June 8th, 2014

The Spiritual Healing Power Station

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A major miracle, an essential Puzzle Piece for The Picture of Heaven for the Universal Community, is due to arrive on the Earth in June.


This is The Spiritual Healing Power Station.  It is an upgrade of the kind of Power Station that has enabled the Prototype Communities to transition out of the suffering of disease into the Heaven of Perfect Health.  It is the only form of this kind of Power Station tht can exist outside of the protected Spiritual Space of a Prototype Community.


This Power Station will disseminate the Life Giving Energies needed to:

  • save the lives of those who are serious ill or injured and who, without an Energy Jumpstart,  will decline into further illness or death
  • provide those who are on the edge of illness with the supportive Life Energies that enable them to restore their health
  • disseminate the Life Sustaining Energies that enable all beings to live in a state of Perfect Health


The Spiritual Healing Power Station has to first ground on the Earth before it can become available to beings in other parts of the Creation. 

This miracle can only land on the Earth in the month of June.

If this opportunity is missed,

it will return to the Unmanifest Level

and will not be able to return.



This will mean that beings throughout the Creation who can't draw on this kind of Spiritual Healing Power Station, will not be able to achieve Perfect Health.


Perfect Health will only be possible in the secluded spiritual space of a Prototype Community where a different and less protected form of this kind of Power Station can exist.

Emergency Help Needed

This miracle is also an essential form of Source Support for the beings whose spiritual and physical health is deteriorating after the collapse on May 29th of the major Spiritual Support Structure that was enabling them to survive with less than a 100% Correct Exchange.  This collapse has been addressed in the post entitled: Turning Point.

The Life Giving Energies that the Power Station will disseminate will provide an Energy Jumpstart to those who are getting weaker because they are only touching in intermittently into a 100% Correct Exchange.  This will renew their strength and enable them to keep learning what they need to learn in order to sustain a 100% Correct Exchange.

What Is Needed to Ground the Power Station

What is needed to ground this miracle is the right amount of Material Energy. Without this Material Energy it will not be able to touch down in the subtle level of the Outer Plane where it will begin to disseminate Healing Energies to all who are receptive to the miracles of the Source.

Heaven Agents will need to provide this Material Energy since the Source does not produce the Material Energy needed to ground the miracles that it creates. This is the part that Manifest Beings play in the Joint Venture with the Source to build a Life that is Heaven.


There is an urgent need for the Life Giving Energies from the Power Station for those struggling from the debilitation resulting from intermittent Source Support due to their less than 100% Correct Exchange.  


There are also only a few weeks left to gather together the Material Energy that is needed.  I then need to work with this Material Energy to ground the Power Station and get it up and running once it has arrived. 


Heaven Agents need to work together to make it possible for this miracle, that is so essential to the well-being of all beings throughout the Creation, to come into manifest form.



The Source Call to Action


Perfect Health is an absolute necessity for a Heaven Way of Life.  Illness, aging, and injuries do not fit into The Picture of Heaven.  These forms of suffering exist because of the Disconnection from the Source.  

The Spiritual Healing Power Station will provide the Healing Energies that will help beings to Reconnect and restore their Suits so that they will have a chance to experience life in a body that is in a state of Perfect Health, a body that they simply walk out of when their Mission in their life is over, without having to die from some illness or injury.

This Power Station will also be able to shore up the weakened Suits until they can master the art of sustaining the 100% Correct Exchange that is essential to their survival.


Therefore, it is necessary that all Heaven Agents step forward to contribute the Material Energy that is needed to ground this most important miracle for their own sake and for the sake of all beings in the Universal Community. 


To find out more and join in the work on The Spiritual Healing Power Station Project you can go to:



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