August 29th, 2014

The Final & Most Dangerous Vibrational Shift

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On September 16th the final Vibrational Shift will occur.  It will take the Spiritual Platform of the Creation from a 7.3 Vibrational Level to a 7.5.  While this is a small rise in vibration compared to the shift on August 8, 2013 which was from a 3.0 to a 6.0, this Shift poses the most severe challenge for survival.


This is because no Suit that is Disconnected from the Source at the level of the Suit Container, which holds in the consciousness of the Suit, will survive this Shift.


Because almost 100% of the Suits in the Creation suffer from some Disconnection from the Source at the Suit Container level, this could mean universal devastation.



Temporary Source Solution 

To counter this potential disaster, the Source has created Temporary Source-Connected Suits that will be capable of surviving the Vibrational Shift but which will only last until November 17, 2014.


Beings throughout the Creation, at the Core Level of their Intelligence, which exists in their Subconscious Range, have worked with the Source to transition into these Temporary Suits.  Even some of the worst Hell Agents have made the transition since they could see that they would not survive the Vibrational Shift in their Disconnected Suits. 



Permanent Source Solution 

Heaven Agents on the Earth must now work with the Source to ground the miracles of The Source-Connected Suit Project which will provide all beings throughout the Creation with the Permanent Source-Connected Suits that will be needed to replace the Temporary Suits.


Because The Source-Connected Suit Project requires considerable preparation for the completion of the Project on the Earth before the Spiritual Prototype of this Project can be exported to other communities outside of the Earth Plane, it is of the utmost importance that Heaven Agents throughout the Earth rally immediately to provide the Material Energy and Heaven Agent Work needed for the Earth Phase of the Project.


In the Earth Phase of the Project we will have to ground the miracle of The Global Source Connection Grid and The Global Support System.  This will take some time to complete once we have the 700 Heaven Agents equipped with Source-Connected Suits.


I will then be able to create and export the Prototype and work with communities outside of the Earth to ground Source Connection Grids and Support Systems in their communities.  Then all of the members of these communities must be transitioned into Source-Connected Suits.


All of this takes time to accomplish.

The need for immediate action can't be overemphasized.  

Risk to the Contents of the Suit Container

Since the advent of Temporary Source-Connected Suits which secured the Suit Container, the Negativity has stepped up efforts to accelerate the Fragmentation of the contents of the Suit – which is the consciousness of the being.  While Temporary Suits help beings to clear negative patterns, it is a slow process compared to the high speed clearing that is possible with a Permanent Source-Connected Suit.  


In light of the fact that there are only 19 days left before the Vibrational Shift and many Suits with extensive damage from negative patterns require time to clear to avoid accelerated Fragmentation at the time of the Shift, it is advisable to request a Permanent Source-Connected Suit as soon as possible so that I can begin helping you to clear away the negative patterns that will trigger internal Fragmentation at the time of the Vibrational Shift. While this Fragmentation will not be able to rupture the Suit Container, it will be enough to trigger dangerous and debilitating levels of Fragmentation.


For more information on how to help yourself and others to secure Source-Connected Suits prior to the Vibrational Shift, you can:


Watch the New Next Step Video

Watch the video to understand the nature of the Vibrational Shift and why Source-Connected Suits are essential to both surviving the Shift and living at the 7.5 Vibrational Level that will be instated by the Shift.  Learn how to prepare and to help others prepare.




Read about
The Source-Connected Suit Project

 For an indepth look at the Project and how you can help, you can go to:






 The Source Call to Action

Support The Source-Connected Suit Project


In Part One of the Project, the Correct Exchange for 100 Source-Connected Suit Interventions is needed. From this Correct Exchange, The Sevenfold Miracle will generate enough Material Energy for 700 Source-Connected Suit Interventions.  This will equip 700 Heaven Agents with Source-Connected Suits in time to provide the Heaven Agent Work needed to help ground the miracle of The Global Source Connection Grid.


In Part Two of the Project, the Material Energy to ground the miracle of The Global Support System is needed. This Support System is essential to sustaining the Source-Connected Suits once beings have transitioned into them.


Don’t wait for someone else to support this Project. 

Do what is yours to do. 

Only in this way will the Project be successful.

Beings throughout the Creation are awaiting this Source Solution
which can only be Prototyped on the Earth,
which is the most material level in the Creation.

Don't let them down.  


Express your love for the Source and for all of Life by making it possible
for all beings to have Source-Connected Suits that will enable them to
survive and have the foundation upon which to build
the Heaven of Perfect Health and a Life that is Heaven.



Find out how you can support The Source-Connected Suit Project at:


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