven in the world. They are the miracles that can launch a Grassroots Movement for bringing Heaven into the world now in the Holiday Season and in the years to come.


The Correct Exchange for The Eject Button Miracle

There is no exchange required for the Dream Heaven Command which is a miracle that the Source has given to all Heaven Agents. The Correct Exchange for the Eject Button Miracle is US $1. The miracle is a very powerful miracle that would have ordinarily required a Financial Exchange of $1000 but because Heaven Agents working over many lifetimes have already provided most of the energy to bring this miracle across the border from the Immaterial Level to the Material Level, you only need to contribute a little extra energy to enable the miracle to reach you where you reside on the Material Level. This is why the only Financial Exchange needed from you is $1.


How to Connect to the Miracle

To connect to this miracle you can access the link below and complete the Financial Exchange for the At-a-Distance Source Intervention that enables you to receive this miracle. It is during this Source Intervention that I bring the miracle across the border and make it available for you.


When I receive your exchange, I will use this energy during the Intervention to bring the miracle to you. Unless I am unable to deliver the miracle to you or someone you have requested to receive it, you can assume that if you have provided the Material Energy through a Financial Exchange, that it has been sent to you.  I get so many requests for The Eject Button Miracle that I no longer email people when they have been sent the miracle.


The only instance in which I can't deliver the miracle is if the person who you have requested to receive it has, on the Inner Plane, refused it.  There are also circumstances when the person is not producing enough of a Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy to receive any miracles from the Source.  In such a case, the miracle cannot be delivered.


The way to call upon the Eject Button Miracle is to say, in your own mind: “Dream Heaven to call upon the Eject Button Miracle to help me clear away all negative energies that I have created”. It is important to ask to “Dream Heaven to stop producing negative energies” to clear up this part of the problem. It takes the Dream Heaven Command some time to uproot everything that causes you to produce negative energies. While it is working on this, continue to invoke the Eject Button Miracle to clear up any materializations that might continue to be produced.


I’ll repeat here the simple instructions for using these miracles on behalf of others. If you are calling upon these miracles on behalf of someone else, you can say: “Dream Heaven to call upon The Eject Button Miracle for (insert their name).” With the Dream Heaven Command for stopping the production of negative energies, you just address the Command to the person by saying, in your own mind: “Dream Heaven to stop producing negative energies.” Their Inner Intelligence will understand that it is receiving the power, information, and miracles that it knows how to work with to stop the production of negative energies. You need not say these words out loud or in the presence of the person who is to benefit from these miracles. You just say them in your own mind and the power put into the words by the Source will do the work for you.





When you request the Intervention, I work with you At-a-Distance to bring you the miracle and to make sure that it is working correctly once it arrives. You then only need to say the words: “Dream Heaven to invoke The Eject Button Miracle” and the miracle will work to help you with any situation you are in. If you have gifted someone else with this miracle you can follow the instructions given above.


To Contribute an Eyewitness Report

To give me your Eyewitness Report once you have connected to the miracle, you can go to Eyewitness Reports and fill out the Participation Form you will find there.


Sharing the Miracle

One way to balance the exchange with the Source for the Gift of these miracles is to share the news of them with others. In this way you can help others to build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


I recommend that you send this link to your email list:


You can also use this link at Social Media Sites so that the word goes out to all of your friends.


The more people who benefit from the miracles the faster we can build Heaven on Earth. Your email to someone may be the life altering event that puts them on the road to a Life that is Heaven.



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